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  1. Crew Roster and encountered characters.
  3. ** - Tankery Commander
  4. * - Officers
  5. (F) - Freshman
  6. (SO) - Sophomore
  7. (J) - Junior
  8. (SR) - Senior
  10. ROSTER
  12. CREW BIO: In need of a crew, Gertrude enlisted her student council staff along with her best good friend. They come from all over the United States, and are doing their best to save their school.
  14. - (SO) GERTRUDE POOL (Commander): MC. The Sophomore Class President from D.C. and current head of the Tankery Program. A bit inconsistent, brash, and slightly gay, but pretty nice and determined.
  15. - (SO) NANCY WHITMORE (Gunner): The Sophomore Vice President. A Mormon from Riverdale, Utah. Nicer than a field of flowers on a sunny day.
  16. - (SO) LISA COWELL (Driver): The Jewish Sophomore Treasurer from Baltimore, Maryland. Cynical minded, a bit stingy with money, but a nice girl overall.
  17. - (SO) CHRYSANTHEMUM RAMIREZ (Loader): Not much can be said about the Sophomore Secretary. She's probably from New York. Insanely terse with her words but obedient to the end.
  18. - (SO) CAROL “KITTEN” SMITH (Radio Operator): Gertrude's best good friend since childhood from D.C. Socially awkward, a nerd, and a bit quiet. She's nonetheless determined to do her best for school and Gertrude.
  21. CREW BIO: A relatively inexperienced group of folk musically minded Freshmen. Stupid and naive, but dedicated to their craft.
  23. LOYALTY: For some strange reason, Team Bandwagon’s tank is surprisingly now resilient. At the cost of all mobility, it can now become a STONEWALL, invincible to everything but sustained fire.
  24. - (F) Cathy McDowell (Commander): Guitarist, favorite musician is Lester Flatt.
  25. - (F) Tara McClellan (Loader): Banjoist, loves Earl Scruggs but Charlie Cushman and Alison Krauss come too.
  26. - (F) Ashleigh Burnside (Gunner): Fiddler, and a big fan of Alison Krauss, but can respect classics like Benny Martin, and contemporaries like Bruce Molsky, Jay Ungar, Aly Bain, and occasionally dabbles in Cajun.
  27. - (F) Andrea Hooker (Radio): Mandolinist. Ricky Skaggs and Emmylou Harris are her personal favorites.
  28. - (F) Tabitha Meade (Driver): Dobro player. Uncle Josh Graves is her favorite, but Rob Ickes, Gene Wooten, and Jerry Douglas fill her shelves.
  31. CREW BIO: In making a deal with Gertrude, the Sewing Club joined up in exchange for funds. Their club has been relatively down on their luck no thanks to Fredendall, but they make up for it with grace, elegance, and fashion.
  33. LOYALTY: Team Needlepoint’s accuracy has increased! They have gained PINPOINT ACCURACY. All of their shots will connect successfully, allowing them to always inflict critical damage on tanks, regardless of class or gun.
  34. - (J) Anna Eleanor (Commander/Gunner): President of the Sewing Club, a bit melodramatic but a generous person deep down.
  35. - (J) Elizabeth “Bess” Wallace (Loader/Radio): Vice-President of the Sewing Club and hard-working to a fault.
  36. - (J) Mamie Doud (Driver): The only member of the Sewing Club who doesn't hold a staff position, but regardless is pretty loyal, if a bit touchy.
  39. CREW BIO: There's Hispanic, Asian, and African-American student societies. Then there's the Polish.
  41. LOYALTY: The Polish have learned to control themselves in a fight. They can unleash the POLISH FRENZY, allowing them unprecedented survivability against tanks superior numerically and physically. Great for breaking up formations.
  42. - (SO) Janet “Janek” Kos (Commander/Gunner): The incredibly enthusiastic and hotblooded founder of the PSA.
  43. - (SO) Augusta “Gussie” Jeleń (Loader): Voted the strongest and most daring of the PSA.
  44. - (SO) Teresa “Terry” Czereśniak (Radio): Likes talking loudly, thus allowing people to hear her.
  45. - (SO) Grażyna “George” Saakaszwili (Driver): The only non-hot blooded member of the PSA, and that's really saying something.
  46. - “Olgierd” (Honorary): Janek's German Shepherd who, while getting a bit old, is filled with boundless energy. Cute as fuck.
  49. CREW BIO: A group of very nerdy propellerheads who decided on doing Tankery.
  51. LOYALTY: They can now DASH! Allowing them to overclock their engine for a short period of time to get to a particular destination faster than any other tank.
  52. - (SO) Marina Polikarpov (Commander/Loader): The level-headed leader of the Aviation Club. Loves the Yak-9 but can appreciate the Po-2 and the IL-2 Sturmovik.
  53. - (SO) Lidya Douglas (Gunner): Optimistic, friendly, but incredibly naive. A big fan of the DC-3 and the A-1 Skyraider.
  54. - (SO) Katya Seversky (Radio): Smart, but not hesitant in stating her opinion. A big fan of the P-47 Thunderbolt, also loves classics like the P-43 Lancer.
  55. - (SO) Jenny Curtiss (Driver): Like a mother to the rest of the crew, and is also a big theatre buff on the side. Loves the JN-4 and all variants of the P-40 Warhawk.
  58. CREW BIO: The Rifle Team hasn't been active in a while due to budget cuts, however the team still has its three members who, lacking anything better to do, decided on Tankery.
  60. LOYALTY: The Rifle Team is sharing all they can with the Tankery team. AA mounted machine guns will be mounted on all tanks that historically included them. Their accuracy has also improved, allowing for their own FOCUSED SHOT which can inflict critical damage on any tank.
  61. - (SO) Samantha Whitworth (Commander/Gunner): Captain of the Rifle Team. Loves the M1 Garand, but also likes the 1903 Springfield, and one of her prized possessions is an antique Krag-Jørgensen M/89-28.
  62. - (SO) Megan Enfield (Loader/Radio): Enthusiastic about guns to an almost fetishistic degree. Is quite proud of her Dreyse needle-gun and her Spencer Carbine. In practice, she prefers the Springfield Armory M1A Rifle.
  63. - (SO) Natalya Springfield (Driver): The girl with her head in the clouds. Often seen with the Mosin-Nagant, but likes rifles of all kinds like the AK-47, the FAMAS F1, and the M14.
  66. CREW BIO: A group of delinquents who made a deal with the Hall Monitors to commute their expulsion charges by joining an extracurricular club. Unfortunately, because no club would take them, they had to settle for Tankery.
  68. LOYALTY: TACTICAL GENIUS: Team Last Chancers, through the use of various shortcuts and other forces, can be placed anywhere you want them to at the start of a match.
  69. - (SO) Charlotte Luciano (Commander): In for charges of assault on a student, academic dishonesty, and truancy. Is a noted fan of the Warhammer 40k Franchise, up to and including several armies of 1000 point Imperial Guard and Orks, along with select models of other factions.
  70. - (SO) Maya Lansky (Gunner): In for excessive charges of academic dishonesty. Not particularly smart but is an excellent taskmaster, up to and including running an illegal gambling ring under the nose of LGA's authorities which has been dissolved.
  71. - (SO) Elouise Buchalter (Loader): In for several charges of grand theft (including of a vending machine.) Has a high temper but is polite and endearing, especially so to her aging grandmother.
  72. - (SO) Benita Siegel (Driver): In for charges of grand theft auto, and grand theft. Smart and willing to work hard, she now works for Mr. Mishka's Tank Shop.
  73. - (SO) Abigail Zwillman (Radio): In for charges of truancy. Loves animals of all kinds and is noted as being a suspect for tossing stink bombs into PETA Protests last year.
  76. CREW BIO: A group of eager but incredibly generic-minded Naval Studies Merchant kids. Nothing particularly outstanding but nothing particularly bad about them.
  78. - (SR) Francis Dales (Commander/Loader): The leader of the group. While eager, she's quite lacking in her own initiative, at least smart initiative.
  79. - (F) Eleanor Donnelly (Gunner): An excellent mathematician but kind of air-headed at the best and worst times.
  80. - (J) Waltraud Sittmann (Driver): Is often quietly exasperated by her own crew's genericness while being quite generic herself.
  81. - (SR) Wilma Thomas Jr. (Radio): Top grades in all her classes and sweet as cake, but can't quite develop her own personality.
  84. CREW BIO: Hardcore history enthusiasts who show their love of history by researching every aspect of it. They come across as a bit boring and at worse snobby to other students.
  86. LOYALTY: Through intense studying of tactics and strategy, Team Clio can pull amazing ambushes by themselves. They will ALWAYS score a critical hit when put into position to ambush a tank.
  87. - (SO) Jane Keegan (Commander): The President of the History Club. Loves the works of Xenophon and Thucydides. Hates historical revisionism.
  88. - (SO) Jeanette Smith (Gunner): Values the work of Jean-François Champollion and his work on the Rosetta Stone. Loves studying foreign languages along with general anthropology.
  89. - (SO) Sandra Marshall (Loader/Radio): Talkative about World War II history and does know a bit about tanks, but her theses lack detail.
  90. - (SO) Mikaela Howard (Driver): Intensely quiet but really likes historical fiction. Is especially a fan of Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels.
  92. *10. (ELITE) ACE CREW "TIGRIS" (KILLS: 152) (LOYAL)
  93. CREW BIO: A veteran team of Tankery girls. Although traumatized by past experiences, they're at least willing to put it aside to do what they need for their school.
  95. LOYALTY:
  96. - (J) Kate Knispel (Commander): The calm, level-headed, Ace Commander. Likes heavy tanks like the Tiger, the Tiger II, or the Churchill.
  97. - (J) Michelle DeWitt (Gunner): The friendly Ace Gunner. Loves big guns like the M26 Pershing, the Jagdtiger, the ISU-152, and the Tiger II.
  98. - (J) Wendy Kniep (Loader): The jerk-ish Ace Loader. Prefers to have reliability over aesthetics or armament, thus enjoying things like the SU-76M, Shermans, and casemate assault guns like the StuG III.
  99. - (J) Joanna Bolter (Driver): The brash Ace Driver. Enjoys fast tanks like the BT series tanks, Hellcats, and Panzer Is. But can also enjoy agility and maneuverability over raw speed.
  100. - (J) Octavia Carius (Radio): The mild-mannered (except when it comes to plays) Ace Radio Operator. Enjoys tanks of all types, but mostly mediums and all-rounders like the Sherman or the Panzer IV.
  103. CREW BIO: A cadre of girls representing the Girl Scouts of America. Their little group has been down on its luck lately but they can always make it better with cookies, hiking, and hopefully Tankery.
  105. LOYALTY: The Girl Scouts of America is now sponsoring you with 15,000 Dollars per week, and will cover the complete cost of five purchases of your choice in the shop!
  106. - (SR) Anne Juliette (Commander/Gunner): The traditional minded Girl Scout Ambassador and de-facto leader of the group. Really enjoys the old Pulp fiction dime stories.
  107. - (F) Bailey "Daisy" Powell (Loader): The youngest of the four as a Freshman and a Girl Scout Senior. Sensitive to the fact that she can't cook cookies to save her life.
  108. - (SR) Sarah Gordon (Radio Operator): Girl Scout Ambassador and, while a bit lazy, is quite genuinely (and somewhat scarily) good at survival tactics, even though there's nothing to survive on LGA.
  109. - (SR) Cynthia Low (Driver): Daisy's minder and Girl Scout Ambassador. Is quite good at sports like Softball and often threatens to bash people's faces in with a baseball bat. Despite it, she's pretty nice.
  112. CREW BIO: Some classmates of Octavia who are really into designing, building, and theatre in general but are too cool to actually act in the plays.
  114. - (J) Georgine Barkas (Commander): A well-rounded girl who's loyal and obedient but lacks a lot of drive. Often complains about the Theatre Arts classes.
  115. - (J) Stephenie Sykes (Gunner): Incredibly intelligent and also takes Naval Studies Engineering classes on the side, loves to build things. Doesn't really like Tony.
  116. - (J) Antonia "Tony" Ayrton (Loader): Enthusiastic about Theatre Tech. Likes to destroy things.
  117. - (J) Brianna Robb (Radio Operator): Nobody really knows who the hell Brianna is, she just showed up one day and started building.
  118. - (J) Perrine Proud (Driver): Often confused with the more well-known Perrine Hobart which she finds annoying, considering she's as good an engineer she is.
  121. CREW BIO: A club full of artists who are really into 2D Animation and staying inside all day while their classmates have fun. Regardless, they have an eye for art of all types.
  123. - (SR) Josephine Barbera (Commander): The insular and introverted head of the Animation Club. Regardless, she enjoys art of all kinds, even including anime. Her favorite series is Tom and Jerry.
  124. - (F) Wilfred "Willie" Hanna (Gunner): The newest member of the Animation Club. Nice, dedicated, and slightly naive about animation, she enjoys much of the work from the Disney Renaissance, including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and especially The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  125. - (SO) Hally Geer (Loader): A free-spirited animator who often works with Flash. Is very much a big fan of Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters, sharing her enthusiasm with fellow animator "Tex" Avery.
  126. - (J) Leah Schlesinger (Radio Operator): Is often noted for calling for pizza at the worst possible times, and for being a bit of a wild and arrogant person. She serves as the club treasurer, but despite that, she enjoys animation from the Golden Age of American Animation, up to and including such films as Snow White, the original Fantasia (and it's 2000 sequel), and Bambi.
  127. - (SR) Frederica "Tex" Avery (Driver): The best animator the club has in terms of sheer work ethic, but is often quite airheaded and at worse completely stupid. Regardless, she studies works from all the ages as Barbera does, and while having a keen interesting in Western Animation, she also has an eye for anime such as but not limited to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Astroboy.
  130. CREW BIO: Better known as the League of Extraordinary Female Magic Practitioners and Illusionists, they are a quartet of girls who are really into magic. They are very good at magic, somewhat scarily so.
  132. - (SR) Erika Weiss (Commander/Gunner): The larger-than-life and loud head of the Magicians Club, she specializes in escape trickery, but also has a hand in tricks of all kinds.
  133. - (SR) Claudia Alexandra Conlin (Loader): A rather hammy girl who claims to be able to see the future, for a decent price between 5 and 10 dollars for two minutes of farseeing.
  134. - (J) Damiana Zarrow (Radio Operator): A stoic but polite magician who loves sleight of hand tricks and anything involving cards. Charges 2.50 an hour for her services at parties.
  135. - (J) Carly Ballantine (Driver): A real joker of a magician who likes to flop her acts for the sake of a good laugh. Her going rate is 5 Dollars an hour.
  137. 15. NAVAL STUDIES – ENGINEERING "Thunder Child" (KILLS: 0)
  138. CREW BIO: Veteran engineers of the Lafayette Girls Academy, they know their way around anything involving machinery and technology. Amicable, smart, and quite popular with the rest of the Naval Studies Engineering girls and Naval Studies in general.
  140. - (J) Dory Miller (Commander): The mild-mannered and good natured Shift Leader of Naval Studies Engineering. Enjoys warships of all types and aspires to graduate from the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.
  141. - (J) Jane Bradley (Loader): A very competitive loader who often butts heads with others out of sheer thickheadedness, regardless of her own ability. She also doubles as a Naval Studies Medical student. She just received her congressman's recommendation for her to attend West Point Academy.
  142. - (J) Josie Enright (Gunner): Soft-spoken, poetic, and a bit airheaded at times. Coming from a long line of pilots all the way to the invention of flight, she's taken up the call to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado.
  143. - (F) Dana Rockwell (Radio): A sweethearted nice girl who enjoys communicating with others, to the point of being a complete motormouth who doesn't know when to stop talking. Aspires to join the Coast Guard and indeed possesses a scholarship to the Coast Guard Academy.
  144. - (J) Sloan “Slade” Cutter (Driver): Physical strong, but lazy and a bit of a smartass. A military brat ever since her family first fought in the Revolution, through the Whiskey Rebellion, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the war for Texan Independence, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Aspires to join the Marine Corps after LGA.
  146. 16. JUNIOR COUNCIL "Pinprick" (KILLS: 2)
  147. CREW BIO: The veteran but somewhat doormat-ish Junior Class Council of Lafayette Girls Academy. Famed for their model behavior and appearances, they have taken up the call to save the school.
  149. - (J) Betty Grable (Commander/Gunner): The President of the Juniors. A huge doormat unfortunately and not much more than a pretty face, but means well when she wants to.
  150. - (J) Marilyn Maxwell (Radio): The beautiful Vice President who thinks herself the best woman to ever grace the Earth. Problem is she can't cook for shit.
  151. - (J) Jane Russell (Driver): The somewhat quiet but pretty faced Treasurer. Finds herself working with money a lot and thusly pulls double classes with Naval Studies Administration.
  152. - (J) Georgia Jones (Loader): A reporter for the somewhat defunct Lafayette Runner monthly newspaper aboard LGA. Highly enthusiastic, incredibly curious, and always on the hunt for a story.
  154. 17. SENIOR COUNCIL "Steel" (KILLS: 0) (LOYAL)
  155. CREW BIO: The old guard of Lafayette Girls Academy. They'd certainly spend their last year at LGA partying, pulling pranks, and doing other shenanigans, but the school does come first and Tankery did look interesting to them.
  156. LOYALTY: The Senior Funds have now been unlocked and will now donate 30,000 Dollars per week along with unlocking an additional FREE PURCHASE. Team Steel’s experience in LGA allows them to unlock the STEEL WALL, inspiring up to two nearby tanks to toughen up their hides and defend an area like a stone wall.
  157. ASSIGNMENT: M45 Pershing
  158. - (SR) Bernadette F. Fairless (Commander): The imposing, terrifying, attractive, Vice President (and de facto Class President). Despite outward appearances, she's quite gentle, even a bit shy, and has shown herself rather streetwise on many occasions when small children and animals are not running in fear of her. Currently has a full-run scholarship lined up at Princeton University.
  159. - (SR) Henrietta Carnegie (Gunner): A joker of a Treasurer, brutish, and unable to figure when to shut up. Despite that, she and Andrea Frick are pretty much inseparable. Plans on attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
  160. - (SR) Andrea Frick (Driver): The Lazy Secretary of the council. She and Henrietta are very good friends otherwise.
  161. - (SR) Claire Walker (Loader/Radio): The motherly Executive of the council, but often finds herself enraged and otherwise pissed at Henrietta and Andrea's antics. Plans on attending Yale University upon graduation on her own dime.
  163. 18. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS "Purple Heart" (KILLS: 1 (technically more as separate entities.)) (LOYAL)
  164. CREW BIO: A group of Japanese students from the Academyships of Black Forest Peak, Saunders, Saint Gloriana, and Chi-Ha-Tan. All of them are very experienced in their roles, but lack the essential part of being a crew: cooperation.
  165. LOYALTY: Their crew is now ELITE, and their tank can now be ELITED free of charge! Their schools are also now sponsoring you for a total of 20,000 Dollars. Lastly, Team Purple Heart has unlocked the REDEEMING SECOND WIND. Through fast reflexes and clever positioning of their tank, a shot which would penetrate their armor will NOT knock their tank out.
  166. ASSIGNMENT: T-34/85 Model 1944
  167. - (2nd Year) Wakuza Nezumi (Commander): She had the luxurious and honorable post of commanding one of two Panzer Maus in the world, and was defeated. She seeks highly to redeem herself of that, but her rather stubborn attitude (especially in regards to the superiority of German steel) coupled with a thickheaded personality makes her a bit suspect. Her favorite tank is the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B Konigstiger.
  168. - (3rd Year) Assam (Gunner): The calm, gentle, and good natured Ace Gunner from Saint Gloriana. Despite her bad taste in tea leaves, she has a good sense of humor about everything. She often finds herself making jokes of all kinds, and manages to garner laughs with jokes that by all rights shouldn't even work. Her favorite tank is the Achilles Tank Destroyer.
  169. - (1st Year) Alisa (Loader/Radio): Originally an Ace Commander aboard Saunders High School, she has now been demoted to the rank of Loader and Radio Operator due to her chronic tendency to cheat at things. She has a bad attitude towards those whom she finds incompetent, which unfortunately is pretty much everyone in her crew. Her favorite tank is the M4 Sherman, all variants.
  170. - (1st Year) Izumi Izumi Izumi (Driver): The enthusiastic driver of Chi-Ha-Tan. Her personality is fiery in light of her rather silly name. Despite this, she's just as stubborn as Nezumi when it comes to the superiority of Japanese tanks. Her dogged determination is legendary, to the point of hilarity. Her favorite tank is the Type 89B I-Go Otsu.
  172. 19. HALL MONITORS "Irish Brigade" (KILLS: 0)
  173. CREW BIO: A group of Irish (or in Pinkerton's case, Scottish) Hall Monitors who have seen it fit to protect their school by actively enlisting in the Tankery program. Stern, brash, and Irish, they're a force to be reckoned with.
  174. ASSIGNMENT: M24 Chaffee
  175. - (JR) Alana Pinkerton (Commander/Loader): The stern, and hilariously corrupt former Shift Leader for the LGA Hall Monitors. An inventive officer with an eye for curiosity and a little thing called "Free Speech Zones."
  176. - (JR) Irene O'Bannon (Gunner): Alana's best friend. Carefree, and even more hilariously corrupt than Alana. Regardless, she has a keen eye for details and considers herself a master detective (which isn't true, Alana is.)
  177. - (F) Megan O'Hara (Radio): The loud, brash, and abrasive Shift Leader for the LGA Hall Monitors. She's a stickler for the rules, and takes nothing from nobody, but is polite as long as you are. In a loving relationship with Lynette O'Brian.
  178. - (F) Lynnette O'Brian (Driver): Lazy, sleepy, and is the current record holder for "longest dispatch response time". Also a bit of a smartass, but is the only one who can really get away with snarking at her girlfriend Megan.
  180. 20. CHEERLEADERS "Star" (KILLS: 0) (LOYAL)
  181. CREW BIO: The stereotypically pretty cheerleaders of Lafayette Girls Academy who nobody realized even existed until just a couple of days ago. Despite the obvious stereotype, all of them are actually polite, if a bit too zealous in competition. Clara Savage is the Team Captain.
  182. ASSIGNMENT: Panther Ausf. G
  183. LOYALTY: Clara’s Cheerleading team is now merged with the Tankery Program! All undermanned tanks will now have Cheerleaders to fill out the ranks! Clara’s Cheerleaders can also now provide an INSPIRATIONAL CHEER. For 5 CP per crew, they can raise morale of crews by 5%.
  184. - (SO) Clara Savage (Commander): The so-called "Rival" to Gertrude Pool. Despite this, Gertrude has no idea who the hell she really is. Despite that, Clara is a highly enthusiastic, highly competitive shadow to Gertrude. She's relatively popular amongst the students as well for her beauty and her surprisingly gentle nature with people.
  185. - (SO) Mayfair Stern (Gunner): Red-haired, a bit of a monkey when it comes to affairs, but flexible as all get out. Has a constant rivalry with Brook for the position of Team Lieutenant.
  186. - (SO) Brook Starling (Radio): Beautiful, enough that the rest of the Cheerleading team answers her beck and call half the time as well. Is so concerned with her own self-appearance that she often forgets about important things like friends, family, and even pets.
  187. - (SO) Ren Estrella (Loader): The most physically strongest of the Cheerleaders, and often serves as the bottom for lifts or for tosses and flyers. Unlike the other Cheerleaders, she actually lives rather messily and often shows up to practice with unkempt hair, no make up, and looking terrible in comparison to everyone else. (she claims she has unkempt beauty.)
  188. - (SO) Margo "Stella" Roberts (Driver): Stella is notable for having been struck by lightning last year during a very electrifying performance. She hasn't been the same since, but she's notably much more energetic, twitchy, and surprisingly good at math due to the event.
  189. - The Rest of the Cheerleading team (Honorary): Privy to Clara's commands, the Cheerleading team lends it support wherever it can, whether by it being looking pretty or by providing needed emotional support to other teams.
  198. ROBERT A. HEINLEIN MILITARY ACADEMY (Charleston, South Carolina)
  199. Robert A. Heinlein MA is the largest Academyship in US Service at 17 kilometers and also functions as a Naval base as well. Amanda "Ace" Levy, the southern fried champion, commands this team from her special M24 Chaffee. Heinlein is a team that values good teamwork, and heavy assault tactics.
  202. A British School which is renowned for its world diversity, it also has one of the best Naval Academy programs, with a large number of graduates going into Royal Navy. Beyond that, its Tankery Team jointly led by Victoria Augustine, Anne Murphy, and Mary Stuart, has a well-deserved reputation. Speed, wolf packs, and their Ace Challenger are what make them so feared.
  205. One of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world. A long practitioner of Tankery Unlimited, J. Walter Christie is also branching into Classic. Led by the ever cheery "Ragin' Cajun" Unlimited Captain Perrine Hobart, their line-up is an inconsistent roster of prototypes, one-off variants, and other strange vehicles of the WWII time period.
  207. SAUNDERS HIGH SCHOOL (Nagasaki Prefecture) (DEFEATED)
  208. A Japanese School styled after its incredibly wealthy and rich American benefactors. Kei or "Kay" as she likes to spell it, commands an awesome force of Shermans of all variants. This makes Saunders a very flexible force on the field. Backed up Ace Gunner Naomi and Ace Commander Alisa, Kay's Senshadou team is one of the most elite (if somewhat unlucky) Japanese teams in the ITL.
  210. ST. GLORIANA GIRLS COLLEGE (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  211. A very stereotypically British school from the Japanese. St. Gloriana's Senshadou team is ponderous, but well organized and quick to exploit weakness. Commanded by "Darjeeling", St. Gloriana's Senshadou boasts an honorable and well-trained team.
  213. KUROMORIMINE WOMEN'S COLLEGE (Kumamoto Prefecture)
  214. Better known to English speaking countries as "Black Forest Peak" or "Schwarzwaldspitze", Black Forest Peak holds the Nishizumi dojo, one of the most elite schools for Senshadou in the world. A nine-year champion in the Japanese Senshadou Nationals, their reign has been broken in recent years by a string of defeats. Despite this, their commander, Maho Nishizumi, is still feared and respected for her command and coordination of a well-balanced force of German tanks of all types.
  216. CHI-HA-TAN WOMEN'S ACADEMY (Kyoto Prefecture) (DEFEATED)
  217. A school that values honor and discipline above all. They are commanded by the studious Kinuyo Nishi. Although they've never actually won a title before in the school's existence, they're determined to at least make their opponent's day a rainy one. Their roster consists of a wide variety of Japanese tanks, making them a very mobile force, if a bit fragile and underpowered.
  219. PRAVDA HIGH SCHOOL (Hokkaido Prefecture) (DEFEATED)
  220. A joint Russo-Japanese school, Pravda is a bit behind the times especially with the fall of the Soviet Union some decades ago. Despite that, Pravda is known as one of the most elite schools for Tankery. Thanks to the strict command of the "Swirling Snow" Katyusha and her stalwart Russian womanservant "Blizzard" Nonna, Pravda's Tankery program is rightfully feared as one of the best and brightest teams in the ITL. Their roster sports a variety of Russian tanks of the WWII period, from the limitless T-34, to the imposing IS-2, the gargantuan KV-2.
  222. ANZIO ACADEMY (Aichi Prefecture) (DEFEATED)
  223. An Italian styled Japanese school based out of the Aichi Prefecture. Although rather small in terms of it's team and lacking in any real heavy hitters, they make up for this with sheer enthusiasm. Their Commander Chiyomi "Anchovy" Anzai is a crafty girl, who puts her subordinates on a high standard. Their ambush and deception tactics are second to none, but fall apart against more superior tanks. Considering Italian tanks the Semovente SPG line, the Carro Armato P40, and the CV-33 tankettes, that's not saying much.
  225. KONIGSBERG ACADEMY (Hamburg, Germany)
  226. An underfunded German Academyship, and one of the only German Academyships after a downsizing of the Academyship Program. Despite this, their Panzerfahren program known colloquially around Germany as the "Panzerfahren Lehr", is feared as one of the most Elite teams in Europe. They have come under hard times in terms of funding and manpower, but their tanks which consist of a heavy roster of late-war German tanks such as the indomitable King Tiger, Jagdtiger, Panther, and StuGs means they're nothing to shake a stick at. Their best trait however comes from their ability to coordinate, thanks to the ever-charismatic Piper Blancbois, and her stalwart Officers Emi Nakasuka and Helga Bayerlein.
  228. KURSK GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL (Magadan, Russia)
  229. One of the most prestigious Academyships in Russian service, and for good reason. Kursk Girls Boarding School holds many programs of culture, art, and science. Its Tankery Program is celebrated as one of the most Elite teams in Europe, and they have consistently scored high in every tournament they have participated in for the past 40 years. Their roster consists exclusively of casemate Russian tanks, such as the ever numerous SU-76 Assault Gun, the versatile SU-85 Tank Destroyer, all the way up to famed "Zveroboy" SU-152 and ISU-152. They are commanded by the incredibly dirty, but legendarily patient, Oryola Kuznetsov. Her much cleaner sister, Natalya Kuznetsova, is her second-in-command. Together, the two have formed one of the most unbeatable teams in the World.
  234. PRINCIPAL EUSTACE TENNYSON - The venerable old Principal of Lafayette Girls Academy. Cool, level-headed, but understand that he has to deal with a wild Sophomore, a doormat Junior, and a bitch Senior. Contrary to popular belief, he only really holds power over the Faculty while only occasionally having a hand in student affairs.
  236. THE SENIOR COUNCIL - The seniormost students aboard Lafayette Girls Academy. Led by the bitchy, antagonistic, and cheery President Lilah D. Fredendall. Her Vice President is the hot, nice, but very intimidating Bernadette Francine Fairless. The rest of the council also consists of the crabby Treasurer Henrietta Carnegie, the lazy Andrea Frick, and the caring but somewhat ragey Claire Walker.
  238. THE LAFAYETTE RUNNER STAFF - Headed by the shadowy but apparently nice Wilma Hearst, the Lafayette Runner is LGA's premier student run monthly newspaper. Although everyone knows that its basically Fredendall's paid-for monthly ego booster, it does also occasionally have news. Prominent reporters on the team include Georgia Jones, Stella Hutchins, Charlotte Taylor, and Edna Rosewater, all of whom are a bit determined to get a story no matter where they have to go or where they have to hide.
  240. THE HALL MONITORS - More officially known as Student Security, Hall Monitors serve the purpose of being a student-run police force aboard LGA. There are three things you can really expect from them: Being Irish, being corrupt, or being somewhat incompetent. Alana Pinkerton and Irene O'Bannon are more or less the most famously corrupt Hall Monitors on Fredendall's payroll. The only Hall Monitors who don't seem to be taking money on the side are Megan O'Hara and Lynn O'Brian, but that's really only because they're more concerned with each other and the full letter of the law.
  242. NAVAL STUDIES - The Naval Studies Students form the vast majority of crew aboard the Lafayette Girls Academy, and indeed any Academyship. There are many different departments which are integral to the running of LGA, including Engineering, Merchant, Electronics, Science, Rescue, Medical, Navigation, etc. These include students like basketball fan Lauren Wild, Nebraskan-born corn loving Gretel Mendel, and the top dentistry major student Francine "Franny" Pierce. The Naval Studies world is quite different from General Studies, as while they do get free tuition, they have to work eight-hour shifts on top of managing their classes.
  244. GENERAL STUDIES - Academyships pride themselves in having a variety of programs for students to study in and later major in. General Studies students form up a great percentage of students on Academyships. While they do not serve any actual working purpose like Hall Monitors or Naval Studies, they serve in important role by paying tuition to go to classes and stay aboard the ship. Most General Studies students attend clubs after school, like the Model UN, the Folk Music club led by Nicole Grant, the Reading and Writing Club which consists of Rachel Bradbury and Loretta Niven, the Film Club led by Josefina Vilsmaier, and much more.
  246. JURGEN MISHKA - Better known simply as "Mr. Mishka." He runs the only ITL-Approved Tank Shop on LGA. Beyond that, he's also old enough to have actually have fought in the war, having been a loader in a T-34/76. Still as spry as the day he was born however. A genuinely nice easygoing man, and is on friendly terms with Lisa Cowell. His grand-nephew Huxley Mishka is also on board and serves as his apprentice at the shop.
  248. THE POOL FAMILY - Gertrude's family lives in the nicer districts of D.C. Her father, Garnett Pool is a man who, while being a bit awkward, loves his children very much and loves watching them succeed. Gertrude's sister Griselda is a very wild Tank-nerd who wishes to attend LGA next year. Gertrude's mother Gilda Pool unfortunately suffers from a case of being incredibly dead. All of them are very good friends of the Smith family. Her extended family includes the Pulaski family which consist of her awkward cousin Gordon and her cousin Ashley who is Captain of her own Helicraft Team. It also includes the Paddock family, her mother's side of the family, which also consist of cotton farmers Darrell and Derrell Paddock and their father Uncle Daryl. Overall, the Pool family is a tight-knit little group.
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