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  1. Charles Paul > Hello.
  2. Xikuan > Hey man
  3. Xikuan > re your dreddit application
  4. Xikuan > You seem to be a brand new player
  5. Xikuan > which is cool, but was wondering where you got that ISK from
  6. Charles Paul > Ninja looting.
  7. Charles Paul > Level 5's are wonderful.
  8. Xikuan > In low sec?
  9. Charles Paul > Erm, level 4's, then.
  10. Charles Paul > I found a couple Internal Force Fields, and that pretty much covered it.
  11. Xikuan > Sounds like you got lucky, what kind of ship you use for that?
  12. Charles Paul > I used a probe for scanning, and a vigil for looting/salvaging.
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