Sweet Cohabitation 8

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  1. MC: Kang Jin Gu
  2. Mom
  3. Blonde:  Park Boyeon
  4. Glasses:  Park Bo-Mi
  5. Gf:  Son Jun Hee
  7. The chapter starts in the last part of chapter 7.
  11. Mc grabs with force blonde breast and she starts to get wet because of that, his gf hit him and blonde fall and tries to recover the breath. Gf screams angry are you crazy?! What are you doing?! He surprised screams I didn’t do that! Gf screams again what’s wrong with you’re not?! Mc turns to see blonde screaming tell me the truth. Come on! You didn’t let go of my arm! After that blonde make a smile saying right, gf react surprised saying what? Blonde asks is there a problem? You said you weren’t a family yet? Blonde now is closer to gf asking so it doesn’t matter what I fuck with Jin Gu or what I do? Gf says what?! Mc is surprised from what blonde said, blonde continues are you afraid you’re going to let me in? Gf says damn it! Blonde says damn it? Glasses worried ask oh, no mom! What are you two talking about? Mom worried too says I don’t know. I can’t hear her either, blonde walk next to gf saying then show him a snake was an accomplice. Gf with her body tremble thinks what?! What’s? She looks over mc angry and he asks Jun Hee… are you alright? They move to his room and gf slap him, he angry says hey! Why are you hitting me all of a sudden?
  13. Gf says I’m mad at you! He says you heard it earlier! That I didn’t do that… he now starts to screams it’s real! Please believe me!  Gf says shut up! Mc now calmer says it’s true… after that turn to see mc and he made the same, moving to blonde, glasses and mom talk. One of them asks to blonde so what did you say? Blonde says you’re just his girlfriend. Glasses ask what did you told her? Blonde says why you are talking about… I told you to shut up if you don’t want to lose your boyfriend. Mom says good job! Blonde a little angry asks ha-ha! Not unless Jin Gu is blind? Mom asks oh, my god! We’ve been completely ignored? Blonde and glasses react surprised, blonde says yeah! So… sooner or later, I will show you why the snake is the flower snake… mom asks again so, that’s why you’re dying in your friend’s room? How do you feel about this? It’s a real change, there’s nothing you can’t do. Glasses only are looking to other way blushed. Return to mc and his gf, mc says what is it? Tell me… gf angry screams that’s it! Mc says yeah, he thinks a little angry too what the hell! Gf screams it’s annoying… really! She remembers what blonde said to her thinking damn it! If it’s a flower snake, that’s it?! She now dreams about she making get blonde dirty meanwhile mc says you can take it off, too. She now really angry screams what are you doing? Do you think I’m just going to miss you?!! Mc surprised says what? I didn’t say anything! She still angry screams I don’t know how to do this. You’re annoying!!
  15. Mc worried says what are you talking about? I don’t know! He thinks what’s that, since earlier! Like a crazy bitch… the door sound and outside someone says Jin Gu, this is Boyeon. Can you come out for a second? It’s just urgent, mc going to outside saying yeah, just a minute. Gf stop him saying don’t go out! Mc asks why? She screams okay! If you don’t want to go out, don’t go out! Mc takes off her grabs saying let go of this! He now starts to go to the door saying I’m in a hurry, I’ll see what you’re talking about. Gf angry screams something weird meanwhile mc surprised says what the hell’s wrong with you?! He looks up worried screaming Jun Hee!! He sees his gf jump and now she is going to fall over him meanwhile she screams don’t you stop there?!!!  … Tbc…
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