Jun 19th, 2019
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  1. [19:59]*Zerian Zinaris She hisses, the eye beneath her grey star mark was starting to turn a steady violet. "I'd watch what you say, stay away from my friends!"
  3. [20:03]Zynder: "I should stay away from your, friends..oh.." *Her threat made all sharp fangs appear past his long snout. Sigma is ignored upon the conflict, simply for not speaking.* "Why don't you show me why~?" *His voice becomes obvious ignorance and malice, shredding in arrogance and anger, smoke slipping from his maw*
  5. [20:06]*Zerian Zinaris "I don't think you realize what you're getting yourself into here...All they want to do is enjoy their time in piece, leave them alone!" A hiss, her eye now a royal violet. The normally Psychic type Pokemon now had claws of Shadow beginning to rim the tips of her paws, leaking across the grass where she was standing. "There's a reason they call me a Guardian where I'm from, and your kinds are one of those reasons!" Though it isn't generally mentioned in her past, where she came from, she's known as the Guardian of the royal house. For seemingly obvious reasons perhaps...
  7. [20:12]Zynder: " *He fires a large flamethrower, in a tornado in proximity to the Espeon who held herself high. Smoke clouds the area, in addition, wasting no time to mega evolve using a Houndoomite that was impaled into the bone of his chest. The mega evolution causes large changes to the Houndoom's form and bone structure, glistening in a dense yellow tint. His maw shuts from the fire, growling loudly.*
  9. [20:17]*Zerian Zinaris A soft glimmer in her gaze, both of her eyes glowing as a dense, thick Light Screen encoats her body, now encasing the Espeon with a reflective screen that is especially strong against the Special Attack move. She could only feel the heat momentarily around her, the Light Screen was...Quite an odd color. It was violet, instead of pink, and licked with shadows in small places across the surface. As the fire would die away from his maw, the Espeon stared up at him stoicly, a soft smirk on her lips. "Is that all you got? Just a marshmallow roaster?" Her cocky tone speaks for her, the shadows at her claws had extended out to a few inches, now clawing the dirt. "Believe me, there's fight in you, but can you handle two beings at once?" Her left eye glimmered, and the star mark under her fur was starting to shimmer. Her paws dug into the grass with the enormous shadow claws, standing her ground against the Fire Type.
  11. [20:24]*Shadow the Entity There was a moment of shimmering energy that came from the shape of the Espeon. A whole extra being was forming from her charcoal colored body, the color of pure black. Violet eyes now stared up at him, as if a Double team had been made of the Espeon, but this was clearly not the same personality that was inside of the other Espeon's head. This one's gleamed with pure malice, hatred, and did not appear to be solid. It twitched in and out of visible vision as the planes meshed together, being situated on the reality continuum, not really there, but in full flesh, there. The entity's eyes shifted up, and flared up with dark shadows, her entire body comprised of the same material. She didn't speak, nor did she seem to actually leave the other Espeon, her left eye remaining violet.
  13. [20:29]Zynder: *The Houndoom is of arrogance and the taunt works, angering him further. This tactic made attacks awfully stronger with emotion, but reckless in leaving certain weaknesses. Furious, the dog roared in protest, the bones around his chest and back growing to cover his body. A crunching noise was heard loudly, along his forehead, the male's horns grow in front of his maw a harsh flamethrower is shot through the horns as they begin to break becoming bullets of hot calcium, a physical retort to her light screen.*
  15. [20:35]*Shadow the Entity The Shadow'd entity merely stands in the hot calcium for the moment, spitting embers her direction. Beings that she was not of true reality, the flames phase through her, hitting the ground below her harmlessly. She had not made any actions, no possible way of harming her at least until the being began creating havoc. Her violet hues narrowed, staring. Still, no words emitted from its mouth, it appeared to be identical to Zerian, but certainly held hatred in her own eyes. The being stood stoicly where she remained.
  17. [20:35]*Zerian Zinaris The Espeon immediately made a dodge to one side, the Light Screen still shrouded around her. She did not notice the Shadow form, or what it did for the time being, only taking a moment's time to duck beneath a rock. The Espeon disappeared from view, leaving his vision. Underneath, she was digging a hole underneath the rock, swiftly piling up dirt out of view of the Houndoom.
  19. [20:38]Zynder: "Hiding already?" *He is completely ignorant to the shadow beastie, dropping onto the ground belly side. The Houndoom's bones crunch out of his body with loud clacks and crocks, literally sounds of bones breaking and crunching from his back. Now Zerain and Zynder are out of site, a large dome of bone surrounded the demon dog, he begins to dig.*
  21. [20:47]*Zerian Zinaris The Espeon had stopped only a few meters under, not enough so that he would know where she would be headed. She made an alcove, a small cave, and began to shut her eyes. In a few moments, the Espeon had gathered up a Future Sight. Inside the dome, a skeleton of a Houndoom. The said beast was now digging past the fence of the Daycare. She took a soft breath, and climbed back up from the hole, only prodding her head out to look at where the dome was sitting, and climbed out. She had sent this information to her duplicate...
  23. [20:49]*Shadow the Entity The entity freezes for the moment. Violet eyes were beginning to scan the grass. The future sight could be felt from the other, and immediately, the Shadow would start to sprint towards the spot where the Houndoom was last able to be felt...Using the future sight as information. Shadows flecked against the matted fur that could be barely visible, wisps of tendrils slipping around its neck, legs, and arms. The eyes of this being had turned ever darker in color, nearly starting to turn red in hue.
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