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  1. variables:
  2.     {niewidze.%player%} = false
  4. command /vw:
  5.     trigger:
  6.         if player has permission "admin.sharpe":
  7.             if {niewidze.%player%} is false:
  8.                 set {niewidze.%player%} to true
  9.                 send "&c&lSchodzisz ze sluzby &8&lAdministratora&c&l, nie bedziesz widziec zgloszen"
  10.             else:
  11.                 set {niewidze.%player%} to false
  12.                 send "&c&lZalogowales sie na sluzbe &8&lAdministratora"
  13.         else:
  14.             stop
  17. command /zglos [<text>]:
  18.     trigger:
  19.         if arg 1 is not set:
  20.             send "Moze napisz wiadomosc ? :D"
  21.         if arg 1 is set:
  22.             loop all players:
  23.                 loop-player has permission "admin.indjana":
  24.                     if {niewidze.%loop-player%} is false:
  25.                         send "&c&lGracz %player% zglasza: &8&l%coloured arg%" to loop-player
  26.                     else:
  27.                         stop
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