Heroic Fist

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  1. Yelling with all his strengths, his fiery aura burning in power as the ground begins to shake as his power skyrockets. Pushing his body to his limits, and trying to get a grasp of the power at the same time, to keep his power controlled to not explode his body.
  2.   Clenching his hands so hard that small amounts of blood would start erupting from his hands due to the strength that he's applying to master and push even further his energy, which was not a easy work. The pain was huge, but he needed to go further. Strike made him know what he's fighting for, and he wouldn't let all the time that all the people around him used to help him and make him grow as a person and as a fighter be in vain, not a waste.
  3.  His eyes closed tightly, as Savanah gave him power, he would try his best to get a grasp of his power to not explode. This was a risk, but as he heard, some risks are worth to take.
  4.  Trying to push himself further for everyone! He didn't train all that time just for this, he needed to use more power and go beyond! His fiery aura would start shaking, now unstable due to all of the energy that was being absorbed and busted out of him, forcing all of his Ki to cycle at his body at a quantity that he shouldn't be able to mantain without much concentration, but he was determined.
  5.   Shooting a last yell of strength, a light would engulf him and blind everyone at the place as his silhouette would start vanishing from the light due to its strength. He was almost losing the grip of it, but he needed just to push even more. Remembering what he said to Strike, he screams at his heart and with his mouth "HEROIC FIST!!!!!!!!", the light gets even more denser and engulfs everyone. dust would cover everything.
  6.     Cutting the dust with his aura, he would appear, a little stronger physically with his clothes ripped due to the huge amount of strength that emanated from him when he was bursting his energy. He looked at his hand, but at the exact instant that he would punch the air his energy got fully drained due to the strain to maintain and control this power at that state he falls into his knees, breathing hardly, but still aware of his surroundings. Laying himself at the ground to rest and think about that, he would try to do that again and master that.
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