Oct 18th, 2012
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  1. DONE! - list file size in verbose output => possible!
  2. DONE! - repair with missing files
  3. DONE! - create paths when extracting files (.NET never does this) -> it does with -p parameter?
  4. DONE! - add, remove, rename stored files
  5. DONE! - Re-creating RAR file: linuxpath.part1.rar
  6. Could not locate data file: /home/me/test/subdir/dir_in_rar\filelist.txt
  7. .net bug?
  8. - .NET can not recreate
  9. -> doesn't write the corrupt end block; the fix:
  11. else if (block.RawType >= (byte)RarBlockType.RarMin && block.RawType <= (byte)RarBlockType.RarMax || block.RawType == 0x00)
  12. {
  13. // -> P0W4 cleared RAR archive end block: almost all zeros except for the header length field
  14. // copy any other rar blocks to the destination unmodified
  15. rarfs.Write(block.RawData, 0, block.RawData.Length);
  16. }
  18. - new block for empty standalone directory
  19. - new block for oso hashes of archived files (at the end of an srr file?)
  20. - skip new .rar, r00,... archives when the contents aren't found
  21. DONE! but creates bad rars for other files - recreate rars of only a single cd/extras
  23. - dot not create srr based on empty sfv files
  24. - instead of renaming the temporary files, put their data inside the original srr file ? -> but is more IO!
  25. DONE! separate script - fix merged srr files/detect
  26. - show srr differences
  27. - indicate when something smells in an srr file
  28. - calculate filecount (# of rars for the main movie)
  29. - calculate total size of the release based on an srr file
  30. - list rars in cli that should not be tried to repair
  32. - same exit codes as .net version
  33. - resample: try to extract sample from one big avi (sample across cds)
  34. "Successfully rebuilt sample: dnb-bd-sample.avi" .. when before I kept getting ... "Unable to extract correct amount of data for track 0. Aborting.
  36. -
  37. sample does not work with getid3()
  38. - Python 2.6+ support
  39. - .exe support Windows
  42. - hachoir find out values of missing stuff
  43. - CRC support: in srr file; make it possible to check rars for correctness
  44. while creating srr?
  45. - function to pass through all streams and calculates CRC in between
  46. - possibility to check .sfv/.rars (build-in crcs -> done while constructing!) afterwards
  49. - much smaller (even then rar) for srr files:
  52. Best RAR compression compressed better than 7z, bzip2 and gzip, but XZ
  53. resulted in the smallest file sizes although not much different than RAR.
  54. XZ uses the LZMA2 compression algorithm and is supported by 7-zip.
  55. -> do a larger test
  56. -
  59. # Similar projects
  60. # ================
  61. #
  62. # * Kaa - (written in Python)
  63. # * libextractor: (written in C)
  65. # .CRR: Compressed RAR Reconstruction
  66. => better yet, flag in srr header that indicates compression
  67. => already in rar headers
  68. => extra rar block?
  69. # .SRR: Scene Release Reconstruction
  71. #
  72. # -
  74. # - windows/linux
  75. # - windows
  77. #
  79. #nope:
  80. #
  81. #
  83. Californication.S04E01.PROPER.HDTV.XviD-ASAP can't be extracted by unrar.
  87. Up to 2.5, Python was still compatible with Windows 95, 98 and ME (but already
  88. raised a deprecation warning on installation). For Python 2.6 (and all
  89. following releases), this support was dropped and new releases are just
  90. expected to work on the Windows NT family.
  94. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. <superwad> always!
  97. <superwad> no, the db isn't updated
  98. <StasuMygd> no that wasnt the question
  99. <StasuMygd> :D
  100. <superwad> what's up?
  101. <StasuMygd> is there any way to edit an existing .srr?
  102. <superwad> in what way?
  103. <StasuMygd> removing archived files
  104. <StasuMygd> let me show you what i mean with an example
  105. <StasuMygd> rocky.2.dvdrip.german.ac3-cultxvid.ac3
  106. <StasuMygd> rocky.2.dvdrip.french.ac3-cultxvid.ac3
  107. <StasuMygd> rocky.2.dvdrip.italian.ac3-cultxvid.ac3
  108. <StasuMygd> rocky.2.dvdrip.spanish.ac3-cultxvid.ac3
  109. <StasuMygd>
  110. <StasuMygd> those 4 archived files in that srr i dont have and i dont want them anyway
  111. <StasuMygd> but the rebuild wont happen exactly because i dont have those files which are actually movie extras
  112. <superwad> quite right
  113. <superwad> unfortunately, i don't think it's possible to remove stored files that way
  114. <superwad> you can only extract stored files, but not change the rar signatures stored
  115. <superwad> the rar signatures of course determine what avi files are "stored" in the srr
  116. <superwad> the only option would be to get those files and reconstruct, then remake the srr
  117. <superwad> i don't think it's entirely in the spirit of srr to put extras in with the main movie
  118. <superwad> unless they were packed in the same dir, like multi-cd releases
  119. <StasuMygd> getting the files is an issue
  120. <StasuMygd> cant seem to find them
  121. <StasuMygd> silly point of interest: i have actually found the rls rared and all somewhere else :P
  122. <StasuMygd> w/o the files in question
  123. <StasuMygd> but since i had it unrared
  124. <StasuMygd> thought it would be an interesting challenge
  125. <StasuMygd> to see if it could be rebuild
  126. <StasuMygd> w/o the missing files :D
  127. <superwad> i wonder
  128. <superwad> do srr without any parameters
  129. <superwad> to see what options you have
  130. <superwad> check if there are any options to rebuild with missing files
  131. <superwad> if not, umlaut might have a new feature request :)
  132. <StasuMygd> nay.. dont see any way to rebuild with missing files
  133. <superwad> darn
  134. <StasuMygd> which means smth like an option to choose which of the archived files to rebuild would be cool to add
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  137. <HellRezor> hmmm i wonder, there was a feature request to be able to rebuilt indevidual cds from a multi-cd release srr , can't recall if it was implemented but worth looking into
  138. * HellRezor pokes umlaut
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  143. <Gfy> Isn't it possible by creating files with the exact bytesize and name? The main movie files will succed and you can delete the extra rars afterwards.
  144. <Gfy> and you probably have to use this parameter:
  145. <Gfy> -u: Disable automatic CRC checking during reconstruction.
  146. <YopoM> hmmmmmm
  147. <YopoM> that's a thought
  148. <YopoM> can always try it; I know my script DOES add rars in an /extra folder to the srr, if it exists
  149. <YopoM> since it's a part of the release
  150. <YopoM> I also add the "Sfv only" in and subs dir (but not the rar itself, as per discussions here)
  151. <YopoM> *in any
  152. <YopoM> eww, that Rocky.II.1979.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.XviD-CULTXviD .. was messy, as released, should have put those avi's into a sep folder
  153. <YopoM> (i.e., /extras)
  154. * defier is nu bekend als defier`
  155. <YopoM> ah, I see, the additional avi's are in rars named rocky.2.dvdrip.ac3-cultxvid.rxx (13F)
  156. * Axims heeft verlaten (ZNC -
  157. <YopoM> trying to dup this siutation with another test set, the web lists the file sizes of the archived files, but seems srr won't, even with the -l -v switches
  158. <YopoM> in fact, on list (-l), the -v does nothing at all
  159. <YopoM> since the web does show the file size needed to 'fake', we have that param, but if it was an srr NOT from the web db, then no way to know what the size is needed to be 'to fake'
  160. * |CF| ( heeft verlaten
  161. <YopoM> ironically, if those avi's were listed last in the srr, it would work with nothing more needed
  162. <YopoM> ah, on size, let it err out, and then size expected is displayed, then correct to right size
  163. <YopoM> Gfy .. you were abs corrrect, and -u isn't even needed
  164. <YopoM> set up a same test, using diff avi's, then created as junk avi to use as input for re-create, and here's the results
  165. <YopoM> Re-creating stored file: zzz.sfv
  166. <YopoM> Re-creating stored file:
  167. <YopoM> Re-creating RAR file: zzz.rar
  168. <YopoM> CRC mismatch in file: zzz.rar
  169. <YopoM> Re-creating RAR file: zzz.r00
  170. <YopoM> CRC mismatch in file: freiheit-fico.avi
  171. <YopoM> Re-creating RAR file:
  172. <YopoM> Re-creating RAR file:
  173. <YopoM> Re-creating RAR file:
  174. <YopoM> and on, but it continues with rest of srr, which is what he needed
  175. <Gfy> nice to know :)
  177. kiczek HellRezor sometimes a sample doesnt recreate with an SRS in those cases I just include the whole sample in the SRR
  178. 14:20 kiczek which is what you have to do when encoders include 2 samples for a PROPER for instance
  179. 14:21 kiczek obviously you cannot recreate a sample from a different source
  180. 14:22 kiczek is (shroudBNC User)
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  184. 14:23 kiczek also I understand you cannot include subs on the public SRR databae but I really wish there was a "login" system and verified contributers could post alternate SRR files that include Subs and other nice things like /PROOF/
  185. kiczek which would be available to other contributers
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  194. 16:52 HellRezor well i do support the storing of subs so i just put them on
  195. 16:54 HellRezor also the sample is corrupt somehow or not legit but not of a different source and the error message is what raises the question
  197. 20:32 BarryShit Anyone got build instructions for rescene?
  198. 20:42 rocket_ build as in compile?
  199. 20:44 BarryShit yeah, I want to make an ubuntu package, so I need to compile from source
  200. 20:45 rocket_ ic, that's beyond me eheh, poke umlaut
  201. 20:46 BarryShit I just need the command line command to compile it
  202. BarryShit umlaut: can you help?
  203. rocket_ it's not that straightforward afaik
  204. 20:47 rocket_ umlaut is not around most of the time, just hang in here and someone more linux savvy than me will get to you eventualy
  205. 20:48 BarryShit the csc command in windows would help
  206. 20:49 rocket_ can you run it from within wine or something?
  207. rocket_ *can't
  208. BarryShit I can run the distributed binary using mono
  209. 20:50 BarryShit but you can't submit a package to ubuntu or debian without having it automatically build form the source package on their machines
  210. rocket_ ah, right
  211. 20:54 AWingsFan it should (in theory) be the same steps as compiling it from source as .NET things on Windows just with mono.
  212. 20:55 BarryShit AWingsFan: I'm not a C# dev so instructions would be nice
  213. AWingsFan I don't really know why you'd need to submit it to ubuntu or debian anyways since you install mono, put the exes in the right place and go.
  214. AWingsFan BarryShit: I'm not either
  215. BarryShit it's so it is available for others using debian and ubuntu
  216. 20:56 BarryShit they can go apt-get rescene and it will install on their machines
  217. AWingsFan well, I guess that's all fine and good but I'd hope that by the time you have it submitted, umlaut will have REFRESHED THE GODDAMN DATABASE
  218. AWingsFan because he's pretty far behind on that (August/September was the last refresh, right?)
  219. Gfy It's done for Arch Linux, but they just to use the .exe:
  220. 20:57 AWingsFan oh hey, I know that dryes name...
  221. 20:58 BarryShit Gfy: on debian they wouldn't accept the package if the source wasn't readily available in the repo
  223. 20:59 Gfy Have you tried opening the sources in Mono Develop and then pressing the compile button?
  224. 21:00 BarryShit Wouldn't I need the sln file it's not supplied with the source
  225. 21:01 Gfy just create a new project en copy the files into it
  226. Gfy and maybe move if you get errors
  227. 21:06 BarryShit I get "Unsafe code requires the `unsafe' command line option to be specified"
  228. 21:08 Gfy no idea, but I would check the project properties or something
  229. Gfy maybe you can check unsafe somewhere
  230. BarryShit I think I need to set up specific options in MD to build it, if anyone has a vstudio sln file that would help
  231. 21:09 BarryShit There is a field in md for addition arguments I'll do some googling
  232. 21:11 Gfy -unsafe or /unsafe probably
  233. BarryShit Yeah already got there
  234. BarryShit that worked new problem
  235. 21:13 BarryShit The type or namespace name 'RegularExpressions' does not exist in `System.Text'. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  236. 21:15 Gfy Google quote: "You have referenced System.Text.RegularExpressions in your code, but you
  237. Gfy apparently never added Regular Expressions to your list of project
  238. Gfy references.
  239. Gfy Go into the project explorer and add a reference to the library."
  240. 21:17 Gfy I'm installing monodevelop in a virtual machine; see if I can help you
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  242. BarryShit cool thanks
  243. 21:19 defier` changes nick to defier
  244. BarryShit I think I've done it
  245. -> Trix- has joined
  246. 21:20 BarryShit Yup I got a functioning exe
  247. 21:22 BarryShit I just needed to go into project> edit references and tick System
  248. 21:23 BarryShit plus adding /unsafe to the compile additional options
  249. 21:26 Gfy gmcs -out:srr.exe -unsafe -r:System *.cs
  250. Gfy If you want to do it through command line
  251. BarryShit Thanks Gfy
  252. BarryShit I'm looking into MD's make file creation ability
  253. 21:27 Gfy I've never packaged anything, so I have no idea for that
  254. 21:30 BarryShit I've done a few little packages myself I made one for a little php webmail program I was messing about with, but this is the first package I'm going to try to submit to the repos
  255. 21:42 BarryShit is (Michael Stephenson)
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  262. 17:57 < furtim> does anyone know if theres some kind of flag to do a
  263. test/verify of the srr without actually rebuilding the rars?
  264. 17:59 -!- defier` [~x@] has quit [ZNC -
  266. 18:15 -!- defier` [~x@] has joined
  267. 18:52 < HellRezor> the srr has the checksum for the extracted content, you
  268. could compare that to the file you have
  269. 18:53 < HellRezor> but i don't belive you can normally view that info
  270. although it is available on the db page
  271. 18:57 < lrkj> open the srr file in winrar to see the crc32 value of the files
  272. 18:57 < lrkj> create an sfv file for your extracted content and verify
  273. manually
  276. 03:39 < gomtuu> Oh, from when I asked it last night?
  277. 03:39 < AWingsFan> [15:35:35] <lrkj> mv filelist.txt dir_in_rar\\fileliest.txt
  278. 03:39 < AWingsFan> apparently (I joined after you left)
  279. 03:40 < gomtuu> IC
  280. 03:40 < gomtuu> Thanks for letting me know. :)
  281. 03:42 < gomtuu> Well, I'll have to go to bed in a few hours, but for anyone who might read this:
  282. 03:44 < gomtuu> I've since been able to get srr.exe to reconstruct my RARs, but they're damaged (most of them are missing between 1 and 5 par2 blocks)
  283. 03:45 < gomtuu> The way I got it sort-of working was be recompiling srr.cs with the SearchOption.AllDirectories flag added to the GetFiles call in the
  284. autoLocateRenamed routine, but for some reason, srr.exe complains about CRC errors while it's rebuilding, and, like I said, the RARs are
  285. damaged.
  286. 03:48 < gomtuu> (Also, that's not an ideal solution if it recursively searches the whole inputdir tree. That could be really slow.)
  287. 03:51 < gomtuu> Before I tried the SearchOption approach, I tried setting srcName = srcName.Replace('\\', Path.DirectorySeparatorChar) around line 490. That
  288. seemed to perform the correct substitution, but srr.exe still couldn't find the first file in my archive, probably because it contains an
  289. umlaut o. The error message did change from:
  290. 03:53 -!- diskdocx [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
  291. 03:53 < gomtuu> Could not locate data file: /home/me/test/subdir/dir_in_rar\filelist.txt to /home/me/test/subdir/dir_in_rar/filelist.txt, but in my case the
  292. "filelist.txt" file has an umlaut o in it.
  293. 03:59 < gomtuu> I looked at the RAR file and the SRR file, and the umlaut o is encoded as a single byte (0x94) in both files, so I guess that's CP437. I don't
  294. know how to tell what it's encoded as in the filesystem, but my locale is set to UTF-8, so that's probably it.
  295. 03:59 < gomtuu> Also, if I use xxd (a hex viewer) to inspect srr.exe's "Could not locate data file" output, there's "EF BF BD" where the umlaut o should be. I
  296. have no idea why it would be that. If it were UTF-8, it'd be "C3 B6"...
  297. 03:59 < gomtuu> So, hopefully that helps.
  298. 04:02 < gomtuu> I'll stay in the channel this time in case someone wants to reply.
  301. YopoM awescript isn't that difficult,many have run it on their collections
  302. YopoM I remember ryback was here
  303. YopoM he contributed quite a few
  305. 13:34 < HellRezor> if only it was as simple as comparing file names
  306. 13:40 < HellRezor> but before you can declare an srr a dupe you need to make sure its actually for the same rars (one could be a repack) that it doesn't
  307. contain missing parts (srs/nfo/sfv/jpg) that it doesn't contain a different version of included files (srs/nfo/sfv/jpg) that might be more
  308. correct while taking into account that nfo/sfv files could be the same but with different endline character
  309. 13:40 < HellRezor> (unix/mac/dos) style, that the srs might be better (i.e. created with the -c switch opposed to without) that the srr might be created with
  310. the -p switch as opposed to without .... and possibly more i can think about right now
  311. 13:41 < HellRezor> *can't
  312. 13:43 < HellRezor> oh and sfv files that had junk added to them by bad sfv checkers or that had been created on a date different then the release (could
  313. indicate a repack)
  316. HellRezor first thing is to ignore the newline type for the nfo/sfv since it makes no difference
  317. HellRezor as far as you should be concenred when thats the only diff the files are identical
  318. 20:04 HellRezor now for the sfv, you should compare a normalized version no comments sorted by filename and and in lowercase , just to make sure you're dealing with the same files after that a visual inspection might be required to see if one was recreated later on
  319. HellRezor yeah those shows don't use the normal season/ep format
  321. HellRezor the first thing to check before comparing sfv/nfo to see if one srr contain new data for the same release is check that the srr itself is for the same rar files (name/crc32) and content (name/crc32)
  322. 20:09 HellRezor after that you check if the new one contain an srs , and if the old one contains one too you check if they are for the same sample (name/crc32) and if the new one is better (i.e. created with the -c switch while the old one wasn't)
  323. 20:10 Skalman^ Ok, but crc32 will most likely noty match since most is made with older software and not the lastest 1.2
  324. HellRezor its crc32 the algorithem and its results are ancient
  325. 20:11 Gfy Jay.Leno.2009.09.14.Jerry.Seinfeld.720p.HDTV.x264-MOMENTUM ever other date formats used than this one?
  326. HellRezor it would match for the same content
  327. 20:12 Skalman^ oh the srs fileformat stores the crc for the sample file, i think you meant the crc32 for the actual srs file
  328. HellRezor no for the actuall sample, to see if they were bother for the same one
  329. 20:13 HellRezor the srs crc32 value would ofcourse change with version/switches etc
  330. HellRezor but the one inside for the sample should be the same
  331. 20:14 HellRezor all other things being equal an srr with sorted content (created with the -p switch , cd1 rars in CD1 srs in Sample etc..) should be considered better
  332. 20:17 Skalman^ Hmm, I think its gonna be too much to code :/
  333. Skalman^ checking if the -c switch was used and all :/
  334. 20:18 HellRezor the last thing you check is the sfv where you can ignore those you know for sure are the same (only difference is newline char or uppercase/lowercase crc32 values or both) and visual inspection to determine other cases if the normalized version is the same (striped of comments sorted and lowercased) because if its not something is wrong
  335. HellRezor shouldn't be too hard the indication is right there in the srs file
  336. 20:19 HellRezor anyhow all these checks and conditions are the kind that you get right once, and make life easier from then on
  337. 20:21 -> WormDr1nk is binnengekomen
  338. 20:23 Skalman^ Ok. I'll think about it for sure
  339. 20:24 HellRezor heh you'll probably think about it everytime you need to decide if its a dupe or not
  340. 20:25 HellRezor just think of all the cases you'll get 'yes its a dupe, safe to delete' or 'its the same release but new one is better' leaving you to only deal with those that require a human eye
  341. 20:26 HellRezor anyhow i'll more than happy to assist with ideas and logic for such checks
  342. 20:27 HellRezor *i'll be
  347. Game.of.Thrones.S01E07.HDTV.XviD-ASAP
  348. r00 no files found in the archive
  349. rarfilesource
  350. Version to extract is 2.9 while it should be 2.0!
  352. 03:43 <Skalman^> you could add so it detects if two srrs have been merged
  353. 03:44 <Skalman^> Its a valid srr and works with srr.exe, but its an ugly method
  354. 03:45 <lrkj> what do you mean with merged?
  355. 03:45 <Skalman^> copy srr1.srr + srr2.srr srr3.srr
  356. 03:45 <Skalman^> like that
  357. 03:45 <Skalman^> two files into one
  358. 03:45 <Skalman^> srr1 and srr2 would become a new file srr3
  359. 03:45 <lrkj> ah, didn't think of that one yet
  360. ReScene Database Cleanup Script 1.0
  361. 03:51 <Skalman^>
  362. 03:51 <Skalman^>
  363. 03:51 <Skalman^>
  364. 03:53 <Skalman^>
  366. stored file block (sfv) in the middle of srr rar blocks
  368. 10:16 < schnappy> Interesting issue - a sample can't be read by WMP (coreavc), but can be read my VLC. srs can't read it... hmmm
  369. 10:17 < schnappy> "File size does not appear to be correct!" "Expected: 52" "Found : 41,943,040" "COrruption detected: Invalid element length at 0x0270e21d.
  370. Aborting"
  371. 10:19 < schnappy> Penn.And.Teller.Fool.Us.S01E06.720p.HDTV.x264-BARGE
  372. 10:20 < schnappy> Skalman^, any chance you could add an option to upload just SRS files? I know it's wierd but i have samples but not oRAR's of some things...
  373. 10:21 < schnappy> and nfo's
  374. 10:33 < YopoM> VLC can read broken files; but they still are broken, and srs catches all errors
  375. 10:36 < schnappy> but it's still the sample of the release ;)
  376. 10:37 < YopoM> a broken sample
  377. 10:37 < schnappy> which some players can duct tape together
  378. 10:37 < schnappy> im just throwing it out there that srs doesnt work all the time ;)
  380. 11:13 < YopoM> ah, I'll have to grab the samples and make srs myself; I was actually rebuilding them from the srs you supplied; Fails (not your fault)
  381. 11:13 < YopoM> They are made with ... [ISFT]IMEncoder 1.0rc2-4.2.1 ... and that's one of the issue with srs, won't work with that vs of mencoder
  382. 11:14 < YopoM> Does work with mencoder-Sherpya-SVN-r32198-4.2.5
  383. 11:29 < YopoM> Anyone expecting to use the current vers of srs to create samples for this writing app, can't. It will take a new version of srs to do so.
  384. 11:31 < YopoM> I'll paste what happens here ... some lines pasting now
  385. 11:31 < YopoM> L:\srs
  386. 11:31 < YopoM> SRS Load Complete... Elapsed Time: 0.05s
  387. 11:31 < YopoM> Track Location Complete... Elapsed Time: 0.55s
  388. 11:31 < YopoM> Track Extraction Complete... Elapsed Time: 0.81s
  389. 11:31 < YopoM> Rebuild Complete... Elapsed Time: 1.13s
  390. 11:32 < YopoM> File Details: Size CRC
  391. 11:32 < YopoM> ----------------------------- --------------------
  392. 11:32 < YopoM> Expected : 10,964,954 2EBA00F0
  393. 11:32 < YopoM> Actual : 10,964,954 650F4672
  394. 11:32 < YopoM> Rebuild failed for sample:
  395. 11:32 < YopoM> but, this is a long known issue; nothing else can be done as it is
  396. 11:34 < YopoM> (That MEmcoder interleaves the avi records .. all other other writing apps make the avi records sequential, and he expects that to happen, or
  397. something along those lines)
  398. 11:36 < YopoM> so, actual sample is 1,3,2,4,6,5
  399. 11:36 < YopoM> and srs rewrites it 1,2,3,4,5,6
  400. 11:36 < schnappy> i see
  401. 11:37 < schnappy> but didnt you say you were going to redo it? so... wont you have the same issue?
  402. 11:37 < YopoM> and when you play the rebuilt sample, it's .. lmao .. fugly!!!!!!!!!
  403. 11:38 < YopoM> I said, I was going to use your supplied srs to make the sample from the rars; and I could not, so I had to dl the samples and rebuild all
  404. 11:38 < schnappy> right ok then
  405. 11:38 < YopoM> anyway, they're in the db
  406. 11:39 < schnappy> when you make the srs
  407. 11:39 < schnappy> wont it be the same srs?
  408. 11:39 < YopoM> yup
  409. 11:50 < YopoM> all right, all finished, going to leave one unconfirmed, although it is done and rdy to be (a place marker)
  411. 12:22 < XDot> anyone uses everything program?
  412. 12:31 < HellRezor> what program ?
  413. 12:34 < XDot> everything
  414. 12:35 < XDot>
  415. 12:35 < XDot>
  416. 12:35 < XDot> its a search program
  417. 12:35 < XDot> for your files
  418. 12:35 < XDot> instant search
  419. 12:36 < XDot> its great
  420. 12:36 < XDot> only that i want to list all folders which dont have /Sample
  421. 12:36 < XDot> but i dont know how
  422. 12:49 < HellRezor> for /d %d in (*-*) do IF NOT EXIST %d\Sample ( echo %d >> sampleless.txt )
  423. 12:49 < HellRezor> try this ^
  424. 14:30 < Skalman^> this site has really good documentation on that:
  426. 15:16 < HellRezor> srs can't be created for a vob
  427. 15:17 < HellRezor> theoretically it might be with some alterations but even so you'd need the dvd or a dvdr release so its not practical
  428. 15:27 < HellRezor> mmm well comparing srs files isn't usefull, you need to see whats on the inside if its the same size/name/crc32 then its the same srs
  429. 15:28 < HellRezor> then the only thing that should matter is if one was created with the -c switch than its the better one
  431. 15:51 < Skalman^> If I have an srr with CD1 and CD2, and only the avi for CD1, can I still recreate it=
  432. 15:51 < Skalman^> and skip CD2?
  433. 15:51 < HellRezor> not sure, umlaut said he'll something about it at some point but i can't recall if it happened
  434. 15:52 < Skalman^> Ok
  435. 15:52 < Skalman^> becuase I really hate that a couple of releases has two srrs and I would like to put them in one:
  437. 15:53 < HellRezor> give it the good ol' trial and error ?
  438. 15:53 < Skalman^> but I can't do that if its not possible to recreate CD1 and CD2 without the extras, that would be stupid
  439. 15:53 < Skalman^> hmm yea I'm gonna try that
  440. 15:53 < HellRezor> what extras do you mean ?
  441. 15:54 < Skalman^>
  442. 15:54 < Skalman^> Is that 2 pre?
  443. 15:54 < HellRezor> and you're sure that those were released together ?
  444. 15:55 < HellRezor> the whole -extras thing makes it suspicious
  445. 15:55 < HellRezor> better see if anything is mentioned in nfo
  446. 15:55 < HellRezor> + Extra Size··[ 175MB / 13x15MB
  447. 15:56 < Skalman^> I think so yes, because if you look, none of them have nfo or srs: thats a bit
  448. suspisios :P
  449. 15:57 < HellRezor> this one is Star.Trek.DS9.S01-EXTRAs.DVDRip.Divx.FFM very suspicious
  451. Skalman^ error?
  452. 17:07 Skalman^ what error lol
  453. HellRezor and how do you get nuked from an error
  454. XDot <XDot> unable to extract correct amount of data for track 0.aborting
  455. 17:08 Skalman^ and you tried on cd2 too?
  456. 17:09 XDot yes
  457. XDot hm
  458. XDot
  459. Skalman^ ok, then the samples is probably encoded seperatley or something, I dont know exactly how this works
  460. XDot same for this
  461. XDot it says track 1 though
  462. XDot unable to locate track signature for track 1
  464. 00:07 < Skalman^> a dirfix/nfofix etc are always pred with just an nfo?
  465. 00:08 < YopoM> dirfix needs nothing
  467. Skalman^ Yea, comes with an nfo (if not it would be nuked as missing nfo? :D)
  468. HellRezor not neccesarily sometimes its just a folder
  469. 17:37 HellRezor storing the fix inside the release its relevant to, solves the problem of not being able to create an srr for just an nfo and keeping relevant information where its needed
  471. 19:53 < YopoM> Here is a 9 line batch file that you run at the root of your TVseries folder
  472. 19:53 < YopoM> @echo off
  473. 19:53 < YopoM> if %1~==NEXT2~ goto PASS2
  474. 19:53 < YopoM> FOR /D %%T in (*.*) do call %0 NEXT2 %%T
  475. 19:53 < YopoM> goto alldone
  476. 19:53 < YopoM> :PASS2
  477. 19:53 < YopoM> pushd %2
  478. 19:53 < YopoM> for /d %%d in (*-*) do IF NOT EXIST %%d\Sample ( echo %%d >> ..\sampleless.txt )
  479. 19:53 < YopoM> popd
  480. 19:53 < YopoM> :alldone
  481. 19:54 < YopoM> it's works only for a 3 level structure
  482. 20:11 < YopoM> an improvement might be to also list the part series path, so tat one line would change to this ....
  483. 20:11 < YopoM> for /d %%d in (*-*) do IF NOT EXIST %%d\Sample ( echo %2\%%d >> ..\sampleless.txt )
  486. YopoM the one drawback to slapping multi cd into one srr; which as you and umlaut know .. I did not .. for thousands ... then I was convinced with sound arguments .. and conact all my multi cd srr into 1 (copy /b cd1+cd2 cdALL)
  489. 08:00 HellRezor well i'll need to rework things so the .sfv is still included in the copy without subs, right now i have one with subs and one without
  490. 08:13 HellRezor srr_srs_folder.bat
  491. HellRezor this one stores the subs sfv in both copies
  492. 08:14 HellRezor just make the line with 'pause' on it a blank one for the "_np" version
  496. YopoM XDot .. here is a batch file you can run, and no matter how far down the files are it will work
  497. YopoM
  498. 19:41 XDot huge thx
  499. XDot it would be nicer though the logfile to just list the rls names
  500. XDot and not tell the paths
  501. 19:42 XDot so i can copy paste in that list search of Skalman^ site
  502. <- marfff is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 318 seconds)
  503. 19:45 -> marff is binnengekomen
  504. YopoM Ok, easy, near the bottom change .. "CD>>%@LogFile%" ... to ... "ECHO %2>>%@LogFile%"
  505. YopoM without the quotes
  507. YopoM edited version now there @
  509. XDot Expected : 4.139.008 51FC9E9A
  510. XDot Actual : 4.139.008 35FFAFC0
  511. XDot
  512. 22:55 XDot that doesnt work
  513. 23:24 YopoM There's only 5 bytes diff .. (compare bad.sample TO good.sample) .....
  514. YopoM 00072335: 96 92
  515. YopoM 002A4335: 74 70
  516. YopoM 002C8335: 8E 8A
  517. YopoM 002EB335: D7 D3
  518. YopoM 00355335: 3D 39
  519. 23:25 YopoM wow, that the same bit in each byte, isn't it
  520. YopoM bit3
  521. 23:27 YopoM it's some metadata issue; the rebuilt sample is perfect, just not perfectly identical to the source
  523. 03:11 YopoM I'll be damned, this is a new one on me
  524. 03:12 YopoM Just now was able to get this ... "Successfully rebuilt sample: dnb-bd-sample.avi" .. when before I kept getting ... "Unable to extract correct amount of data for track 0. Aborting.
  525. 03:14 YopoM I figured what the problem was, and sure enough. They made the avi, destined to be split in 2, then made the sample, but the sample splits across the 2 avi's (perfectly legit, just have never seen it); Had to extract, then mux the 2 avi's into one, then run srs, and then it worked
  527. YopoM back to one earlier, I have a perfectly good avi sample here, according to ALL my tools I use, except srs.exe says it has a bad 4cc value
  528. 18:10 YopoM which is why there was no srs for Wizards.of.Waverly.Place.The.Movie.2009.DVDRip.XviD-GFW
  529. YopoM tried srs 1.2 and 0.9 beta, they all think it is bad
  530. 18:11 YopoM -Corruption detected: Invalid FourCC value ( ) at 0x005aa066. Aborting.
  531. gfw-wowptm.sample.avi
  534. HellRezor depends on the order of the files in the rar when the rar contains more then one file
  535. 18:13 HellRezor often with extras release you need to extract and try different files when creating the srs if you wish to use the -c switch, and either way you'll need to do it when recreating the sample
  537. YopoM Hmm, I think I'll use that NO sample bat file myself, found a TV eps w/ no samp and had it marked as with
  538. YopoM I would like to mod it to show no sample folder / and sample folder and no sample
  539. YopoM *I would like to mod it to show no sample folder / and sample folder with no sample
  540. 01:32 YopoM oh, there a lot simpsons w/o, lol
  541. YopoM ah, all PDTV etc, don't care there
  542. 01:33 Joda who the f needs a sample, if its bad its nuked
  543. 01:35 YopoM samples are a part of the release
  544. YopoM same as the subs
  545. 02:20 Skalman^ hmm
  546. Skalman^
  547. Skalman^ Expected : 7 933 952 ACF2D373
  548. Skalman^ Actual : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  549. Skalman^ Rebuild failed for sample: line-unstop-sample.avi
  550. 02:21 Skalman^ Not that mencoder too
  551. 02:23 Skalman^ oh the srs is actually wrong, because it worked when i dl the sample and create one with -c
  552. Skalman^ but its 2BA then... and this one says it should be ACF...
  553. 02:28 YopoM or is it?
  554. 02:31 Skalman^ maybe I took the iniativie too quick there lol
  555. 02:34 YopoM it seems it is
  556. 02:35 Skalman^ What do you mean?
  557. YopoM the one I have here .... Sample CRC : ACF2D373 .. the one from the db ... 2BA4C919
  558. 02:36 YopoM that's just srs -l
  559. YopoM but they are diff
  560. YopoM let me replace with mine, and you can dl it and try again, hang
  561. 02:37 Skalman^ hehe actually I just switched it to 2BA (thats what i meant i might be too quick there)
  562. YopoM ok, try the one from the DB .. now
  563. Skalman^ ok
  564. 02:38 Skalman^ Expected : 7 933 952 ACF2D373
  565. Skalman^ Actual : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  566. Skalman^ Rebuild failed for sample: line-unstop-sample.avi
  567. YopoM on another note, I think I have detected a real potential problem with srs.exe (for me) .. does anyone here run a cmd line batch file running srs.exe using the -c switch?
  568. 02:39 Skalman^ I was gonna ask the same, I think I should fix my batchfile to use the -c switch.
  569. YopoM ok, the srs is the same thing, seems it is saying .. you have a bad rar set, does it pass sfv?
  570. 02:40 Skalman^ hmm
  571. YopoM if a bit is different @ sample point, it would display it like that
  572. Skalman^ yea its fine
  573. Skalman^ sfv fine
  574. YopoM ok, let me pull my own copy from dvd
  575. YopoM and try
  576. 02:42 <- dryes is niet meer verbonden (Lost terminal)
  577. 02:43 Skalman^ yea ok thanks
  578. 02:57 YopoM getting lost in details, so let me type a few lines for reference
  579. YopoM The srs I have says ... "Sample CRC : ACF2D373"
  580. YopoM the sfv line 1 .. is "line-unstop.r00 94d8dd62"
  581. 02:59 YopoM The srs that was in the DB says ... "Sample CRC : 2BA4C919"
  582. Skalman^ It used to be ACF2D373 in the DB but i changed it because I was very quickly to determine it was wrong...
  583. 03:00 Skalman^ The srs I have says "2BA4C919" and the first line on SFV is "line-unstop.r00 94d8dd62"
  584. Skalman^ Just something... are you using srs 1.2?
  585. 03:01 YopoM yes
  586. <- wiese1 is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
  587. 03:02 Skalman^ hmm
  588. Skalman^ did you create it using -c?
  589. YopoM I don't use -c at all, so no
  590. Skalman^ Can you try that?
  591. 03:03 YopoM does my .r00 file's sfv match yours?
  592. Skalman^ hehe yea ^ I typed my crc too
  593. Skalman^ its the same
  594. 03:06 YopoM I am smelling some kinda bug
  595. 03:07 Skalman^ Does it work for you too?`
  596. YopoM I rebuilt a new srs on the sample, using -c
  597. YopoM Sample CRC : ACF2D373
  598. 03:08 YopoM when you try and remake from the rar, it fails
  599. YopoM the one I just made fails to remake
  600. 03:09 YopoM ok, yup
  601. YopoM Expected : 7,933,952 ACF2D373
  602. YopoM Actual : 7,933,952 2BA4C919
  603. 03:10 YopoM made srs on sample with -c, ok, copy srs to parent, cd from sample to parent, srs file.srs, gives the above
  604. 03:11 Skalman^ Expected : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  605. Skalman^ Actual : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  606. YopoM i.e., the one I just made that passes the -c test (data found) when rebuilt is crc error
  607. 03:12 Skalman^ made srs on sample with -c OK, copy to parent, recreate with srs srsfile.srs rarfile.rar
  608. YopoM in fact, that's exactly like the one I talked about yesterday that I sent to Gfy
  609. 03:13 YopoM except this has a whole lof of differences, not just 4
  610. 03:15 YopoM same thing with srs 1.1
  611. 03:16 Skalman^ Okay lool. Can we say which one is the right CRC?
  612. YopoM passes Gspot as well, even tho there are these binary differences
  613. YopoM (it's not a corrupt avi sample)
  614. 03:17 YopoM somehow, it cannot rebuild the metadata
  615. 03:18 Skalman^ hmm ok
  616. 03:19 YopoM so did you also try making a new srs with -c, then try rebuilding it from that same srs?
  617. 03:21 YopoM all of the Simpsons S01 xvid samples are also kicking out when -c used
  618. YopoM they look flaky, tho
  619. Skalman^ yea thats when i get:
  620. Skalman^ Expected : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  621. Skalman^ Actual : 7 933 952 2BA4C919
  622. YopoM so it works for you, but not for me
  623. 03:22 YopoM hmmmm
  624. YopoM DCC me your whole sfv
  625. YopoM something is really really odd
  626. Skalman^ Haha
  627. YopoM and send me you srs as well
  628. 03:23 YopoM simons sample name ... "The.Simpsons.S01E01.internal.dvdrip.xvid.sample-tns.avi"
  629. YopoM that lookd odd
  630. YopoM looks even
  631. 03:26 Skalman^ hmm but the Simpsons TNS releases arent in the db
  632. Skalman^ Only HOSTILE
  633. YopoM yeah, I know, I was trying mine, which is TNS
  634. 03:29 YopoM aight, i think I see what's happening
  635. 03:30 YopoM we are relying a lot on the -c to be perfect; it may not be
  636. 03:31 YopoM I have a sample, make srs, that cannot rebuild, but it does make a avi .. use yours to create a sample, it does, noproblem, compare that sample to the failed one, and it is the same
  637. 03:34 YopoM even tho when I created, I used -c, and it saud that all data can be found
  638. YopoM *it said
  639. YopoM dir
  640. YopoM oops
  641. YopoM now I know I am tired, lol
  642. 03:37 Skalman^ okay but
  643. Skalman^ Which one is the right then?
  644. 03:39 YopoM the one that is in the Db now (yours)
  645. Skalman^ Ok
  646. 03:40 YopoM I just put it there
  647. YopoM and redl, just to make sure
  648. Skalman^ hehe okay thanks
  649. Skalman^ that was wierd
  650. 03:41 YopoM Ok, back to -c in a batch file
  651. 03:43 YopoM I see the date on this sample file I have is .... line-unstop-sample.avi 2004/07/10
  652. 03:44 YopoM PRED is 2004/09/27
  653. YopoM long after the date on the sample, lol
  654. 03:46 Skalman^ before?
  655. 03:47 Skalman^ your date is before it was pred?
  656. 03:58 Skalman^ hehe this one is a funny documentary about people and video games from 80s The.King.of.Kong.PROPER.RERiP.LIMITED.DOCU.DVDRip.XviD-eXtaCY
  657. Skalman^
  658. 04:08 YopoM I have a sample, whereby it fails the -c check; If that is in a batch file, it stops the batch file dead, no other lines are processed
  659. 04:09 YopoM i.e., for any one that fails the -c check, it does this, for instance, here's a 2 line batch file, it will never even exceute the 2nd line
  660. YopoM srs The.Simpsons.S01E01.internal.dvdrip.xvid.sample-tns.avi -c ..\simpsons-s01e01-xvid-schizo.rar
  661. YopoM ECHO Am I here ??????
  662. Skalman^ cant you send that batchfile to me? sound really usable
  663. Skalman^ lol
  664. Skalman^ TNS sample SCHIZO release lol
  665. 04:10 YopoM yeah, but, anything it does that
  666. Skalman^ oh okay
  667. YopoM -c stop a batch file exceution, how in the hell can that be, lol
  668. YopoM *a -c FAILURE stops ....
  669. YopoM if it doesn't fail, np
  670. 04:11 YopoM yeah, so I had been thinking of a recursive batch file that would just do the test (no actual srs creation), and report all fails into a log file
  671. 04:12 YopoM 1st fail, it's stopped dead, as I have found out
  672. YopoM gotta be some weird .NET side effect is my olny guess
  673. 04:13 YopoM on another note, yeah, do I have the wronf samples in there, lol
  674. YopoM *why
  675. 04:19 YopoM ah, because it was posted like that in usenet, and once again I just grabbed it all and dl, didn't check so well, lol
  676. 04:20 Skalman^ the one uploaded "The Daily Show" you're using a very old software beta 11 lol
  677. 04:44 <- messi10 is niet meer verbonden (—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 3.2 (July '10))
  678. 05:50 HellRezor try using 'call' YopoM
  679. 05:51 HellRezor i remember having to tweak things for my batch file
  680. 05:52 HellRezor anyhow yeah, -c isn't perfect, which is why umlaut said he'll add another that checks the whole tracks rather then the signiture. but -c is better than not checking at all
  681. 06:33 YopoM yeah, after I had typed that I realized, duhhhhh, that I made srs a pathed batch file, so I could change the location at whim
  682. YopoM lol
  683. YopoM srs The.Simpsons.S01E01.internal.dvdrip.xvid.sample-tns.avi -c ..\simpsons-s01e01-xvid-schizo.rar
  684. 06:34 YopoM so, no call, branches to that, and ends there
  685. YopoM sometimes looking at the big picture too much, lol
  686. 06:35 YopoM working on a batch file now to test -c all media in the path, based on that one yesterday that walks the path looking for a Sample folder
  687. YopoM but dinner now, so watch flick and munch 1st
  688. 07:03 <- ViperTG is niet meer verbonden
  689. 07:07 -> wiese1 is binnengekomen
  690. 07:33 -> furtim is binnengekomen
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  692. 08:39 <- futur1sm is niet meer verbonden (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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  694. 08:50 <- djgarf is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 600 seconds)
  695. 08:51 -> djgarf is binnengekomen
  696. 08:52 <- futur1sm is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
  697. 08:57 -> futur1sm is binnengekomen
  698. 09:09 Skalman^ Another one YopoM
  699. Skalman^ Expected : 6 494 208 6A656586
  700. Skalman^ Actual : 6 494 208 63D5841B
  701. Skalman^ Rebuild failed for sample: bdz-linew.dvdrip.xvid.sample.avi
  702. Skalman^
  703. 09:11 Skalman^ Also same thing here, finding another sample somewhere that matches 6A656586
  704. 09:13 YopoM on this one, I did not get an error
  705. YopoM Check Complete. All tracks located.
  706. YopoM 6,494,208 6A656586
  707. 09:14 Skalman^ hmm, I try rebuild i
  708. 09:15 YopoM What I did was srs avi -c rar
  709. 09:16 Skalman^ hmm
  710. Skalman^ when im using the srs from the site i get that error
  711. 09:17 YopoM however, when I try to rebuild the one I just made that checked with -c
  712. YopoM I get
  713. YopoM Expected : 6,494,208 6A656586
  714. YopoM Actual : 6,494,208 63D5841B
  715. YopoM which is also what you got
  716. 09:19 Skalman^ oh its just something wrong with rebuilding the sample?
  717. 09:21 Skalman^ or what should it be? lol
  718. 09:22 YopoM you know, umlaut is going to have to look at this, because an srs creates fine with -c specified, but to try and rebuild it fails
  719. YopoM so I don't know why
  720. -> futurj1sm is binnengekomen
  721. 09:23 Skalman^
  722. <- futur1sm is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
  723. 09:26 YopoM I dl another one, and it also 6A65.... crc32
  724. 09:28 <- futurj1sm is niet meer verbonden (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
  725. 09:29 YopoM so maybe another test in this batch file (for a later time) is to also try and rebuild the whole sample to see if that is pass/fail
  726. 09:30 YopoM I've already got it working for a non-multi CD with one sample only, has to put in logic for multi cd (XVID) and/or multi-sample
  727. 09:32 YopoM when you are doing it by hand, it's easy to pair which sample should be tested via -c against the release; in automation, they all have to be, because it cannot be known
  728. YopoM then again, multi-sample is prob 1 in 50 or less, so for now, just kicks out (multi sample, ignoring)
  729. 09:33 -> futur1sm is binnengekomen
  730. YopoM need to see if srs fails when input is, say .part02.rar
  731. 09:34 YopoM it fails if input is .r00
  732. YopoM prob same with part02.rar
  733. 09:36 YopoM yup
  734. 09:39 YopoM easy enough, I've done this in other scripts (par2 creation) ... if exist *.part01.rar" .... set input to *.part01.rar .. esle set to *.rar
  735. YopoM along those lines
  736. 09:44 YopoM I see how it's going to play out ... For all Samples .. For ALL cd's (one loop if none) ... build srs, trap if error, then build srs -c and check against rar ... set flag if no error .. end ... end ... see if ANY matched, if not, error nothing matched
  737. 09:45 YopoM this will also find bad samples (truncated, bad fourcc value, or anything)
  738. YopoM I've got several, that are mb in size, yet all zeroes
  739. YopoM
  740. 09:46 Skalman^ but wait... cant you just use *.rar? that will get the first rar in part01.rar and the .rar using rxx system?
  741. YopoM and those simpsons s01 are abi, yet are ogg (and lately, I've seen a few vob samples named with a .avi extension)
  742. YopoM *avi
  743. 09:51 YopoM would there ever be a scenario, whereby an x264 would be in the .part001 format (versus .part01) ?
  744. 10:03 <- apokalyps is niet meer verbonden (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  745. 10:13 -> apokalyps is binnengekomen
  746. 10:20 Skalman^ oh lol
  747. Skalman^ and when r99 is reached it goes over to s01 i think
  748. 10:21 YopoM oh, I know
  749. Skalman^ but I doubt that would happen lol
  750. 10:22 YopoM bu would they ever be a 3 digit partx type, or would it always be scaled to multiples of 50m .. what about these non scene releases?
  751. Skalman^ well there is a lot of result when searching for part001 so i guess
  752. YopoM I am running this bat file on my whole TV now, this should be interesting
  753. Skalman^
  754. YopoM no multi cd in tv, so that's easy
  755. Skalman^ thats a 001
  756. 10:23 YopoM ah
  757. YopoM ok, I can add in one more level, s/b easy
  758. YopoM if 001, do it, else if part01 do it, else if part001 do it, else rar and do it
  759. 10:24 Skalman^ you make it in .net?
  760. YopoM inded srs with -c pver a lot of folders, is a lot more time consuming that w/o -c
  761. YopoM heh
  762. Skalman^ oh yea movies with .001 extensions lol
  763. 10:25 YopoM yup, they do exist
  764. Skalman^ yea I know, I think i have a couple myself
  765. Skalman^ Old releases only?
  766. YopoM nope
  767. YopoM there was one very recent
  768. YopoM one of the 'A' groups does it exclusively
  769. 10:26 HellRezor -c has an extra benefit of making recreating the sample faster later
  770. YopoM true, but this is only checking to see if any in your collection CANNOT pass the -c test
  771. 10:27 HellRezor it checks that it can locate the track signitures in the original and stores the location for later use
  772. YopoM srs is thrown away
  773. YopoM but still, do do this manaully on an existing collection, ughhhhhh
  774. HellRezor regarding the error you've got earlier, it is possible that the creation would succeed with -c but the sample wouldn't be recreated ok because it only checks the track signitures and not the tracks
  775. 10:28 HellRezor so if the actuall track is damaged either in the sample or the file you're recreating from you'll get a checksum mismatch
  776. 10:34 YopoM Skalman^ .. it's AFO that uses .001
  777. YopoM and kinobox
  778. 10:35 YopoM hah, I've only made it into CSI, lol
  779. 10:36 HellRezor heh, see you in a couple of days
  780. Skalman^ yea and ALLiANCE has some releases with that 001 too
  781. HellRezor game releases used the .001
  782. 10:37 YopoM yeah, I know games a lot
  783. YopoM FLT
  784. HellRezor for rars, what application creates those ?
  785. Skalman^ what software is that btw?
  786. YopoM and many many more, but movies, more rare
  787. Skalman^
  788. YopoM winrar
  789. HellRezor with 001 ? how
  790. HellRezor also part1.rar (notice the single digit)
  791. YopoM back when I ran a warez site, I experimented a lot with winrar to hide names
  792. 10:38 YopoM in winar, if you change rar to 001, it just makes 'em numerically in order
  793. YopoM for the base name
  794. 10:39 HellRezor this i need to try
  795. YopoM let me look 2 list of obfus names I used to use
  796. 10:40 HellRezor didn't work :/
  797. YopoM HubbleStarMaps.001
  798. YopoM ue old style rar names, of course
  799. YopoM else it wants to make partxx types
  800. HellRezor i'll give it another shot
  801. 10:41 Skalman^ can you make anything? like .skalman001 and it will make it in order too?
  802. YopoM ObscureLawReview2a.001
  803. YopoM lol
  804. HellRezor nice
  805. HellRezor worked
  806. Skalman^ or just only 001?
  807. HellRezor always wondered how that worked
  808. YopoM that was probably Call.Of.Duty (orig rars packed into smaller rars to fit host)
  809. 10:42 HellRezor well if you try anything else, the first would be it and the next would be 001 002 etc Skalman^
  810. HellRezor 000
  811. YopoM now if I had a series named ....
  812. YopoM IntlFisheriesTerrStud 0001.Study-1070.Study
  813. 10:43 YopoM as the first file .. and
  814. YopoM IntlFisheriesTerrStud 0002.Study-1070.Study
  815. YopoM as the 2nd
  816. YopoM and so on
  817. YopoM winrar could read 'em fine
  818. YopoM how about that
  819. HellRezor how would you do that ?
  820. 10:44 YopoM that takes a renamer batch file (make 0001 files and rename)
  821. YopoM do you know, all those files, are still there after 12 years on that host
  822. YopoM most amazing
  823. HellRezor you mean make 001 files, then move the extention to the middle of the file name ?
  824. HellRezor or you start out with 0001
  825. 10:45 YopoM 10's of thousands of 5mb files, still there
  826. YopoM start out with 0001
  827. YopoM or zaz0001
  828. 10:46 YopoM or vbnnnn9001
  829. HellRezor and then you append the rest ?
  830. HellRezor how would you create those single digit .part?.rar ?
  831. YopoM you mean for those names like ... IntlFisheriesTerrStud 0002.Study-1070.Study ?
  832. 10:47 HellRezor yeah
  833. YopoM ah
  834. 10:48 HellRezor lol star.trek.voyager.s02e05001 star.trek.voyager.s03e05001 star.trek.voyager.s04e05001
  835. YopoM for %%T in (0001 0002 0003 0004) do ren basename.%%T IntlFisheriesTerrStud.%%T.Study-1070.Study
  836. YopoM for all the # tho
  837. YopoM I wrote a renamer
  838. YopoM as you can see, it's a pretty trivial thing
  839. HellRezor yeah you just need to start with it being the extension and later winrar handles it
  840. 10:49 HellRezor i liked how it latched on to the series number because it was right next to the dot
  841. HellRezor still i wonder how would you create those single digit .part?.rar ?
  842. YopoM part.1.rar types are auto made by winrar (or for any of ther above discussion, also rar itself) when file count is < 10
  843. 10:50 YopoM when < 100 it's partxx
  844. YopoM when less than 1000 .......
  845. 10:51 YopoM ah, those fishery names, is Call.Of.Duty.2
  846. YopoM hehehe
  847. HellRezor ah eggzelent
  848. 10:53 YopoM
  849. 10:54 YopoM Founded: Nov 28, 2005
  850. HellRezor seems empty
  851. 10:56 Skalman^ uhm is this one pred
  852. Skalman^ Due.Date.BDRip.XviD-ARROW.PROOF
  853. Skalman^ or is it just some torrentsite that has put that up after they missed it?
  854. 10:57 HellRezor .proof ? naway
  855. 10:58 Skalman^ no way?
  856. HellRezor yup, no way it pred that way
  857. 10:59 XDot is using a secure connection
  858. XDot is (me)
  859. XDot bezoekt de volgende chatruimtes:
  860. XDot gebruikt de server (He's dead, Jim)
  861. XDot kwam erbij op 26/07/2011 16:55:00, en is 11 uur, 44 minuten en 49 seconden inactief
  862. 11:01 HellRezor bah, yahoo mail, you register, you puting your gmail address as a recovery option, and their self asteem is so low they send you their spammish messages to gmail
  863. 11:03 YopoM There is a Proof jpg for that release, they must have not included it in the 1st torrent, so they added another torrent withit
  864. 11:11 Skalman^ ok thanks
  865. 11:37 YopoM hmm, this batch file is not a bad start, points out all kinds of goofs, lol
  866. YopoM American.Dad.S06E19.HDTV.XviD-LOL
  867. YopoM !!ERR!!: [srs not made for]
  868. YopoM dud
  870. 16:59 < Skalman^> First time I see this...
  871. 16:59 < Skalman^> Expected: 46 129 843
  872. 16:59 < Skalman^> Found : 59 051 193
  873. 16:59 < Skalman^> Expected is smaller than found! :)
  874. 17:41 <Skalman^> hehe hold on
  875. 17:42 <Skalman^> old one... dexter.s01e06.720p.bluray.x264-orpheus.sample.mkv
  878. 10:07 < YopoM> I noticed a whole lot of TV that was using memcoder, they will always fail
  879. 10:07 < YopoM> (unless Memcoder SHERPA vs is used, all else fail)
  880. 10:07 < HellRezor> well its a specific error to those memcoder versions, there is a good chance umlaut would be able to fix the whole issue
  881. 10:10 < YopoM> VDubMod ... Trying to get "Aligned on interleaves" with Direct Stream Copy, instead of "Split across Interleaves" with Direct Stream Copy
  882. 10:10 < YopoM> there, now at least it's not lost in oddles of txt lines, lol
  883. 10:11 < YopoM> All DOCUMENT sample are made this way, very different, and cannot see how
  886. 11:44 < YopoM> This is interesting
  887. 11:44 < YopoM> all the DOCUMENTS are failing
  888. 11:44 < YopoM> this actually answer my own question about this broken one
  889. 11:44 < YopoM> *answers
  890. 11:45 < YopoM> their samples are doctored, not a 1:1 of the released avi
  891. 11:45 < YopoM> let me look more
  893. 13:36 < XDot> Expected : 6.901.760 89ACC104
  894. 13:36 < XDot> Actual : 6.901.760 2F24B53E
  895. 13:36 < XDot>
  898. <shEiD> Unable to locate track signature for track 2. Aborting.
  899. [06-Dec-2010/03:29:28] <shEiD> but just now I went to the site and saw that gui version is out :)
  900. [06-Dec-2010/03:29:31] <@umlaut> oh yeah. you probably want that new secret build that i've been keeping to myself
  901. [06-Dec-2010/03:29:37] <@umlaut> just a sec
  902. [06-Dec-2010/03:29:47] <shEiD> tried that same release with gui version and it created an srs without a hitch :)
  903. [06-Dec-2010/03:30:12] <@umlaut> oh, i don't think the gui does the -c option?
  904. [06-Dec-2010/03:30:30] <@umlaut> it's probably to do with mkv header compression/stripping
  905. [06-Dec-2010/03:30:40] <shEiD> lemme check, i dont even remember now whats taht -c option
  906. [06-Dec-2010/03:31:01] <@umlaut> it checks to make sure the tracks can be matched before creating the srs
  907. [06-Dec-2010/03:31:20] <shEiD> yes, it has a checkbox option for -c
  908. [06-Dec-2010/03:31:38] <@umlaut> probably won't work if you check the box ;)
  909. [06-Dec-2010/03:31:48] <shEiD> I did check it :)
  910. [06-Dec-2010/03:31:50] <@umlaut> if a full mkv doesn't have header stripping but the sample does, they won't match without some compensation. i made a new version that handles it
  911. [06-Dec-2010/03:33:54] <shEiD> ok, 1 sec, I'll throw both out puts to pastebin
  912. [06-Dec-2010/03:33:55] <@umlaut> <-- try that one
  913. [06-Dec-2010/03:34:22] <shEiD> oh, new version... :)
  915. 14:03 <lrkj> Expected : 6,819,840 5AE10D3B
  916. 14:03 <lrkj> Actual : 6,819,840 9EB2CA1C
  917. 14:03 <lrkj> Rebuild failed for sample: arw-kfp.dvdrip.xvid.sample.avi
  918. 14:06 <Skalman> its possible the sample stored is wrong
  919. 14:10 <lrkj> I downloaded the sample and created the srs myself:
  920. 14:10 <lrkj> Checking that sample exists in the specified full file...
  921. Check Complete. All tracks located.
  922. 14:11 <lrkj> ah, I'm chatting with you... thought I was in the chan :)
  923. 14:13 <lrkj> srs with check says it's ok, now waiting to see if it can actually rebuild...
  924. 14:13 <lrkj> nope, same result
  925. 14:13 <lrkj> that's a bug in srs
  928. 23:19 < xaios> Ok another question, the tool doesn't seem to like quoted paths (using double quotes ") is this by design? Techincally I shouldn't have spaces
  929. in my paths to begin with and I guess that'd be my work around
  930. 23:22 < lrkj> can you show us how it goes wrong with an example?
  931. 23:26 < Skalman^> oh nice!! According To Jim season 5 out already, that was quick :)
  932. 23:26 < Skalman^> good show for those who dont know
  933. 23:28 < YopoM> lol
  934. 23:28 < Skalman^> :D
  935. 23:28 < YopoM> why in hell would we EVEr be having an srr with a filename with spaces
  936. 23:29 < YopoM> immed should flag .. "oooops, something very wrong"
  937. 23:29 < Skalman^> I think he mean the path
  938. 23:29 < YopoM> same thing
  939. 23:30 < YopoM> i.e., no name should have a space, red flag right there
  940. 23:31 < Skalman^> If you have in "My Documents/Downloads"
  941. 23:31 < Skalman^> There is a space
  942. 23:33 < YopoM> ah, I thought he was refering to storing the name, but maybe it's an issue with the -i and -o .. then what he said makes sense
  943. 23:33 < YopoM> (and what you said)
  944. 23:34 < YopoM> I was driving at .. "no name stored in the srr should ever have a space"
  945. 23:34 < xaios> yeah sorry I ment the folder where it resides
  946. 23:34 < xaios> srs.exe "C:\Folder With Spaces\sample.srs" "C:\Folder With Spaces\release.rar" -o "C:\Folder With Spaces\" yields an error
  947. 23:35 < xaios> System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.
  948. 23:35 < YopoM> gotcha
  949. 23:35 < xaios> However that error is coming from System.IO.Path so its almost like something windows doesn't like
  951. 23:48 < xaios> I'm looking at the source now, might I suggest using the open source NDesk.Options library? it saves some headaches when dealing with those
  952. switches on the command line.
  954. Skalman^ Groups often keep a "proof" sample of a nuked release, thats what happend here, and the real one was left out
  955. Pascal yh
  956. Pascal Skalman^: go to bed now!
  957. YopoM ah, yes, that is called a comp sample, for comparitive
  960. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  961. NewsLeecher History Log
  962. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  963. # = comment
  964. + = new feature
  965. * = improved feature
  966. ! = fixed bug
  967. - = removed feature
  970. d81e0162
  971. .720p.bluray.x264-sinners.part48.rar d81e0162
  972. in sfv seems to result in a bad srr
  973. Referenced file not found: I get as error
  974. It' because ReScene .NET Beta 6 was used to create the release (
  975. fixed in the latest version
  978. srs
  980. Warning: File size does not appear to be correct!
  981. Expected: 36
  982. Found : 36.153.270
  984. File Details: Size CRC
  985. ------------- --------
  986. 36.153.270 D75D0E6E
  989. Track Details: Track Length
  990. ----- -------------
  991. 1 2.930.688
  992. 2 33.203.338
  994. Parse Details: Metadata Attachments Track Data Total
  995. ----------- ------------ ------------- -------------
  996. 19.244 0 36.134.026 36.153.270
  998. Successfully created SRS file:
  1004. funny stuff hidden in samples:
  1005. Skalman^ idiots... Encoding App: mkvmerge v1.3.3.7 (Nukers are gay!!) built on Mar 4 2008 12:58:26
  1009. 7:36 Skalman^ yea this one
  1010. Skalman^ The.Human.Centipede.2009.LIMITED.720p.BluRay.x264-DEPRAViTY
  1011. Skalman^ that one uses FLAX
  1012. Skalman^ FLAC* even
  1013. Skalman^ A good movie that didnt get a proper =(
  1016. The.Mentalist.S01.EXTRAS.DVDRip.XviD-iNGOT\Sample>srs the.mentalist.s01.extras.dvdrip.xvid-ingot.sample.srs ..\the.mentalist.s01.extras.dvdrip.xvid-ingot.rar
  1017. SRS Load Complete... Elapsed Time: 1,71s
  1018. Track Location Complete... Elapsed Time: 5,00s
  1019. Track Extraction Complete... Elapsed Time: 7,02s
  1020. Rebuild Complete... Elapsed Time: 8,52s
  1022. File Details: Size CRC
  1023. ------------- --------
  1024. Expected : 7.370.752 817EB14A
  1025. Actual : 7.370.752 237689AE
  1028. Rebuild failed for sample: the.mentalist.s01.extras.dvdrip.xvid-ingot.sample.avi
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