The Eternal War, Session 28

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  1. Session Start: Sat Dec 22 16:47:36 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[16:47] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  10. 01[20:02] <Staffen> Vok forces you to sit and observe as, for the next hour, the fleet returns to orbit. He and the Warsmith begin openly discussing the details of their exchange - Vok is apparently only investing in Todt, and only demands free-access to space conquered by the 13th Grand Company. They discuss extensively the topic of calling other Iron Warrior Grand Companies from one "Medrengard" to partake in this miniature Black Crusade.
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  13. 06[20:08] * @Narcisa flicks her eyes downward at herself before returning them to the scene before her, idly looking across the bridge, seeming unbothered by what previously caught her attention.
  14. 06[20:10] * Varian maintains an impassive face as the world burns.
  15. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Acceptable," Todt concedes, offering a hand to Vok to shake.
  16. 06[20:10] * Petrus looks down
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  18. 01[20:12] <Staffen> Vok is about to outreach his hand when a distinct, shrill alarm blares on the bridge.
  19. 06[20:13] * @Narcisa looks about the bridge suddenly "That is not good." she helpfully comments
  20. 01[20:14] <Staffen> "Master!" an adept cries, "a loyalist fleet just translated into this system!"
  21. 01[20:14] <Staffen> The arch-heretic twirls immediately to the operations pit. "Nevermind them now -- what set off the network-intrusion alarm?!"
  22. 06[20:14] * Six-Jay smiles softly and glances to the others.
  23. [20:15] <Varian> "What a shame." Varian adds with a deadpan voice.
  24. [20:15] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  25. 01[20:18] <Staffen> The Iron Warriors on the bridge suddenly raise their weapons. Vok howls a few commands and suddenly weapons are being fired.
  26. 01[20:18] <Staffen> The doors on the bridge spontaneously open.
  27. [20:18] <Petrus> "Narcisa what did he say?"
  28. 03[20:19] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  29. 06[20:22] * Petrus bends over and picks something up
  30. 06[20:23] * Six-Jay siezes the moment, gets to his feet and scoops up his chair in one smooth motion, tossing it towards the nearest Cyber-Partisen and then turning to leg it towards the door yelling over his shoulder. "RUN YOU FOOLS!"
  31. [20:23] <@Narcisa> "He did not speak in any language I know of."
  32. 03[20:24] * Staffen changes topic to '6J, CP1, Vok, Losa, Todt, Pet, IW1, Varian, IW2, CP2, Sierck, Narc, IW 3'
  33. 01[20:28] <Staffen> One of the cyber-partisans lights its shock-staff and barrels into an Iron Warrior, jabbing the Renegade Astartes with the weapon -- surprisingly, the staff's energized tip pierces the Marine's armor.
  34. 01[20:30] <Staffen> A pair of what seem to be mechadendrites slide out from beneath Vok's cloak. He latches onto the rail and swings over, snapping shots off at Todt's Marines.
  35. 01[20:32] <Staffen> Losa makes a motion as if she's about to cast a power, but hisses in pain. She glares at Todt momentarily before pulling an inferno pistol out and firing at him.
  36. 01[20:34] <Staffen> The Warsmith sidesteps, firing on Losa with his bolt pistol, but Vok's lieutenant bounces away in a complicated display of acrobatics.
  37. 06[20:35] * Petrus motions the party to follow him in the chaos
  38. 01[20:37] <Staffen> The Iron Warrior fighting a partisan attempts to punch it, but the machine slips away.
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  40. 01[20:39] <Staffen> Another Iron Warrior's belt-fed boltgun jams, leaving him distracted and susceptible when a partisan jumps him.
  41. [20:39] <Petrus_> "Varian this way!"
  42. 06[20:39] * Varian turns and runs out of the door, saying "Au revoir. hérétique!" as he chases after Petrus.
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  45. 01[20:42] <Staffen> Sierck scrambles away, pointing his omni-tool as a weapon at Losa's weapon, although his "shot" goes wide.
  46. 01[20:42] <Staffen> The Magos smiles childishly and waves to Narcisa as he ducks at the feet of one of the other Iron Warriors.
  47. 06[20:43] * @Narcisa grits her teeth at the implication of what has transpired shaking head before running after Varian and Petrus
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  51. 01[21:13] <Staffen> The passage shuts behind Narcisa, and suddenly the noise of bolterfire is completely muted - you stand in the hall surrounded by the blaring alarms.
  52. 06[21:16] * Six-Jay as the door slams shut Six-jay turns to the rest and rips the bandages off his head, revealing his shaved scalp and the muted scars of a quickly healed surgery. "We need guns. And a way off this ship. Idea?"
  53. 06[21:17] * Petrus twirls his carnodon on his finger. "Just follow me"
  54. 06[21:18] * @Narcisa pulled her right arm into her robes, wrapped about her chest and digging into the side of her torso near her left armpit. After several moments of this her hand would emerge with a deactivated plasma pistol, her left hand flexing with the ports inside it flashing, small static shocks "Ahhh, better."
  55. [21:18] <Petrus> "We're headed back to the hangers."
  56. [21:18] <Varian> "Where did they put my knife, actually more importantly where did they put my bottle opener?" states Varian suddenly with more than a little concern on his face.
  57. [21:19] <Varian> asks*
  58. [21:19] <Petrus> "Narcisa will you be able to get a distress signal out once we're on a shuttle?"
  59. 06[21:19] * Six-Jay shakes his head and grumbles. "I dont want to know where you hid those guns... But unless you know how to fly a shuttle we're going to need a pilot."
  60. [21:20] <@Narcisa> "Provided it has the capabilities to project a signal, yes."
  61. [21:20] <Petrus> "Oh ye of little faith, I can fly just fine."
  62. 06[21:21] * Six-Jay pauses for a moment, his hand going to his head an wincing. "Fine. But lets move before one side wins and decides to come after us."
  63. [21:21] <Petrus> "Well let's not sit here and talk about the weather any more."
  64. [21:21] <@Narcisa> "Indeed. I had almost forgotten that Seirck found it so despicable to work alongside Vok." She frowned "I should've seen that coming."
  65. 01[21:25] <Staffen> As Petrus leads you down the corridors, he turns the group around a corner, only to be confronted with a sealed bulkhead.
  66. 06[21:25] * Petrus reaches into his pocket and brings out a multi-key and smiles
  67. [21:26] <Petrus> "Would you like to do the honors Narcisa or shall I?"
  68. 06[21:26] * Varian pats down his body, "I seem to have lost my 'keys' for this kind of work."
  69. [21:27] <@Narcisa> "Go ahead, though I imagine you won't have much success."
  70. 06[21:28] * Petrus shrugs and sets to work
  71. [21:29] <@Narcisa> "Not to insult you by any means, I just simply don't see Vok relying too heavily upon analogue locks."
  72. 06[21:31] * Petrus looks around the door looking for a way to open it "I don't think I can open this door. Want to try Varian?"
  73. 06[21:32] * Varian looks to Narcisa "I am a gentleman, ladies first."
  74. 06[21:33] * @Narcisa steps forward at that, looking for a port to interface with before attempting to open the door, managing it after some time working at it
  75. 01[21:33] <Staffen> Sure enough, the bulkhead lifts, opening the hallway once more.
  76. [21:34] <Petrus> "Good job."
  77. [21:35] <@Narcisa> "The door was not so much locked but designed in an overly-complicated manner that would work against your attempts to open it normally." She explains to the two how to unlock the others, adding "I figure most doors on his vessel would operate on a similar mechanism."
  78. 06[21:35] * Six-Jay shakes his head, obviously unhappy with the time they have wasted. "We have to move, this ship will be the prime target of any navy force of significant size in system." He sounds... Too factual.
  79. 06[21:35] * Varian heads onwards, trying to stay in the center of the group, "If I even need to pull a Malfian heist I will be sure to bring you along Narcisa."
  80. [21:38] <Petrus> "Alright let's get to the hangers"
  81. [21:38] <Nyx> "Well...this is nice.  Shall we be onward then, fellows?"
  82. [21:39] <Nyx> "Yes, lets.  Oooh!  Lets steal their nice ships!"
  83. 01[21:40] <Staffen> The Angrboedha trembles as the wailing sirens suddenly take a new tone. Hololithic lines begin to form along the walls, displaying status alerts as you pass.
  84. 06[21:40] * @Narcisa looks over them "Hm, convenient."
  85. [21:41] <Petrus> "Can you read them?"
  86. 01[21:41] <Staffen> As if on cue, a group of black-armored renegades -- the "88th Steel Legion" -- appear at an intersection, armed with lasguns.
  87. [21:41] <Nyx> "Why does the heretic ship have better safety standards for its inhabitants than an honest Imperial vessel?"
  88. 03[21:42] * Staffen changes topic to '6J, Pet, Varian, Narc, Nyx, SL'
  89. [21:43] <@Narcisa> "Lives being one of the few things the Imperium has in abundance."
  90. 06[21:47] * Varian speaks up in a vain hope to prevent las bolts entering his cranium in the near future "Guards, guards! The Master is under attack on the bridge. That way!" He points behind the group.
  91. 06[21:49] * Six-Jay realizeing the futility of Varian's attempt yells a visious warcry and charges at the nearest guard, his arm back for a forceful blow but he stumbles at the last few meters his hand going to his head as he staggers slightly to the side, throwing off his own aim.
  92. [21:50] <Petrus> "What's that I thought I head someone say "Please shoot me in the face."
  93. [21:51] <Nyx> "Oooh, so that's what was said. I thought it was 'Meese shoot pee in the mace'  Rather ungrammatical, since the plural is 'mice,' not 'meese.'"
  94. 06[21:52] * Petrus draws his pistol and fires into a traitor guardsman
  95. 01[21:54] <Staffen> Petrus's shot knocks the renegade off his feet, leaving a sizable cavity in the traitor's head.
  96. 06[21:56] * Varian bravely runs back behind the nearest cover.
  97. 06[22:01] * @Narcisa brings up her left hand, taking careful aim for a moment as her ports flared with electrical life, a small, fast ball of energy fired off into the middle of them, electricity arcing off as it passed, exploding into the middle of the group
  98. 06[22:02] * Six-Jay dodges to the side as the blast of energy sears the enemies near him, cursing.
  99. 06[22:09] * Nyx , embarrassed by her own ineffectual powers, raises to shoot her own energy blast at an enemy, taking aim, and suddenly falling as the bolt rockets forth
  100. 01[22:10] <Staffen> The vessel trembles around you. Amber warning patterns appear against the walls.
  101. 06[22:10] * Nyx raises a hand in embarrassment
  102. [22:10] <Nyx> "My fault..."
  103. 06[22:11] * Six-Jay as the floor shakes under him, Six-jay moves with almost prenatural grace as he deftly keeps his feet, his eyes darting left and right as though reading a scroll rapidly.
  104. 01[22:11] <Staffen> The renegade guardsmen stand their ground and open fire, but cannot shoot straight amidst the trembling of the ship.
  105. 06[22:12] * Petrus falls on his ass
  106. 06[22:12] * @Narcisa falls onto her feet with the trembling of the vessel coinciding with Nyx' psychic powers
  107. [22:12] <Nyx> "I'm sorry...."
  108. 06[22:12] * Varian maintains his footing, safely behind cover.
  109. [22:12] <Petrus> "I think they might be sending more men after us after that little stunt Nyx."
  110. [22:13] <Nyx> "Hopefully they'll have tripped, lord Cain."
  111. 01[22:13] <Staffen> One of the guardsmen, seeing Six-Jay trying to pick up their dead comrade's weapon, kicks the storm trooper hard in the chest.
  112. 06[22:17] * Six-Jay dives for one of the guns and is caught off guard as one of the enemy kicks him in the chest, with an unnatural silence however he manages to grab the gun and thrust at the guards abdomen, missing by inches.
  113. 06[22:17] * Petrus fires at another of the guardsmen
  114. 06[22:19] * Varian leaps from cover and runs down in a headlong charge against one of the guardsmen.
  115. 06[22:19] * Varian his meek punch goes horribly wide.
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  119. 06[22:22] * Narcisa makes her way back to her feet, the woman quickly bringing her left hand up, palm facing the man Petrus had just fired upon, snapping off a shot at the Legionnaire,
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  123. 06[22:27] * Nyx fires psychic eyebeams at one of the offending heretics
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  125. 06[22:28] * Six-Jay misses his attack once more, curseing.
  126. 06[22:29] * Petrus fires at another guardsman
  127. 06[22:30] * Nyx stares in slackjawed disbelief as the man dodges once again
  128. [22:30] <Narcisa_> "Varian!" She shouts at some point during the fight "Can you use plasma pstols?"
  129. [22:30] <Varian> "No, those are dangerous!"
  130. 06[22:32] * Varian grabs the lasgun at his feet and rams the bayonet at the last man.
  131. [22:33] <Varian> "See, cold steel is much safer!"
  132. 06[22:34] * Nyx looks at her bionic arms in chagrin, as if accusing them
  133. 01[22:34] <Staffen> The bayonet sticks in the man's neck. He slumps, pressing his dead weight against Varian's stolen weapon.
  134. 06[22:35] * Six-Jay quickly sets to stripping ammo and subsequent weapons off the guards...
  135. [22:35] <Petrus> "Grab me any slugs you can find on them"
  136. 06[22:37] * Varian tries to find a suitable flak vest to throw on and for any pistols he can scrounge.
  137. 06[22:42] * Petrus picks up a las-pistol and charge packs
  138. 06[22:43] * Nyx roots through the men's pockets for personal effects
  139. 06[22:44] * Varian shrugs on the greatcloak, tying a belt and holster with a las pistol at his hip.
  140. 06[22:44] * Six-Jay does likewise, armoring himself while readying the lasgun.
  141. 01[22:45] <Staffen> The ship rocks once more. Yet more warning lights appear along the walls.
  142. [22:45] <Six-Jay> Lets go!
  143. 06[22:45] * Plex emerges from where she'd been hiding beneath the metaphorical floorboards. "Finding a route to a hangar of sorts would be advisable, before Odin brings this down around us..."
  144. 06[22:46] * Narcisa_ grabs a greatcoat as well, securing it over her person before securing a lasgun for herself, looking to Plex "That was the idea."
  145. [22:46] <Varian> "Do we keep wandering or do we have a route?"
  146. [22:46] <Petrus> "I know where we're going."
  147. [22:47] <Plex> "Very good, Petrus. We'll follow you."
  148. 06[22:47] * Varian follows after Petrus
  149. 06[22:47] * Narcisa_ hurries on after him as well "I certainly hope you do!"
  150. 01[22:49] <Staffen> You arrive soon at the long tram tunnel which brought you to this section of the ship. There is not an engine present on the platform, however.
  151. [22:50] <Six-Jay> "Can you summon the tram Magos?" He turns to Narcisa.
  152. 01[22:52] <Staffen> An amber display flickers into existence at a stand by the edge of the terminal.
  153. [22:52] <Narcisa_> "One moment," she would approach the floating hololthic display before the terminal and start tapping away at the floating rune pad, summoning one
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  156. [22:52] <Six-Jay> "This will take us to the Hangers?"
  157. 01[22:52] <Staffen> Moments later, a tram pulls into the terminal, opening its passanger compartment to you.
  158. [22:53] <Petrus> it should
  159. 06[22:53] * Narcisa_ steps inside, "You should plot the route, Petrus."
  160. 06[22:53] * Six-Jay follows likewise.
  161. 06[22:54] * Varian heads inside
  162. [22:54] <Petrus> "We need to head seven stations in the other direction and we should be near the hangers."
  163. 06[22:55] * Narcisa_ looks about for a control panel the laymen might use to choose their stops, the Magos keying in their destination at that if the noble would not do it himself
  164. 01[22:58] <Staffen> The engine closes up once everyone is aboard, and sets off.
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  175. [23:06] <Plex> As the tram moves along, Plex turns to the group. "This 'rescue' has been planned for months," she says. "Since we were on Trojus, in fact."
  176. [23:07] <Petrus> "What?"
  177. 06[23:07] * Narcisa_ raises a brow "You mean to say our Lady followed our movements?"
  178. 06[23:07] * Six-Jay frowns and glances at Plex. "That explains why they found us... But did I have to be shot so many times?"
  179. [23:07] <Nyx> "But...sister, you neglected to tell even I?"
  180. [23:08] <Plex> "We are, in a word, bait. 6J, your boss, and ours, planned this out such that we would be tracked for them to take down Vok's forces--or, at least, the bulk of them."
  181. 06[23:09] * Varian eyes narrow, "So I sneaked into this place, risked life and limb trying to get you all out and it was all for nothing?"
  182. 06[23:09] * Six-Jay frowns slightly but then shakes his head. "To serve the Emperor is it's own reward... I still dislike being shot."
  183. 06[23:10] * Narcisa_ considers this eyebrows raising, mouth frowning in that odd appreciative, impressed look "I do hope they make it worthwhile."
  184. [23:10] <Nyx> "...I'm setting fire to something.  I don't know what, but it will be on fire once I decide what it is.
  185. [23:10] <Petrus> "It would have been nice to clue us in on all of this"
  186. 06[23:11] * Six-Jay glances to the others. "None of that matters. It's been done. If you care enough to question, care enough to find our way out."
  187. [23:11] <Plex> "If we get out of this alive, I'd consider it worth it.  I do not know if the crusade itself was concocted entirely for this plan, but it seems the kind of...extensive operation that would yield this kind of result."
  188. 01[23:11] <Staffen> The tram comes to a stop soon thereafter. The door opens as the vessel quakes once more.
  189. [23:12] <Narcisa_> "No," she responds to Petrus "They could've interrogated us, and figured this information out."
  190. 06[23:12] * Varian throws his hands up, "Just get me out of here so I can have a drink."
  191. 06[23:13] * Petrus rolls his eyes "So I got my hat dirty and possibly lost for nothing?"
  192. 06[23:14] * Petrus stomps on leading the way grumbling
  193. 06[23:15] * Plex follows Petrus serenely.
  194. [23:15] <Nyx> "And not even I, much less our cell, was to know nothing of this, lady Pellagri?"
  195. [23:15] <Petrus> "So let me get this straight."
  196. 06[23:15] * Nyx walks forwards with her hat on her chest
  197. [23:16] <Petrus> "You left Varian and I clueless while we sneaked around the ship trying to get us off of this damn thing?"
  198. [23:16] <Plex> "I didn't have any complete knowledge until we were being...escorted to our cells. When I fainted? That wasn't stress."
  199. 06[23:19] * Plex pauses in her speech momentarily, then touches the groups' minds. <Trouble nearby. One hallway over. One of them...familiar.>
  200. 06[23:20] * Six-Jay readies his lasgun.
  201. 06[23:20] * Petrus draws his pistol
  202. 06[23:20] * Varian looks around vacantly "Can we avoid them?"
  203. 01[23:21] <Staffen> Heavy footsteps echo from an intersecting corridor...
  204. 01[23:22] <Staffen> Into the center of the intersection spills a group of black-and-gold armored Astartes wielding boltguns, swords clattering against their hips. At their head is a single Marine with his helm wreathed, twin swords drawn.
  205. 01[23:23] <Staffen> "Friends!" Anselm of Silen booms, lowering his weapons.
  206. 06[23:24] * Petrus smiles as the first friendly astartes he's seen in weeks comes into view
  207. 06[23:24] * Narcisa_ looks at this and frowns "Vok and his Chaos Space Marine allies are fighting one another on the bridge." she'd report on reflex
  208. 06[23:24] * Six-Jay lowers his own weapon and steps forwards. "Vok is on the bridge my lord, at least he was when we last saw him. I assume you have secured an egress?"
  209. 01[23:25] <Staffen> The Champion turns his head, and from the corridor emerges another Astartes dressed in dark grey plate edged in gold. You met him at the war council -- Grand Master Bruno.
  210. 01[23:26] <Staffen> "A problem with that," Anselm says. He shifts his stance and rolls his shoulders. "Our assault ram was critically damaged attempting to penetrate the hull of this vessel. We will have to acquire some other means of getting off."
  211. [23:27] <Narcisa_> "You are not here to slay Vok?" she looks concerned at this
  212. [23:27] <Plex> "We were on our way ourselves for that very end, my Lord."
  213. 06[23:27] * Six-Jay inclines his head to the grand master as he arrives. "That is a problem. Do you have accurate auspex scans of the vessel?"
  214. 01[23:28] <Staffen> "Quite the contrary, Magos," Bruno says, "the Lady Inquisitor and her lapdog the Death Spirit insisted that this vessel be avoided at all costs. However, my Guard Master here got it in his head that you lot deserved better than the fate that the Inquisition had allotted you - and decided it best we board to find out where you were kept and rescue you."
  215. [23:29] <Petrus> "Did you encounter many traitor astartes on your way in?"
  216. 01[23:30] <Staffen> The Grand Master rests an arm on his swordbelt. "It would be more pertinent to say that they encountered the greatest swordsman this galaxy knows. We would be wise to leave quickly, Throne Agents - Balmung of the Space Wolves reportedly has already taken a cruiser. I would like to keep some dignity for my Chapter."
  217. [23:31] <Petrus> "I would like to leave this ship as well."
  218. 06[23:31] * Nyx raises her hand as well in support
  219. [23:32] <Narcisa_> "It would be his chapter that would be without dignity were one as great as you to fell this vessel." Her shoulders slumped but nods "But very well."
  220. 06[23:32] * Six-Jay nods his head. "Lead on Grand Master. We will trust in your holy armor to be the vanguard of our charge."
  221. 01[23:33] <Staffen> "True enough," Anselm says, "but we've had hell trying to move along these corridors. Every other hall I've had to cut my way through. It's as though the ship itself does not want us to be advancing."
  222. [23:33] <Petrus> "I assume it took a lot of convincing to stop Lord Winterscale from charging head first into all of this?"
  223. 01[23:34] <Staffen> The Grand Master turns his head. "He did."
  224. [23:35] <Petrus> "So he got my message then?"
  225. 06[23:36] * Six-Jay glances to Petrus. "With all respect... Can we continue this discussion on the move. The Inquisition would not declare this vessel exempt from assault without good reason... Reasons I suspect will not end well for this ship."
  226. 01[23:36] <Staffen> "If it will shut you up and get us moving," Bruno snaps, "then yes, he got whatever message you sent. Let's leave this vessel - Teutonic Guard! Keep your eyes open for any means of disrupting the arch-enemy while we leave!"
  227. 06[23:37] * Petrus nods and starts moving
  228. 06[23:37] * Varian moves to the center of the group, keeping the men and space marines between him danger.
  229. 06[23:38] * Nyx raises a hand
  230. 06[23:38] * Narcisa_ follows after the sace marines, moving next to Varian and trying to take cover in the center as well
  231. [23:38] <Nyx> "If you should let me risk it, and someone should carry me, I can do some disruption."
  232. 01[23:39] <Staffen> "What do you have in mind, psyker?" Bruno warily asks as he marches the way the group came.
  233. 06[23:40] * Six-Jay covers their rear as they move, though his lasgun is a pitiful comparison to the bolters of the Astartes.
  234. 06[23:40] * Varian mumbles, "More lies and witchery, no doubt."
  235. [23:40] <Nyx> "I want to set things on fire.  I have not been given chance enough to do so and I am quite hurt."
  236. [23:41] <Nyx> "Not lies...just...lots of...magickal...things."
  237. 01[23:42] <Staffen> Wordlessly, the Grand Master carries on.
  238. 06[23:43] * Nyx follows along
  239. [23:43] <Narcisa_> "If we come across any doors and you do not believe you can cut through them in a timely manner, Petrus, Varian and myself can all manage to bypass their locking mechanisms." She would offer, hopefully helpfully.
  240. 01[23:44] <Staffen> It is not long, however, before Bruno relinquishes the head of the group to Petrus, realizing he cannot actually navigate the halls.
  241. 01[23:45] <Staffen> Petrus eventually brings the group to the hangar which first saw you put aboard. It does not seem to be occupied. A single shuttle of similar make to the vessel which you stole from Losa's ship sits on the deck.
  242. [23:46] <Varian> "Lets hope its similar enough to have a wine rack."
  243. [23:46] <Nyx> "Oh, excellent. Another one. I did enjoy the small sweets hidden in the glovebox."
  244. [23:47] <Petrus> "Good I know how to fly this one."
  245. 06[23:49] * Varian points, "There is a melta bomb clamped to a pod on one side of the hangar's void shield."
  246. 06[23:49] * Six-Jay curses. "Move! Into the shuttle now! Melta on the voidsheild array!" he curses.
  247. 06[23:50] * Narcisa_ runs for the shuttle at the urgence of her allies presuming the space marines did not get block her path
  248. 06[23:51] * Petrus dashes for the shuttle
  249. 06[23:51] * Varian heads after him, his lithe frame moving swiftly as he ditches the lasgun on the ground.
  250. 06[23:52] * Six-Jay waits until the others are moveing before taking up the rear.
  251. 06[23:52] * Nyx does a hobbyhorse step over to the shuttle
  252. 01[23:54] <Staffen> Anselm quickly looks to Varian. "What?!" As the Knight finishes speaking, the mentioned bomb detonates. The bay's void shield flickers, and suddenly the air begins to rush from the hangar. Loose canisters across the deck are sent into the void.
  253. 01[23:55] <Staffen> Everyone manages to avoid being pulled into space, however.
  254. 06[23:56] * Nyx begins to act like a fish, fanning her hands about her neck, and puffing up her cheeks, as the air rushes out
  255. 06[23:57] * Varian face starts turning blue.
  256. 06[23:57] * Petrus holds his breath and continues running
  257. 01[23:58] <Staffen> The group successfully manages to get into the craft's airlock. The Space Marines elect to remain outside until you are safely aboard.
  258. 06[23:59] * Six-Jay keeps his head and his breath as he tries enters the shuttle.
  259. 06[23:59] * Petrus moves to the cockpit to start up the ship
  260. Session Time: Sun Dec 23 00:00:00 2012
  261. 06[00:00] * Nyx continues her impromptu Landunder piranha performance in attempt to breath in lack of air
  262. 06[00:00] * Plex takes a few gulping breaths as she finds a seat.
  263. 01[00:00] <Staffen> The Space Marines board as well soon-after.
  264. 06[00:00] * Varian sucks in huge breaths of air as he struggles to find a bottle of something containing ethonol.
  265. [00:02] <Petrus> "What."
  266. [00:04] <Petrus> "Lord Astartes there is something on the ship, I think one of you might want to check it out."
  267. [00:04] <Nyx> "I hope it's something nice, lord Cain."
  268. 01[00:05] <Staffen> One of the Marines looks out starboard viewport. "There is nothing on the stabilizer, Throne Agent. Nor was there anything on the other side when we entered..."
  269. [00:05] <Narcisa_> "What manner of something?"
  270. [00:06] <Narcisa_> "...What about the underside?"
  271. 06[00:06] * Six-Jay curses softly.
  272. [00:06] <Petrus> "No idea I'm just getting reports that there is something on the exterior of the ship."
  273. 01[00:06] <Staffen> "If the region mentioned is clear, then we should hurry and leave before someone investigates the hangar," Bruno impatiently declares.
  274. [00:06] <Nyx> "Show me it and I'll slow it the void."
  275. [00:08] <Petrus> "I encounted something in the hanger before, I think it might be him again. I barely escaped with my life."
  276. 01[00:09] <Staffen> "The devil are you talking about?" one of the Marines growls.
  277. [00:10] <Petrus> "The Torturer, a traitor astartes with massive power fists."
  278. 06[00:10] * Six-Jay glances towards the cockpit. "Take off Petrus... And run the hull along the deck as we go."
  279. 01[00:12] <Staffen> "We would have seen such a creature had it been on the hull of the craft," Anselm says dismissively. "What kind of idiot tries to cling to a craft, anyway? What does he have to gain by chasing a group of Space Marines?"
  280. [00:12] <Petrus> "Wellllll..... he does hate us a lot."
  281. [00:12] <Nyx> "We hate him too."
  282. 06[00:13] * Petrus shrugs and goes back to the controls
  283. [00:16] <Narcisa_> "To be fair, I would believe our own marines would cut down any foe that would try to force their way inside - the best they might hope for is destroying the vessel with his powerfists." She moves up into the cockpit, working breifly in the co-pilot seat as she prepared the message
  284. 01[00:18] <Staffen> Petrus fires the craft up and takes off. Outside Vok's vessel is a full-blown war: in the distance ships slide through space, firing broadsides and turret batteries. Imperial fighters pass by, pursuing or evading angular craft.
  285. 02[00:19] * Plex ( Quit (Client exited)
  286. 03[00:19] * Plex ( has joined #eternalwar
  287. 01[00:22] <Staffen> "That's the Lady Inquisitor's flagship," Anselm insists, pointing to one blip on the auger - it is beyond range of unaided vision.
  288. 01[00:22] <Staffen> In the corner of the viewport, a ship of at least battlecruiser weight rams through a lighter warship attempting to fire a broadside at it. The battlecruiser, a grey thing equipped with a large, stylized eight-pointed skull on a warning stripe field, seems to be firing its drives to get clear of the Angrboedha as quickly as possible.
  289. [00:23] <Nyx> "Pretty."
  290. 06[00:23] * Six-Jay smiles as he glances out of the viewport. "I told them. I said that the might of the Imperial Navy would bring them low. I love being right."
  291. [00:24] <Narcisa_> "Perhaps Vok will decide to employ his 'several' nova cannons upon that single vessel."  she mutters as she watches
  292. 01[00:27] <Staffen> As if to contradict Six-Jay's words, the side of the Angrboedha lights up. The long broadsides fire at half a dozen targets. On the opposite side of the ship, the void shields of vessels light up against the barrage, and a frigate detonates under the strain.
  293. 01[00:27] <Staffen> The Angrboedha seems to have recovered from Todt's attack on the bridge, and is now beginning to turn.
  294. 06[00:30] * Plex seems to pass out in her seat again.
  295. 01[00:32] <Staffen> A matte-black craft with the silhouette of an enemy vessel zooms by overhead.
  296. [00:32] <Nyx> "Medic~!"
  297. 06[00:32] * Petrus calls from the cockpit on the internal vox "We lost our guest."
  298. 06[00:33] * Six-Jay turns to see the passed out plex and moves over to check her pulse.
  299. [00:33] <Narcisa_> "Oh, did we?" She'd ask over her bead as she moved back to check on Plex
  300. [00:33] <Narcisa_> At Nyx's insistance.
  301. 06[00:34] * Varian stumbles about some more, slowly regaining his composure as he throws open cabinets. He glances at Plex "More witchery no doubt."
  302. 06[00:35] * Nyx sniffs the air
  303. 06[00:35] * Six-Jay glances towards Varian. "Says the man on the rescue mission who ended up captured. This psyker has proven her worth the Emperor." He states simply, before turning his attention back to the woman.
  304. [00:35] <Nyx> "Smells like it."
  305. 06[00:35] * Nyx licks the empty air
  306. [00:35] <Nyx> "Tastes like it too."
  307. [00:35] <Varian> "By lying to us and getting me captured. What a gal."
  308. [00:36] <Narcisa_> "Technically our Inquisitor's doing."
  309. [00:36] <Narcisa_> s*
  310. 06[00:36] * Six-Jay satisfies himself that she is just unconcious and then returns to his seat, ignoreing Varian.
  311. 06[00:38] * Narcisa_ returns to her seat as well "She is fine."
  312. 06[00:42] * Varian sits down on couch as he leans over to check under the seat for a bottle, "See, she's just trying to get attention."
  313. [00:42] <Varian> on a couch*
  314. 06[00:44] * Nyx raids the ship pantry for expensive canned goods
  315. 01[00:47] <Staffen> ++Unidentified craft,++ announces a voice over the shuttle's vox, ++you have been cleared to dock to the IWS Valkyrie at bay 2B. Do you require an escort squadron to fly you in?++
  316. 06[00:47] * Plex wakes up suddenly immediately after the transmission.
  317. [00:49] <Petrus> ++That would be acceptable++
  318. 06[00:49] * Plex shakes her head groggily. "We'll be put through...containment, when we arrive, to make sure Vok's not messed with us somehow. So says 6J's boss."
  319. 01[00:50] <Staffen> ++Understood. Dispatching Warhound Flight,++ announces the vox. ++Valkyrie out.++
  320. 06[00:50] * Six-Jay nods his head. "Understandable." He reaches up to rub at his shaved scalp.
  321. 01[00:52] <Staffen> A few minutes later a flight of Lightnings approaches your vessel, deftly cutting engines, turning mid-void and re-firing along your trajectory.
  322. 01[00:53] <Staffen> ++VIP Shuttle, this is Warhound Flight,++ a new voice declares, ++we've got orders to fly you home.++
  323. [00:53] <Petrus> ++Roger Warhound Flight, thank you for the escort.++
  324. 01[00:56] <Staffen> The Lightnings fly you into alignment with a hangar on the cruiser's portside and then break off. ++Warhound Flight redirecting for combat. Our job's done here.++
  325. [00:56] <Petrus> ++Good hunting Warhound Flight++
  326. 01[00:57] <Staffen> As Petrus slowly puts you down in the hangar, Anselm pulls his helmet off and gives a hard look to the Cell members.
  327. 01[00:57] <Staffen> "Whatever happens," he says grimly, "I believe you all to be pure, friends. I am sure of it."
  328. 06[00:58] * Six-Jay inclines his head. "Thank you sir. But that is for the Inquisition to decide."
  329. 01[00:59] <Staffen> He locks his helmet to his hip and steps to the side of the airlock. "It is best you exit first."
  330. 01[00:59] <Staffen> The Marines gather behind him.
  331. [00:59] <Petrus> "Might want to check if our guest left any marks on the side of the craft."
  332. 06[00:59] * Six-Jay leaves behind his lasgun as he gets to his feet and moves towards the boarding ramp, glancing back towards the others. "Ready?"
  333. 01[01:00] <Staffen> Through the cockpit's viewport, a group of black-carapaced soldiers can be seen lining up. Not far behind them clomps Moerchen.
  334. 06[01:00] * Varian stands, somewhat miffed that the ship was dry and readies to leave.
  335. 06[01:01] * Petrus finishes his after flight check and moves to leave the ship
  336. 06[01:01] * Plex leaves down the ramp first, head held high as she stops in front of the soldiers.
  337. 06[01:02] * Six-Jay follows after Plex, likewise standing tall and proud despite the rags he's dressed in.
  338. 06[01:03] * Petrus assumes his noble posture and walks down the ramp
  339. 06[01:04] * Narcisa_ goes after Petrus
  340. 06[01:04] * Nyx follows Petrus with an insane galloping movement
  341. 01[01:04] <Staffen> Thereafter, yet again you are placed in separate cells. You are disposed of for the rest of the battle, tended to instead by blind psykers and the Lady's own excruciator, Severus.
  342. 01[01:06] <Staffen> All things end as they begin. After a few days, you are pulled from your cells together. The viewports along the sides of the ship are shuttered.
  343. 01[01:08] <Staffen> Your train is lead by Inquisitorial storm troopers to a dining hall decorated with columns and exotic plants. A long table stands in the middle, with Inquisitor Odysseus seated at the side, already eating a dish. He is surrounded by fair-sized stacks of paperwork.
  344. 01[01:09] <Staffen> "Guard dismissed," he says. "Not you of course, Solomon. Stay here with the others. I don't believe you'll be working for me much longer."
  345. 06[01:10] * Six-Jay looked about to go as well, but pauses and straightens. "Sir?"
  346. 01[01:11] <Staffen> Odysseus sniffs, biting into a slice of grox as he lifts a few papers to examine a particular page.
  347. 01[01:13] <Staffen> "Lathe-Hett Liasion-IV, Designate 'Narcisa'," he reads aloud, slowly. "Standard cognitive patterns. No dissonance detected in conscious thought. Minor behavioral distortions noted - paranoia and increased reflexive response to minor movements worth noting."
  348. 06[01:15] * Narcisa_ holds still for a moment before nodding
  349. 01[01:17] <Staffen> He flips through to another page. "Marquise Nyx Haarlock Fortuna. Displays abnormal behavorial response. Mildly disruptive attitude deemed noteworthy and some measure of dissonance in line with typical cases of minor trauma. Memory probe inconclusive."
  350. [01:17] <Nyx> "Guess I've got /brain problems/."
  351. [01:19] <Plex> "This is not news," Plex murmurs to her.
  352. 01[01:19] <Staffen> Odysseus gives the Psykana Templar a tired, amused look. He lifts another few pages up.
  353. 01[01:20] <Staffen> "Lady Flavia Pellagri. Showed some resistance and a discomfort with interview questions in-line with subject-avoidance seen in trauma cases. Memory probe inconclusive."
  354. [01:21] <Plex> "In short: did not like being on the other side of the interrogation."
  355. 01[01:22] <Staffen> He sips of his drink. "Varian Sark, noble titles of Scintilla pending. Resisted interview, and subsequent memory probing. Was restrained. Displays minor dissonance and is classifiable as an Alpha-3 personality type. Extreme cognitive rehabilitation advisable."
  356. 01[01:23] <Staffen> The Lady appears at the other end of the dining hall, then, wearing a shifting fabric dress of deep greens, set with rubies. She regards the group solemnly.
  357. 06[01:24] * Plex bows to The Lady before returning her attention to Odysseus.
  358. 06[01:24] * Varian remarks "That sounds like an over reaction." before turning and bowing to The Lady.
  359. 01[01:24] <Staffen> Odysseus sits back in his seat, placing his napkin beside his dish. He breathes in deeply, looks to the Lady, and then back to your group.
  360. 06[01:25] * Six-Jay seems a little nervous that his name was not mentioned and glances towards Petrus.
  361. 01[01:25] <Staffen> "Nothing a few months' of R&R at one of the Reth resorts won't be able to help," he says, smiling warmly.
  362. 01[01:26] <Staffen> The Lady enters the room then, taking her seat at the head of the table. "Please," she calls, gesturing to the dishes of food laid out, "sit, Throne Agents."
  363. 06[01:26] * Petrus sits down and looks at the food on the table
  364. 06[01:26] * Six-Jay seems at a loss for a moment before behaving as directed, taking a seat at the table.
  365. [01:26] <Plex> Without further ado, Plex obeys the invitation.
  366. 06[01:27] * Nyx bows with a curtsy, removes her hat, and sits down gently at a place
  367. 06[01:27] * Varian sits before eating and drinking with relish, trying to maintain a dignified manner as he dabs the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief.
  368. 06[01:29] * Nyx folds her napkin and places it into her lap
  369. 01[01:29] <Staffen> The Lady stares into a bowl of soup placed before her. "The Angrboedha escaped," she says. "Todt's fleet got away for the most part, as did a bulk of Vok's. However, we suspect we reacquired more than fifty percent of the materiel. Todt only got away with a quarter of it - the rest is dust now."
  370. 06[01:30] * Six-Jay does not eat, but listens intently to the Lady as she speaks, occasionally glancing to Odysseus.
  371. 01[01:33] <Staffen> "The truth is," Odysseus speaks up, "I never intended for any of you to be captured. When Plex's vox-thief began broadcasting the information regarding Sierck's employment, I began to realize very quickly that there was going to be an attempt to rescue him. Rather than stop it, I decided it was better to let it happen."
  372. 06[01:35] * Narcisa_ nods at her place at the table, though says nothing
  373. 01[01:35] <Staffen> "It was some clerical mistakes on my part, really," he admits. "I didn't realize until during the interrogation that several crates sent to Trojus by one Captain Agrippa were unmarked. I must admit also, it was--"
  374. 01[01:35] <Staffen> "I insisted that nobody should attempt to rescue you," the Lady says.
  375. 01[01:36] <Staffen> "Vok's vessel is hulled in synthesized adamantium," she explains. "Attempting to breach it would have proven disastrous - as I understand it did indeed for Grand Master Bruno."
  376. 06[01:37] * Nyx picks at her soup while maintaining polite attention
  377. [01:37] <Varian> "Well, I guess that is a vote of confidence. Somehow."
  378. 01[01:39] <Staffen> "Really," the Lady rubs at her temple, "I was confident you to manage to find your ways off on your own. I am glad to hear you helped the Knights off though. You have already proven yourselves resourceful enough."
  379. [01:39] <Petrus> "We were actually on our way out when we ran into the astartes."
  380. [01:40] <Narcisa_> "There was no reason to not aid them in escaping, to be honest."
  381. 01[01:40] <Staffen> She rests both of her arms on her table and leans forward. "Two years ago Yrtzen Vok held me captive on that vessel. I lost my friend onboard. One of my Cell members was decisively traumatized by his imprisonment onboard... I want to know what that monster did to you."
  382. [01:41] <Varian> "He told me he was going to offer me an amasec and then he withheld it!" blurts out Varian, a horrified look on his face.
  383. 01[01:41] <Staffen> Odysseus suddenly breaks into a coughing fit - he was drinking from a glass of water when Varian spoke.
  384. [01:42] <Petrus> "He didn't do a thing to me, for some odd reason I free reign on his ship. I have no idea why either."
  385. 06[01:42] * Six-Jay frowns. "As you know, I never interacted with Vok personally. My... Injuries... Ensured that I only encountered the others again on the bridge before our escape."
  386. [01:42] <Varian> "Oh yes, that monster and I also had a chat about his origins. Necromunda and what not."
  387. [01:43] <Plex> "Let me just say...he rebuilt my face and offered me a place in his organization."
  388. [01:43] <Petrus> "I did encounter I monster though..."
  389. [01:44] <Narcisa_> "Introduced me to  every material componnet known to man meticulously displayed and labelled and immediately removed it from me before I could interact with any of it."
  390. [01:44] <Nyx> "He...he...that monster..."
  391. [01:44] <Nyx> "He denied a dance offered by the likes of I! Am I really so unappealing, at my age?"
  392. [01:45] <Nyx> "In all seriousness however, he tried to make me kill Master Sark."
  393. [01:45] <Nyx> "He...knew, and offered me something."
  394. 02[01:45] * Plex ( Quit (Client exited)
  395. 03[01:45] * Plex ( has joined #eternalwar
  396. [01:45] <Nyx> "At the very least he has given me the belief what I desire /exists/."
  397. 01[01:45] <Staffen> Odysseus looks up at Nyx expectantly. "And what was this?"
  398. [01:46] <Nyx> "Some trifle, already reported upon in my research reports."
  399. [01:46] <Petrus> "I have a question, why weren't Six-Jay and myself not included in the pysch profiles?"
  400. 01[01:47] <Staffen> Inquisitor Kith enters the room now in a golden surcoat. Her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail. She takes a seat at the other end of the table.
  401. 06[01:47] * Nyx raises, bows, and reseats herself as Kith enters
  402. 01[01:47] <Staffen> Odysseus shrugs. "Yours doesn't have anything... interesting... in it. Nor does Solomon's."
  403. 06[01:47] * Six-Jay shifts slightly and nods to Petrus, clearly wondering the same thing. Then lets out a sigh of releif at his Inquisitors words.
  404. 06[01:47] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
  405. 06[01:48] * Varian smiles at Inquisitor Kith, giving her a 'salut' with his wine glass.
  406. 01[01:48] <Staffen> He tilts his head slightly and half-frowns. "Well, aside from the complicated metal plate that now composes twenty percent of his skull, beneath an artificial graft of skin. Severus did not want to risk opening it up, but I've half a mind to what it is..."
  407. 01[01:49] <Staffen> "Have I missed the debriefing?" Inquisitor Kith asks, taking a sip of her wineglass.
  408. 01[01:49] <Staffen> "Not all of it," the Lady calls from the other end. "Lady Fortuna was just about to explain her experience with the arch-heretic... that is, if she's willing to continue."
  409. 06[01:50] * Six-Jay coughs slightly and looks to his inquisitor with a frown. "If my lord insists..."
  410. 06[01:50] * Nyx pales and goes back to sipping her soup with a face of slight reluctance
  411. 01[01:51] <Staffen> The Lady nods. "I understand."
  412. 06[01:52] * Nyx takes out a card from her Heretic's Wake deck, and gingerly holds it in the direction of Inquisitor Kith
  413. 06[01:52] * Nyx drops the card into her soup, sweating and paler
  414. 01[01:53] <Staffen> Kith stares Nyx in the eye. "I suppose you have something you wish to ask, Lady Fortuna."
  415. [01:53] <Nyx> "I..ahem...yes.  Things are-yes.  Perhaps....later?"
  416. 01[01:54] <Staffen> "Very well." Kith takes up a spoon and dips it into her soup.
  417. 01[01:55] <Staffen> The Lady locks her hands together as she speaks again. "As Inquisitor Orion has said, I recommend you all enjoy a few months' vacation-time at one of the Inquisiton's resorts on Reth."
  418. 01[01:55] <Staffen> She eyes Petrus. "Immediate family is welcome to join you."
  419. 06[01:56] * Six-Jay clears his throat slightly and glances towards his Inquisitor. "My lord... You mentioned I would not be in your service much longer... Am I to be... Mind wiped?"
  420. [01:57] <Petrus> "I believe I am owed a vacation"
  421. 01[01:57] <Staffen> "Quite the contrary, Master Praetus," Odysseus says. "In fact, we are here to discuss that matter."
  422. 06[01:59] * Six-Jay nods his head, obviously releived.
  423. 01[01:59] <Staffen> Kith takes a deep breath and stands. "In order to name a new member to the Inquisition, a petition of three preexisting Inquisitors must be submitted to the Sector's Ordos. Inquisitor Orion, the Lady, and I have named you, Varian Sark, and you, Flavia Pellagri, to be elevated to positions as Inquisitors of his Holy Ordos."
  424. 01[02:01] <Staffen> "You two are entirely free to refuse this offer," the Lady states. "I would understand after what you have seen. You'll be reimbursed fully for your service and then discharged to return to your lives. But bear in mind after what you have done, it cannot be guaranteed that you'll ever be able to live normal lives without Vok's agents coming after you. This is as much to protect you with the influence of an Inquisitor as it is to serve the Imperium at-large."
  425. 06[02:02] * Six-Jay glances to the two named individuals with a looks of surprise on his face, but otherwise does not comment.
  426. 06[02:02] * Plex drops her utensil with a clatter before recovering. "I...thank you, milord, ladies. I will most certainly accept."
  427. 06[02:03] * Varian pushes back his chair, stands and raises his glass in salute "My thanks Inquisitors, I am sure my family and I will be able to serve the Emperor well.". He turns to Plex and raises his glass once more "Congratulations.".
  428. 01[02:04] <Staffen> "Is that a 'yes' then,
  429. 01[02:04] <Staffen> "Lord Sark?" Odysseus asks. "The idea that your family did not previously serve the Emperor troubles me."
  430. 06[02:04] * Nyx gives a polite golf clap
  431. [02:05] <Varian> "Merely a reiteration of our support, after the debacle my mother left behind I thought it best to declare such an oath once more."
  432. [02:06] <Varian> "So, indeed that is a yes."
  433. 01[02:06] <Staffen> "Good," Orion dryly says, "I suppose I'll just have to cancel that raid on your Scintilla estate, if you're a colleague now."
  434. [02:06] <Petrus> "And what of my family?" Petrus points at the ceiling referencing any other ships in the void.
  435. 01[02:06] <Staffen> He casts a grin at Varian.
  436. 06[02:07] * Varian smiles back as he seats himself and pours another glass of wine.
  437. 01[02:07] <Staffen> "What indeed," the Lady Inquisitor says. "Was Lady Corinna not coming to dinner, Amara?"
  438. 01[02:07] <Staffen> "She was in your garden last I heard," Kith says.
  439. 06[02:08] * Petrus eyes light up "If I may be excused."
  440. 01[02:09] <Staffen> The Lady nods. "Go to her, Lord Cain. Thank you."
  441. 01[02:09] <Staffen> "There shall be a letter waiting on the desk in yours and your betrothed's suite," Odysseus calls.
  442. 06[02:09] * Petrus bows to the Lady Inquisitor and hurriedly leaves.
  443. 01[02:10] <Staffen> "Well," the Lady says as Petrus departs. "I see that my fellows have already begun -- but now, my friends, let us eat..."
  444. 01[02:10] <Staffen> She dips her spoon into her soup. "... As equals. As friends. As fellow servants of the Throne of Mankind."
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