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Aug 13th, 2017
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  1. New Membership Requirements
  3. Vetting:
  4. -Either a live meetup or webcam call will be required.
  6. Fitness:
  8. -50 Pushups in two minutes.
  9. -50 Crunches in two minutes.
  10. -Mile time of 7:30 or less.
  11. -Video proof required for vetting.
  14. Gear:
  16. -DOT Full Face Flip Helmet with stencilled/painted Anticom logo.
  17. -Goldfox Men’s Motorcycle Body Armor.
  18. -Tera 1 Shin Armor.
  19. -Black Valken Zulu gloves.
  20. -Any Black steel-toed combat boots.
  21. -Any polycarbonate riot shield.
  22. -Yellow polo.
  23. -Black pants, no shorts.
  24. -Unless state law prohibits, gas masks are mandatory.
  25. -Unless state law or living situation prohibits it, gun ownership is mandatory. You should carry concealed if you’re on the front lines. If you can’t acquire a CCW, you can open carry (with a sling) and stay behind or do vehicle security. In any case, you must bring it to any events you attend, unless the law prohibits you from doing so.
  26. -If you show up to an official Anticom event out of dress code, you will be turned away by staff.
  29. Activism:
  31. -Once per month proof of activism required. Pencebot will check for us.
  32. -All current shitposting NEETS will be kicked.
  33. -Upon vetting, people’s counties will be marked on zeemaps.
  34. -Anyone within a 100 mile radius will be required to attend, and a group coordinator will be designated. If they cannot attend, they must explain why. Work, medical issues, and school are all valid reasons. If they’re just too lazy, they will be removed from the group.
  35. -At least ⅓ members must be streaming.
  36. -At least ¼ members must have flags
  37. -Youth program has been immediately terminated.
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