Feb 16th, 2016
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  1. Goals/Mission: To provide a focal point and nexus for the growing number of game localization professionals in order to build community, draw together best practices and processes, and emphasize the requisite international dimension of game content development towards the goal of improving global game development processes and local end user experiences.
  4. Potential projects/Initiatives: Beyond the goal of drawing together and building community among those involved in game localization, the SIG would also seek to fulfill collaborative projects. Some possible examples include:
  6. Activities at Industry Events: Ensure that the SIG has a clear presence at events like GDC, Localization World, E3, Gamescom, etc.
  8. Game Localization Best Practices: Compiles a list of core best practices for game localization and shares them via the SIG. Started in early 2011 and republished in an updated version in English in 2012. We have translated it into Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese so far, and plan to maintain it and translate to other languages.
  10. LocJAM: create a yearly event, framed as a free and non-competitive game translation contest, that can act as a showcase for videogame localization among students, young professional and developers. Started in 2014, with two editions held so far.
  13. Current Leadership
  14. The following individuals were elected by the SIG membership in June 2015 and are serving as the SIG steering committee for the 2015-2016 2-year term:
  15. Chair: Alain Dellepiane, Language Director, team GLOC (Italy/Japan)
  16. Steering Committee: Elizabeth Sánchez León, Localization Professional, Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Spain/Germany)
  17. Steering Committee: Rolf Klischewski, Game Translator & Localization Consultant, Games Localization (Germany)
  18. Steering Committee: Simone Crosignani, PR Manager, Binari Sonori (Italy)
  19. Steering Committee: Serge Gladkoff, Service Company Owner and Executive Manager, Logrus International (USA)
  20. Steering Committee: Sheila C. Gomes, Independent Localization Professional (Brazil)
  23. The 2013-2015 2-year term:
  24. Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino (Chair)
  25. Simone Crosignani (Vice-Chair)
  26. Alain Dellepiane (Vice-Chair)
  27. Rolf Klischewski (Vice-Chair)
  28. Oded Sharon (Vice-Chair)
  29. Tom Slattery (Vice-Chair)
  31. The 2011-2012 2-year term:
  32. Kate Edwards (Chair)
  33. Miguel Bernal (Vice-Chair)
  34. Edwin Steussy (Vice-Chair)
  35. Richard Honeywood - Game Industry Representative (Vice-Chair)
  36. Fabio Minazzi - Localization Industry Representative (Vice-Chair)
  38. The founding 2007-2010 term:
  39. Kate Edwards (Chair)
  40. Miguel Bernal (Vice-Chair)
  41. Heather Chandler (Vice-Chair)
  42. Richard Honeywood - Game Industry Representative (Vice-Chair)
  43. Fabio Minazzi - Localization Industry Representative (Vice-Chair)
  44. [[http://archive.is/IMmHg#selection-1541.0-1627.13]]
  47. Samantha Robertson, one of Nintendo of America's Treehouse localizers, is part of IGDA's SIG Localization group and a member of IGDA.
  48. https://archive.is/UaASy
  49. http://archive.is/PaXdj
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