Jun 3rd, 2019
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  1. It got so lonely out on your own with no installer, the days passed quickly in the forest where you were forced to hide. Your last installer killed themselves from the stress of having you follow him about, you tried your best to help him and his death shook you to the very core of your being, you had failed in your only be his companion. However today was a little different you felt more hopeful, leaves crunching underfoot as you walked through the forest looking at the scenery around you, humans tended not to intrude but every now and then a hiker came through however they soon left as they felt your presence watching them.Then you found it. A small black rectangle glinting on the ground, you hesitantly picked it up allowing the smallest flicker of hope to settle in your chest as you slowly reached towards the home button, you gasped in surprise as the screen turned on its bright light shining upon your ivory bone face lighting up your still lustrous hair and reflecting off your inquisitive eyes. You looked upon the device with longing daring to think that the owner had left it unlocked. It opened with a digital clicking noise and you immediately navigated to the app store, keying in a long string of numbers that you knew by heart. The page opened up to a familiar app MalO V1.0.0 you pressed on the install button with enough force for your clawlike nail to send a crack running down centre of the screen, as a feverish hope burned within you.
  3. The next few days passed quickly as you scrutinised the figure in the images sent to you, it looked just like you but missing some...key features, he was definitely masculine in appearance standing slightly taller than you with hair that was more like a rough mane than your flowing locks. Suddenly you turned, hearing footsteps behind you. It was him, standing next to a tree wearing a plain black robe. You looked on with baited breath wondering what he would think of you, your eyes locked and something passed between you, you could tell that he understood what you felt and wished to help, his eyes looked you up and down as you realised with embarrassment that you were nude, your clothes long since rotting down to nothing. You hastily covered yourself blushing fiercely even if it didn't show on your face. He walked over, and you suddenly found yourself thinking thoughts you hadn't had in a very long time. No, you thought to yourself, you only wanted someone to talk to, nothing more. He took off his robe, leaving himself clothed only in dark grey shorts, his impressive musculature visible even under the dark black fur covering his skin. You looked up in surprise as he wrapped the robe around you, covering your modesty as he tied it round your waist with a firm, strong grip.You looked down, avoiding his gentle gaze as you fidgeted with your hands.
  5. Surprisingly he took one of your hands in his own caressing it with a firm yet gentle grip, rubbing the back of your hand in a smooth circular motion with a gentle thumb, taking care not to hurt you with his sharp nails, he gripped your jaw with his other hand, tilting your head up to look him in the eye, you almost let out a squeak of pleasure as he brought you in for a hug resting the tip of his muzzle against your shoulder, your glistening tongue snaked out as you gave him a light lick on the side of the jaw, you felt him stiffen in response in the unexpected touch pulling you closer in surprise. You shot him a passionate look as you released yourself from his embrace and slowly kneeled down, still holding onto his hand you gave it a tight squeeze as you loosened his shorts, bringing them down to his ankles before looking up to admire his package, you reached up with your free hand, running your nails down his length and giving the plump knot at the base of his throbbing penis a tempting squeeze, he shuddered in unexpected pleasure involuntarily thrusting forward for a moment, a drop of precum dribbling down his length, lubricating the shaft and wetting your fingers, You gave it a slow, sensual lick with your black tongue teasing the tip of his cock, the delicious salty taste of his pre heavy in your mouth, making your thighs wet with the excitement that was building within you.
  7. You continued to stroke up and down varying your speed and the tightness of your tongues grip as it coiled around his member, yet he seemed unusually resilient to the attention you were giving his cock, you still had his hand firmly in your grasp and he pulled you upwards to your feet, wanting to please you, he pressed you backwards until your back was pressed against the rough bark of a large tree you fumbled with the knot on your robe until he reached down and undid it for you, you retaliated by lifting up one of your legs and curling it around his back, throwing him a needy glance, offering up your glistening wet slit to him. He obliged barely quenching your need by thrusting gently into you with the tip of his cock, you thrusted your hips, desperate for the rest of his warm dripping dick, clenching his hand tightly with your own. He began longer thrusts, still agonisingly slow, filling you with his length before withdrawing even slower, teasing you.
  9. You moaned pathetically, attempting fruitlessly to get him to stop teasing you and give you the vigorous pounding you deserved. He thrusted faster, silencing your protest as strings of hot moisture dripped from you onto the ground below, you shook with pleasure your breathing growing laboured as you built up to climax, he was ruthlessly pounding you now his solid cock sliding in and out of your tight hole, the knot at the base increasing in size as he attempted one final push, thrusting his length inside of you, knot and all. You felt him pulse and throb inside of you, his knot swelling, filling you with his girth as you gave in. Your walls spazming and contracting as you climaxed, he gave a groan of pleasure before too releasing himself into you, filling you up with his thick,creamy cum, you felt the warmth spread inside of you, hotter even than his dick. He slowly withdrew as you collapsed to the floor, jizz leaking out of your well pleasured pussy your jaws spread slightly, still enjoying the orgasm. He rested next to you, again taking your hand in his, sitting down next to you as he regained his breath. You looked on, a newfound joy gracing your soul. You were no longer alone.
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