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  1. Hello!
  3. In the past few days, there had been some issues inside the RaidCentre group, this occurred after the election of a new leader. For this reason, I'm not longer a representative of the RaidCentre group, and so therefore I don't have access to the funds since I was removed from the multi-sig wallet.
  5. The new representative will be a 13 year old girl, which has a picture of her with some Snapchat thing as her profile picture. Although she doesn't look mature at all, I can't control the situation as I was kicked out.
  7. Why Was I Kicked Out?
  9. On the month of May, elections were held to vote for a new leader. There was this candidate that clearly seemed like a spy, and his intentions were not the best for the group. So, me and a couple others strongly advocated against him.
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