14% Ice Post-2014

Feb 16th, 2015
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  1. This is an analysis of both zoast's 52:19 and my 52:34 in 14% Ice to explain many strategic improvements to the route compared to the runs from before 2015. A lot changed after zoast's 53:56 from 2014, and this will explain many updates to the route for anyone interested in how much has changed since.
  3. ---
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/zoasty/v/5157505
  7. 11:00 - Better Phantoon strat adopted over from any%. Previous low% runs used to perform a 2 Super 3-round that involved pseudo-Screwing through Phantoon's enraged phase, which was substantially slower.
  9. 17:40 - Kraid's Energy Tank not only makes Lower Norfair easier to handle and potentially faster due to not needing to slow down due to any health issues that may occur, but is also part of skipping a farming station later on. It also allows Power Bombs to be refilled.
  11. 18:35 - Farming done to try to skip the farming station next to the purple shaft before Lower Norfair. (before Ice)
  13. 20:40 - Pausing to re-equip Gravity Suit while activating a downward elevator saves 48 frames.
  15. 21:30 - Different and (Super) conservative way to handle Space Pirate stacking.
  17. 22:55 - Quick steel pirates.
  19. 24:00 - The fight begins by performing the Saturn opener, which is a full Ice Shield with a Power Bomb double strike. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p7OE_tbzLI&hd=1&t=22m35s)
  21. 25:30 - Power Bomb double strikes are performed after swoops. (Variation - https://ia802605.us.archive.org/19/items/14Speed/ridley%20pbs%20v2.mp4)
  23. 32:00 - The walljumps above the "mountain" save ~7 seconds compared to a gravitation jump. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSfkomrSZ2o)
  25. 33:30 - Power Bombing the Zoas, which is another strat from Saturn's TAS. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p7OE_tbzLI&hd=1&t=28m15s)
  27. 34:50 - Ice Shield can be used in the opener, and throughout the fight in basically the same way after mucus cycles. Additionally, because Draygon takes damage from pseudo-Screws which deal 200 damage compared to the 90 damage charged Ice deals, and because health is mostly irrelevant for the remainder of the game due to not performing the Super Metroid skip, it is viable to expend as much health as you want (to a point) during this fight on pseudo-Screws to punish swoops, or as a way to deal damage if you run out of ammo. You can also expend health by running through Draygon instead of rolling underneath her when you collect drops so that you have more speed in which to collect them. There is also the idea of leaving turrets up during the fight so you have additional ammo, but this is obviously risky. For reference, as long as your health value does not go below 30, your health value will not influence the rate in which Supers drop, although it will influence Missile drops. You can read more about how this works here - http://deanyd.net/sm/index.php?title=Enemies
  29. 37:40 - Sciser 2-for-1 pseudo farm.
  31. 37:55 - Crouch gravitation jump to exit Maridia is a three frame window and provides a free Super. (first frame = downgrab required at end, later two won't need it)
  33. 38:10 - Only one DBJ thanks to crouch jumping. You don't even need to unmorph to hit transition with a good enough double, but it is recommended that you do so.
  35. 39:20 - Gunship refill is skipped since the refill takes roughly 17 seconds depending on health value since that is the slowest to reach its maximum value. Collecting Draygon's drops and gravitation jumping out only takes roughly 10 seconds compared to if you reached the door right as it opened from a proper IBJ as zoast did. As zoast shows, you can farm the Zebbos before Red Brinstar if you want to skip refills, although depending on your health and item amounts before farming, and what the Zebbos drop, you can potentially lose time instead.
  37. 41:10 - Metroid grouping similar to any%.
  39. 42:20 - Facing right cuts close to a second out of the stun period. (A demonstration of facing left versus facing right - https://ia902300.us.archive.org/26/items/OfvipVault/super%20metroid%20facing%20comparison.mp4)
  41. ---
  43. https://www.twitch.tv/overfiendvip/v/86540931
  45. 18:40 - Kraid tank bomb.
  47. 19:50 - Farming done to try to skip the farming station next to the purple shaft before Lower Norfair. (after Ice)
  49. 20:20 - Reaching the Cathedral door with a single crouch DBJ.
  51. 23:20 - Avoiding the third Kihunter by jumping over him. The left wall is sloped and will push Samus down, which can help for setting the jump up and having enough speed for the jump.
  53. 24:40 - If you are farming using the beam, is faster by ~5 frames per pack to be crouched while farming so that the Zebbos fly towards your center faster.
  55. 31:25 - Rising tide (to Maridia) strategy. Kagoball is possible through the Sova.
  57. 31:45 - Small Dessgeega boost. Much easier to do when it jumps low.
  59. 38:30 - Running gravitation jump to exit Maridia which is more lenient, has more cues, allows for walljump backup if timing was off, and is only a second slower than crouch gravitation jump.
  61. 38:55 - With a Power Bomb, you can farm the first wave of Zebbos before Red Brinstar, which makes farming subsequent waves easier.
  63. 40:10 - Terminator (to G4) grounded.
  65. ---
  67. Other stuff (not in the above runs)
  69. CWJ in-room back-up - http://pastebin.com/btpqX1ig
  70. HBJ tutorial #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJuA8TgUGpc
  71. HBJ tutorial #2 - http://www.twitch.tv/sweetnumb/v/41083555
  72. Cathedral Sova slayer - https://archive.org/download/viptech/cathedral%20slayer.mp4
  73. Cathedral Sova slayer (Geruta boost) - https://archive.org/download/viptech/cathedral%20slayer%20booster.mp4
  74. Pre-Ridley farm - https://archive.org/download/viptech/preridley%20ice%20farm.mp4
  75. Speed well entry - https://archive.org/download/viptech/bat%20cave%2014ice%20easy.mp4
  76. Rising tide kagomach - tba
  77. Steel pirate Super overlap - https://archive.org/download/viptech/steel%20super%20overlap.mp4
  78. Maridian mountain w/o gravitation jumping (Sciser freeze method)* - https://archive.org/download/14Ice/pauseless%20maridian%20mountain.mp4
  79. Maridian mountain w/o gravitation jumping (TAS method)** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p7OE_tbzLI&hd=1&t=27m15s
  80. Terminator (to G4) grounded farm - https://archive.org/download/viptech/term%2014ice.mp4
  81. Tourian moss clearing #1 - https://archive.org/download/viptech/moss%20b%20gone%20pt1.mp4
  82. Tourian moss clearing #2 - https://archive.org/download/viptech/moss%20b%20gone%20pt2.mp4
  83. Tourian moss clearing #3 - https://archive.org/download/viptech/moss%20b%20gone%20pt3.mp4
  84. Tourian moss clearing #4 (easy) - https://archive.org/download/viptech/moss%20b%20gone%20pt4%20easy.mp4
  85. Tourian moss clearing #4 (hard) - https://archive.org/download/viptech/moss%20b%20gone%20pt4%20hard.mp4
  86. Double refill station pause trick - https://archive.org/download/viptech/free%20refill.mp4
  88. *This is about a second slower than an optimal gravitation jump
  89. **This is extremely difficult but is humanly possible
  91. ---
  93. Remarks about the potential of this category:
  95. * Due to the viability of PRKD, 49 may be achieved at some point, although its difficulty would appear to rival that of 41 in Any%. PRKD can save up to ~20 seconds by having the ability to reasonably skip the refill station after Lower Norfair, but is faced with a significantly harder beginning of Norfair and a less consistent energy/ammo situation for Botwoon.
  97. * ~50:3X is 00:37 IGT, but would depend on the amount of pauses during the run. Optimally, the amount of pauses you would perform in this category is seven:
  99. - 1 to turn off Gravity Suit to gravitation jump into Lower Norfair
  100. - 1 to turn it back on
  101. - 1 to turn off Gravity Suit to gravitation jump up to the right cliff of the Maridian mountain
  102. - 1 to turn it back on
  103. - 1 to turn off Gravity Suit to gravitation jump up to exit Maridia
  104. - 1 to turn it back on
  105. - 1 to detach from a Tourian refill station to reach the other refill station before the first message box appears
  107. * Other things that would affect game time are Energy Tank/refill station choices (room transitions) and Gunship refill (game time progresses during it, but not the message boxes).
  109. ---
  111. 3/29/15 - Changed "other stuff" URLs since past broadcasts were deleted
  112. 5/10/15 - Fixed a video link since it displayed an incorrect strategy
  113. 6/28/15 - Updated explanations and various wording changes
  114. 3/4/16 - Revamped page to include more examples
  115. 3/11/16 - Added moss clearing videos
  116. 9/2/16 - Replaced twocat's personal best with my personal best because I have more strategies to explain in it and am able to replace a lot of old clips that way
  117. 9/5/16 - Improved game time explanation and added new clips
  118. 3/24/17 - Refined a remark due to oats achieving 51:13
  119. 6/11/17 - Refined remarks due to zoast achieving 50:49 and the introduction of PRKD
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