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  1. You put your arm around Aya's waist as she kicks off her shoes and sits in your lap. She says nothing as she leans in and kisses you. She tosses her camera off to the side and wraps her arms around you.
  3. Your run your other hand up her leg, under her skirt, and rest it on her upper thigh. She breaks off the kiss and blushes. "W-What are you doing?" she asks. Straining to keep her from noticing your rapidly growing erection, you blurt out something stupid and immediately cringe in embarrassment.
  5. Unfazed, she kisses you again, your tongues locking in a deep embrace. Out of nowhere, you feel Aya's chest heave ever so slightly. She lets out a noise that sounds vaguely like gagging, and then a warm, thick fluid trickles into your mouth. Surprised at first, you try to break away from her kiss, but she holds the back of your head and continues to let the fluid flow into your mouth. Sickened and expecting it to taste like vomit, you are pleasantly surprised when it tastes like melted chocolate. You tentatively swallow some of it, and Aya pushes even more of it into your mouth with her tongue. Continuing to kiss her, you swallow more and more of the chocolate, and Aya moans with growing excitement.
  7. After you've consumed all of it, she pulls away and giggles. "No human has ever let me feed them like that before..." She reaches down into your pants and tugs on your erect dick. "I suppose I should finish what I've started here, hmm?"
  9. Aya slowly pops your belt buckle open and unzips your pants as she looks up at you seductively. "Such a naughty human..." Aya purrs, eagerly examining your manhood. She pulls it out of your pants and begins to slowly stroke it, teasing the very tip of your head with her fingers. You gasp with excitement, and the stimulation makes you simultaneously shiver and feel hot all over. "Do you like how that feels?" Aya asks. You swallow hard and nod emphatically, and Aya leans closer.
  11. Her chest heaves once more and she stifles a burp as she brings up more chocolate, this time spitting a large glob of it onto your throbbing cock. It feels incredibly warm as it begins to slide down your shaft, and Aya daintily smears it around with a single finger, covering your penis with chocolate. She momentarily sits next to you and offers her dirty finger, and you gently take it in your mouth and suck the chocolate off of it. You smoothly caress it with your tongue, and Aya blushes hard, not saying a word. She withdraws her delicate digit with a wet smacking noise, and refocuses her attention on your now chocolate-covered penis. "Would you like me to clean this up?" she teases, as she licks from the base of your dick all the way up to the top, not waiting for an answer. She then takes your manhood into her mouth and begins to give you the most stupefyingly good head you've ever had. Your toes curl and your eyes nearly roll back in your head as Aya's head bobs up and down, her tongue working you in ways you never thought possible. She cleans off the entirety of the chocolate in absolutely no time flat.
  13. You whisper encouragement to her as she goes at it, and you notice that she's got her free hand shoved deep into her panties, frantically rubbing herself. Eventually it gets to the point that she's so wet, a dribble of her juices begins to leak down the side of her thigh, making a small puddle where she's kneeling. Seeing how well Aya reacts to the dirty talk, you grunt and then ask her through gritted teeth, "you want me to fuck that little pussy of yours?" She immediately breaks suction and looks up at you, eyes maddened with lust. She stands up and reaches up under her skirt and pulls her panties down, carefully stepping out of one leg and then the other, leaving them on the floor as she puts her arms around the back of your neck and straddles you, sitting in your lap. You lift up her skirt to guide yourself into her, and are slightly bewildered when you see that Aya indeed has a cloaca. You open her mouth to say something, but Aya knows what you're about to say and impatiently commands, "Shut up, and fuck it."
  15. Having never fucked a tengu before, you figure "why the hell not" and obey Aya's command, thrusting deep inside of her in one quick motion. Aya moans with satisfaction and begins to bounce up and down on your lap. Her cloaca is actually far tighter than you expected, and feels amazing as it eagerly takes the full length of your member down to the hilt. Despite the fact that both of you are essentially fully clothed, it is the best sex you have ever had, and Aya breathlessly rides you with an urgency you were not expecting. Fucking like this was also quite exciting to you, as Momiji was supposed to be back any minute now, and you had no idea what would happen if she walked in on the two of you in the middle of the act- you find yourself imagining the shocked expression on her face and what she might say...
  17. Aya's sudden crescendo of moans snaps your attention back to her, a split second before a wave of pleasure hits you like a brick wall. As Aya orgasms, her cloaca begins to firmly squeeze against your swollen cock. A wave of contractions passes through her orifice, and you find yourself cumming instantaneously, gushing out the entirety of your load inside of Aya. She collapses off of you, and the two of you do your best to regain your composure.
  19. Mere seconds after you zip up your pants and Aya puts her panties back on, Momiji returns, none the wiser as to what just happened.
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