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  1. Toxic Feminism is the dominant zeitgeist of our era in the West.
  3. This is some supreme irony then that while all of the talk is of toxic masculinity, the predominant culture is extremely feminine in terms of its attitudes and traits. Permit me to expound on this.
  5. Because it goes way deeper than a matter of women versus men. Actually cancel that, it isn’t even about men and women.
  7. For starters, yes there is most certainly such a thing as toxic masculinity. In that there are masculine traits and feminine traits and then naturally, poisonous and even mortal extremes of both.
  9. Note here very clearly that masculine and feminine traits do not mean exhibited only by men and women but rather those which are more prevalent in psychological terms between the genders. And no, this isn’t some cultural construct.
  11. What are the prototypical masculine traits? Ones such as aggressiveness and tolerance to stress.
  13. What are prototypical feminine traits? Ones such as empathy and proneness to anxiety.
  15. Now all of these traits are indisputably to be found in both genders. Just not to the same extent.
  17. Which is why the majority of criminals and psychopaths then are men. And why women make up a disproportionate amount of victims of deep depression. Something which holds across societies on this planet and which puts paid to the whole claim about psychological differences between the genders being entirely cultural. But then again, there isn’t much critical thinking and certainly no scientific thinking left in the halls of our humanities departments at the academy.
  19. Because though there isn’t considerable variation between the genders at the mean average level of these traits, all of the action there is at the extreme ends where the differences becoming very lopsided. It is like how though the difference in average heights between the genders may only be three or four inches, once you get to the extremes of say persons who are 6′4″ or taller, there are over a hundred men for each such woman. It isn’t down all some bias in the justice system that over 90% of murderers in prison are men and the overwhelming majority of suicide attempts are by women.
  21. It can be summarized in the same fashion in how what applies to an individual applies to a society.
  23. What are toxic versions of both, you ask then in terms of culture?
  25. A culture which is toxically masculine is homicidal.
  27. A culture which is toxically feminine is suicidal.
  29. In the archetype which we are all familiar with and several of us can even identify with from experience,
  31. The toxic father is harsh, unyielding with little empathy for his children. He says to them
  33. “Go get lost, you’re on your own. Don’t come complaining to me!”
  35. The toxic mother is the other extreme - so possessive of her children that she stunts their growth and emotionally cripples them. She says to them
  37. “Promise you will never leave me and I’ll do everything for you!”
  39. The toxic father then kills his children with his sheer harshness and cruelty. The toxic mother on the other hand kills hers by smothering them with indulgence to the point where they are hopelessly inept even as she makes them feel guilty.
  41. Which now brings us back to the issue of the prevalent culture.
  43. It is some coincidence here that we are coming up precisely at the centennial anniversary of the very month in which the First World War ended. Because Western Europe now offers a stunning contrast over the span of a century of going from toxic masculinity to toxic femininity.
  45. A hundred years ago in 1918, her children had just bled each other dry by the millions as they went after each other with bombs and bayonets. The level of animosity was so deep, the level of chest thumping pride so intense that they had cheered by the millions in the town squares when that vicious war had been declared four years prior.
  47. That was toxic masculinity.
  49. Today in 2018, her children are in such decline that they are committing cultural suicide, where their desire to be good and empathetic is so overwhelming as to be suicidal in inviting predatory males by the millions into their nice and safe societies.
  51. This is toxic femininity.
  53. And they are both deadly but in different forms. Just as I said, homicidal versus suicidal. Nevertheless the outcome is the same - the death of a culture.
  55. You know, it was but just yesterday that I read an article about British professors telling lawmakers that internet memes pose a serious harm to the public good and can lead to high rates of obesity. I kid you not.
  57. This is what it has come down to.
  59. The descendants of men who once fought valiantly at Dunkirk, who swore that they would fight to the end are now talking of memes as being a threat to their society.
  61. How it is depressing to watch the death of free speech in the very society which once gave the world Locke and Burke.
  63. That a proud nation once at the vanguard of leading the West in terms of liberty now throws her citizens in prison for tweets, fines them for having their dogs give an offensive salute even in the privacy of their own homes! Even as she looks away as her daughters are systematically groomed and gangraped by the thousands, even as thousands more have their genitals mutilated. Even as she welcomes preachers who demand the death of her society and call for members of the community to declare war on her.
  65. Why? Because of the thoroughly pathological obsession with not even appearing to be racist, no matter what the price may be.
  67. It is some irony for the Germans that they are so ashamed of their toxically masculine legacy from a century ago as to their generation now becoming toxically feminine. Where they are so desperate to be liked that it is frankly pitiful to watch. Where all that even barbarians need to do to enter their gates is to say “We love Germany!” And the Germans throw open the gates with thankful tears in their eyes. I once said to my little sister (whose husband is German) that Germany is like an extremely beautiful woman with an abusive childhood, one who is sadly desperate for love and validation that she will let any man who even pretends to like her thoroughly screw her over.
  69. And I don’t need to tell you that with beautiful but desperately insecure women there will no dearth of such manipulative and predatory men waiting to jump all over them. Even as they will cast her away the next morning like a used tissue.
  71. Then as for the French, here are the one people whom I have a truly deep admiration for. Because in terms of their values and their civilization they will stand and fight for it with as much pride as with conviction. As they have always done right through the time of the Gauls and the Franks. Some are fond of mocking them here in America as ‘yellow bellies’ and ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’. That is plainly rubbish. It couldn’t be further from the truth today. They are the one set of Western Europeans who will not apologize for even a second for their cultural values because they are thoroughly convinced of the superiority of their values. Because those are superior. Sneer at them all you like, but as a people, they have spine and that is not something to be sneezed at.
  73. Today in the West even in America, we are in large part raising a generation which is toxically empathetic. Where feelings matter more than facts. Where we say to a man “If you think you are a woman, then you are. Nothing more is needed.” We live in a time now when men can get pregnant. Where does such a pathologically inane attitude stem from? It comes from a place where we are concerned more than anything else about being nice, even if that comes at the cost of common sense.
  75. From a place where the intentions are as noble as the effects then are disastrous.
  77. It is literally how you treat a child.
  79. “You want to dress up as Spiderman? Okay, I’ll pretend that you are Spiderman.”
  81. It is how adults pretend with children that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are real. And how not a word must be said which may break their hearts even as every adult in the room knows full well that those are completely fictitious. How even critics of the whole gender fluid madness begin with “I respect it if a woman now says that she is a man. If she says so, then it is so.” Five years ago this would have been thought of as barking madness. Because it is.
  83. You know, the devil in a man like me is waiting quietly to see just how far this can be pushed. No really, I’m not kidding. I want to see whether there is any limit at all as the whole room gets madder and madder like one of those faith healing sessions where people come up to the stage with more and more outrageous claims. And everyone nods even as a few are thinking “This person doesn’t need a priest, they need a psychiatrist.”
  85. The archetypal social justice warrior is an example of that. But know now that just because somebody is pathologically empathetic, that does not mean they cannot be unbelievably cruel.
  87. In fact those two often go hand in hand.
  89. Just ask yourself when are virtually all species of mammals at their most aggressive and dangerous. It is when they have children and are caring for them.
  91. So we now have a culture where those who infantalize certain groups, treat them with kid gloves and then will just as equally hit out viciously at anyone whom they even faintly suspect at being a threat to these whom they view as ‘infants’. The infants on the other hand are never to be blamed or held to account, much as a mother will not blame her infant for anything (naturally and with good reason in the latter case).
  93. But adults aren’t infants nor should they be treated as such. So when for example you have a member of a ‘protected class’ say the most vile things, they get a free pass. That is toxic femininity.
  95. So you ask once again, where does toxic femininity exist?
  97. The answer is that if you are a Westerner, you are bathed in it in cultural terms.
  99. As a culture and civilization, the West and certainly Western Europe may decay and eventually even perish of toxic femininity - but her children as descendants of a once proud culture will complain even as the house burns down about toxic masculinity.
  101. Intersectionality, critical race theory, gender fluidity, the racism of the scientific method,…. As Mark Steyn put it - these are the kinds of navel gazing conversations which they will be having sitting on the couch while their adversaries in the metaphorical sense rush into the room armed with Kalashnikovs.
  103. When a toxically feminine culture clashes with a toxically masculine one, as is happening now in Western Europe, the results are predictably disastrous to the former and it may even be wiped out of existence.
  105. On a personal note, it will be some fitting end for a soul like me that in fifty years from now when I am on my deathbed, I know that men of my stripe will long be considered to be as utterly irrelevant and as antediluvian to Western civilization as the dinosaurs.
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