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NQ Sync

sweenig Jan 15th, 2014 241 Never
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  1. ::version 1.1 updated 10/4/2012
  2. @echo off
  3. set masterserver=
  4. for %%p in (z y x w v u s t r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a) do (
  5.         if not exist %%p:\nul (
  6.                 set masterdriveletter=%%p
  7.                 echo Drive letter %%p will be used for the master network drive.
  8.                 goto masterfound
  9.         )
  10. )
  11. :masterfound
  12. for %%p in (z y x w v u s t r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a) do (
  13.         if not %%p==%masterdriveletter% (
  14.                 if not exist %%p:\nul (
  15.                         set remotedriveletter=%%p
  16.                         echo Drive letter %%p will be used for the remote network drive.
  17.                         goto remotefound
  18.                 )
  19.         )
  20. )
  21. :remotefound
  22. set updatetool=N
  23. set gathercigs=N
  24. set synctools=N
  25. :Loop
  26. if "%1"=="" GOTO Continue
  27. ::if /u or /U is specified, update the support cig tool itself
  28. if "%1"=="/u" set updatetool=Y && GOTO VarSet  
  29. if "%1"=="/U" set updatetool=Y && GOTO VarSet
  30. ::if /g or /G is specified, gather the cig files
  31. if "%1"=="/g" set gathercigs=Y && GOTO VarSet
  32. if "%1"=="/G" set gathercigs=Y && GOTO VarSet
  33. ::if /s or /S is specified, sync the tools directories
  34. if "%1"=="/s" set synctools=Y && GOTO VarSet
  35. if "%1"=="/S" set synctools=Y && GOTO VarSet
  36. ::get the server list
  37. set serverlist=%1
  38. :VarSet
  39. SHIFT
  40. GOTO Loop
  41. :Continue
  42. set willit=will not
  43. if %updatetool%==Y set willit=will
  44. echo NQSync %willit% update SupportCIG.exe using the version on %masterserver%.
  45. set willit=will not
  46. if %gathercigs%==Y set willit=will
  47. echo NQSync %willit% gather the SupportCIG output files to %masterserver%.
  48. set willit=will not
  49. if %synctools%==Y set willit=will
  50. echo NQSync %willit% update the DBTools3 and SupportTools6 folders using the versions on %masterserver%.
  51. echo Connecting to master server...
  52. net use %masterdriveletter%: \\%masterserver%\d$
  53. FOR /F %%A IN (%serverlist%) DO (
  54.         echo Connecting to %%A...
  55.         net use %remotedriveletter%: \\%%A\d$
  56.         ::this section updates the supportcig tool itself.  This has to be done almost every month.
  57.         if %updatetool%==Y (
  58.                 echo Updating remote CIG on %%A...
  59.                 if not exist %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG md %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG
  60.                 copy %masterdriveletter%:\SupportCIG\SupportCIG.exe %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG\SupportCIG.exe /y
  61.         )
  62.         ::this section gathers the support cigs from the remote server
  63.         if %gathercigs%==Y (
  64.                 echo Gathering CIGs from %%A...
  65.                 if not exist %masterdriveletter%:\SupportCIG\%%A md %masterdriveletter%:\SupportCIG\%%A
  66.                 if exist %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG\*.zip (
  67.                         copy %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG\*.zip %masterdriveletter%:\SupportCIG\%%A\*.zip
  68.                         del /q %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG\*.zip
  69.                 )
  70.                 if not exist %remotedriveletter%:\SupportCIG\*.zip echo No CIGs found on %%A.
  71.         )
  72.         ::this section pushes out the contents of %masterdriveletter%:\DBTools3 and %masterdriveletter%:\SupportTools6
  73.         if %synctools%==Y (
  74.                 echo Updating remote SupportTools, DBTools, and backup scripts on %%A...
  75.                 xcopy %masterdriveletter%:\DBTools3 %remotedriveletter%:\DBTools3 /E /Y /I /Q
  76.                 xcopy %masterdriveletter%:\SupportTools6 %remotedriveletter%:\SupportTools6 /E /Y /I /Q
  77.         )
  78.         echo Disconnecting from %%A...
  79.         net use %remotedriveletter%: /delete
  80.         echo.
  81. )
  82. echo Disconnecting from master server...
  83. net use %masterdriveletter%: /delete
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