Scourge of Tethys Game Updates

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  1. Past Scourge of Tethys update notes
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  4. Version 1.04
  6.     Fixed broken controls after restarting
  7.     Scores can no longer be repeatedly submitted
  8.     Title screen has some animation to it
  10. Version 1.03
  12.     Scores can now be submitted to a scoreboard at the end of a game
  13.     Player and enemy ships now have prettier explosions
  14.     Ship controls no longer trigger while paused
  15.     A timer now prevents bombs from being wasted
  16.     Restarting game changed from Z to Enter to prevent skipping score
  17.     Chasers can now move left or right on spawn
  19. Version 1.02
  21.     Can now be played with a gamepad (analog stick axes inverted in Firefox)
  22.     Fixed pause text
  23.     Shooters now move left and right
  24.     Chaser now spawns on round 5
  25.     Main menu music by z0diakk
  26.     Only one enemy laser sound plays now
  27.     Extended invincibility timer and prevented moving out of bounds
  28.     Small time gap between rounds
  29.     Moonwalking mostly removed
  31. Version 1.01
  33.     The game can now be paused with P
  34.     Repackaged zip files
  35.     Added more instructions
  36.     Mute button carries over to the main game
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