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  1. Cura/Curaga Spells.
  2. AoE-Healing
  4. Status Removal Afflictions.
  5. Esuna (Technique), Remedy (Item), First Aid Poison (Skill), Anti-Curse Talisman (Item) and etc.
  7. Status Affliction from Normal Attacks (For Bosses, would be great)
  8. Like a certain bosses attack has a % Chance of inflicting a Listed Status Effects.
  9. statustype=Paralysis.Poison.Curse etc.
  10. basechance=100%
  12. Status Affliction from Techniques
  13. Adding in basechance for flexibility i guess?
  15. Skills Time Duration and whatnot.
  16. Added into the skills.db instead of the MRC... i think its possible
  17. Cooldown=360 (Seconds) or something like that...
  19. For bosses like Final_Guard, would it be possible to make it that any actual attack that hits him is only 1 DAMAGE.
  20. like for example....
  21. damageresistance=1000
  22. If damage is less than that, Final_Guard would only take 1 damage from any actual attack. If it goes Over 1000, the damage would be "Damage - DamageResistance = ActualDamagetoHp"
  24. An Idea for Splitting TECHS into STR and INT Categories.
  25. Right, some techniques usually take up INT like Atonement, Mage Spells and others.
  26. Some techs take up STR like MillionStab or SpinningAttack.
  27. i think its possible to make something like... for GetsugaTenshou
  28. techbreakdown=90.10
  29. 90 would be taking your STR for 90% of the Damage, and INT for 10% for the damage.
  30. If possible, overmaxing should be possible for SOME techinques... yeah.
  32. Stealing Mobs.
  33. Mobs that steal items at the start of the battle from your inventory.? Possible mebe.
  34. Then you'll get them as soon as the battle ends.
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