Have Some Dash - Have Some Nightmares

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >fours years old, niggas
  3. >Be night time
  4. >Just woke up from another spoopy nightmare
  5. >The words just echo in your head
  6. >"Get in the bag"
  7. >It's just too much to bear
  8. >What if there was skeleton inside of you?
  9. >69spooky420me
  10. >It's too much for your four year old american mind to handle
  11. >You need mommy
  12. >She'll just bore you to sleep again, that'll solve everything
  13. >Fuck yeah, for nerd mom
  14. >You hurdle out of bed and walk over to the door
  15. >You check the clock and you're astonished at how late it is
  16. >it's 11:00 o clock
  17. >Shit, man, this is some real shiet man
  18. >You peek out the door and see the light to the living room on and hear some voices
  19. >"Twilighhttt, cmon, hurry up. I can't wait anymore"
  20. >That was other mommy, Sunset
  21. >She says a lot of bad words to angry people
  22. >You don't go to restaurants as a family anymore
  23. >You tip-toe down the hall and edge close to peak at what your mommies were doing now
  24. >What you see blows your pants off
  25. >Sunset and Twilight were naked, but here's the kicker, THEY WEREN'T TAKING A FUCKING BATH
  26. >Holy shit, this so fucked up
  27. >And holy shit, what were they doing
  28. >"Alright I got it Sunny."
  29. >"Finally"
  30. >"Zebra, on the triple word tile"
  31. >"Sassafrass"
  32. >DUDE!
  33. >DUUUDE!!
  34. >This is so fucked up mang
  35. >"Okay what's your score now?"
  36. >"I'm at 381 and you are at 376"
  37. >"Arrrgg"
  38. >Sunset simmers hue
  39. >Twilight holds Sunset's head and pulls her into a kiss
  40. >She break apart and touches foreheads
  41. >"Cmon, Sunny, don't get too worked up over strip Scrabble, we only get to do this 5 times a month and we're both already naked"
  42. >Sunset takes a deep breath and then pout, "Yeah I know"
  43. >Dude you are fucking scarred for lyfe
  44. >gotta get the fug outta dis shit
  45. >You tip toe back to your bed in tears
  46. >You tuck yourself in and stair at the ceiling
  47. >"Hah, I got the last blank"
  48. >So fucked up man
  49. >This is the night something inside of you broke
  50. >"Alright, seven letter word. Take that Sparkle!"
  51. >It was going to be a long night
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