Poison dickjoke

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >day poison joke in Equestria
  2. >your moth lover Caramel accidently crashed into a patch of it
  3. >and now you have to deal with the after-effects
  4. “Look Anon look I can make it wiggle!”
  5. >Caramel’s vag got replaced with testies and dick
  6. >but for poison joke reasons her dick is a human dick instead of an enormous horsecock
  7. >you are not exactly sure to feel glad or sad about this
  8. >and she’s been humoring herself with it ever since as the two of you wait for Zecora to brew some curing potion in her hut
  9. >doing things like getting on her hind legs and using its hardened form to try to knock things off of tables
  10. >flutter still in the air and make it wiggle
  11. >move her hips and make her junk sway from side to side
  12. >not to mention being totally hypnotized by how huge it gets when she becomes erect
  13. >not to mention it irks you that her cock is way bigger than yours
  14. “Anooon… it’s hard again…”
  15. >and she’s sporting another boner now
  16. >”that’s what you get for playing with it all the time Caramel, I told you that this would happen”
  17. “These boners are becoming more and more distracting, how do I make it go down?”
  18. >”Go rub one out or something”
  19. >Caramel gets really close to you and gets all flirty
  20. >which is distracting due to her dick pressing against you while she’s at it
  21. “Can’t you do it?”
  22. >”No Caramel that would be gay”
  23. “Awww pweeease?”
  24. >Caramel gives you her best puppy eyes and you almost give in
  25. >”No”
  26. “But Anooon, it won’t be gay, you’ll just be pleasing a gal sexually but instead of touching the girls pussy you just touch the girls dick”
  27. >you sigh
  28. >but she is right, in some sense
  29. >besides, you want to help your lover feel good and on the matter of touching dick, you will always be above in skill than your moth lover
  30. >mainly because you have been doing it from since you were 10 and never stopped
  31. >”Allright, I’ll stroke it”
  32. “No, use your mouth”
  33. >you look Caramel like she grew a second head
  34. >”Nigga what?”
  35. “C’mon Anon, make a girl feel good~”
  36. >She positions herself on the couch and lays on her back, wings tucked neatly and all
  37. >you can’t believe you are going to do this
  38. >but she is flashing you those bedroom eyes
  39. >not to mention this is very kinky and you like it when things get kinky
  40. >so you grasp her dick and move your mouth near its head
  41. >it smells a bit like Caramels other organ, but more… well, like a cock
  42. >fueled by the arousal of what the hell are you doing, you give it a lick
  43. >it tastes… much more neutral than pussy
  44. >you lick it a bit more
  45. >its texture is peculiar, like a hard rod that’s covered by soft skin
  46. >and the tip feels incredibly smooth
  47. >and even more smoother as you have spread your saliva all over it
  48. >it twitches and Caramel moans
  49. >you start to circle the tip with your tongue, tickling it and making it twitch as Caramel purrs in pleasure
  50. “Oh wow Anon, you are really good at this”
  51. >you are not sure how to feel about that
  52. >you spread some more saliva by licking the whole shaft and then place the tip into your mouth and apply some suction
  53. >it tastes a bit more salty now
  54. >and you start bopping your head
  55. “O-oh, oh wow”
  56. >Caramel sure seems to be enjoying it, her body tensing and relaxing, her dick twitching harder every now and then
  57. >you take it as deep as you can into your mouth
  58. >it’s a new feeling, making you feel dirty with a dick so deep in your throat while fighting against your gag reflex
  59. >Caramels dick twitches again and presses against the top part of your throat, making you pull your head back and release the member to catch a few deeper breaths
  60. “Don’t stop…”
  61. >the dick is leaking precum and Caramel looks very hot and bothered, her dick now even more veiny and hard than it was when you started
  62. >so you take it back into your mouth and start to caress the shaft with a good grip while bopping your head up and down and using your tongue while at it
  63. >Caramel is thrown into the throws of passion as she starts to moan and move her hips, slamming the thing deeper and deeper into your mouth
  64. >you feel it starting to twitch strongly as Caramels eyes shoot open
  65. >you are about to pull back but then Caramel puts her hoofs on top of your head and rams her dick as deep as she can
  66. >and then she cums
  67. >oh god you have no choice but to swallow all of it as it pours down your throat
  68. >dammit even her load is bigger than yours
  69. >seriously she is cumming buckets here
  70. >it’s even warmer than you had ever imagined
  71. >after pumping her hot seed down your throat she lets go and you pull back
  72. “Haah, haah, haah… Sorry honey I just couldn’t help it”
  73. >you yourself cough a bit as sloppy trails of saliva and semen are dripping from your mouth
  74. >you are in a bit of a shock, did you just do all that
  75. >there is a salty taste in your mouth and your nose is assaulted with the scent of fresh cum
  76. >your whole mouth feels a bit tingly
  77. >your shock is broken with Caramel licking the dripping leftovers of semen from your face and then giving you a deep passionate kiss
  78. >she then pulls back and licks her lips
  79. “Mmmmm, I don’t taste as good as you do~”
  80. >she starts moving her head towards your crotch
  81. “Now let me return the favor”
  82. >the two of you got even freakier that night, saving the curing potion for tomorrow
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