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  1. A - Each tale that the songstress performed for him seemed to be coming true. Was the lady sealing his fate, or could he twist this opportunity to spin her towards prosperity for himself?
  2. B - The girl laid exhaustedly atop the king's lap upon his throne, her eyes shut behind a ribbon. Yet when the intruder revealed himself to the monarch, the king gave one quick thrust into her, and with a jump she was on alert to protect him.
  3. C - Three wishes seemed simple enough, but it turns out that something so limitless in value is not easily divided by two people.
  4. D - Two rivals managed to defeat the wizard, but not before he had cast a spell to bind the souls of the pair who hate each other together.
  5. E - An ordinary girl wishes to be beautiful enough to marry the prince, but she had underestimated the extent of his fetish.
  6. F - A mysterious merchant only trades in attributes that young adults have not yet developed.
  7. G - The guard had been called in to break up a tavern brawl, but by the time that they reached there, she was the only one who was still standing.
  8. H - The dragon's roar was loud enough to be heard for miles, but the warrior's howl of its true name put it in its obedient place.
  9. I - The sorceress stood behind all of her potions, and did not rescind her guarantee even for special requests. When a love potion does not take its proper effect, the lady herself is now on the hook.
  10. J - The monarch of one country is not defined by bloodline, but by who can survive the punishments of sitting upon a cursed throne. A prospective new ruler has stepped up to claim it.
  11. K - Fucking the warrior seems to be the only thing making him forget he's supposed to attack her town.
  12. L - There is a bit of discrimination between an adventuring pair. One receives all of the punishments, and the other receives all the rewards.
  13. M - It is much more forgivable to treat the girl like a toy when you don't even know that she's royalty.
  14. N - Whenever a magician has sex, the strength of their spells grow and their power increases.
  15. O - After a fierce encounter, a sorceress has lost most of her abilities. She needs to regain her scepter and gems that power it before a foe can take revenge on her in a weakened state.
  16. P - The rebel had already taken the princess as his prize. Now he vows to slay the king's family in the field of battle, and replace each fallen warrior with a child of his own through the princess.
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