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May 22nd, 2019
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  1. (For Checkpoint, Hell and Heaven)
  3. An abrupt yet angry voice spoke out toward those within each realm The individual speaking obviously held grudges and wouldn't let such humiliation slide. This was a quick message, but one possibly important to well people who valued their lives, those who held the power to do much shouldn't really be worried although...
  5. "Listen up ya' annoying fools. Anyone and everyone who has crossed me will be killed on sight, I'm done being all nice! Yeah, you brats who got in my way today, that means you. And anyone from hell if ya' think your moxy enough. I will try my very best to kill you, destroy you even at the cost of my own life. Ya' like to jump me in a fight? So be it, gonna be after your lives till the end of my own. No sides will be taken. Heaven or Hell. Screw all of ya."
  7. The loud voice would simply shut up after that quick statement, those who knew the voice could probably understand why such an announcement was made.
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