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  1. Vora has joined the chat
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  4. LadyMercy has joined the chat
  5. Vora: Welcome, you two.
  6. Vora: Of course, dearie.
  7. GrandeVitalisMortem has left the chat
  8. VawnX: I am here
  9. VawnX: the fight ended
  10. VawnX: ello
  11. Guest_kcs174: hello
  12. Vora: What fight?
  13. Vora: With who?
  14. VawnX: a fight
  15. VawnX: with a figher
  16. VawnX: <-<
  17. Vora: Tell me who?
  18. VawnX: aurix
  19. Vora: Why Aurix?
  20. Guest_kcs174 has left the chat
  21. VawnX: they said i couldnt
  22. VawnX: so i did
  23. VawnX: won
  24. VawnX: solved it
  25. VawnX: -shurg-
  26. LadyMercy: im proud of you love
  27. LadyMercy: but that was a stupid reason
  28. VawnX: ty ty ty <3
  29. VawnX: okay
  30. VawnX: you lose one of them ty's
  31. VawnX: ty x2
  32. VawnX: <_<
  33. LadyMercy: lol silly
  34. LadyMercy: still proud of you ♥
  35. VawnX: did your discord crash or something <-<
  36. LadyMercy: i left
  37. LadyMercy: >.>
  38. VawnX: y u do
  39. LadyMercy: bc im coming bak rn
  40. VawnX: oh good becaus egrande got concered
  41. LadyMercy: dont worry handsome i didnt abandon you
  42. LadyMercy: lies
  44. VawnX: -baby fit baby fit-
  45. LadyMercy: sounds right
  46. LadyMercy: we need to nap eventually love
  47. Vora: I agree with Lady. Don't go swinging your dick around.
  48. Vora: > v >
  49. GrandeVitalisMortem has joined the chat
  50. LadyMercy: wb and he can only swing it at me
  51. Vora: LOL
  52. VawnX: IN OTHER NEWS
  53. VawnX: i won
  54. VawnX: i won a small dumb group of people
  55. VawnX: now i have more followers
  56. VawnX: :D
  57. LadyMercy: good boy handsome never doubted you for a second
  58. VawnX: /followers/
  59. LadyMercy: -shed sit upon his lap and kiss his cheek a smile crossing her face happy of the man before her-
  60. Guest_isabellaistrash has joined the chat
  61. Guest_isabellaistrash: Hi)
  62. Vora: Welcome Isabella dear.
  63. Vora: ^ ^
  64. LadyMercy: hello
  65. VawnX: [hello tiny one]
  66. Guest_isabellaistrash: Hai ghostie
  67. Vora: Bl
  68. VawnX: -Vawn would softly pull her back into his lap and toss his legs over the left side of his armrest as he laughed softly relaxing after said battle-
  69. VawnX: bi <-<?
  70. LadyMercy: -mercy would reach her right arm back stroking thru vawns hair every now and then caressing his cheek-
  71. GrandeVitalisMortem: What brings you to my Home Vora.
  72. Guest_isabellaistrash: Me?
  73. Guest_isabellaistrash: Or
  74. Vora: I wanted to ask if you wanted to represent your empire in the new group I made, dearie Grand.
  75. Vora: We're gathering leaders from IMVU.
  76. VawnX  > GrandeVitalisMortem: always something with her
  77. GrandeVitalisMortem: No.
  78. VawnX  > GrandeVitalisMortem: never just "came by to say hello there"
  79. GrandeVitalisMortem: Thats dumb, too much effort and a waste of time.
  80. Vora: Alright.
  81. Vora has left the chat
  82. GrandeVitalisMortem: If I gain nothing but more responsibilities from random people who mean nothing to me then I don't care.
  83. GrandeVitalisMortem: Its idiotic to believe I should join a Group I would eventually take over.
  84. LadyMercy: o-o
  85. LadyMercy: she poof
  86. Guest_isabellaistrash: -snorts-
  87. GrandeVitalisMortem: brb
  88. LadyMercy: tyt
  89. Guest_isabellaistrash has left the chat
  90. KaleidoscopeDream has joined the chat
  91. Phlirt has joined the chat
  92. Phlirt has left the chat
  93. KaleidoscopeDream has left the chat
  94. GrandeVitalisMortem: *exhale*
  95. GrandeVitalisMortem: I grow irritated.
  96. LadyMercy: whys that
  97. GrandeVitalisMortem: People act as if we are the best of friends.
  98. LadyMercy: but
  99. GrandeVitalisMortem: I do not beleive people understand me as well as they do.
  100. LadyMercy: your not
  101. LadyMercy: they dont correct
  102. GrandeVitalisMortem: I grow irritated by people who surround me and who are distant.
  103. LadyMercy: i am both
  104. GrandeVitalisMortem: No you aren't.
  105. LadyMercy: hm?
  106. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are not close to me, nor are you distant to me.
  107. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are close to Vawn, who is close to me.
  108. GrandeVitalisMortem: But you are not.
  109. LadyMercy: im not close to vawn.. i am vawns
  110. LadyMercy: and hopefully forever will be
  111. GrandeVitalisMortem: Thats literally the same thing.
  112. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are close to Vawn because you are his, I don't give a fuck about the technicalities, it is as it is.
  113. GrandeVitalisMortem: You two are Close, you are a thing.
  114. LadyMercy: -blushes- we arer.
  115. LadyMercy: are
  116. GrandeVitalisMortem: You and I are not close, spiritually physically or emotionally.
  117. GrandeVitalisMortem: You simply know of me and I know that you exist.
  118. GrandeVitalisMortem: Your place in Vawns life means nothing to me.
  119. LadyMercy: thanks -.-
  120. GrandeVitalisMortem: I give the absolute truths to people. I don't sugar coat things.
  121. LadyMercy: and i dont mind it.
  122. LadyMercy: tho i do feel my role should be more than vawns
  123. GrandeVitalisMortem: It won't be.
  124. LadyMercy: i am taking care of your lore so you dont have to
  125. GrandeVitalisMortem: I am literally giving you all the pieces of a puzzle. You are just putting them where I tell you.
  126. LadyMercy: if it were so simple you would do it yourself
  127. GrandeVitalisMortem: It is simple, thats why I am not doing it.
  128. GrandeVitalisMortem: Because I have faith that you can do the simple.
  129. GrandeVitalisMortem: Whilst I remain where I am and deal with the complex.
  130. LadyMercy: such as what
  131. LadyMercy: keeping your throne warm
  132. GrandeVitalisMortem: Actual Politics, Community Management, handling drama and affairs. Negotations and boring diplomacy. Writing stories and making sure everything that goes on across the actions of over 150 people remains good and wholesome within their own sects.
  133. LadyMercy: im not jus something belonging to your brother
  134. LadyMercy: i am and was before your brother my own being
  135. GrandeVitalisMortem: So yes, while I sit here in silence, I am actually managing a community that is ever expanding, if you don't appreciate what I do I don't care, because it is not for you. Its for the people of my community who look to this place as a place of comfort and an escape.
  136. GrandeVitalisMortem: And no matter what you were before when you two became something within the Room I built, you were a Wanderer because you did nothing for the community, and I have no qualms with that. But don't expect me to see you as someone of an asset if you don't make yourself as such by doing something others can do.
  137. GrandeVitalisMortem: I have become irritated with others, but you have begun to tire me because of your beliefs in who you are in my World.
  138. LadyMercy: no i understand i am no boby here
  139. LadyMercy: body
  140. LadyMercy: shut up make vawn happy
  141. GrandeVitalisMortem: That is not my role.
  142. LadyMercy: thats my role.
  143. LadyMercy: correct5
  144. GrandeVitalisMortem: Do not assume to know what I do then Mercy.
  145. LadyMercy: i asked in your eyes is this correct
  146. GrandeVitalisMortem: I don't recall you saying any of that. However regardless I don't see you as anything because you don't appear to me as someone who is fully apart of the Community I built.
  147. GrandeVitalisMortem: You have not done anything as a member of the Community, only in the works of minor dealings thus far.
  148. GrandeVitalisMortem: The first thing you have done.
  149. LadyMercy: i apoligize i can handle my own issues and do not need your help to do so
  150. LadyMercy: i dont need help
  151. LadyMercy: im here as a friend or so i thought
  152. LadyMercy: to help in any way i can
  153. LadyMercy: to keep my mate happy safe and protected
  154. LadyMercy: to be with my friends such as seri
  155. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are here as the lover of Vawn, you are also here to aid him in his job as the Librarian to create the Lore Library.
  156. LadyMercy: no because i was here before i became his
  157. GrandeVitalisMortem: Its already been stated, but this is your current purpose you have.
  158. GrandeVitalisMortem: I don't see what the point is that you are trying to make.
  159. LadyMercy: im not a no body grande.
  160. LadyMercy: a pain in the ass sometimes but not a nobody
  161. GrandeVitalisMortem: Then prove it through action and time.
  162. LadyMercy: and all my time ive spent with our lore
  163. LadyMercy: your*
  164. GrandeVitalisMortem: But don't expect to become someone worthy of being on that wall in a few days time of work.
  165. GrandeVitalisMortem: I am not worried about the Lore, it is text, history already written and currently written.
  166. LadyMercy: i care not of being on your wall but dont sit here and call me a nobody
  167. GrandeVitalisMortem: That wall is the Communities wall, the Empire and the Worlds Wall. Not just mine.
  168. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are no one until you become a someone.
  169. LadyMercy: i am someone and i dont need your approval to know that
  170. GrandeVitalisMortem: Then prove it, through action.
  171. GrandeVitalisMortem: And keep at your distance.
  172. LadyMercy: distance ffrom what.
  173. GrandeVitalisMortem: Me, more specifically believing we are directly friends. Acquaintances sure, but we are not friends yet.
  174. GrandeVitalisMortem: In the Community as it stands.
  175. GrandeVitalisMortem: People do not respect the leadership, they believe that they stand as equals in this community with them.
  176. LadyMercy: jus bc i have no use to you does not make me a nobdy.
  177. GrandeVitalisMortem: You have use.
  178. GrandeVitalisMortem: But that use is not mine.
  179. GrandeVitalisMortem: You are nobody until you become smoeone.
  180. LadyMercy: i am someone. even if not to you.
  181. GrandeVitalisMortem: I grow tired of peoples belief in their stance, it detracts from the seriousness of the work needing to be put into making a functioning story for people to enjoy.
  182. LadyMercy: go ahead be tired of me. im not forcing you to care
  183. GrandeVitalisMortem: I have grown irritated.
  184. GrandeVitalisMortem: Mercy, at this point you are stated to me you are an Empath, what is it that you are feeling from myself.
  185. GrandeVitalisMortem: Or the various souls within me.
  186. LadyMercy: im not an empath
  187. LadyMercy: i do not read your feelings
  188. LadyMercy: i read your souls
  189. GrandeVitalisMortem: Then what do you see.
  190. LadyMercy: a stubborn man only wishing to advance his world bc he is higher than all an no other is equal close but never equal a amn whos being must be the most poerful never show emotion bc it is weakness
  191. LadyMercy: your souls have hard pasts
  192. LadyMercy: but so does ever other being with in any realm
  193. GrandeVitalisMortem: Your readings are biased based off your emotions.
  194. GrandeVitalisMortem: Noted.
  195. GrandeVitalisMortem: I know a few like you who are within this Community.
  196. LadyMercy: currently yes and i apoligies for tht
  197. GrandeVitalisMortem: Its interesting to note peoples inability to handle neutrality.
  198. GrandeVitalisMortem: In its most chaotic of forms, to its most Lawful.
  199. LadyMercy: my statement was also words taken from you interviewing
  200. GrandeVitalisMortem: That is why I do not like showing who I am to those who cannot handle it. They don't understand and they feel hurt by my words.
  201. LadyMercy: no i dont mind
  202. LadyMercy: i truly dont each has a verdict or opinion of another
  203. GrandeVitalisMortem: Capitalize the beginning of your sentence and add a period.
  204. GrandeVitalisMortem: If you don't put effort into what you say it means nothing.
  205. LadyMercy: if you knew me youd know i have a fear of certain.. writing.
  206. GrandeVitalisMortem: Proper grammar is not a valid fear.
  207. GrandeVitalisMortem: And of course Sentence structure.
  208. LadyMercy: To you no of course not, but you did not live the life we have.
  209. GrandeVitalisMortem: If you fear something that you have control of all aspects within then there is no point in being afraid of it.
  210. GrandeVitalisMortem: Its pointless to fear that which you control.
  211. AkumiCerinCrosszeria has joined the chat
  212. LadyMercy: Except when it's from another.
  213. LadyMercy: It's fear in the realm of reality Because of the past I have with it.
  214. LadyMercy: i apoligies for my riduculous flaws
  215. GrandeVitalisMortem  whispers: Whatever you type send it through whisper or on Discord.
  216. GrandeVitalisMortem: If you take a piece of paper and take a pencil and you draw a circle you control both the paper and the fact that its a circle, if you write a word you control how it sounds and why its there.
  217. GrandeVitalisMortem: You shouldn't be afraid of something you have the ability to change.
  218. LadyMercy: But I do not have the ability to change someone elses control over it.
  219. GrandeVitalisMortem: Then why bother being afraid of it if there is nothing that can be done.
  220. GrandeVitalisMortem: It is a state of reality, it exists. And because it is there and you know where it lies then why worry about where it may be.
  221. LadyMercy: grande. my mother was a vile and evil being. she beat me daiily and many times near death when she was upset shed make my siblings write lines but would beat me while they watched when upset my mother would only type.. write.. speak in proper format to enable fear into to let me know when i got home shed be waiting to beat me.
  222. LadyMercy: so no i dont live in a state of 100 % reality i live in one where i was created insane
  223. LadyMercy: where jus speaking this makes me shaking in angry...
  224. LadyMercy: anger
  225. LadyMercy: i undertsand other have had it worse than i
  226. GrandeVitalisMortem: It is your job to write properly.
  227. LadyMercy: i understand my fears are stupid and irrational
  228. GrandeVitalisMortem: If you cannot do it then do not worry.
  229. LadyMercy: but it is my fear whether you like it or not and i deal with it but if i come and jus type to type and get my opinion out but your writing i am ocd over i am dealing with it i am editing with proper writing edicate
  230. LadyMercy: and i am working on over coming my stupid irratioinal fears.
  231. GrandeVitalisMortem: The best way to get over fear is to surround yourself in it and do it yourself.
  232. GrandeVitalisMortem: Type properly at all times, and you will start to view the irrational fear as nothing.
  233. LadyMercy: And im here aerent I. and im editing revising your lore arent I does that not prove im trying
  234. GrandeVitalisMortem: I view a persons words as the way that they live.
  235. LadyMercy: then you see i live in insanity
  236. GrandeVitalisMortem: You do not.
  237. GrandeVitalisMortem: You live in a bubble of stress and anxiety. But it is not insanity.
  238. GrandeVitalisMortem: But I question you then.
  239. GrandeVitalisMortem: Do you think you are a member of this Community?
  240. LadyMercy: You've answered that question time and time again during our conversation.
  241. LadyMercy: I am no one to your lands.
  242. GrandeVitalisMortem: I want to know what you think.
  243. LadyMercy: Yes I believed I was.
  244. GrandeVitalisMortem: Do you want to be in this Community?
  245. LadyMercy: But the god has spoken. He has put me into place.
  246. GrandeVitalisMortem: Do you want to be in this Community?
  247. LadyMercy: Im here am I not. As i said I've been here everyday even before vawn.
  248. GrandeVitalisMortem: Vawn has been here for half a decade.
  249. LadyMercy: Not what I ment.
  250. GrandeVitalisMortem: Longer than that actually.
  251. LadyMercy: Before I knew of Vawn, before we became a couple.
  252. LadyMercy: I was here daily.
  253. GrandeVitalisMortem: No matter, if you believe you are a member of this Community, you will do one thing and one thing only.
  254. GrandeVitalisMortem: Stop saying "your" Lore, and start saying Our lore. Otherwise you will cement yourself as an outsider and you will never be seen as a someone in this place.
  255. GrandeVitalisMortem: Or in any place.
  256. LadyMercy: Take note it was called as our til the moment you stated I was no one
  257. GrandeVitalisMortem: You've said your Constantly.
  258. GrandeVitalisMortem: But I am not going to further that arguement.
  259. GrandeVitalisMortem: Stop saying Our, and start taking ownership of your place.
  260. GrandeVitalisMortem: Otherwise it will be lost.
  261. LadyMercy: What place Grande.
  262. GrandeVitalisMortem: As a member, rather than a Wanderer.
  263. LadyMercy: I will make nothing of myself if my tiltes are not those i was born with. "Ruler of Cymera, Protector of the spirit realm". My titles aren't Vawn's object or assisstant.
  264. LadyMercy: My place is with vawn he has my heart but i am not an object to be controlled. I am a ruler, a protector.
  265. GrandeVitalisMortem: Do you know the difference between a Ruler and a Leader?
  266. LadyMercy: I do and I should stop saying ruler, but im not sexist. Kingdom, Queendom. I welcome all. No matter your shape or state of being.
  267. GrandeVitalisMortem: The way that things work is you must appear unique to become someone in the community.
  268. GrandeVitalisMortem: It becomes increasingly difficult over time as people come and go and the Community expands.
  269. GrandeVitalisMortem: What I do tends to draw out the worst in people because I believe that it is when we are most angered and irrational that we showcase best who we are.
  270. GrandeVitalisMortem: Not the best of who we are, but what we are when the face we wear cracks and the words we had become apparent.
  271. LadyMercy: Well I have many flaws. I do not hide that. I have few fears, but they are severe.
  272. LadyMercy: My fears are irrational, but i my self as a being am not.
  273. LadyMercy: And when i am out of line i admit it.
  274. LadyMercy: But just because I am out of line does not mean i will stop voicing my opinion.
  275. LadyMercy: I understand I am pain . I understand to you I am nothing, but my being isnt here to worship you. My being is here to help in anyway I can. My being is to help the lost when they are hurting. Mybeing is to be loyal, to protect, and to keep those i care for safe. Even if anything I do is unapperciated.
  276. GrandeVitalisMortem: I believe it best you demonize me.
  277. LadyMercy: and why is this
  278. GrandeVitalisMortem: You will respect and speak properly to that which you know to be bad.
  279. GrandeVitalisMortem: Infact I believe a great many of the leaders of the community have become lax, I will aid them in their work.
  280. LadyMercy: Then you clearly have misread me Grande.
  281. GrandeVitalisMortem: I have not read you, I am informing you.
  282. GrandeVitalisMortem: Keep the image of me negative no matter what it is that I do or say.
  283. LadyMercy: I do not respect the bad. I do not respect the good. I respect thlse who deserve it.
  284. LadyMercy: those*
  285. GrandeVitalisMortem: Morality is such a fickle thing when none of it makes a difference to those who see all perspectives.
  286. GrandeVitalisMortem: But no matter, you don't understand what I mean.
  287. LadyMercy: Whatever you beileve grande.
  288. GrandeVitalisMortem: Are you still going to finish the Lore that has been compiled thus far?
  289. LadyMercy: Of course I wouldn't drop an important job just because i have been belittled.
  290. GrandeVitalisMortem: So you still view it as important?
  291. LadyMercy: I do.
  292. GrandeVitalisMortem: Why?
  293. LadyMercy: The past is the past, but it created the stone walkway we are creating to follow today. Each stone a meaning and each being a different road to follow. Im helping you tell the past of this world. The stepping stones that lead to this exact moment. The wars, the speeches, the disagreements, the being that have come gone and stayed. Each past moment serves a purpose and I have been chosen to help tell it.
  294. LadyMercy: So. Yes I find it important.
  295. GrandeVitalisMortem: You will need a strong mind here.
  296. GrandeVitalisMortem: Good for you thus far.
  297. LadyMercy: Im stubborn no other like me.
  298. GrandeVitalisMortem: There are plenty like you.
  299. GrandeVitalisMortem: But none are you.
  300. GrandeVitalisMortem: Similarities exist in a great many people.
  301. LadyMercy: Similarities exsit, yes, but no being is like another.
  302. AkumiCerinCrosszeria: ima goin go bug my twin
  303. AkumiCerinCrosszeria: take care and goodnight
  304. LadyMercy: tc hunny
  305. LadyMercy: love you
  306. LadyMercy: gn
  307. AkumiCerinCrosszeria has left the chat
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