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Pender Democratic Newsletter.

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  1. This is our first newsletter designed to keep you informed of Pender County Democrat activities.  Thank you for allowing us to send this to you ,  Please reply with comments or ideas.........
  3. Spring Fest  a success.  Last Saturday Ken Pelaga, Chuck Tippit and their Team of volunteers greeted Burgaw Democrats in order to register new voters, inform democrats about June 7 primary,educate voters about our local candidates and grow our list of emails and volunteers.
  4. Thank you to all who worked on this beautiful day!
  5. Surf City also registered a the Pops Concert on Sunday.
  7. Precincts...We now have 17 of the 20 Pender County Precincts organized!
  8. Joining our forces is Gail Gutherie,chair of Scotts Hill precinct. Clemic Lewis and Louise Hughes, Co chairs worked to organize Lower Union.
  9. Cape Fear and Upper Union are the next 2 precinct I hope to get organized by end of May.
  11. Week of Action...........This week precinct chairs are working to expand their volunteers !  If you have not connected to your precinct chair and want to help us elect democrats in the fall, please reply to this email and I'll get you connected.
  13. Next meetings..........Please mark your calendar and join us at your meeting of choice,
  14. May 24………WEST meeting……….Burgaw Library 6:30 PM
  15.  Training  to register, phone Bank for June 7 and other precinct plans
  16. May 25……….EAST meeting…………same agenda as above.  
  17. Hampstead Annex 6:30 PM
  19. June 7 primary
  20. WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE IN THE JUNE 7 PRIMARY: Mike Morgan is a candidate for the Supreme Court with 20 years of judicial experience. The incumbent, Robert Edmunds is a weak candidate. If Mike Morgan wins, Democrats will have a 4 to 3 majority on the Supreme Court. However, Mike needs to be in the top 2 in the primary to advance to the general election. Please tell everyone you know to vote for Mike Morgan on June 7.
  21. http://www.judgemichaelmorgan.com/
  22. May26- Early Voting begins.
  24. Join us and meet fellow democrats for a Seafood Low Country Boil June 12th 4-5 PM.  See attached flyer for more information. Need more information call 9103283996
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