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  1. "Spikesuit" is a cute term I came up with that simply describes gaining a shinespark suit from a spike or spike-like source (electricity, primarily). This pastebin will explain how to do it and some of the ways to utilize it within a speedrun.
  3. Original video by EternisedDragon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXm-Z_H-cq0
  7. How It Works
  8. ============
  10. Reeve explained it as follows:
  12. "There are 2 frames to unmorph and only 1 frame to activate the shinespark in the right moment. If you unmorph in the 1st possible frame you have 2 frames to shinespark, but the first frame won't trigger the stationary animation, only the second frame will give you the blue suit. If you unmorph in the second possible frame you will have only 1 frame to activate the shinespark, which is the magic frame for the stationary Samus."
  14. The reason why this works has to do with the knockback timer. To put it simply, if Samus is morphed, and unmorphs immediately after taking damage, Samus will, approximately eight frames later, be in a crouched pose in midair, and this crouched pose allows Samus to activate a shinespark. When a shinespark is activated as the knockback timer reaches zero, this shinespark suit phenomenon occurs.
  18. How To Perform
  19. ==============
  21. To obtain a shinespark suit through this method, you will need the following:
  23. - The ability to charge a shinespark or already have a stored shinespark (whether through a previously-acquired shinespark suit or blue suit)
  24. - The ability to morph
  25. - An applicable damage source
  27. To obtain the shinespark suit with this method, execute the following:
  29. - With a shinespark charged (or shinespark suit active), move onto the damage source while morphed
  30. - Unmorph on the frame you take damage ("frame 1") or the frame after ("frame 2")
  31. - On "frame 10", activate the shinespark
  33. If you unmorphed on one of the two correct frames but missed the shinespark input later, you will be able to tell because Samus will appear crouched in midair for a moment before falling.
  35. If you unmorphed on the first of the two correct frames and activated the shinespark on the first possible frame, the shinespark will automatically activate rather than cause you to hover, meaning you did not gain the shinespark suit. I typically refer to this as the 'bad window' - the trick essentially has three frame windows, with two of them yielding the hover, and one of them not. If you see Samus turn or become blue at all, then you will have it as soon as you leave the hover. If you didn't see that, then you didn't get it.
  37. I feel the simplest way for obtaining the shinespark suit with this method is to simply mash jump at a natural speed. I personally mash jump with my thumb the moment I see Samus contact the damage source at what I feel is a natural mashing speed, and tend to get it about once every three tries. Everyone has a different speed at which they feel mashing is at a natural speed, so all I can stress is not to rush it. Even though the input for activating the shinespark is ~0.15 seconds later, you won't have to mash ridiculously fast to have the input land at that moment.
  39. IF YOU HAVE SPRING BALL ENABLED, the input to unmorph must be done by pressing up instead of jump - otherwise, you will spring instead of unmorph. In other words, you cannot mash jump to activate the shinespark if Spring Ball is equipped.
  41. You do not want to be holding a direction (left or right) when you attempt to activate the shinespark in midair as it can cause an immediate shinespark activation, causing a shinespark suit not to be produced.
  45. Speedrun Applications
  46. =====================
  48. Below are some viable applications for the spikesuit within speedruns of Super Metroid.
  50. ---
  52. Draygon
  54. This can be useful in many categories depending on circumstances.
  56. - Charge a shinespark
  57. - Jump up to an exposed turret location
  58. - Morph before touching the turret's electricity
  59. - Attempt the inputs
  61. What having a shinespark suit instead of blue suit here allows you to do is run around, which saves frames, if not seconds, depending on the situation. For example, if you find yourself wanting Draygon's drops before escaping Draygon's chamber in an any% run, you can obtain a shinespark suit to collect the drops quicker and then reach the upper door from a running jump rather than a gravitation jump. It also lets you enter Draygon's entry chamber with speed from running, and means you do not have to crouch to charge the shinespark to use it in the Collosseum before entering that room as it will already be active, thus saving frames.
  63. This is obviously risky to perform if you obtained a blue suit from Draygon, as the benefits from having a shinespark suit instead of a blue suit are very minor outside of drop collection -> room exit circumstances. The vast majority of people will not risk losing their blue suit to obtain a shinespark suit due to the 'bad window' that can occur.
  65. Krauser's highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/39244709
  67. Four in a row: https://archive.org/download/viptech/almost%20quintuple%20spikesuit.mp4
  69. For additional references, this spikesuit has been performed in every current personal best of the top three Any% players, which you can find here: https://wiki.supermetroid.run/Record_Progression
  71. ---
  73. Crocomire
  75. This is primarily useful in 100%, especially if Crocomire is fought after Ridley.
  77. If Crocomire is fought early:
  79. - After coming back from the Energy Tank, charge a shinespark before reaching the wall of spikes
  80. - Morph onto the ground
  81. - Roll into the wall of spikes
  82. - Attempt the inputs
  84. The above should give you two, if not three, attempts with one shinespark charge before it fades. You may have the chance to charge a second shinespark for more attempts at it before the camera locks into place for the wall of spikes to break apart.
  86. Having a shinespark suit here will allow you to shinespark through the drops and out the door (which you should have opened previously with a "wrap-around shot") without needing to spend time shortcharging a shinespark, saving around a second.
  88. It is mildly risky because each attempt will cost 30 energy, which can be relevant due to Wrecked Ship being visited soon after Crocomire.
  90. If Crocomire is fought late:
  92. - Basically the same as above, but due to the manner in which Crocomire is defeated and due to having Spring Ball, an exploit can be performed that will allow Samus to be at the wall of spikes while Crocomire is melting in the acid, allowing for more chances at the spikesuit
  94. The difference here is that because of Spring Ball, you will need to unmorph with up instead of jump.
  96. I suggest watching one of Behemoth or Zoast's 100% runs at Crocomire to understand how it can be done and how it should be maintained until it is used at the spiked hall before X-Ray Scope, thus saving (up to) approximately 5 seconds. Credit goes to Zoast for the idea to use it in that location.
  98. An example: https://archive.org/download/viptech/croco%20spikesuit.mp4
  102. Theoretical Applications
  103. ========================
  105. 14% Speed (or a similar category)
  107. If it were possible to have a shinespark suit during the Super Metroid cutscene, it could be applied in this sort of manner:
  109. https://archive.org/download/14Speed/theoretical%2014speed%20sm%20partial%20skip.mp4
  111. By my initial inspection, this would appear to save ~16 seconds (minus whatever time it took to generate the shinespark suit) if it were somehow possible. The main issue is that, besides not messing up when attempting to use it, there doesn't seem to be any viable location for generating a shinespark suit before Tourian. You will want to use whatever suit you receive from Draygon in the Colosseum rather than doing this, so...
  113. ---
  115. Reverse Boss Order
  117. EternisedDragon and I discussed that a shinespark suit could theoretically save time in early parts of Maridia, in either Main Street or Fish Tank. The best place for generating a shinespark suit for this purpose might be in the Fireflea Energy Tank room of Lower Norfair, on the way out from Ridley. It should be used to get up through the first half of Main Street, then proceed as usual, which would save roughly 14 seconds (minus the time it takes to acquire the shinespark suit).
  119. The location for using the shinespark suit, if anyone wants to try incorporating this into runs:
  121. https://archive.org/download/viptech/mms%20rbo%20shinespark.mp4
  123. The spikes next to the Alcoons upon leaving the Fireflea Energy Tank room could also be used, but it seems like a riskier location for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being heat damage.
  125. A poorly spliced example of my idea to use it in Fish Tank instead (this is slower), for those curious:
  127. https://archive.org/download/viptech/poorly%20spliced%20rbo%20fishtank%20spark%20idea.mp4
  131. Changelog
  132. =========
  134. 12/18/17 - Reworded a lot of the information in an attempt to make it more understandable.
  135. 2/4/18 - Minor changes.
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