(COMPLETE) Cookies and Milk

Oct 13th, 2014
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  1. >You are Nightmare Moon
  2. >Empress of the Equestrian Empire. 
  4. >You are in the Royal Kitchens, alone. 
  5. >It’s well into the time that was formerly mid-day. 
  6. >The castle chefs have all returned to their quarters. 
  7. >You stand over a batch of cookie dough, slowly mixing it to ensure the proper texture. 
  8. >After mixing the batter to the perfect consistency, you carefully place it onto a tray, and then into the already heated oven. 
  9. >After the oven clicks shut, and setting the small timer onto a nearby table, you peek through the thin layer of glass separating you from the soft fire inside. 
  10. >Everything is perfect. 
  11. >Yet you are still nervous. 
  12. >You step back from the oven, before laying down onto the cold marble floor. 
  13. >You gaze at the flames dancing inside the stove, and begin to think. 
  14. >…
  15. >It’s not often that you have time to yourself like this. 
  16. >Over the past year you’ve had so many meetings to attend, so many rebellions to quell, so many traitors to… dispose of. 
  17. >You’ve barely had time to explore and embrace the things that you- that Luna used to enjoy. 
  18. >You close your eyes, and simply listen to the fire echo of the walls around you. 
  19. >It’s so peaceful. 
  20. >A smile creeps upon your face. 
  21. >You're the Empress of the most powerful nation on the planet, yet you find pleasure in simply baking a batch of cookies. 
  22. >… 
  23. >That’s not entirely true. 
  24. >It’s not simply about baking cookies. 
  25. >It has a meaning much, much more significant than that. 
  26. ———————
  27. >The smile slips off your face. 
  28. >You remember the why you… why Luna got so good at baking cookies in the first place. 
  29. >…
  30. >It was centuries ago. 
  31. >More particularly, it was the years directly following Celestia and Luna’s rise to power. 
  32. >They- you were both still young, wide-eyed rulers to a small, growing country. 
  33. >The original castle had only just been completed a few months prior, and you were still getting accustomed to the changes. 
  34. >A small city began to develop in the shadow of the castle, and soon, it became the largest settlement in Equestria. 
  35. >As the first few years slipped by, it became apparent that the Castle was in need of a more formal security force. 
  36. >While no pony ever attempted to intentionally harm the castle, you or your sister, their was the occasional accident. 
  37. >Foals would accidentally kick a ball into the gardens, and trample Celestia’s favorite flowers. 
  38. >Lovers would try and find quite along your favorite paths around the castle. 
  39. >… 
  40. >After a brief discussion, it was decided that you and Celestia would create a formal guard. 
  41. >Both of you interviewed a variety of ponies to become the first Captain of the Guard. 
  42. >Hundreds of strong, able-bodied stallions applied. 
  43. >The interviews dragged on for months, until you and Celestia found a pony that you deemed fitting for the job. 
  44. >… 
  45. >Celestial Shield.
  46. >… 
  47. >You both agreed that he was the most capable of all the applicants, and so, he received his commission. 
  48. >Both you and Celestia knighted him, as both the first Solar and Lunar Knight. 
  49. >After a few weeks, he was successfully able to expand the guard to several dozen ponies, and under his leadership, they were able to successfully defend the castle from local mischief. 
  50. ———————
  51. >Secretly however, his ability to serve as a guard was only one reason for his selection. 
  52. >You dare say that you find him… quite attractive. 
  53. >He was a strong stallion, with broad shoulders and strong muscles. 
  54. >As the weeks went by, you began to think about him more and more. 
  55. >After much thought, you came to an… interesting conclusion. 
  56. >Perhaps… perhaps you liked him… a lot.  
  57. >One night, you expressed you feelings to Celestia, who only chuckled, and teased you about your… interest.
  58. >She said that you didn’t have any experience with stallions, and didn’t know what they liked. 
  59. >… 
  60. >You were upset.  
  61. >Of all ponies, you thought that she would take you seriously. 
  62. >She was your sister after all.
  63. >That night, you went to bed crying. 
  64. >What did she mean you didn’t know anything about stallions?
  65. >There isn’t that much to know. 
  66. >They're ponies just like every pony else.
  67. >And what did she mean that you don’t “know what they like?” 
  68. >They’re ponies! 
  69. >The like what every pony likes! 
  70. >…
  71. >It bothered you. 
  72. >It wasn’t her words that troubled you so much. 
  73. >Her tone was… condescending. 
  74. >Like she thought your feelings didn’t matter. 
  75. >… 
  76. >You did’t let that stop you though, it only motivated you. 
  77. >You were going to show Celestia that you weren’t some sort of foal.
  78. >That your feelings mattered…
  79. ———————
  80. >Some more time passed. 
  81. >You’ve made it a habit to try and see him at least once a day. 
  82. >He would always report for duty in the morning, just after you lowered the moon. 
  83. >You would perform your duties, and than rush to the gates to meet him as he arrived. 
  84. >He would always smile and say hello, before going to the barracks. 
  85. >It would awaken the butterflies in your stomach. 
  86. >Luckily your coat hid any hint of a blush with ease. 
  87. >It was… unbecoming of a Princess to show such blatant interest. 
  88. >No, you needed to be careful courting this stallion. 
  89. >Surely any word of your interest would send the city into a frenzy. 
  90. >A princess and her guard… 
  91. >… 
  92. >Some time passed. 
  93. >You were no longer able to meet him at the gate. 
  94. >Instead, Celestia tasked you with signing documents during the early morning. 
  95. >While you were definitely excited about any increase in your official government duties, you couldn’t help but feel upset. 
  96. >It was perhaps the highlight of your day; and now it was gone. 
  97. >You tried to have Celestia schedule the document signing period at a later point, or even during the evening during your watch, yet she insisted that it must be done in the morning. 
  98. >Begrudgingly, you abided by this request. 
  99. >You would simply need to meet him during another time. 
  100. >...
  101. >A few days past until you decided upon an idea. 
  102. >You would invite him to stay for dinner with you and Celestia! 
  103. >It only made sense. 
  104. >You and Celestia should know more about the guards who protect you. 
  105. >And surely he would enjoy dinning with you. 
  106. >And Celestia. 
  107. >He seemed so happy to see you every morning, of course he would enjoy spending time with you!
  108. >… 
  109. >You remember proposing the idea to Celestia.
  110. >She was eager to agree with your proposal. 
  111. >She even suggested that the dinners start next week. 
  112. >You were so excited, you could hardly wait. 
  113. >… 
  114. >You should have known….
  115. ———————
  116. >The week passed agonizingly slow. 
  117. >The first dinner however, when perfectly. 
  118. >You, and Celestial Shield conversed about the many happening within the city. 
  119. >Celestia seemed to focus her conversation more personal topics.
  120. >It was very uncouth of her. 
  121. >You doubted that her and Celestial Shield so much as spoke before than, yet their conversation was very personal. 
  122. >A princess should maintain her pose at all times. 
  123. >You reminded yourself to remind Celestia of that.
  124. >…
  125. >After a few weeks, and a few more conversations with Celestial Shield, you decided to take a calculated risk. 
  126. >It was definitely a very… overt display of your interest. 
  127. >You planned to make dinner yourself, and than, if everything went to plan, go for a evening walk with him. 
  128. >You wanted to show him your evening sky. 
  129. >You remember spending seemingly countless evenings planning out a stunning new star constellation for him. 
  130. >You spent even more time perfecting a variety of recipes to satisfy almost any taste. 
  131. >You remember calling upon the local winery to use some of their most finely aged bottles. 
  132. >You wanted it to be perfect. 
  133. >… 
  134. >You should have known. 
  135. ———————
  136. >The evening of the dinner came. 
  137. >You spent the entire afternoon preparing the ingredients. 
  138. >Agonizing over every slice of onion. 
  139. >Focusing on how each carrot was shredded, ensuring they wouldn’t be too thick, or even worse, too thin. 
  140. >Celestia was even surprisingly supportive of your efforts, and recommended which wine would best compliment the meal. 
  141. >Eventually, after hours of preparation, the dinner was almost ready to start. 
  142. >However before you returned to your quarters, you remembered to preheat the oven to make your dessert. 
  143. >Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
  144. >Your favorite. 
  145. >You’ve made a batch nearly every day since you’ve moved into the castle. 
  146. >Your recipe has undergone hundreds of iterations, before reaching it’s final form. 
  147. >You’ve experimented with imported chocolates, different species as egg donors, different types of flower… 
  148. >You’ve never had anyone test them before besides yourself. 
  149. >Until now...
  150. >...
  151. >You went to your room, and made sure your regalia was well polished, and that your coat was properly groomed. 
  152. >You applied your favorite perfume before making your way to the dinner. 
  153. >You wanted to look your best for him. 
  154. >… 
  155. >After returning to the Royal Dinning Hall, you and Celestia retrieved Celestial Shield, and escorted him to the table. 
  156. >Celestia even let you sit at the head of the table! 
  157. >She sat directly across from Celestial Shield. 
  158. >You went to retrieve the various courses of the meal, using your magic to levitate the variety of different plates, bowls, and various other items. 
  159. >After placing the food on the table, you took your seat, and began to eat. 
  160. ———————
  161. >The dinner went well. 
  162. >Celestia pointed out that you made the meal, which seemed to impress Celestial Shield. 
  163. >Him and Celestia chuckled a few times for no clear reason, but the conversation was otherwise very entertaining. 
  164. >After the meal was over Celestia, yourself, and Celestial Shield all casually sipped on the wine, and consumed light cheese. 
  165. >Celestia and Celestial Shield drank more than you did, and Celestia moved to sit next to the guard pony, leaning on him for support. 
  166. >After a while longer, he leaned into her as well, and used his hoof to support her. 
  167. >...
  168. >They must have been tired from a long day. 
  169. >… 
  170. >Remembering that you still needed to serve dessert, you quickly left, and returned to the kitchen. 
  171. >As you went to place the cookies into the oven, you were shocked to find the oven turned off. 
  172. >You mentally berated yourself for forgetting to turn it on, earlier, even though you could have sworn you did so. 
  173. >This set back forced you to wait twenty long minutes before the cookies could be placed into the oven, and short time before they finished cooking. 
  174. >As you watched the cookies bake, you became increasingly nervous. 
  175. >You didn’t want to keep him waiting too long; he looked tired. 
  176. >Certainly he would have been making his way home soon… 
  177. >… 
  178. >Your worries were interrupted by the timer going off. 
  179. >You quickly removed the tray from the oven, and place the batch of cookies onto a plate.
  180. >After pouring two glasses of cold milk, you swiftly make your way back to the dining hall. 
  181. >Celestia should have returned to her room, so there was no was no need to pour a third glass. 
  182. >… 
  183. >As you made your way back towards the dinning hall, you became increasingly nervous. 
  184. >Did he enjoy your dinner that you made for him? 
  185. >Would he enjoy the cookies you made? 
  186. >… 
  187. >Would he go on a walk afterwards? 
  188. >You desperately wanted to show him your work with the night sky. 
  189. >So few people ever looked at it.
  190. >And no one has ever seen you perform your work besides Celestia… 
  191. >… 
  192. >You just hoped that he would find it… impressive. 
  193. ———————
  194. >You arrived at the Dinning Hall, expecting to see Celestia and Celestial Shield. 
  195. >...
  196. >It was empty. 
  197. >… 
  198. >It was strange. You don’t remember either him or Celestia mentioning that they would be leaving… 
  199. >You assumed they must have needed to use the restrooms, so you simply at down and waited for them to return. 
  200. >… 
  201. >And waited…
  202. >… 
  203. >And waited…
  204. >You looked down at your cookies, which were now beginning to cool of; the gentle steam that radiated from them before was now gone. 
  205. >Deciding that waiting was no longer an option, you decided to see where Celestia went; surely she would know where Celestial Shield went. 
  206. >You pick up the silver plate of cookies and milk, before walking toward Celestia’s room. 
  207. >The walk wasn’t particularly long or interesting, but it felt longer than usual. 
  208. >You took the same route as you always did, yet you felt so… foolish. 
  209. >Like you were missing something. 
  210. >Something obvious… 
  211. >Yet everything was in place. 
  212. >You had your dessert in hoof. 
  213. >You had the route for your eventual evening stroll planned out perfectly. 
  214. >… 
  215. >You’d even remember to find the perfect spot to sit and show him the stars overhead. 
  216. >… 
  217. >Yet something left… off. 
  218. ———————
  219. >On the way to your sister’s quarters you passed a series of windows, and took the moment to look outside. 
  220. >…
  221. >The sun was already down. 
  222. >…
  223. >A streak of panic went down your spine. 
  224. >You were late for your duties!
  225. >Celestia must have already lowered the sun for the evening. 
  226. >But you wanted to have Celestial Shielf see you raise the moon!
  227. >It- it was part of the plan! 
  228. >You- you needed to find him: immediately. 
  229. >You walked with a renewed sense of urgency toward Celestia’s room, and within a a few minutes, arrived. 
  230. >However, as you approached, you noticed that the door was open slightly, allowing a few rays of light to escape into the darker room. 
  231. >And you heard noises… 
  232. >Like- like Celestia was rolling around in bed. 
  233. >At least that is the best you could describe it as. 
  234. >… 
  235. >Knowing the Celestia didn’t like uninvited visitors, you decided to gently knock on the door. 
  236. >…
  237. >No response. 
  238. >But the… moans? Continued. 
  239. >You remember hearing a gentle panting. 
  240. >And a second sent of moans… no- grunts… 
  241. >Like a stallion. 
  242. >Celestial Shield? 
  243. >Confused as to what was happening, you gentling leaned into the room, hoping to catch a glimpse of the apparent commotion. 
  244. >… 
  245. >Celestial Shield was… mounted on Celestia… 
  246. >You should have- Luna should have known better. 
  247. ———————
  248. >You immediately removed your head from the crack, and stood in the hallway, almost in awe. 
  249. >…
  250. >You- Luna didn’t understand what was happening. 
  251. >Celestia kept her sheltered. 
  252. >She didn’t understand that Celestia intentionally kept her ignorant of their relationship. 
  253. >That Celestia toyed with Luna’s childish interest and emotions. 
  254. >Even when presented with overwhelming evidence, she didn’t… understand. 
  255. >That was, until she heard what they were saying… 
  256. >… 
  257. >You stood outside, nearly motionless. 
  258. >You gently set down the cookie tray, and simply… listened. 
  259. >As you stood, you began to realize that they weren’t simply… doing something… they were talking… 
  260. >Something told you not to listen… that you should be here anymore… but curiosity prevailed, and you decided to listen. 
  261. >… 
  262. >… 
  263. >”mmm”
  264. >”ahhh-hhh” 
  265. >”Celestia your soo- so perfect…”
  266. > “So… tight…” 
  267. >SMACK!!! 
  268. >”Ahhh!!!” 
  269. >… 
  270. >… 
  271. >Concern took hold of you, and you leaned into the doorway again. 
  272. >What if he’s hurting Celestia!?!
  273. >You need to stop him! 
  274. >You need to-
  275. >...
  276. >”Yes!!! Ooo yes Shield!!! Just like- just like that!”
  277. >...
  278. >W-What? 
  279. >Why… why does she like it? 
  280. >He’s on top of her!
  281. >He’s even putting- something in her…
  282. >… 
  283. >”Yes Shield… make…uhhh... make me your Princess… claim- ahhh- claim me…” 
  284. ———————
  285. >It- it was confusing. You- you shouldn’t be  have been there...
  286. >You needed to think about- 
  287. >...
  288. >”Tell me Shield- who-ahhh- is your favorite princess?” 
  289. >”You are Celestia… you are…” 
  290. >… 
  291. >The words linger in the air. 
  292. >While they continue to do… whatever it is they’re doing, your mind focuses on those words… 
  293. >Celestia is his favorite. 
  294. >Not you. 
  295. >You feel… stupid. 
  296. >Why does he like her over you? 
  297. >You greeted him every day… 
  298. >You even made him dinner… 
  299. >… 
  300. >You lay on the ground outside her room, and continue to listen. 
  301. >Tears gather in your eyes as you start to become almost hysterical. 
  302. >It takes everything in your power to keep quite. 
  303. >It’s just- it’s just that you’ve spent so much time planning this evening, debating every detail… and for what? 
  304. >For Celestia to be his favorite Princess? 
  305. ———————
  306. >After a few minutes, the noise from inside the room becomes quiet, and eventually, stops entirely. 
  307. >Hoping, begging for it to be over, you peer inside once again. 
  308. >… 
  309. >Their both still on the bed, and visibly panting. 
  310. >Celestial Shield’s body lays on top of your sister, who has her wings spread across nearly the entire bed. 
  311. >After their panting stops, you watch as Celestial Shield slowly stands from on top of Celestia. 
  312. >You notice that he slowly pulls something… large out of your sister. 
  313. >It’s covered in some sort of fluid, which also appears to be leaking out of your sister’s private areas. 
  314. >For some reason, her nether region appears to glisten in the soft candle light, as if coated in some sort of water… 
  315. >But why-
  316. >… 
  317. >”Did you enjoy your… reward... my Shield?” 
  318. >He chuckles gently, before laying beside your sister. 
  319. >”You were wonderful my love.” 
  320. >He gently nuzzles her chin, an action which she gently returns. 
  321. >Her tail flicks from side to side a few times… 
  322. >”I do know how to treat a stallion right after all… I know what you like don’t I?” 
  323. >He gently caresses her wing with his hoof before responding. 
  324. >”Yes you do Celestia, yes you do…” 
  325. >… 
  326. >You remember the next event in exquisite detail. 
  327. >Celestial Shield slowly leaned in, and placed his snout again Celestia’s ear, which twitched twice in response. 
  328. >”I love you…” 
  329. ———————
  330. >You didn’t wait for the next events to happen. 
  331. >You immediately stood up, and quickly made your way to your room. 
  332. >You cried for hours. 
  333. >You don’t remember how long exactly; you simply cried until you ran out of tears. 
  334. >He… he loves Celestia. 
  335. >It’s obvious. 
  336. >She told you before that you didn’t know how to make a stallion happy… 
  337. >… 
  338. >She made him happy. 
  339. >Whatever she did there… made him happy. 
  340. >Eventually, the tears stopped. 
  341. >You simply lied in your bed. 
  342. >However, after the tears stopped, you noticed a soft… warm feeling in your private region. 
  343. >Confused, you looked down, and saw that it was wet. 
  344. >Your sheets moist with… whatever it was. 
  345. >Immediately you thought that you might have accidentally relieved yourself, but the scent… didn’t match. 
  346. >Instead, it smelled almost like Celestia’s room. 
  347. >Was… was this what was on Celestia? 
  348. >You touch it, and feel… something rush through your body. 
  349. >… 
  350. >In a mixture of confusion, intrigue, and… something, you touch yourself again. 
  351. >It feels… strange. 
  352. >… 
  353. >You remember Shining Shield put himself into Celestia… 
  354. >…and she said she new what he liked… 
  355. >… 
  356. >Is this what he wanted? 
  357. >Do stallions like… touching this spot…? 
  358. ———————
  359. >You continued to rub yourself gently, yet you felt something beginning to build. 
  360. >Like it was getting stronger, and urging you to rub yourself even more. 
  361. >Your body felt almost… empty… 
  362. >Like you want something side of you, to fill you with… something… 
  363. >…. 
  364. >That is what Celestial Shield did to your sister…
  365. >He was… he has filling her up… 
  366. >He looked so excited, so strong, so… so… 
  367. >… 
  368. >You stopped. 
  369. >Tears you didn’t know you still had come streaming down your face. 
  370. >You felt humiliated. 
  371. >Here you lay in your bed while your sister made the stallion you… loved… happy. 
  372. >She made him feel happy. 
  373. >She knew how to make a stallion happy; you didn’t. 
  374. >It was a profound sense of uselessness. 
  375. >You spend weeks trying to make him happy, and yet she did it in one night… 
  376. >You even saw it happen with your own eyes. 
  377. >… 
  378. >A unfamiliar feeling began to creep into your mind. 
  379. >You… you -hated- Celestial Shield for not noticing you… for not giving you a chance… 
  380. >And you…. hated your sister… for taking him from you… so carelessly. 
  381. >… 
  382. >And you thought that your cookies would be enough… 
  383. ———————
  384. >Eventually, sleep overtook Luna. 
  385. >From that day, she never looked at Celestial Shield again. 
  386. >She was too hurt to look at him. 
  387. >It was quite sad really. 
  388. >Such a weak mare… 
  389. >… 
  390. >… 
  391. >… 
  392. >The next day you woke up. 
  393. >The feeling of sadness didn’t go away. 
  394. >You made your way to breakfast slowly, arriving a little later than normal. 
  395. >Celestia was already there. 
  396. >You remember she looked so lively and excited. 
  397. >Like she had gotten the most restful sleep in ages. 
  398. >You, did not. 
  399. >… 
  400. >As you sat down at the table, she called to you. 
  401. >”Luna?” 
  402. >Your ears perked up at her voice. 
  403. “Y- Yes sister?” 
  404. >”Did you try and give me some of your late night snack last night?” 
  405. >Snack? What?
  406. “Um… I don’t know-“ 
  407. >”The cookies and milk you left outside my room? While I do appreciate the gesture, I had to throw them away. There were in the hallway all night. The milk was warm and the cookies were getting stale.” 
  408. “Oh- umm… yeah… I’m sorry…” 
  409. >”It’s fine Luna. Just be more careful next time….”
  410. >She turns to eat again, and takes a few bites, before looking at one a final time. 
  411. >”And you also forgot to raise the moon! You almost sent the city into a panic last night!” 
  412. >You look down, away from her again. 
  413. “I’m sorry, I won’t forget to raise it again.”  
  414. ———————
  415. >Years past, and you- and Luna’s self-confidence took just as long to recover. 
  416. >When it did, her sights were set much… much lower. 
  417. >The only other stallion she ever tried to woe was a gardener pony. 
  418. >Eventually, she failed again. 
  419. >He had a wife. 
  420. >From that day onward, she never attempted to win a stallion’s heart again. 
  421. >Even when she did become more… aware of her body… she was too afraid of rejection to explore it. 
  422. >She even viewed herself as unattractive, and in combination with Celestia’s… habits… she was effectively sheltered from society. 
  423. >She even requested the creation of a separate, Lunar Guard, so that she wouldn’t have to Celestial Shield, or any stallions that he might have control over. 
  424. >It was a desperate attempt at protecting herself from her past mistakes. 
  425. >… 
  426. >One day however, you had the chance to take revenge for Celestia's betrayal.
  427. >A large pack of timberwolves was roaming the Everfree forest, can occasionally attacking the nearby villages, killing ponies and damaging crops. 
  428. >At the time however, Celestia was ill with the flu, and unable to oversee the response, leaving you at the Throne. 
  429. >You called in Celestial Shield and his top officers, and sent them to stop the attacks. 
  430. >They attempted to plead with you that the Guard was not combat ready, and that the regular military should deal with the attacks. 
  431. >You would hear none of it, and sent them on their way. 
  432. >… 
  433. >They never returned. 
  434. >… 
  435. >Needless to say, Celestia was… upset. 
  436. >You said that they volunteered to protect their fellow ponies, and that you tried to reason with them to stop. 
  437. >She agreed, and said that it was in Celestial Shield’s character to do so. 
  438. >You felt… satisfied. She finally knew her what it was like to-
  439. ———————
  440. >RING!!!
  441. >RING!!!
  442. >RING!!!
  443. >Your eyes turn to the timer, which has now finished. 
  444. >You look into the oven, and see your cookies have reach completion. 
  445. >You open the oven, and remove the cookies, before placing them on a awaiting plate. 
  446. >You take a few moments to inspect every cookie, making sure the chocolate melted properly, and the cookie is perfectly moist. 
  447. >...
  448. >After your return you managed to locate the original suppliers to the ingredients used in your recipe from centuries ago. 
  449. >While the ponies have changed, they were all still run by the same family. 
  450. >Unfortunately, they were arrested for attempted rebellion. 
  451. >In a moment of generosity, you had them freed, and returned to their land under the agreement they would provide all their produce to the Palace for pay. 
  452. >Nearly twice what they received before. 
  453. >….
  454. >You had to ensure you had the best ingredients. 
  455. >...
  456. >After pouring two glasses of milk, you start to make your way to your chambers. 
  457. >The walk is brief, and uneventful. 
  458. >Eventually, you arrive at the doors to your bedroom. 
  459. >After taking a deep breath to gather yourself, and checking to make sure the cookies are still steaming, you open the door. 
  460. >… 
  461. >Anonymous is lying in bed, reading some military report. 
  462. >”Nightmare, where have you been? I’ve been wondering where you’ve- … …  are those… cookies?” 
  463. >Your eyes divert to the white mare at the foot of the bed, restrained by various wards and magical inhibitors. 
  464. >Your sister, Celestia. 
  465. >She looks up at you, with a clear expression of exhaustion, and resignation, before realizing her mistake of eye contact, and looking at the floor once again. 
  466. >… 
  467. >You smile, before returning you gaze to Anonymous. 
  468. “Yes my Brute, Cookies and Milk.” 
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