Back to Basics v2.1 Changelog

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  2. Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges v2.1
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  5. Global:
  6. - Fixed a bug where Grenades could not damage team weapon crews inside emplacements.
  7. - Fixed various invalid desciptions as well as giving them an overall improvement.
  8. - Victor Target range casting range increased from 45 to 50.
  10. AI:
  11. - Fixed a reported fatal scar error bug for Commonwealth HQ control script.
  13. GUI:
  14. - Added a new custom loading screen which in HD resolution (1920x1080).
  15. - Updated the Main Menu background to be HD resolution.
  17. Languages:
  18. - German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Italian and Russian languages now completely swapped to English text, to include all new custom values.
  19. - Chinese translations added, thanks to Saukopf.
  21. Maps:
  22. - Fixed that Brinelle (4) would crash on load.
  24. American:
  25. - Fixed a bug where the Off-Map Combat Group would not drain enough population on call-in.
  26. - Fixed a bug where the Off-Map combat Group would spawn the T17 Armored Car and Infantry Squads simultaniously, instead of with a small delay between the units.
  27. - Fixed a bug where the M36 Jackson Battlegroup would spawn two Panthers simultaniously, instead of with a small delay between the vehicles.
  28. - Fixed a bug that when Armored Infantry was unlocked, all Light Vehicles granted the ability to capture strategic points.
  29. - Fixed a bug that Allied War Machine wasn't unlocked until the T34 Calliope Rocket Artilery also was unlocked.
  30. - M8 Greyhound Mine Drop cost decreased from 50 to 35 munitions.
  31. - T17 Armored Car Mine drop cost decreased from 50 to 35 munitions.
  33. Commonwealth:
  34. - Fixed a bug where Mortar Emplacements were able to throw grenades.
  35. - Fixed a bug where Artillery and Mortar Barrages would disappear when unlocking Victor Targetting.
  36. - Fixed armour type of the Panther 'Cuckoo'.
  37. - Smoke Rifle Grenade now costs 15 munition to be in line with all other Smoke Barrages.
  38. - Lowered the chance that Boys AT Rifles penetrate Tigers, King Tigers and Jagdtigers.
  39. - Staghound Mine Drop cost decreased from 50 to 35 munitions.
  40. - Removed Mortar Overwatch Barrage.
  41. - Fixed missing requirement for the Command Tank's Smoke Creeping Barrage, it now requires Forward Artillery Observers from the Royal Canadian Artillery, as intended.
  42. - Added missing reinforce radius to the Kangaroo Carrier.
  43. - Churchill AVRE can now auto search targets, being effective versus Infantry and Buildings.
  44. - Churchill AVRE "Fire 290mm Petard" ability can now exclusively be targeted on Buildings, but will destroy almost any building with a single shell.
  45. - Fire 290mm Petard ability cost increased from 25 to 100 munitions, and recharge set to 100 seconds.
  46. - Canadian Infantry can no longer construct Defenses, as intended.
  47. - Normalized Tetrach weapon to be equal to the Stuart Gun.
  48. - Normalized Tetrach Little John Adapter to be a littlebit more powerful than the normal gun, with a small area of effect explosion.
  49. - Boys AT Rifle target penetration values nerfed against medium and heavy tanks.
  51. Wehrmacht:
  52. - Fixed a bug where Motorcycles were too resistant to allied armored cars.
  53. - Fixed a bug where the 81mm Gr. 34 Mortar Emplacement could not be recrewed after the mortar was destroyed.
  54. - Panther Turret MG42 upgrade cost increased from 50 to 75 munitions, to match with all others.
  55. - Fixed a bug where Forced Retreat would not activate.
  56. - Increased Forced Retreat casting range from 25 to 40.
  57. - Inspired Assault no longer costs munitions to activate, and recharge time increased from 45 to 90 seconds.
  58. - Inspired Assault now also resets any suppression of the affected Infantry.
  60. Panzer Elite:
  61. - Fixed a bug where the Panther Battlegroup would spawn two Panthers simultaniously, instead of with a small delay between the vehicles.
  62. - Fixed a bug where the Scout Car got extreme suppression modifiers on lockdown.
  63. - Fixed a bug where Fallshirmjägers could not Infiltrate from buildings anymore.
  64. - Fixed a bug where Schimmwagens and Kettenkrads were too resistant to allied armored cars.
  65. - Fixed a bug where Fallshirmjägers would instantly camouflage after each shot and not reveal during combat; making them nearly invincible.
  66. - Fixed a bug that Overdrive on the Sd.Kfz. 222 Armored Car would drain fuel income when activated.
  67. - Mortar Bunker Barrage moved from slot 9 to slot 8.
  68. - Mortar Bunker Description fixed.
  69. - Added missing FG42 Assault Rifle, so that every squad member has one once upgraded.
  70. - Set FG42 range tables to be the same as rifle ranges; the reason behind this is that the FG42 combines the firepower of an LMG with the portability of an Assault Rifle. This makes the FG42 a very unique weapon to use.
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