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  1. -- mafiaMegido [MM] began trolling martiniAficionado [MA] at 21:42 --
  2. MM: hell0 again miss lal0nde
  3. MA: Good day, Miss Megido. I should hope you do not come bearing a warning as last time?
  4. MM: n0 n0 this is
  5. MM: this is strictly pers0nal
  6. MM: if i were t0 be giving y0u a warning i w0uld have started with the time after all
  7. MA: Wonderful. I assume you are here to take me up on the offer of drinks, then?
  8. MA: Duly noted. Thank you.
  9. MM: yes as a matter 0f fact i am
  10. MM: may i have y0ur l0cati0n s0 that i may j0in y0u
  11. MA: How pleasant! I had already begun drinking this evening. Would you care to come to me, or would you rather meet somewhere else?
  12. MM: i will c0me t0 y0u as it will be much easier than the 0ther way ar0und
  13. MA: Lovely. You are aware of the address of my home, yes?
  14. MM: yes i am
  15. MM: is that where y0u are then
  16. MA: You'll have to excuse the state of the front room, but I'm sure you're aware of that.
  17. MA: Yes.
  18. -- mafiaMegido [MM] appears beside Mom Lalonde --
  19. MM: a pleasure t0 meet y0u in pers0n miss
  20. -- martiniAficionado [MA] jumps from her seat, spilling her drink on the keyboard. --
  21. MA: L... Likewise, I'm sure.
  22. MM: 0h
  23. MM: did i startle y0u miss
  24. MM: my ap0l0gies
  25. MA: It's quite all right. I'm rather curious about how you managed such a feat, however.
  26. MM: rather simply
  27. MM: i traveled f0rwards in time
  28. MM: came t0 this l0cati0n
  29. MM: and m0ved backwards in time t0 this m0ment
  30. MA: A rather roundabout way of doing things, but... Whatever works for you, I suppose.
  31. MA: If you'll follow me to the kitchen?
  32. MM: after y0u miss
  33. MA: No, no. You're my guest.
  34. MA: I imagine your colleagues have a copy of my house plans. I'm sure yo know the way.
  35. MM: while i d0 kn0w the l0cati0n 0f y0ur h0use i d0 n0t kn0w the lay0ut miss
  36. MA: Ah. That's rather a comfort to hear. Well, then, if you'll follow me?
  37. MM: i can d0 that yes
  38. -- martiniAficionado [MA] leads the way to the kitchen. --
  39. -- mafiaMegido [MM] follows behind, looking around the house as she does so --
  40. MM: i br0ught a wine by the way
  41. MA: Do you like the theme?
  42. MA: Wizards are rather... enchanting.
  43. MA: Ah! Lovely. How kind.
  44. -- mafiaMegido [MM] produces a wine from next year and hands it to Mom Lalonde --
  45. MM: its been aged fifty years al0ng its 0wn timeline
  46. -- martiniAficionado [MA] takes the bottle, reading it with a strange, strained smile on her face. --
  47. MA: How thoughtful. Thank you, Miss Megido.
  48. MA: Shall... Shall we have a glass now?
  49. MM: if y0u w0uld like t0
  50. MM: i may be here 0f my 0wn free ch0ice but my free will is still s0mewhat atr0phied i supp0se
  51. MA: You mentioned as much to me in our previous conversation, with the free will problems.
  52. -- martiniAficionado [MA] retrieves a pair of wine glasses from her cupboard and pours a glass for herself and her companion. --
  53. MM: i believe what i had said was s0mething al0ng the lines 0f i believe s0lely in predestinati0n
  54. MM: i am shall i say
  55. MM: less inclined t0 f0ll0w that belief s0 blindly n0w
  56. MA: That must be a weight off of your mind. I'm quite certain that it would be a weight off of mine.
  57. MM: it is rather w0rrying actually
  58. MA: A lovely bouquet. You have excellent taste, Miss Megido. Or, I suppose you will? Dear, this is confusing.
  59. MM: i think it is best if y0u try n0t t0 think t00 hard ab0ut it miss
  60. -- mafiaMegido [MM] gingerly sips her own glass --
  61. MM: yes this is quite g00d isnt it
  62. MA: I usually try to think about a number of things, but I feel that in this case that taking your advice would be most prudent.
  63. MA: It really is. Thank you very much.
  64. MM: it was n0 b0ther
  65. MM: it actually c0mes fr0m a d00med timeline and it seemed like a shame t0 let it be destr0yed
  66. MA: Agreed, wholeheartedly. My. I would hate to imagine all of the similarly fine creations lost as a result of these doomed timelines, but! "Not thinking about it."
  67. MA: Quite a blessing, that.
  68. MM: if y0u w0uld like i c0uld salvage m0re 0f these at s0me p0int f0r y0u
  69. MM: there is n0 sh0rtage 0f d00med timelines t0 b0rr0w fr0m
  70. MA: Miss Megido, that would be a blessing beyond compare. What a kind offer.
  71. MA: And now, I suppose, there is something you want me to do for you?
  72. MM: there is 0ne thing i w0uld like t0 ask
  73. MM: but n0t because i have t0
  74. MM: because i
  75. MM: what is it
  76. MM: want t0
  77. MA: Please, do ask. I would say "feel free," but I feel that might be somewhat inappropriate.
  78. MM: ha ha ha
  79. MM: miss lal0nde all 0f this
  80. MM: everything that we are d0ing right n0w
  81. MM: i did n0t kn0w was g0ing t0 happen at all
  82. MA: Well, I should hope it's coming as a pleasant surprise rather than a terrifying one.
  83. MM: i am pleasantly surprised at h0w well its g0ing given that i have n0t had t0 think 0ut a resp0nse in sweeps
  84. MM: m0st 0f my replying was planned 0ut f0r me by the timeline until recently
  85. MA: How sad to have missed out on the pleasures of conversation for so long.
  86. MA: Did you miss it?
  87. MM: as i believe y0u said previ0usly t0 miss s0mething is t0 n0te its absence and t0 desire s0mething in its place
  88. MM: in the place 0f the absence i mean
  89. MM: but i supp0se i did miss it in my 0wn unique way
  90. MA: Well, then. I shall endeavor not to let down my end of the conversation, so that you can enjoy it fully.
  91. MA: Just as I am enjoying this wine fully. Goodness, I will have to have another glass. May I help you to another?
  92. MM: thank y0u miss lal0nde
  93. MM: i w0uld enj0y that very much
  94. -- martiniAficionado [MA] pours rather generous glasses for herself and Aradia. --
  95. MA: Lovely.
  96. MM: n0w then i did have a questi0n f0r y0u
  97. MM: y0ur daughter r0se
  98. MM: have y0u heard fr0m her recently
  99. MA: Nothing detailed. Merely exchanging pleasantries.
  100. MA: She is, as always, rather busy.
  101. MM: a shame that
  102. MA: It is.
  103. -- martiniAficionado [MA] sighs. --
  104. MM: if y0u c0uld next time y0u talk t0 her w0uld y0u tell her that i w0uld like t0 speak with her ab0ut her future tr0ll treatment er
  105. MA: We have never had what could be termed a "close" relationship.
  106. MA: Ah?
  107. MM: p0licy shall we say
  108. MA: Yes, I suppose I can do that.
  109. MM: thank y0u again
  110. MM: and if she menti0ns being t00 busy please simply remind her i can make sure she has the time t0 spare
  111. MA: Ha. Very clever, Miss Megido. Yes, yes.
  112. MA: I suppose I will do what I can.
  113. MM: thank y0u 0nce again
  114. MA: She is stubborn, though.
  115. -- mafiaMegido [MM] smiles awkwardly --
  116. MM: is that h0w y0u smile
  117. MM: i havent in a l0ng time
  118. MA: I... Well, you have the general gist of it, yes. Very nice.
  119. MM: i see
  120. MM: i shall have t0 w0rk 0n that then
  121. MM: 0h i d0 have a pair 0f gifts f0r y0u miss lal0nde
  122. MA: Really? You're a rather generous individual. I should hope it wasn't a trouble?
  123. MM: it never is when y0ur d00med selves assist y0u with pr0curement 0f the items
  124. -- mafiaMegido [MM] takes a waterproof keyboard and another bottle of the same wine out of her sylladex and places them on the counter --
  125. MA: Goodness. Did you manage this just in the time we've been talking?
  126. MM: n0 i had them with me the wh0le time
  127. MA: Goodness. I thought you said you hadn't been aware of what was going to happen?
  128. MA: I suppose that if you can see how things tend to go, you can identify patterns?
  129. MA: It must be thrilling.
  130. MM: t0 a certain extent
  131. MM: i did kn0w y0u w0uld need a new keyb0ard based 0n the testim0ny 0f an0ther d00emed self th0ugh
  132. MM: i merely decided a waterpr00f 0ne w0uld be m0st useful t0 0ne as enam0ured 0f the alc0h0lic drinks as y0u
  133. MA: Did you? Goodness. My apologies if I caused some sort of issue with the timelines. But, given what you are saying so far, it seems to be inevitable.
  134. MA: I aprpeciate it greatly. Thank you, Miss Megido.
  135. MM: the timeline is still stable miss lal0nde
  136. MM: everything is pr0ceeding as it sh0uld
  137. MA: Perfect. I shan't worry myself with it any further, then.
  138. MM: by the way
  139. MM: y0u may wish t0 st0ck up 0n alc0h0l s00n as y0u fav0red liqu0r st0re will be cl0sing s00n
  140. MA: Wh-- what?!
  141. MA: Oh, heavens. This won't do.
  142. MA: I suppose I must.
  143. MA: But, still.
  144. MM: my 0ffer remains 0pen th0ugh
  145. MA: Damn. Thank you.
  146. MA: Which is?
  147. MM: i can pr0cure as much d00med alc0h0l as y0u wish
  148. MA: You're too kind, but I'm afraid I am loathe to rely on someone so much. It is nothing that's your fault.
  149. MM: very well then
  150. MM: i wish y0u the best 0f luck miss lal0nde
  151. MA: Thank you, and you as well. I had a lovely time.
  152. MA: Do come again, won't you?
  153. MM: i will
  154. MM: i enj0yed myself as well
  155. MA: Excellent. Then it has been unanimously decided upon.
  156. MM: yes it has
  157. MM: n0w if y0u will excuse me i have a meeting with myself five minutes ag0
  158. MA: Of course. All the best.
  159. -- martiniAficionado [MA] gave up trolling mafiaMegido [MM] at 22:34 --
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