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Dec 9th, 2011
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  1. weren't you the one in my math class at Elsik ? i believe you had a common accidental scar on one of your brows. anyway i am writing for no other reason to wish you and your family well wishes, and since i never really got to know your brothers on a personal basis, I simply hope that they are alive, well, happy, and free. do take care of yourself. you sure were extra smart at math, a personality trait that is highly valuable.
  3. have a wonderful halloween, your and your family.
  5. Arthur Rosene
  6. 23 minutes ago
  7. Arthur Rosene
  9. Brian were not supposed to be friends is the incorrect answer.
  11. this is not supposed to mean "we're supposed to hate each other" it would mean, we're good buddies, and that guy Hector is one evil son of a bitch. you have made accusations that i have given hector $10, $100, all for cocaine, but in the end it was The Cult - Outlaw that caught you. but your not in jail. why is that ? you lied under penalty of perjury. when it was over and done with and i started my life i came completely clean. i told bunches of people what happened and it all boiled down to he demanded he (Hector) give it to you. after i understood i had done no wrong it was pizza time. you however had made up lie after lie about me. you have never so much has said a mean word to me like "pick up my tennis ball" and for the record, i've never seen you or Hector snort anything. someone who lies against an innocent to cause them misery, pain, suffering, depression, to avoid going to jail either doesn't want charges for lying under penalty of murder, or hasn't made up his next story to cover up for some other crime and from what i've heard about you its likely worst than assault and robbery. coming clean the first time is what have set you free. i'm certain you would not have told Hector or William to kill someone to get you your coke. so likely you were very scared. odd thing is -- you did not appear scared to me at all. you also have time accounting to do all of the weeks you were absolutely not with Hector Paez and for what reason. you also have to account for why you decided to be buddies with him all of a sudden after Hector drinks his first shotgun bottle of crystal and its you and your brother i believe that is going out on the town. why didn't you pick any of the 3 weeks before that and why of all reasons would you party with a disturbed person. he wasn't disturbed around you. and he was never disturbed if he was drunk. as far rip offs, i can tell you not once in my life have i given you acid that if you had any complaints about that i would not give you another. and you certainly have never bad mouth me in the entire life span of my life. how can you sacrifice a memory like that ? i was very good to you. i may never have given you bad acid in my entire life. Hectors only complaint was the night of the murder and its "i'm tripping hard lets smoke pot" and we smoked and there was never a kind word out of his mouth in that closet whatsoever. he sat against the wall waiting for me to prepare the joints or a bowl which pleased him so much that he had turned transgendered and confessed to me in his own bed that when bullets pierce the body its explodes inside his target. we are bed side. and he would not have say "hey, look here, this is my other gun, and there are my hallowpoints that explode inside the human body. perhaps you have keys to what happened that night and you are complicit for other things. for instance -- why was Hectors apartment spic and span clean ? no blood. no smell of gas. no rags or towels. not to mention his clothes was not dirty at all. i would have considered you a Catholic then. i was ethically catholic. and you my acquaitance have always been very kind to me all my life. i've never ever even heard you say anything like "hurry up with that acid" or "why do you keep selling bunk" now cocaine is where i draw the line. i was absolutely clean free of cocaine without a desire or an intent to sell. tell me why is it Hector never complained a single time about acid nor did he ever make a funny face like you did something wrong. during his entire confession which preceded all of that the only person he had held for total blame was literally himself. a self proclaimed catholic who was going to hell. and tell me this -- if Hector leaned foward with arms outstretched to kiss a man on his forehead then almost instantly arm his gun aim it at his head and blow it off. all without a single blood stain at home. squeaky clean. he got for what he asked for and that was good acid. his only remarks was i'm tripping hard lets go into the closet and smoke pot. that is not blame. and that is certainly not cocaine. i only heard the word cocaine once that night and thats when he told me he killed someone over it. then HPD disables me and makes me scared of firehydrants. now -- there is no jusifiable reason for that, but ever since i left high school i have been suffering between the lies of two people in a death pact, you and Hector. if your crime is that the cocaine was for you, the most logical chess move at this point in time is to admit it. you wouldn't have killed anyone. you just had some arrangement with Hector. that had been established with "Outlaw" ifs its definitely not me, it certainly must be you. hector never once said he raised his hand at me, or he reached for a knife, or that he even had a gun. not even a mention that the other person had a gun even when he enacted the whole scene before my very eyes and he breaks down and cries the hardest when his head flys back after execution style murder. i feel very sorry for your short brother. he was squeaky clean. he was super smart. he also had nothing to do with you. so is it cocaine ? a past homicide ? assault ? or something bigger than robbery you are hiding perhaps with Hector or his gang ?
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