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Royalty Riot Gaming Rules

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Dec 4th, 2019
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  1. Discord:
  2. # Chat Rules
  3. - [No spamming](flooding the chat with messages.)
  4. - [No bashing](heated arguments to other people in the chat.)
  5. - [No racist or degrading content](racial terms are not allowed.)
  6. - [No advertising](discord servers or other servers.)
  7. - [No referral links.](images are allowed that are family friendly, no website links)
  8. - [No begging or repeatedly asking for help](please keep question in the #help-support channel.)
  9. - [No offensive names](racist, sexist, or a name that could offend someone)
  10. - [No-unofficial-bots](Inviting unofficial bots is NOT ALLOWED without Manager+ approval, any bots that found will be BANNED without warning.)
  11. - [Do not cause a nuisance in the community](repeated complaints from several members will lead to administrative action.)
  12. - [Do not argue with staff](Decisions are final.)
  13. # SCP: SL Server Rules
  15. - [No KOSing D-Class in light](You may KOS any D-Class in Heavy, Entrance, or Sureface zone that are unescorted)
  16. - [Don't kill yourself on purpose](Killing yourself after you get a role you don't want)
  17. - [Do not harass, grief, or troll players](Players play games to have fun not to fight with some random)
  18. - [Do not abuse exploits](List of exploits allowed under this)
  19. - [Do not impersonate Staff or Members](Impersonating staff will lead to administrative action)
  20. - [Admin decisions are final.](If you get muted, please don't argue with that staff member. If you feel like they are abusing their powers please report this to Intel or Bullet)
  21. - [No advertising](Please don't advertise other servers)
  22. - [No teaming](SCPs cannot team with NTF, Chaos, D-Class, Scientist. SCPs will have Serpent's Hand to team with them)
  23. - [No mic spamming](Spamming loud, annoying, ear-rape)
  24. - [No client side improvements that give you a edge over other players](Hacking, macros)
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