HM:StH Any% Azure Swallowtail Notes

Dec 24th, 2017
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Azure Swallowtail Notes
  3. [Updated 18 Mar 2020]
  5. - Goddess questions: MIXED
  6. - This route sleeps to Summer in order to access Lyla's loved gift, the pink cat mint flower
  7. - Lyla needs 8 PCM. Latest last gift day is Summer 14; since Lyla's location is variable on Sunday, this means you can lose 4 days max.
  10. - Exit the house to trigger the sprite cutscene on any day from Spring 2-30. Otherwise, sleep until Summer 1.
  11. - Summer 1:
  12. > Forage 1 VB/herb/flower
  13. > Intro+gift Kurt with a nearby moondrop
  14. > Forage pink cat mint at the Lake. Reset for 2 minimum, but forage no more than 3
  15. > Intro+gift Lyla before she enters her shop
  16. - Summer 2: Talk+gift both Lyla and Kurt at the garden
  17. - Summer 3: Talk+gift Kurt in Carpenter's area. If there are full-grown PCM, forage them, then come back to trigger CS1. Otherwise, exit and re-enter Carpenter's area to trigger it.
  18. - Enter Lyla's shop to trigger CS2 on Summer 3 or after, on any foraging day.
  19. - When you run out of PCM, use your flex days to sleep until more have regrown, then forage and finish gifting. Can try to gift on Sunday if you need to make up a day due to extra rain, but Lyla may be at the Lake instead of her garden.
  20. - Come outside the day after you get Lyla to 100AP to trigger CS3, then sleep at least 3 times.
  21. - If you only lost 3 days (or fewer), get Lyla's 100AP cutscene on the Summer 17. Otherwise, you will get it on the Summer 18.
  22. - Either way, leave the house on Summer 18, filling watering can if not raining. Plant the Blue Mist seed at the Goddess pond (water).
  23. - The ideal run will get rain on Summer 19 and 20, then through the whole rainy season (Summer 21-26), so either reset upon no rain, or walk to water the Blue Mist.
  24. - Summer 27: Walk to Goddess pond to get the bloom cutscene.
  25. - Summer 30: Walk to Goddess pond to get the butterfly cutscene.
  26. - Fall 7 or later (fair weather): Walk to Goddess pond to complete the ending.
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