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  1. H1Ben - Our approach to Zombie spwaning/placement will COMPLETELY change with the new map
  2. H1Ben - Let's just say I'm used to building maps for Battlefield, and our team has a completely different understanding and approach for world building.
  3. H1Michael - we will not be selling KOTK crates in JS.  All JS content will be developed for JS from now on.
  4. H1Ben - No more megabases, but those foundations stack, so 2x2 is possible
  5. MMODerelict - The new map is optimized to have zombies in all the right places.
  6. H1Ben - Our new team for Just Survive is really only a few months old. We're hyper focused on delivering quality content from here on out
  7. H1Michael - it's going to be that way for a while.  Eventually we want to revamp the body simulation system but our priorities right now are focused around the new Strongholds system, new map, and a few other things that we haven't talked about yet
  9. Nunya - will you be adding interactive NPC's?
  10. H1Michael - can't say anything about that
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