Me and a Dvati Makes Three (v1.2)

Feb 28th, 2015
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  1. Tags: Male Dvati (twins) / female human waitress, MMF threesome, oral, sex
  4. Cort and Orlan walked into the small town of Deerwell so early in the morning that even the roosters were still asleep. The place was one large road with a few sprawls of houses here and there, founded some century prior to mine for coal in the hills around.
  6. The brothers comprised an unusual individual, to say the least. Physically they were a typical Dvati with white skin, hands with a single thumb and three fingers, no nose except for a pair of vertical slits, and large dark blue eyes. They were aware of the way that their eyes and nasal slits made humans feel uncomfortable, and that had been the origin of the masks. Mentally, they were uneven and imbalanced--instead of having two bodies evenly sharing the traits of their single soul, they were just jumbled up.
  8. It weighed on them that they were abnormal among their own kind and among humans. To their own people, they were a chaotic person who couldn’t make up his mind about his own identity, who presented himself differently in each of his bodies and even felt different feelings between each of his bodies. Their peers were able to talk with themselves over matters of philosophy and art, but Cort and Orlan argued over everything. It was easier to live away from Dvati enclaves, where everyone looked at them with pity. Outside, people just looked at them oddly.
  10. The two newcomers had put a great deal of effort into personalizing their appearances and standing apart to the point where they were at opposite extremes. They wore different kinds of clothes and covered their identical faces with masks of lacquered wood with symbols on them. Cort dressed in tight-fitting clothes dyed indigo while his other half stayed warmer in layers of loose fitting red stitched with yellow thread and a few applique shapes. Both had crude leather armor on over his chest. Cort's mask had a blue circle painted on it and Orlan's a red 'X', crude symbols chosen during an argument about the easiest way to differentiate their bodies.
  12. Eyes peeled behind masks, they looked at the signs on the buildings.
  14. "Let's hit the inn," Orlan said cheerily. "You don’t think they’d lock us out, would they?"
  16. "They can and they very well might," Cort spoke with a voice that barely escaped the confines of his mask. His words started the heartbeat after his brother’s finished, and if not for the change in tone from question to answer, it would have sounded like one sentence coming from two places. “It’s dreadfully early.”
  18. Making their way to the town's tavern, Orlan slapped the hanging sign that hung in front of it with a pale, three-fingered hand. 'The Miners’ Princess'.
  20. "Look Cort," he tossed a finger back to the swinging sign. "This little town's got a princess. I'll bet she's a looker, too!"
  22. Rolling his eyes behind the blue circle of his mask, Cort knocked on the door and called through it: "We're two weary travelers looking for drink and food, could we come in?"
  24. Enimri opened the door, hearing the knocking and voices. She thought it was one man speaking to himself and was surprised to see two of them in foreign-looking attire and masks. It caught her off-guard, but her waitressing instincts were stronger than her surprise.
  26. "You know we aren't really open yet," she said calmly, but held the door open for them. "It's still pretty early, we're getting set up in the kitchen. You can have a seat if you like though, and wait around until breakfast."
  28. "That would be much appreciated," Cort said, bowing properly to the woman. She was charmed by the archaism and curtseyed to him playfully.
  30. Peering in, Orlan glanced around inside, pushing past Cort to get a better look. There was no sign of any other women working inside, or any other men. Or anyone at all, except for some sounds of metal pots and pans in a lit back room behind a counter. He turned to Enimri and stole her attention from Cort. "So, are you the Princess then?" His smile seemed to radiate through his mask.
  32. She laughed him off and waved a hand as if to fan away his compliment. "Princess! I've heard a lot of lines, that's a new one." She was a lovely young thing and was used to flattery from strangers, especially those shady city folk who weren't sure if she worked at the inn as a prostitute. She was not, no matter how much money they tried to give her.
  34. Enimri tossed her ginger hair over her shoulder and led them in towards a table. "Have you two been traveling all night or something?"
  36. "Indeed we have," Cort was trying to take over the conversation, embarrassed of his other half’s flagrant flirtatiousness. "We're hoping for a warm meal and cold drink at some point."
  38. Cort shed his heavy backpack sat down at the table quickly, but Orlan lingered a bit, eyeing Enimri up and down before dropping his things and taking his seat. They were give and take, ebb and flow, and when sitting it was impossible for one of them to sit attentively if the other wasn’t slouching, relaxed. Today it was Orlan who leaned back and crossed his hands over his stomach while Cort’s elbows rested on the table and he spoke to the waitress.
  40. She stood by the table with a hand on one of her hips, smiling and looking between the two of them and their odd masks. She could see dark eyes through the eyeholes but little more, and their hands were almost inhumanly pale. It seemed possible at first that they were albinos, but they had black hair coming from the backs of their masks and besides that--one too few fingers.
  42. Her best guess was that they were some kind of elves, but something about their manners didn't seem so elven to her as a lot of the pointy-eared travelers she met. Maybe they were just some odd kind of humans from farther away, though she couldn't pick an accent out of their common.
  44. "Like I said, there's no cooked food ready," she said, "But the baker delivered already, I could bring you some bread maybe?"
  46. "I don't mind waiting for the food, the view from here is breathtaking," Orlan's eyes stared her down.
  48. "Please excuse my brother," Cort butted in on the tails of Orlan’s sentence. "Bread will be fine. Ideal."
  50. "Ah, you’re brothers!" Enimri said, heading back to the bar. With just the three of them in the front she could speak easily to them without her words getting drowned out by dusty coal miners or travelers. There were a few loaves of bread there because the baker was the only one up and open before the inn was. "No wonder you sound so much alike."
  52. "Not too many people pick up on that, you're quite the smart young lady." More people would probably have picked up on it if more people talked to the brothers in the first place.
  54. "Smarts and looks? She really is a catch!" Orlan was quick to get his word in. One man exhaled while the other inhaled.
  56. The young woman smiled at them and brought over a tray with one of the warm loaves and two cups of water. Their flirting flattered her, if nothing else, and Enimri ventured a further guess. "Are you twins?" The only people she could think of who worked as hard as these two to look different were twins, and unfortunately the only thing they managed to accomplish by trying to look like opposites was to look like two parts of a set.
  58. "Yeah we are, but trust me beneath his mask he's absolutely hideous. Terrible accident, mangled his face up something fierce." Orlan waved his face in front of his mask as he described this, but Cort was quick to respond.
  60. "He’s joking. Unfortunately he does so frequently and poorly." As Cort once again called out his brother, Orlan simply gave a disgruntled whine.
  62. Enimri still smiled and pushed her hair away from her freckled cheeks and wide grin. She liked them at already, felt an immediate and amused connection with them. Maybe it was that they were humorous together, like an act meant just to tickle her funny bone, but they were too genuine to be any act. The adventurers who came in to the inn every so often usually had rapid banter, but there was a fluidity to these two when they spoke that caught her slightly off-guard. It must have been a twin thing, she assumed.
  64. After a few beats of silence she gave them a little goodbye wave and went back to the counter to clean and get ready for daytime and for the guests upstairs to wake up, but she always kept one blue eye trained on the brothers. If they were going to eat their bread, they'd need to do something about their masks, and her curiosity was overwhelming.
  66. "She really is something, eh Cort?" Orlan nudged his brother with an elbow as he watched the waitress.
  68. "Yes she is," he agreed. The girl was younger than the Dvati twins but they could overlook that without a care. She was attractive to each of the halves--Orlan’s gut did backflips watching her bend over to pick fallen objects on the floor while Cort’s mind buzzed with curiosity about her curiosity and wit.
  70. "So you like her then?" Orlan asked to confirm.
  72. Cort could feel the smile on his brother's face despite his mask. He was snide. "Of course I like her, she seems more observant than almost every other person we’ve talked to since leaving home, but I see her as more than just a nice pair of tits."
  74. "She really is more than than that. I mean, have you seen her ass? It blows those tits out of the water." Leaning back in his chair, the smile grew. He wasn’t entirely serious, he was mature enough that he could see past her body as well as Cort.
  76. Cort feared his brother's humor and poor impulse control would get them in trouble again, but he also had hope that it would get them what they both wanted--after all Orlan was certainly the more charismatic of the two. On his own Cort usually had too much difficulty attracting anyone and relied on his brother’s sense of humor to help him break ice. Orlan, in turn, feared that his brother’s more perverted side would cause them more trouble down the line. He moved first to eat the bread the waitress had for them.
  78. “I’ll ask her the mask question next time she comes over, we’ll see what she says,” Cort said. Her perception was sharp, he wished to press her further on matters of the mind.
  80. Orlan put down the bread. Couldn’t eat without moving the mask, couldn’t ask the mask question if Enimri saw any part of their faces. He exhaled through the nasal slits on the front of his face where a human’s nose would have been and the air rushed out the bottom of his mask and the eyeholes noisily. “Yeah, okay.”
  82. Enimri heard their seamless whispers only as hushed breaths, but knew she was the subject of their discussion. They must have been bored if she was the only interesting thing for them to talk about, she thought to herself dryly. She ducked around the room and did her chores in a rushed manner, but her mind was on the brothers, trying to parse their strange clothes.
  84. Not a single other traveler or patron was up awake as early as them, save for two of Enimri’s cousins in the kitchens. Her other cousins were still asleep or just waking up on the wind-battered and terminally too-cold or too-hot third floor of the inn. There were no screaming creaking stairs sounding out yet, so no one was on their way down.
  86. Jersa’s head and one arm stuck out of the kitchen to talk to Enimri. “Porridge when you need it,” he said. There was a slur to his words from drinking too late last night and waking up before he was done being wasted. He was either too sleepy or too jaded or too drunk to notice the Dvati in the corner.
  88. Enimri ducked into the kitchen to get bowls. Her cousins were good men but their workspace was terminally horrifying to see. At least the food tasted alright to anyone who didn’t have to fight through their kitchen. A ragged coal mite ran away from one of Enimri’s feet and she tried not to pay it any mind. She had a peace treaty with the coal mites: they didn’t leave too much soot on the floor for her to sweep up, and if they stayed on the floor or under the floorboards she wouldn’t kill them on sight. It was too much trouble to kill every one she was aware of, knowing that if she tried it would either combust into smoke or crumble into black dust.
  90. Neither were good in porridge.
  92. With three bowls in two hands she left the kitchen, set a bowl on the counter for herself, and took the chance to talk to the brothers.
  94. As she stopped by their table to place the porridge, Cort caught her glancing at him and asked the question. "Do you know why we wear these masks?" There were many reasons. The Dvati liked to gauge humans by their assumptions educated guesses when they answered this. Both brothers hoped she would have a clever answer, or at the very least turn an eager ear towards the information.
  96. She took this as a riddle. Enimri had a concept or two in her head. "You do it to stand apart because you're twins. No one else dresses like opposites. And…” She looked between them where the light glinted off of eyes that couldn’t be human, and tapped Cort’s white hands where they were folded on the table.
  98. The woman’s voice fell low even though they were alone. “You aren't human and are concerned how people are going to react here."
  100. Raising a finger, Cort commended her, "You're right, on both counts."
  102. “It is true we try a bit too hard to differentiate don’t we?” Orlan asked, shifting himself to sprawl differently in his chair. He shrugged off his brightly colored coat in favor of a burgundy tunic, but left his mask.
  104. “Too hard,” she agreed with a nod and a gentle smile to let him know this was teasing and not rudeness, touching him on the shoulder briefly as if in consolation. After a moment she withdrew it and asked, “Are you staying in town tonight.”
  106. “Possibly,” Cort said. “We usually prefer a tent.”
  108. Enimri clicked her fingernails on the wooden table thoughtfully. “Normally I wouldn’t tell this to potential customers, seeing as I do co-own an inn, but there’s a forest east of here with a bunch of clearings and firepits in it. You should try your luck out there.”
  110. Red had crept into her cheeks, and she felt like she was driving the conversation in a direction that she wanted, but she choked at the final question. Cort deliberated to long on phrasing, and in the end Orlan was the one to say, “You should come see us tonight.”
  112. She wondered if they saw her relief that the magnetism was mutual. “I would love to.”
  114. During that brief moment of quiet in the conversation, a series of creaks from upstairs signaled that at least one of the guests was awake and more work had been born for Enimri. She winked with her left eye to Cort, then with her right eye to Orlan. “I’ll see you later.”
  116. Cort watched her go and hoped his brother was thinking all the same things as he was.
  118. "Did you see that?" Beneath Orlan's red ‘X’ was an all too happy face. "She winked at me!"
  120. "She winked at us both." His brother corrected him.
  122. "Oh no, you're not stealing this one from me." Orlan’s high hopes slipped down and his temper flared.
  124. "You don't seem to understand, brother." Resting a hand on his, Cort spoke through his smile. "She winked at BOTH of us."
  126. Orlan understood what his brother was insinuating and merely nodded along. “Don’t fuck us over here.”
  128. Dating other Dvati--even trying to appeal to them in any romantic or sexual way--had been a disaster. Trying to attract humans was less of a nightmare but still a balancing act. Orlan was always able to get the girls to open up, while Cort seemed to be the one they would gravitate towards sexually. Too many times Orlan had done the work and reaped none of the profits. By the time he could get the girls’ attentions again, Cort had managed to burn some kind of bridge with poor interpersonal skills or by being too strange.
  130. When they quieted, the people sleeping in the inn upstairs woke up and came downstairs with heavy bags. They had adventures to go on like Cort and Orlan did tomorrow.
  132. Enimri kept eyes on them while she worked and occasionally met gazes with one brother or the other while she moved between tables. No other travelers blew in through the doors today, tumbleweed-like, the way that Cort and Orlan had. And over every day that Enimri had worked at the inn, no one who had come and gone, no grizzled adventurer or curiously decorated lizard folk held her interest like these strange, alien twins.
  134. Why? They were something new, first and foremost. In a town where nothing new happened, her work was the only job that could keep a hungry mind fed with stories. She wanted to pick their brains clean, both of them. Neither held appeal over the other, although already she had an idea of the niches they had carved for themselves in their relationship.
  136. Finally she got a peek under the masks when they decided to stop talking and eat. Both of the twins pushed their masks upwards on their snow white faces to sip at their porridge. They did this in unison and both felt discomfort when they found themselves being too alike. It was hard being an individual when their entire life they were told that they were a single entity. Enimri saw their pale chins and the bottoms of their nose slits. She was not repulsed, but curious.
  138. The Dvati downed their breakfast quickly so that they could once more cover their faces properly. Humans usually didn't take too kindly to their outward appearance. They were “creepy” and “unsettling.” They suspected it was the eyes that most caused trouble. None of the common races--elves, dwarves, halflings--had eyes like theirs.
  140. Tossing a few coins on the table Cort began to stand. He practically dragged his brother from the tavern. His sadness was palpable within Cort's mind.
  142. "Relax, this won't be a repeat of the last times." Orlan could feel his twin's sincerity. "I have a good feeling about this one."
  144. They ran their errands for the day. They picked up non-perishable foods for travel and some extra equipment to replace old things. Simple chores. They finished in town before noon and then they took the young Enimiri's advice and set up camp to the forest in the east. An abandoned sign with unreadable elvish scrawl suggested to them that this was a seasonal campground for itinerant elves. That was convenient.
  147. Her cousin's inn filled up fast when the men who worked in the mines left work and poured in. She wanted to leave and kept checking out the window, peeking between the cloth blinds at the position of the sun as it started to set. It was one of those miserably hot summer days that kept her sweaty inside and forced them to cover all of the windows to keep the heat out.
  149. Two of her other cousins had come down, serving food and drinks. Enimri was an only child, but her cousins were from two families of three. The inn had been their grandfather's at one point in time, and had gone to the eldest child of his eldest child, but her entire generation had taken to manning it at different times as a team that co-owned it.
  151. She spoke to her cousin Harna behind the bar. "Do you mind if I take the evening off?"
  153. Harna considered this and squinted at her cousin, weighing the possibilities of asking questions and digging deep, but Enimri had been working since first thing in the morning today, so she did her family member a favor. "Go for it. I'll do your chores."
  155. Enimri took her coat for when night fell and sucked the heat out of the ground, and was subtle about grabbing a bottle of wine as well, tucking it inside. She wanted to be wild.
  157. She wandered east to the trees where the shade kept the ground pleasantly cool. What light that was left was red and coming from far in the west where the sun tossed it carelessly over the mountains. Her ears were open, and she heard them before she saw them.
  159. The brothers killed time by singing in their native language. They could sing melody together identically, or they could sing harmony together identically, but whenever they tried to do both at the same time, they failed miserably and sounded like cats. Their tune was jumbled and jaunted. Today was another attempt to sing like a proper Dvati, and they were failing miserably again. Orlan had preferred to sing above the melody while Cort sang below it. Any of their race hearing this interpretation of the tune would be figuratively bleeding from the ears.
  161. Enimri heard the eerie singing. It sounded like an incomplete song, something played on a piano that was missing a few keys here and there. She followed after it and picked at it with her mind, finding the place that she believed was the chorus and trying to think of how it was, perhaps, meant to be completed. Soon she saw the Dvati and approached silently and slowly, not wanting to interrupt the music. She hung by a tree and felt a growing uncertainty and self-doubt.
  163. They both stopped at the same time, that uncomfortable feeling of being all too similar returned. "I'm going to get some firewood," Cort said calmly, placing his hands on his knees as he stood up.
  165. "We've got plenty and it’s still hot out. There's really no--"
  167. Orlan was interrupted when his twin leaned in and whispered in his ear. "We've got company, so I'll be getting firewood while you get her warmed up."
  169. When Cort pulled away, Orlan merely nodded at his brother's suggestion.
  171. Enimri didn't hear their conversation when their voices dropped, but saw Cort leave for the woods in the opposite direction and took her opportunity to approach in the clearing, feeling that starting with just one of them would be easier. "Hey," she said, all conversational skills failing at once.
  173. "Well, well if it isn't the princess of the tavern." Orlan's mask was still on, but he hoped he might be taking it off to kiss those luscious lips of hers.
  175. She scoffed and rolled her eyes while she walked over to him and pulled her bottle of wine out of her coat to brandish it in front of him, then peeled off the hot coat. She’d only brought it to hide the wine, after all. "Princess. Not even close."
  177. She sat down next to him on the log, close enough that her right thigh touched his left thigh. "I realize I was kind of rude earlier to not even ask your names."
  179. "Well, I don't suppose you ask the name of every patron, but since you ask: my name is Orlan. My brother is Cort." Pointing out to the woods as he mentioned him. "And you're Princess..."
  181. "Enimri Deerwell," she said. The town had inherited its name from her great-great-grandfather, and after speaking she thought that in a distant sort of sense that could make her something like a local princess. "So nice to meet you."
  183. "The pleasure is all mine," He took her hand in his and it to his mask. Lifting it up slightly, he let his lips grace her hand ever so slightly.
  185. She was quick, and snatched his mask to push it up a few more inches and expose the rest of his face. She felt no fear or disgust looking at him and his strange visage, only a slight personal shame that she had no clue what he was.
  187. There was no anger on his face at being exposed, just a wide, surprised grin. Holding her wrist tight, he pulled it back with her whole body in tow. With perfect aim, he caught her lips on his. She took the chance and slid onto his lap smoothly and settled there, hooking an arm around his shoulders. She felt his hot breath more directly on her face and ran her thick lips over his. Opening up his mouth eagerly, he took the opportunity to sneak his tongue into her mouth. Beneath her his cock swelled.
  189. She let him in and swung her other leg around him to straddle his lap comfortably, her incredibly warm crotch rubbing against the front of his thin pants where she could feel his erection building. After a few breathless moments of pushing her tongue against his she pulled her head back enough to ask, "What kind of handsome beast are you?"
  191. "We’re a dvati." He said, catching his own breath. Enimri noticed but didn’t understand his use of the singular instead of plural. "But, not all of us are as handsome as me." He winked a large blue eye.
  193. She admired his enormous eyes for a moment. "Word would have spread if there was an entire race of handsome men," she said, and bit once at his lower lip. "I'm lucky enough to have found a pair of you."
  195. "Well, we're all born as twins. One soul too big for one body or some shit like that." Clearly Orlan didn't believe the old myths. "We're all supposed to be the same. Doing everything together perfectly coordinated, knowing exactly what the others are thinking. Cort and I aren't like that. Dunno why it happened, it just did. I mean, we're similar, sure, but not like the others."
  197. She didn't quite understand what he was getting at, the idea too alien. "You sound like human twins," she said.
  199. "Precisely why we left our little village and are traveling around these human towns." He paused. “The dvati are accepting people. We'd often have members of all races and cultures come through our gates. They were accepting of us too, but you could see their discomfort talking to us. For most of our kind being around us was like being around a sick person would be for you."
  201. "Well I'm glad you wandered to Deerwell," she said, reaching up to stroke his cheek. "It's nice to have you here. You don’t seem sick to me. And I need the excitement."
  203. "And how long has it been since you've had some excitement here, hm?" His hand reached down and squeezed her ass playfully.
  205. Her mouth opened at his touch through her skirt, and a shy laugh came out.
  207. "Too long," she told him honestly. "More than a year."
  209. "A year!?" the dvati laughed, but not meanly. Even he had not been without for that long. "Well, let's fix that, shall we?"
  211. Perhaps his eagerness was getting the best of him, but he could help but begin to push her skirt up her thighs and let his hands dive to open the front of his pants.
  213. She helped him pull up her skirt shyly while she looked down to see his penis, more curious if it looked like a human’s than anything else. "That sounds like a good idea." Enimri was pleased to find that his cock was nearly human, alien to her mostly in that it was white like the rest of his flesh.
  215. “I'm happy we strolled into your kingdom, princess." Pressing her panties aside he couldn't wait to slip his cock inside her, but he hesitated at her entrance feeling was the polite thing to do.
  217. She didn't correct him this time when he called her princess and pressed her lips to his once more before she reached between them for his cock and guided him inside of her until she was again sitting in his lap, now with labored breathing. She had never forgotten what it felt like to have a man inside of her. Orlan wrapped his arms around her lower back, then grabbed at her thighs to bounce her in his lap
  219. Enimri’s nails dug into his shoulders through his tunic and kissed him again, oblivious to Cort’s light footsteps behind her. He might have been tempted to keep his mask on, but he couldn’t kiss with it in the way, so he pulled it off and let it fall to the forest floor, blue circle aimed skyward. He came to stand behind and to the side of Enimri, and though Orlan could sense his presence, the girl still didn’t until he leaned in, stepped forward, grabbed her chin, and redirected her kiss to him while Orlan pounded into her from beneath. He didn’t even give her time to catch her breath.
  221. This was understandably disorienting, and she made a small sound and pulled her head back to find herself looking at the Dvati for the first time together. They were even more alike than any identical human twins she had known, and the only difference she could pick between their faces in that moment was that Cort’s face had scowl lines and Orlan’s had laugh lines. They weren’t old enough for any other wrinkles.
  223. They gave her a moment to stare with her mouth open while she squeezed Orlan with her thighs before Cort’s hand interlocked with her red hair and pulled her to him to kiss again, but this time only briefly. “Hello again,” Cort whispered warmly into her ear. He got a moan as a response and smiled.
  225. Otherwise, the dvati were of the same idea, letting hands wander over their guest, working cooperatively to find the places that would make her shudder and moan. Orlan’s hands stayed under her skirt, and Cort moved to stand beside her and grab her breasts, smirking.
  227. "Oh my god," she moaned. This was new. It was nice. She spasmed around Orlan's cock, not quite ready to cum. She wasn't quite sure she'd pictured this, she'd expected that maybe only one of them would want to fuck while she might get lucky with the other, or, if she was really lucky that they would take turns. But this was better, so much better. Enimri took one of her hands away from Orlan and reached beside her for Cort's crotch.
  229. Both brothers raised their eyebrows at this situation at precisely the same time, though she only saw Orlan’s amused expression. "Rather eager, are we?" Cort smiled down at her, being the only one standing he was high above the others.
  231. "Oh, she's eager. Poor girl hasn't been with a man for a year." Orlan caught his brother up on her situation, then leaned in to Enimri to cup her cheek and touch his forehead to hers while she blushed, made almost to feel embarrassed by the way he relayed her sexual history. Orlan punctuated himself with a grunt as he drove himself deeply up into her. He could tell just being inside of her that she hadn’t had sex lately--even though he’d made her gushing wet to the point that he thought he’d have to leave her skirt and his pants outside overnight to dry, it was a blissful challenge to bury himself inside of her every time.
  233. She would have spoken, but there was no break between where Orlan’s words became Cort’s, and she made only a syllable of sound before the other brother spoke over her.
  235. "A year? Now that just won't do." Cort stroked the side of her face, tilting her head back so she could look up at him. "Let us give you what you need tonight.”
  237. “Yes,” she said. It was the easiest and probably the best answer she felt she could give.
  239. Cort moved forward so her searching hand could find the front of his pants and feel over the definite bulge there. It wasn’t really possible for one half to have sex without the other at least getting aroused. He moaned through locked teeth and tightened his grips on Enimri’s breasts through her shirt.
  241. "It seemed rude to... to only pay attention to one of you," she said, and reached into his pants.
  243. "Then what are you waiting for?" Cort egged her on and shuddered pleasantly when her warm hand wrapped around his shaft, feeling the details of the head and every vein, enjoying the pulse when he throbbed in her grip. It was strange to think that a cock exactly like his was inside of her at that very moment. Orlan watched in anticipation as he continued to push into her. She didn't know what more to say, all that came from her was a moan louder than their singing had been.
  245. Impatiently, Cort opened his pants to give her room to work, and as soon as he let go of her breasts, Orlan pushed her tunic up over them. Her breasts did not disappoint--they were pale, bigger than he could engulf in his hand but not by too much, and her perky nipples were hard and pointed. He wasted no time wrapping his mouth around her sensitive nipple.
  247. Her other hand jumped up to grab at Orlan's black hair in surprise when she felt his hot lips move over her erect nipple.
  249. "Oh gods," she panted to him. "Gentle, gentle..."
  251. Enimri was hesitant to bounce in Orlan's lap as wildly as she had been when his teeth were so near her nipple. She looked from the wild mess of black hair over to Cort and grinned at him playfully. "Sorry you weren't around when I walked up."
  253. "You can make it up to me now." Cort returned her grin and wrapped both of his arms around her midsection and pulled her from Orlan's lap up into the air, setting her down on her knees in front of his brother. She looked back between them a few times to see what exactly they wanted her to do, and then moaned again, long and low, when Cort got on his knees behind her and pushed inside of her himself. Enimri’s head fell forward onto one of Orlan’s bare thighs, and he stroked her hair with a sigh while his cock twitched in front of her nose and she gathered her bearings.
  255. Orlan gave Cort a cynical look and got an apologetic shrug and smile in return before he sped up, grabbing Enimri’s hips and driving into her more forcefully than his brother had been fucking her. She panted and at first she didn’t push back against his brutal thrusts, but once she got herself together she put her hands on the ground and started to move with him at his own overbearing pace.
  257. Her eyes and attention moved forward, and there wasn’t even time for a specific conscious thought before she licked Orlan’s erection and tasted his salty precum as it pushed out of the tip gently to seep down his shaft and mix with the wetness she’d left behind. Before she could take him in the mouth, Cort pushed too hard and she made a high-pitched sound, then wrenched her ass forward away from him.
  259. “Hey!” she said, looking back over her shoulder, drawing a line. “Not so rough.”
  261. "Yeah, watch yourself, man. Her teeth are gonna be on my junk," Orlan’s eyes burned with annoyance.
  263. “I’m sorry,” Cort said. He meant it. “I got carried away.”
  265. Enimri eased back towards him and he stroked her hips in apology before spreading her lips and entering her again. She shuddered again as the blissful sensation resumed, and her tongue lapped at Orlan a few times before her lips fixed over him. Her head bobbed in time with Cort’s thrusts.
  267. Orlan wrapped one of his hands in her soft hair and caressed her head while his brother stroked her lower back and ass between slow thrusts, gradually building his speed back up. She had never had two cocks in her at once before, and in truth she liked it as much as she liked having all four of their warm hands running over her skin and reassuring her with their touches.
  269. For a while she lost herself in sucking on Orlan, her lips sealed against his white skin so that her work was soundless except for the happy groans he produced. She knew from the way his breathing started to hitch and halt when he was getting close to his orgasm, but her own caught her by surprise when Cort reached around her front and pressed gently on her clitoris. That was all it took, and she cried out with Orlan still in her mouth. One of her hands grabbed his thigh for stability while her wet hole gushed over Cort and spasmed over him forcefully.
  271. “Oh, she liked that,” Orlan teased, petting her in his lap while she tried to gather herself and get back to what she had been doing. “You should see her eyes, she can barely keep them open.”
  273. “I know exactly how much she liked it,” Cort said, patting her rear, rubbing his hand in circles. “Such a sweet girl.”
  275. She felt bashful being talked about this way, and refocused her efforts, grabbing the parts of Orlan’s shaft that her mouth couldn’t reach so that his breathing sped up in time with Cort’s. Both of their grips on her tightened with their breathing, looking down at her, sharing her, watching her make love to the other. They followed her lead came into her simultaneously.
  277. It left the three of them hot and sweaty when she pulled her head back from Orlan to swallow and fell back against Cort. His head swam with pleasure but he didn’t miss a beat and scooped her up in his arms to carry her like a bride and get to his feet with only a slight post-orgasm tremble. “C’mon, brother, c’mon princess. The night’s still young.”
  279. “To the tent, then?” Orlan asked. He grabbed the bottle of wine Enimri had brought with her and staggered past his brother, trying not to let it show that he was still breathing heavily on his way into the tent.
  281. “I’m not a princess,” Enimri laughed.
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