Lammy relaxes

Feb 1st, 2021
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  1. From now deleted Lammy thread on /v/:
  2. Lammy learned technique to keep herself slim. The only downside is that if she loses concentration she reverts to being chubby.
  3. As you scratch her head she becomes more and more relaxed. She closes her eyes and leans back onto sofa. She doesn't notice that her belly losing it's tone, but you do. You keep looking at it, continuing to scratch her head. There is now a noticeable bump under her shirt.
  4. As her belly becomes bigger and bigger, poking from under shirt, you take your second hand and start massaging it. She opens her eyes and panics. She tries to concentrate and she momenterally stops getting fatter, but as you take your first hand off her head and start to massage her belly with both she she starts growing even faster.
  5. She opens her mouth to beg you to stop, but all she can get out are moans. Eventually she breaks and starts massaging her tits with her more sausage-like fingers. Her eyes lose focus and close back. You quickly take her jeans off and her tights bloom, free from pressure.
  6. As her shirt stops covering her fat belly completely, something from underneath Lammy clicks and she flows onto carpeted floor. You drag sofa from the middle of the room to the wall, leaving Lammy lying on the floor, and go back to massaging her.
  7. Eventually her hand uselessly flap onto carpet, unable to keep up with the fat. By this time all her clothes snapped, leaving her looking like a blob. You climb onto her and start massaging her tits yourself. You are going to enjoy your new beanbag.
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