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Mar 9th, 2015
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  1. slushey: get vertigo his nick back because the guy who stole it is in ISIS |
  2. Topic set by afreak on Mon Mar 09 2015 22:24:36 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time
  3. <luma>: smada of course!
  4. <luma>: welp i was
  5. <luma>: just got k/b'd
  6. <smada>: lold
  7. <camh>: urine
  8. <zapf>: wait
  9. <zapf>: hbo now is apple tv only?
  10. <breadcums>: everyone
  11. <breadcums>: it is your fucking HOLY DUTY
  12. <luma>: zapf i have no idea, it's already available on roku
  13. <breadcums>: to harass the false vertigo
  14. <zapf>: hbo now or go
  15. <smada>: what channel was that luma
  16. <luma>: #site19
  17. <luma>: apparently also #site17
  18. <vertigo_>: what is that SCP shit
  19. <luma>: some dumb scifi hack writer thing
  20. <vertigo_>: are they ghost hunters or boko haram
  21. <breadcums>: IT IS YOUR HOLY DUTY
  22. <smada>: 19:42 -!- Channel #site19 created Sun Dec 21 11:23:08 2008
  23. <smada>: 19:42 -!- Irssi: Join to #site19 was synced in 1 secs
  24. <smada>: 19:42 < smada> hello this is smada from site20
  25. <smada>: 19:42 < smada> here to speak with Vertigo
  26. <breadcums>: YOU FUCKING PISSFUCKERS
  27. <luma>: lololol
  28. <luma>: smada doin the needful
  29. <smada>: 19:43 < tahugamin> Djoric: Hi, "here", I'm tahu.
  30. <smada>: 19:43 -!- smada was kicked from #site19 by ProcyonLotor [Out. Stay out.]
  31. <smada>: rip
  32. <smada>: what kind of role playing was going on in there
  33. <luma>: .u scp
  34. <yosbot>: luma: SCP: Secure Contain Protect . SCP is a large organization created to keep 'creatures' from affecting human life. The current location of SCP Foundation is currently unknown and is said to be in Area 51. Safe (non-harmful), Euclid (unknown species and hard to classify), and Keeter (harmful to human life) 'beings' exist and are said to not leave anyone of the organization camps around the world....
  35. <mtdew>: gay sex i hope
  36. <smada>: lmao
  37. <luma>: .g scp
  38. <yosbot>: luma: -- SCP Foundation: "Check out and vote on our Reimagining Contest! We've had a lot of interesting and unique entries, and they're all here just for you to read! Featured SCP."
  39. <smada>: sigh
  40. <smada>: scp used to just mean secure copy w canonical
  41. <luma>: it's some dumb science fiction thing where they write about imprisoning ficticious objects
  42. <golden_dispo>: mtdew: ty
  43. <mtdew>: luma: did you see the kitchenaid siphon?
  44. <vertigo_>: oh its that fake ass like paranormal ghost hunter thing
  45. <golden_dispo>: weed
  46. <golden_dispo>: weed
  47. <golden_dispo>: weed
  48. <golden_dispo>: mtdew: ty
  49. <golden_dispo>: mtdew: ty
  50. <luma>: i did
  51. <luma>: and...
  52. <luma>: eh.
  53. <mtdew>: seems really aggitated
  54. <luma>: seems like taking the fun out of it
  55. <mtdew>: and that
  56. <luma>: this is the top rated SCP article of all times
  57. <yosbot>: luma: Title: SCP-173 - SCP Foundation
  58. <luma>: this is the creamde la cream
  59. <mtdew>: luma:
  60. <Origin>: man i don't know about the new macbook
  61. <yosbot>: mtdew: Title: - #20376231 - La Pavoni Crossroads PUB-V Commercial Espresso - 3/15/2015 5:45:00 PM
  62. <luma>: according to their website voting thing i guess
  63. <Origin>: i guess i'm not a fan of screens below 13"
  64. <liquidfire>: vertigo what all season tires are we switching to?
  65. <incognito>: luma i figured it woulda been the one about the crazy almightly aligator thing that can't be destroyed
  66. <luma>: or 1.1ghz dual core processors
  67. <vertigo_>: liquidfire: no all seasons, get real dude.
  68. <smada>: lol how is slushey implicit in this
  69. <liquidfire>: loll
  70. <smada>: i just saw the topic
  71. <liquidfire>: .we
  72. <yosbot>: liquidfire: Sun Prairie, WI: Clear, 40.3F/4.6C(H:52F/11C L:34F/1C), Humidity: 75%, Wind: 0.0mph/0kph
  73. <luma>: slushy is an ircop
  74. <smada>: ya obv
  75. <vertigo_>: slushey runs synirc
  76. <liquidfire>: we will be avg 52 degrees in two weeks
  77. <smada>: ya obv
  78. <liquidfire>: it's time to get the winter set off
  79. <smada>: why would he advocate to take the name back when he could taek the name back
  80. <luma>: he has the power but not the stones to return vertigo's nickserv reg
  81. <smada>: my point ^^
  82. <mtdew>: luma: good buy or no
  83. <luma>: no, that's us calling him out
  84. <luma>: he didn't say that
  85. <smada>: oh okay
  86. <smada>: rip my brain
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