Vinyl Beach Rape (Not Mine)

Dec 2nd, 2016
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Napping at the beach.
  3. >Needed to get away from CHS for a little while.
  4. >Luckily, you’d be surprised by the amount of freedom a working car can give you; at least when compared to a non-working one.
  5. >Then again, considering what happened the last time you had a non-working one, maybe it’s not such a bad thing.
  6. >Leaning back, you feel the hot sun on your skin.
  7. >Yea, this was what you needed.
  8. >You just sit still for a moment, soaking it in, an umbrella keeping it out of your eyes.
  9. >A brief flash of annoyance flashes through you when someone blocks the light, but it melts away when you open your eyes.
  10. >Vinyl.
  11. >You’re confused.
  12. “Vinyl? What…what are you doing here? Did you follow me?”
  13. >She nods.
  14. >Vinyl wasn’t exactly a talkative person.
  15. >At least she took the time to get into proper dress.
  16. >Her bikini bra barely holds in her modest tits, causing them to spill up and over into the light.
  17. >The fabric clings to her body, and you’re not sure, but you think you can see two distinct points where her nipples should be.
  18. >She’s got a slight six pack, bared for the world to see.
  19. >Her usual purple leggings are replaced by tight, rubber swimwear.
  20. >Tight enough that you can see her mound.
  21. >Her music tattoo pokes out from under them.
  22. >Snapping back to reality, you focus on her face.
  23. >Obviously, she brought her sunglasses, hiding her beautiful red eyes.
  24. “Why did you follow me?”
  25. >She just smiles and walks away.
  26. >Weird.
  28. >She comes back a minute later with a towel and another umbrella.
  29. >Two umbrellas.
  30. >Huh.
  31. >Maybe she thinks you’re looking a little sunburnt?
  32. >Regardless, she wastes no time as she sets up next to you.
  33. >One umbrella covers you from stomach to knee; while another is angled so low you doubt it’s really blocking anything.
  34. >She stands up again.
  35. “Vinyl, what are you doing?”
  36. >Slowly, she begins to circle you, like a predator watching its prey.
  37. >It makes you feel kind of small.
  38. >She vanishes again, and when she returns she’s got another umbrella.
  39. >Where was she getting them all from?
  40. >This one goes down a little to your left, also angled strangely low.
  41. >With this, Vinyl seems content.
  42. >Stepping over the umbrella, she stands above you.
  43. >Suddenly, you feel very, very small.
  44. “Actually, you know what? I was just about to go…”
  45. >You push against the ground.
  46. >Vinyl places a foot on your chest, and pushes you back down.
  47. >Oh god, not again.
  48. >Your dick nearly didn’t survive last time.
  49. “Vinyl, we can’t do this here, people will see!”
  50. >She smiles, and nearly collapses onto your chest.
  51. >Her twat rubs against you as she leans forward.
  52. >”Look.”
  53. >Is all she says.
  54. >You turn your head.
  55. >Your sight is entirely blocked by one of the umbrellas.
  56. >Oh.
  57. >You understand now.
  58. >Her hand grabs the side of her face, and forces you to look forward.
  59. >She’s removed her sunglasses.
  60. >You only get a glimpse of her eyes before she dives downwards, lips locking with yours.
  62. >Her tongue is aggressive inside your mouth.
  63. >It physically beats yours into submission, pinning it to the bottom of your mouth as it moves.
  64. >Her tongue itself is unbelievably sweet, like an energy drink.
  65. >Deeper and deeper it probes into your mouth, only stopping to wrap around your tongue and force it back down.
  66. >Eventually, it pulls back, dragging against you as Vinyl takes a deep breath.
  67. >You take this as an opportunity to do the same.
  68. >Vinyl looks down at you, rubbing herself up and down your chest.
  69. >”Fuck, you’re so…”
  70. >She dives back down.
  71. >Your hands flail for a grip to try and stop her, but she’s anticipating that.
  72. >She grabs them, forces them to be still.
  73. >And then pulls them towards her chest, forcing them into her tits.
  74. >Reluctantly, you grab them; running your thumbs over them until you find her nipples through the fabric.
  75. >As soon as you do, she goes wild.
  76. >Her tongue explodes in your mouth, darting around faster than ever.
  77. >The weight on your chest shifts rapidly as she humps you like she’s in heat.
  78. >Your body reacts in turn, blood rapidly flowing into lil Anon.
  79. >Yes, you named it lil Anon.
  80. >Vinyl pulls out of your mouth again, biting your lip on the way out.
  81. >She takes another breath.
  82. >You watch as one of her hands goes down to her clit, still encased in rubber, while another reaches back to rub against your member.
  83. >You knead her nipples as she dives back down, and it isn’t long until she can’t hold back any longer.
  84. >With a wordless shout into your mouth, Vinyl shakes, tongue going limp.
  85. >Her pants are so tight that her fluids leak down her thighs, seeping out the edges of the rubber.
  86. >They begin to pool on your body.
  88. >Eventually, Vinyl disconnects from you, pulling her tongue back into her mouth.
  89. >She sits on top of you, panting, before smiling.
  90. >Her eyes drift to your sticky, now wet body.
  91. >”Looks like…I mean, I need to get you…gotta get you cleaned up now, huh?”
  92. >You look at her.
  93. >Slowly, she slides backwards, still dragging herself across your body.
  94. >You gasp as she saddles over your cock, and in response, she pauses.
  95. >Humps your rod just a little, not enough to get you off, before continuing backwards.
  96. >Then he stops, and bends down.
  97. >Her head rests against your chest, until she smiles.
  98. >”You smell…nice.”
  99. >Carefully, she lolls her tongue out, and drags it across your chest; lapping up her own juices.
  100. >She shudders as the taste hits her, eyes fluttering into the back of her head.
  101. >She doesn’t stop until you’re completely clean of her essence.
  102. >Taking a deep breath, she sits back up, wiping the drool off her chin.
  103. >Focusing on the tent in your pants, she smiles again.
  104. >”All that…You’re getting that hot over me?”
  105. >You just buck your hips.
  106. >”Well…that’s too bad, isn’t it?”
  107. >Vinyl stands back up.
  108. >”I’ve…you’ve already made me cum. I don’t…I’m done here.”
  109. “Vinyl, please.”
  110. >”No. I don’t think…you don’t want it bad enough.”
  111. >She turns to leave.
  112. >You panic slightly.
  113. >Quickly, you run your hands down to your pants, pulling them down to your knees.
  114. >Vinyl pauses as your cock springs into the air.
  115. >Hard, thick and long.
  116. >She stares at it, nearly drooling, before gathering her senses.
  117. >”Fine. But understand that I’m…you’re not in control. You stop when I say so.”
  118. >With that, she turns back around and crouches down.
  120. >Her pants come off rather quickly as well.
  121. >The smell hits you immediately.
  122. >It’s musky and needy and desperate.
  123. >You hear a splash from somewhere, and immediately remember where you actually are.
  124. >You clench as you look around, suddenly aware that the only thing between you and the beach is a couple of flimsy umbrellas.
  125. >Vinyl notices your slight panic.
  126. >”We could always remove them, if you wanted.”
  127. >You shake your head.
  128. >”Well, okay then.”
  129. >She places her bare pussy directly above your cock.
  130. >You can feel the heat from it before she even begins to lower herself.
  131. >With conviction, Vinyl goes down, the tip of your penis pushing against her folds.
  132. >There’s resistance, but not for long.
  133. >You take initiative, thrusting upwards.
  134. >You both gasp in unison as you break through.
  135. >It’s tight.
  136. >It’s so incredibly, wonderfully tight.
  137. >You can feel Vinyl’s every breath, her every heartbeat; each one causing movement that sends shocks of pleasure down your spine.
  138. >You’re barely even in yet.
  139. >And then Vinyl forces you out.
  140. >You look at her, confused.
  141. >”What did I…who’s in charge, Anon?”
  142. >Guilt hits you.
  143. “You are.”
  144. >”That’s right. We go at…my pace. Not yours. Understand?”
  145. >You’d say anything to feel that pussy again.
  146. “Yes.”
  147. >”Ignore me again, and no more…you don’t get this hot ass anymore.”
  148. >She slaps her own ass.
  149. >”Understand?”
  150. >Anything.
  151. “Yes.”
  152. >”Good.”
  153. >A hand grips your dick, and guides it back towards Vinyl’s cunt.
  154. >Lightning races through you as she lowers herself again.
  155. >Your breath is caught in your throat as the sheer sensation overwhelms you.
  156. >You don’t even notice as Vinyl grabs your hands again, and puts them where they belong.
  157. >On her chest.
  158. >”Keep them there. No matter what.”
  159. >You nod, not really understanding through the pleasure.
  161. >Slowly, Vinyl bobs on your dick.
  162. >A groan worms its way out of your lips.
  163. >You can’t even control it, it just feels so good.
  164. >You can feel the world shrinking with every thrust, every drop.
  165. >Until it’s just you, her, and her incredibly tight love tunnel.
  166. >Vinyl knows just what to do as well.
  167. >Every shift of her legs pushes against new places, sends your pleasure to higher peaks.
  168. >Your breath keeps catching in your throat, coming out as joyful vocalizations.
  169. >Vinyl is enjoying herself as well.
  170. >Even more so when you begin to move your hands again, pinching and releasing her nipples.
  171. >Her free hand is moving furiously near her snatch, rubbing it hard while she willingly impales herself on your cock.
  172. >Inside, she feels hotter than the beach.
  173. >She twitches, and you feel her clamp down.
  174. >The pressure causes you to thrust back up involuntarily, and Vinyl just sighs angrily and moves her closest hand to push you back down.
  175. >You can feel how sticky and wet it is.
  176. >She clamps down again, and you let out another load moan.
  177. >Vinyl purses her lips.
  178. >Her hands retreat from their positions, and she throws more weight down on you as she works, fumbling with her bikini.
  179. >You’re too dazed to think much of it.
  180. >Eventually, Vinyl’s bra falls into your hands, pushed against her breasts and your hands.
  181. >Vinyl smiles.
  182. >”Close your eyes. You can’t…don’t get to see my…tits.”
  183. >You don’t question it.
  184. >You feel Vinyl remove your hands, taking the bra out from between them, and putting your hands back.
  185. >Without the fabric, her breasts feel so much bigger, so much fuller.
  186. >You squeeze them experimentally.
  187. >”Open.”
  188. >You open your eyes.
  189. >You get a glimpse of your hands covering her bare breasts, before Vinyl shoves her entire bra into your mouth.
  190. >”Making too much noise. Much quieter now.”
  192. >You gag, struggling to breathe as you panic slightly.
  193. >Vinyl doesn’t even care; slamming herself down on you with greater vigour as you struggle.
  194. >Air floods through your nose as you calm down, but the fabric in your mouth completely muffles any noise you make.
  195. >The only sounds you hear are the rough slapping of your penetration and any squeaks that Vinyl is unable to suppress.
  196. >You can’t keep this pace up for much longer.
  197. >Between the heat, her vice-like grip, the sounds she makes, the mounds beneath your hands and the feeling of her sweaty body writhing on top of you, you know you’re gonna cum soon.
  198. >Vinyl knows it as well.
  199. >And, in preparation, leans over near you, and closes one of the umbrellas.
  200. >The shock nearly pushes you over the edge, until you snap back to reality.
  201. >You can see other people.
  203. >There’s dozens of them, all minding their own business.
  204. >It’s only a matter of time until they notice.
  205. >You move to reinstall the umbrella, but Vinyl shoots you a look.
  206. >”Remember, remove your hands, and we’re done here.”
  207. >That’s not an option, but still…
  208. >You try to voice your displeasure, but can’t.
  209. >”Don’t worry, they can’t see me though, I’m still covered.”
  210. >You note her umbrellas are still fine.
  211. >”What’s wrong? Scared of…can’t handle a little crowd?”
  212. >A red blush races over your face.
  213. >You can barely think through your emotions, but one thought makes itself clear.
  214. >She wants to play this game?
  215. >Fine.
  217. >You kick your leg upwards, throwing her slightly off balance and sending more waves through your dick.
  218. >One of the umbrellas falls down as you connect with it, baring Vinyl to the world as well.
  219. >She freezes when she realizes what you’ve done, simultaneously clenching and dropping herself down on you.
  220. >To the hilt.
  221. >Taking advantage of her shock, you thrust upwards.
  222. >She lets out a loud gasp, before covering her mouth.
  223. >Can’t make noise, can’t let anyone hear.
  224. >Can’t let this momentum go to waste either.
  225. >Grabbing her breasts harder, you continue thrusting upwards and into her, jostling her up and down.
  226. >She’s biting down on her lip to stop herself from squealing.
  227. >You can feel it coming long before it hits.
  228. >So can Vinyl.
  229. >She can feel your dick grow larger inside her, and the feeling snaps her back to reality, out of the pleasurable haze you’ve sent her into.
  230. >Determined to get the last laugh, she pushes herself down, hard enough that you can’t push her off.
  231. >All you can do is throw your head back as it comes, and you shoot your spunk deep inside Vinyl’s womb.
  232. >In return, she lets out a loud screech, before throwing her hand into her mouth and biting.
  233. >Even still, you can hear her muffled scream of pleasure.
  234. >Your cum keeps coming, spilling out of her cunt and running down her thighs to mix with the fluids already there.
  235. >A little drips down your dick to settle against your crotch.
  236. >Finally, it ends, sapping the last of your energy out with it.
  237. >Judging by how Vinyl collapsed onto your chest, she was just as exhausted.
  238. >Neither of you even had the energy to remove yourself from the other.
  240. >It isn’t until you hear the sound of footsteps that the two of you suddenly find that last, hidden reserve of strength.
  241. >Vinyl practically rips her bra out of your mouth and scrambles for her pants.
  242. >You’re lucky; all you need to do is pull your pants up.
  243. >To cover for her, you fumble to extend the umbrella.
  244. >Turning, you see that Vinyl has gotten her rubber pants back on, and she spins around.
  245. >”Quick, tie my…put my bra back on, I gotta clean up.”
  246. >Bending down, Vinyl gathers the cum leaking out of her pants on her fingers.
  247. >And then, nonchalantly, sticks her fingers in her mouth.
  248. >She savours the taste for a moment, before smiling.
  249. >”You taste…it’s nice, don’t blame me.”
  250. >You get her fully dressed just in time.
  251. >The bystander was just concerned that he’d heard someone screaming, and wanted to check to soothe his conscience.
  252. >It wasn’t hard to convince him to leave.
  253. >Both of you release a breath you weren’t aware you were holding.
  254. >Vinyl gives it a moment, before smiling.
  255. >She’s still horny.
  256. >You can smell it on her sweaty, desperate body.
  257. >”You know I…there’s condoms back in my car. And…and Viagra. We could…do an… stick it in my ass again.”
  258. >You’re exhausted.
  259. “I don’t think I can…”
  260. >Vinyl clicks her fingers.
  261. >”Not a suggestion. Order. Come with me…come to the car and fuck my ass.”
  262. >She begins to drag you back across the beach.
  263. >Well, when she puts it like that?
  264. >Who could say no?
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