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  1. [Russia is about to start a war with the US.] The CIA is using this opportunity now to try to convince the Trump administration and other members of Congress that Russia is threatening the peace in Europe with its actions in Ukraine and with its intervention in the Middle East.
  3. "And so, we're looking at the possibility of a NATO-Russia 'War Of Europe' against Russia, if we can't get along, if things don't get better."
  5. If Putin's military invasion is successful, the EU will lose not only control over Ukraine and the Eastern Mediterranean, but over NATO and the entire global order. The EU will be at peace, but unable to address the root of its troubles – the rise of neo-colonial nationalism of the Middle East's various superpowers. And it still remains the global leadership, with the US having failed in its own strategic interest, with the neo-colonial globalists now turning against the global order in general.
  7. The "War Of Europe" will be a direct response to the global financial and military collapse of the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency. This collapse, after a few years of the collapse of oil prices, has finally set in place a new monetary system that will also begin to cause the collapse of the EU. The United States, with the greatest military in history, will soon begin its assault against Russia based on
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