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  2. [6:33:19 PM] synchbro: rip admin privileges
  3. [6:33:30 PM] woad ashe: DUNNO WHO TO TRUST
  4. [6:33:30 PM] woad ashe: SRRY
  5. [6:33:38 PM] synchbro: rofl
  6. [6:33:40 PM] synchbro: for what
  7. [6:33:55 PM] woad ashe: i will reinstate after i have banned more people
  8. [6:34:00 PM] synchbro: rofl
  9. [6:34:03 PM] synchbro: why are you banning everyone
  10. [6:34:06 PM] synchbro: I'm so confused
  11. [6:34:10 PM] woad ashe: anyone and everyone associated with june
  12. [6:34:14 PM] synchbro: ahahaha
  13. [6:34:15 PM] synchbro: what did he do
  14. [6:34:24 PM] woad ashe: be june
  15. [6:35:09 PM] synchbro: I don't know what that means but typically june is right below the "ban" line
  16. [6:36:09 PM] woad ashe: the line has been lowered
  17. [6:36:53 PM] synchbro: rip june
  18. [6:40:46 PM] synchbro: did you ban him for being anti esea
  19. [6:41:05 PM] woad ashe: no i banned him for being june
  20. [6:41:10 PM] woad ashe: if i banned peoplpe for being anti esea the entire forum would be banned
  21. [6:42:23 PM] synchbro: well that was going to be my next question
  22. [6:42:33 PM] synchbro: tbh it just wouldn't be a tf2 forum if june wasn't banned
  23. [6:42:45 PM] woad ashe: he is completely intolerable
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