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  1. Similarities:
  3. One way or another one could say that a basic rule for all five religions is the golden rule that says: treat your fellow human beings as you want to be treated yourself. Then you will find some other similarities here and there, eg. that Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in a single god (monotheistic religions) while Hinduism and Buddhism can be said to be faith in many different gods. Then one must not forget that the Old Testament is sacred to the Church, Judaism and Islam, while Buddhism was born out of Hinduism. In addition, all religions have sacred writings, holy places. For Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the mountain (Temple Mount) is sacred because there, for example, Muhammad was enlightened. Furthermore, there are prophets in all religions, eg. Muhammad, Jesus, Biddha, etc.
  5. Some of the biggest differences are that while Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in a god, Buddhists and Hindus believe in several. Further, there are more differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam: Christians recognize Jesus as the Son of God (Messiah) it does not Jews or Muslims, however, Muslims say that Jesus is a prophet. This is a very important difference.
  6. In addition, there is one similarity (but this can of course be interpreted). In Hinduism, it is said that the atman (deity) exists in all people. The same can be found in Buddhism, and in Islam, Judaism and Christianity it is said that man is created in the image of God and that one finds God within himself if one really believes in God
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