Famires no Juunin

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. Family Restaurant -
  5. A type of restaurant that caters mainly towards families, with a menu for customers of all ages.
  7. Free Refills -
  8. Originally, drink bar. Essentially, purchasing the usage of a self-service soda fountain with no charges on refills.
  10. Katsudon -
  11. A bowl of rice with deep-fried pork cutlet, egg and such.
  13. Yudetarou -
  14. A soba / udon chain store.
  16. jonathan's -
  17. A family restaurant chain.
  19. Yoshinoya -
  20. A chain store that focuses on its gyuudon.
  22. Karaage -
  23. Seasoned food (usually meat) coated in flour and deep-fried.
  25. "places where they came together", "ankles" -
  26. Originally:
  27. "Where...?"
  28. "At the points..." (of a speech) / "At the joints..." (of a body) (the word used has both meanings)
  29. "Mostly at the ankles..."
  31. "Guard Break -> Super Secret Move" -
  32. Fighting games terminology.
  33. Guard Break: Breaking the guarding stance of a character, usually through repeated or piercing attacks.
  34. Super Secret Move: A special skill, usually unique to each character, that takes up some energy and is harder to execute.
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