Fluttershy's new sweater (autismo Anon, short?)

Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. >>
  2. >>W-what do you think A-anon, do you like m-my new sweater?
  4. "Y-you too,"
  5. >You try
  6. >You really do
  7. >But you can't tear your gaze away from her knockers
  8. >You generally always found it in yourself to do so, she's been 'gifted' in the tiddy department for years now
  9. >But the way this sweater hugs her form
  10. >For fucks sake, you think you can even make up the contours of her puffy nipp--
  11. >Some more staring and a quick peek up towards her naked shoulders makes you realize the obvious
  12. >She's not wearing any bra
  13. >And with the way the sweater is dropping down her shoulders, the simplest of tugs should be enough to reveal--
  14. >She bursts your thought bubble by bringing one of her hands up to rest against the neckline, or cleavage line
  15. >Or whatever the fuck you call that
  16. >Her fingers ever so slightly wrapping around it as if to secure it in place
  17. >And her blush finally lets you realize you've been staring like an ape for the last minute or so
  18. "I-huh, I mean, no bra,"
  19. >You freeze as the words come out of your mouth
  20. >You dumb fuck, why'd you say that to her?!
  21. >She's going to squee and run away and you'll never see her again--
  22. >"Ohhh... I knew it was a bad idea, but Rarity said that it'd be a sure way to woo you over and--"
  23. >Or she'll just say something she didn't want to say, squee, blush even harder and bring both hands to her face to hide from your gawking
  24. >Which of course makes her squeeze her tatas with her forearms
  25. >Fuck
  26. >Shit
  27. >Those are the signs
  28. >These are obvious fucking flags
  29. >Just like in your chinese visual novels
  30. >What are you supposed to do now
  31. >What would John Cena do?
  32. >Maybe try to comfort her by telling her she looks great?
  33. >That's alpha as fuck right?
  34. "N-no it's alright, you look great without a bra on, you should definitely stop wearing them!"
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