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  1. *** QJ joined #ksirc
  3. Topic set by PoeticEnigma!cgiirc@7AA69B52.B6F47A7A.5385294A.IP on Mon Feb 13 2012 20:29:58 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
  4. 22:32   Chat    [#ksirc] Welcome to Kindred Spirits IRC!
  5. 22:32   jerseybrat      wb qwerty
  6. 22:32   QJ     
  7. 22:32   PoeticEnigma    I'm caving and borrowing weapons
  8. 22:32   PoeticEnigma    but im not happy about it
  9. 22:32   QJ      o nose.
  10. 22:33   PoeticEnigma    I feel like a huge moocher
  11. 22:33   PoeticEnigma    its bullshit cranberry and purge are pretty much ryan 2.0
  12. 22:33   jerseybrat      Hope it helps.
  13. 22:33   PoeticEnigma    nothing has changed
  14. 22:33   QJ      haha, I was reading your comments a bit before.
  15. 22:33   jerseybrat      I'm not borrowing. I'd have to borrow everything lol
  16. 22:33   QJ      I've sorta been wwaiting for you to come over here.
  17. 22:33   PoeticEnigma    I know lol @ me for expecting thing sto change
  18. 22:33   PoeticEnigma    I'm hopeless I guess haha
  19. 22:34   jerseybrat      I'm about 100 in stats less than you I think
  20. 22:34   QJ      I see you and your buddy are having a nice chat
  21. 22:34   PoeticEnigma    hey i didnt tell him to fuck off
  22. 22:34   PoeticEnigma    i started to
  23. 22:34   PoeticEnigma    but realized it was hopeless lol
  24. 22:34   PoeticEnigma    sometimes i learn
  25. 22:34   _Unknown        I'm not borrowing weapons either, I'll just deal with not being able to beat certain opponents for now x)
  26. 22:35   PoeticEnigma    I just don't get the logic
  27. 22:35   PoeticEnigma    oh this isn't a battle heavy plot
  28. 22:35   PoeticEnigma    ... very hard challenger
  29. 22:35   PoeticEnigma    conflicting words and actions
  30. 22:37   jerseybrat      ^^ agree
  31. 22:38   QJ      "Nacho was designed for 1k stat pets (and a bit less) to beat without godlies"
  32. 22:38   QJ      haha
  33. 22:39   jerseybrat      Then I guess he was designed badly
  34. 22:39   QJ      well no, by "without gods" they mean "with the tier right below them"
  35. 22:40   QJ      :
  36. 22:40   _Unknown        Bleh =/
  37. 22:40   jerseybrat      lol
  38. 22:41   jerseybrat      I'm with Poe. I shouldn't have to sell off my wardrobe just to be able to afford to battle. And it seems I would really have to pick one over the other to battle these higher challengers that aren't supposed to be that hard
  39. 22:42   QJ      Yea, I don't really get the point in making them so much harder than normal guys.
  40. 22:42   QJ      That's something I never understood.
  41. 22:44   jerseybrat      and someone just said poe's outgrown her attackers - flame set - which I have the polearm and cuirass plus my shinigami and my acorn bomb and that's it. What weapons should I have and what do they cost?
  42. 22:45   _Unknown        It's easy to outgrow your set, but it's not as easy to get a hold of the set you just grew into x)
  43. 22:45   QJ      any %healer.
  44. 22:45   QJ      ~50m
  45. 22:45   PoeticEnigma    which is bullshit
  46. 22:46   PoeticEnigma    there's no reason for battling to be that expensive
  47. 22:46   QJ      I know, 50m isn't even possible to save up to
  48. 22:46   QJ      It'll take bloody ages
  49. 22:46   PoeticEnigma    other than to pad dickheads ego's like insane
  50. 22:46   PoeticEnigma    god forbid everyone have access to a good set of weapons
  51. 22:46   PoeticEnigma    and be interested in any other part of the site
  52. 22:46   QJ      They do. The next step down is h*lla cheap
  53. 22:47   QJ      You'll be here years before needing the 50m stuff
  54. 22:47   QJ      That's a lot of time to save up
  55. 22:47   jerseybrat      looking at the top tier listed stuff it's all legendary combos and other stuff I can't afford. I have a couple things there already but not attackers.
  56. 22:47   _Unknown        I can save up to 50mil, it'll just take a long time xD
  57. 22:48   PoeticEnigma    I'm sitting on 95 mil right now
  58. 22:48   PoeticEnigma    but be damned if i am spending it all on one thing
  59. 22:48   PoeticEnigma    that's just retarded
  60. 22:48   jerseybrat      I'm at about 60mil cause I bought csc with sP
  61. 22:48   QJ      Again, so of us like having something to spend sP on.
  62. 22:48   QJ     
  63. 22:48   jerseybrat      But it takes me awhile to save up and 50mil on one item if available takes all my savings
  64. 22:49   PoeticEnigma    but just because you do, doesn't mean everyone else should be excluded
  65. 22:49   PoeticEnigma    it doesnt take 50 mil to make a good avatar
  66. 22:49   PoeticEnigma    or a good pet
  67. 22:49   PoeticEnigma    (from character standpoint)
  68. 22:49           *** nekoschu joined #ksirc
  69. 22:49   nekoschu        sorry I'm late
  70. 22:49   QJ      H*ll, even I've spent more on art than weapons/boosting/training
  71. 22:50   _Unknown        Hey Neko
  72. 22:50   PoeticEnigma    i find that epically hard to believe qj
  73. 22:50   jerseybrat      hi nek
  74. 22:51   QJ      Well, maybe not come to think of it. I wasn't taking into account stuff I didn't spend sP on, but rather, didn't sell.
  75. 22:51   QJ      Ie, reading drive stuff and plot prizes
  76. 22:51   nekoschu        reading drive needs to happen
  77. 22:51   nekoschu        I want the revivor
  78. 22:52   QJ     
  79. 22:52   PoeticEnigma    yeah I'm investing in weapons this year because if i ever want to get anywhere im gonna have to give up on wardrobe stuff
  80. 22:52   QJ      From RE
  81. 22:53   PoeticEnigma    nice
  82. 22:53   jerseybrat      Hungry Whale in hustler now
  83. 22:53   QJ      Weren't the EPICon points only suppose to be in the shop temp.?
  84. 22:56   _Unknown        I thought so, they're still there?
  85. 22:56   QJ      yea.
  86. 23:00   QJ      they should put them in the CS instead.
  87. 23:01   nekoschu        I'm firing up the mystery box hoping for the last pendant I need
  88. 23:02   jerseybrat      Get two and I'll buy one lol
  89. 23:02   jerseybrat      well if it's the lapis anyway
  90. 23:02   jerseybrat      I gave up on the mystery box. Too much wrapping paper.
  91. 23:02   nekoschu        yeah the lapis
  92. 23:03   PoeticEnigma    i actually vended a lapis necklace the other day
  93. 23:03   nekoschu        linens gave me the numbers for it
  94. 23:03   PoeticEnigma    and promptly gave up on the box XD
  95. 23:03   nekoschu       
  96. 23:03   jerseybrat      did you save the numbers?
  97. 23:03   _Unknown        lol
  98. 23:04   nekoschu        lapis: 702, 1053, 1404, 1755, 2106
  99. 23:04   nekoschu        got it on my notepad sidebar thingie
  100. 23:04   PoeticEnigma    yeah i have the google doc still
  101. 23:05   nekoschu        which vending machine, OD?
  102. 23:06   PoeticEnigma    I think so
  103. 23:06   PoeticEnigma    either that or dragon hoard
  104. 23:06   PoeticEnigma    i vended like 1.5k tokens that day
  105. 23:07   jerseybrat      wow
  106. 23:07   jerseybrat      I didn't think it would vend
  107. 23:07   QJ      "I'll go back to my wardrobe now."
  108. 23:07   QJ      tehe
  109. 23:07   QJ      Good.
  110. 23:08   nekoschu        You've purchased a Rodent Wailer for 612sP! -- lol wtf
  111. 23:09   PoeticEnigma    o_O
  112. 23:09   PoeticEnigma    that's really how it feels
  113. 23:09   PoeticEnigma    you make nice avatars
  114. 23:09   PoeticEnigma    we dont want you here
  115. 23:09   nekoschu        thread?
  116. 23:10   PoeticEnigma    http://subeta.net/forums/view/840516/4#18680287
  117. 23:10   QJ      ^lulz
  118. 23:10   PoeticEnigma    just me beating the dead horse of battle inequality
  119. 23:10   PoeticEnigma    and thinking purge and cranberry would actually change that
  120. 23:10   QJ      I mean, I'm not interested at all in HA's, but I'd easily have the sP to fill my wardrobe if I wanted.
  121. 23:10   QJ      well, That was silly of you. Things don't change.
  122. 23:11   QJ      Unless you're in charge.
  123. 23:11   jerseybrat      Just because it's easier for some people to earn sP doesn't mean it's easy for everyone.
  124. 23:11   PoeticEnigma    Wardrobe: 5,171,793,170 sP.
  125. 23:11   jerseybrat      And those that have it shouldn't assume it is.
  126. 23:11   PoeticEnigma    you happen to have that much laying round to come close to where I am QJ?
  127. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    and that is over three years on the site
  128. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    three years on the site for battling
  129. 23:12   QJ      Those numbers are stupidly off anyways.
  130. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    and I am no where close to being in the top
  131. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    I'm almost in the top 500
  132. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    and i still cant do shit
  133. 23:12   QJ      top 500 what?
  134. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    pets
  135. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    I'm 519
  136. 23:12   QJ      Pet Rank: 372
  137. 23:12   PoeticEnigma    I keep dancing between that and 518
  138. 23:12   QJ      For 2.5 years.
  139. 23:13   QJ      3 years on the site though, and you still want to use the same weapons?
  140. 23:14   PoeticEnigma    why not
  141. 23:14   PoeticEnigma    i use the same wigs i used last year
  142. 23:14   PoeticEnigma    battling should not be special
  143. 23:14   QJ      the wardrobe shouldn't be special either.
  144. 23:15   PoeticEnigma    it's not
  145. 23:15   QJ      wigs should go out of style after 6 months so we can't use them anymore
  146. 23:15           *** spidermeg joined #ksirc
  147. 23:15   PoeticEnigma    other than custom wearable clusterfucks lol
  148. 23:15   QJ      That way battling and HA's are more equal.
  149. 23:15   jerseybrat      hey meg
  150. 23:15   _Unknown        Hey Meg
  151. 23:15   PoeticEnigma    no, battling weapons should not be 100 mil for anything decent
  152. 23:15   QJ      they're not.
  153. 23:15   spidermeg       Hey guys  Would rather be in bed but I have a nascar bawww
  154. 23:16   spidermeg       I have a nascar Bawww'er
  155. 23:16   QJ      and why not, poe?
  156. 23:16   QJ      That's like me complaining that wigs shouldn't be 10m.
  157. 23:16   nekoschu        I have never had 100m in sp at one time
  158. 23:16   QJ      It's just how things go, some things are more expensive.
  159. 23:17   nekoschu        expensive wigs don't give you a game advantage though
  160. 23:17   PoeticEnigma    ^^
  161. 23:17   QJ      u guys r funny.
  162. 23:17   nekoschu        you can use the default hairstyles and still do a nice avatar
  163. 23:17   PoeticEnigma    because quiet frankly it's stupid.  
  164. 23:18   nekoschu        but there are tons of worthless weapons that don't do anything
  165. 23:18   _Unknown        lol, Meg. Watching Nascar too?
  166. 23:18   QJ      I don't see it being stupid, I see it being fun. But difference of opinion, I suppose
  167. 23:18   spidermeg       Yes Unknown XD More like wishing TV had a fast forward button so stubborn arse will get up and go to bed. :I He refuses till the race is over so hes asleep on the floor till then
  168. 23:18   nekoschu        the weapons that actually have quality stats/damage are the most expensive, which I understand. it's just that a lot of them are out of reach
  169. 23:18   PoeticEnigma    I don't see how being frustrated as fun
  170. 23:18   PoeticEnigma    i hate hate hate video games
  171. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    that force me to do a bunch of stupid crap
  172. 23:19   QJ      o nose!
  173. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    and spend all my gold/points/whatever
  174. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    when i play a game, i want to enjoy it
  175. 23:19   QJ      How dare they!
  176. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    not be pissed off at it
  177. 23:19   QJ      Agreed!
  178. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    and it's a really stupid system
  179. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    hey you need X weapon t o beat Y
  180. 23:19   PoeticEnigma    but in order to get X weapon
  181. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    You have to have beat challenger Z last plot
  182. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    that you were too weak to beat,
  183. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    because you didnt have Weapon Q
  184. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    and on and on and on
  185. 23:20   QJ      ...or here, you can just borrow stuff. Problem solved.
  186. 23:20   nekoschu        what's stupid is jumping from the easiest challengers to freaking nacho
  187. 23:20   _Unknown        lol, I'm tired of just watching them chat and play with their phones...Clean the track, and get back to racing xD
  188. 23:20   spidermeg       I hate battling X___X I'm only doing the ones this time because I like the masks. I'm no where near anywhere to beat Nacho guy though  I've found that the dreamcatchers are pretty awesome weapons. I used the water one plus the water amulet to kill that one fire thing quickly
  189. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    yes because being dependant on assholes like insane is fun
  190. 23:20   nekoschu        I worked hard to train my pet to 500 stats, and I don't get any benefits from it
  191. 23:20   PoeticEnigma    i'm just glad i have a nice battler friend in garyx
  192. 23:21   PoeticEnigma    and she actually talks to me like a person
  193. 23:21   QJ      yes, only insane has good weapons.
  194. 23:21   spidermeg       LOL All my friends are crying about the waste of tide Unknown. But yesss
  195. 23:21   PoeticEnigma    not like i'm an idiot
  196. 23:21   QJ      Just post on the borrowing thread, people are more than willing to help. (yes, even your bffl)
  197. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    but the point still stands that i really dont think you understand
  198. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    you don't have to borrow high end wearables
  199. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    to make a good avatar
  200. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    and making a good avatar gives you zero advantage in the game
  201. 23:22   _Unknown        lol, all that Tide xD I've only caught the last parts of the race, but from what I hear, there have been a lot of stupid crashes.
  202. 23:22   QJ      How does that relate at all?
  203. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    but in order to get anywhere in battling which DOES g ive you a game advantage
  204. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    you have to be reliant on the top people
  205. 23:22   PoeticEnigma    who are often quite frankly snobby assholes
  206. 23:23   PoeticEnigma    i can count the top battlers i like on one hand
  207. 23:23   QJ      You don't need "high end" toppings to make a good pizza. It's completely irrvalence.
  208. 23:23   nekoschu        if you have to rely on borrowing weapons they might as well reinstate trading battle pets
  209. 23:23   PoeticEnigma    ^^
  210. 23:23   PoeticEnigma    it doesn't matter what you personally have done
  211. 23:23   PoeticEnigma    but who you know and who you can beg weapons from
  212. 23:24   QJ      Again, how cares? that's how the system works, and some of us enjoy that part of it. Why you gotta rain on our parade
  213. 23:24   QJ      you call it begging, I call it teamwork.
  214. 23:24   PoeticEnigma    some very  very small part of the site
  215. 23:24   nekoschu        nobody would if it wasn't a required plot step
  216. 23:24   PoeticEnigma    40ish people vs everyone else
  217. 23:24   PoeticEnigma    i think 40 is being too generous actually
  218. 23:24   QJ      I believe it's 47 people, exactly.
  219. 23:25   nekoschu        if the battling was truly optional than most people would skip it and wouldn't care
  220. 23:25   spidermeg       I never wanted to battle at all honestly but I know most of the time I HAVE to if I want to get achievements or get x awesome wear  I just forget about it and everything.
  221. 23:25   spidermeg       OH Are they finally going to start up again Unknown. lol And This is the longest red flag ever dumb Montoya crashed into the Jet Cleaner.
  222. 23:25   QJ      o nose, how dare they incorporate site features into plots?
  223. 23:26   nekoschu        yeah that's why you get a lot of wardrobe people complaining, you make them battle to get wears
  224. 23:26   QJ      Next thing you know we'll have HA contest.
  225. 23:26   QJ      Think of the horrow
  226. 23:26   QJ      *horror
  227. 23:26   _Unknown        lol, I hope so x)
  228. 23:26   nekoschu        it is horror xD
  229. 23:26   PoeticEnigma    i hate ha contests
  230. 23:26   PoeticEnigma    and i have placed quite well in them
  231. 23:26   PoeticEnigma    they're poorly ran
  232. 23:26   _Unknown        While I don't really like Montoya, it's not really his fault. His car broke outside of his control.
  233. 23:26   QJ      question : Do you like anything?
  234. 23:27   PoeticEnigma    questing but that's gonna get screwed up soon too lol
  235. 23:27   QJ      I"m starting to doubt that you do. haha
  236. 23:27   PoeticEnigma    cults but they need a revamp
  237. 23:27   QJ      I believe you mean to say "that's gonna get fixed soon"
  238. 23:27   QJ      *meant
  239. 23:27   nekoschu        look at it this way, nobody would bother complaining if they didn't like subeta/some aspect of it
  240. 23:28   spidermeg       I know. Its still irritating LOL. This is the weirdest race in history. Oh well delay today because it rained we'll hold it tom. oh well delay right now too we'll hold it tonight oh now a huge accident oh well now there is rain WHAT IS NEXT?!
  241. 23:28   PoeticEnigma    fixed so the same people that benefit from battling can also benefit from restocking
  242. 23:28   PoeticEnigma    yeah if i didn't care a bit
  243. 23:28   PoeticEnigma    i'd have quit by now
  244. 23:28   PoeticEnigma    but I see potential, it's often neglected and poorly managed
  245. 23:28   PoeticEnigma    but it's there
  246. 23:29   QJ      Wait? Fixing quest, benefits battler? Please enlighten me.
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