Hazel Illusions

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  1.     Sciron slammed his foot into Jason’s chest. Jason tumbled backwards over the edge, his arms flailing, screaming as he fell. When he was about to hit the water, the turtle rose up and swallowed him in one bite, then sank below the surface.
  2.     Alarm bells sounded on the Argo II. Hazel’s friends scrambled on deck, manning the catapults. Hazel heard Piper wailing all the way from the ship.
  3. ...
  4.     She knelt, trying to ignore the smell. She shuffled to one side, forcing Sciron to adjust his stance, but she imagined that the sea was still at her back. She held that vision in her mind as she shuffled sideways again.
  5.     "Just get on with it!" Sciron said.
  6.     Hazel suppressed a smile. She’d managed to turn Sciron one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, but he still saw the water in front of him, the rolling countryside at his back.
  7. ...
  8.     When the kick came, she flew backwards, but she didn’t go far. She landed on her butt in the grass a few yards away.
  9.     Sciron stared at her. "But …"
  10.     Suddenly the world shifted. The illusion melted, leaving Sciron totally confused. The sea was at his back. He’d only succeeded in kicking Hazel away from the ledge.
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