A Doujin Where Shikinami is the Secretary Ship 4 [Typeset]

Feb 4th, 2016
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  1. A Doujin Where Shikinami Became the Secretary Ship 4
  3. >[A Doujin Where Shikinami Became the Secretary Ship 4]
  4. >[The Warmth of a Smile]
  5. >[Gifts]
  6. >[Snow Melts into Spring]
  7. >[The Proof on the Right Hand]
  8. >[Seen-Through Move]
  9. >[I Like You]
  10. >[Sweet Lies]
  11. >[I'll take the Trick (Literally: Just Fuck My Shit Up)]
  12. >[Koyoi, Kimi, Koi]/[Tonight, You, Love]
  13. >[Back COver]
  15. >[A Smile's Warmth]
  16. >Here I come--!
  17. >Take this!
  18. >How spirited.
  19. >How spirited indeed.
  20. >Commander, will you not play?
  21. >Unfortunately, I am not fond of the cold.
  22. >I feel very fortunate, just watching.
  23. >I get it, I get it~~
  24. >Commander! Ayanami--!!
  26. >Look, look a snowman--!!
  27. >What's going on?!
  28. >I'm getting a little warm...
  29. >Yeah...
  31. >[Gifts]
  32. >Sorry...
  33. >Ayanami already gave me the gift. | Thanks.
  34. >Eh?! [She just gave it like that?!]
  35. >If I had known to pay more attention...
  36. >It's fine, it was a present from both of us anyway.
  37. >Although it's a reparation of sorts, this...
  38. >I prepared a stocking | tonight, try saying "I'm the present <3]!
  39. >Like hell I'll try that?! [I'm amazed you found something like that?!]
  40. >[Ayanami...]
  41. >Don't be so hard on yourself about it.
  42. >...Anyway,
  44. >Eh?! THis is for me?! When'd you buy this?!
  45. >I snuck off and bought this the last time we went to the department store.
  46. >If it were just me, | I'd never have been able to choose what present to give the Commander. You were a big help too, you know?
  47. >Mm, It looks perfect.
  48. >Merry Christmas.
  50. >[Snow Melts into Spring]
  51. >When you think of Spring--
  52. >Sakuramochi | Strawberries...
  53. >And graduation season.
  54. >Graduation, huh--
  56. >Shikinami, you won't graduate from secretary ship, right?!
  57. >I won't?! I never planned to!!
  58. >Couldn't you think of osmething else?!
  59. >Like School Entrance season--
  60. >Entrance...
  62. >Entrance...?
  63. >[Naval District ELementary School Entrance Ceremony]
  64. >Forget about being a secretary ship, why don't you go and be an elementary schooler...?
  65. >Real decisive, commander! [I'm disappointed!]
  67. >[The Proof on the Right Hand]
  68. >Now that Spring's over, I'm taking down the dolls.
  69. >You caaaaaaaan't!!!
  70. >Eh, why?
  71. >If we don't take down the Hina-ningyo/Dolls, our marriages will get pushed back, you know that.
  72. >Just the thought that Shikinami is going to get married...?
  73. >Does it irritate her so?
  74. >No, no, I'm not that different from a bride already... [mmm]
  76. >Hm...
  77. >I don't need to say it for yuo to know what I mean, right?
  78. >Ahh, but after all, this is just "Provisional"-- | We've put it off this long anyway, I guess my marriage date really is going to be late.
  79. >I can fix that!!
  80. >Hm?
  81. >[W-why do I feel like I just witnessed the tsundere moment of teh century?]
  83. >[Seen Through, Moved]
  84. >Ahh, it's so busy--
  85. >Let's go shooting, shooting!
  86. >Do whatever you want.
  87. >I want to eat shaved ice!
  88. >Please give me one.
  90. >You want something like that? | You sure are a child, Commander--
  91. >I am, huh?
  92. >Then | I'll give this to Shikinami then.
  93. >[Eh~] I don't need it~~
  94. >It's fine, it's fine.
  95. >Ah, that mask is so cute!
  97. >[I Like you]
  98. >Right! A little to the right!
  99. >That's right! Now straight ahead!
  100. >You can do it, commander--!
  101. >Go go Comman... | Hm?
  102. >Watermelon bashing isn't htis kind of game, oy!
  103. >And how did you even know I was here?!
  104. >[Uwahh--?!]
  106. >[Sweet Lies]
  107. >I remember I accidentally ate watermelon seed when I was younger. | And a sprout strated growing in my stomach...
  108. >[Ehhh?!]
  109. >Ehh?! And then what happened?
  110. >[Noo~] I took a scissor and snip, there went that little sprout...
  111. >[I was bawling my eyes out then.]
  112. >That's horrible~~
  113. >...mmm.
  114. >Ah, I was just kidding. [ufufu...]
  115. >I-I-I-i-I-I- knew that of course!! [I didn't believe it!]
  117. >[I'll take the trick]
  118. >There won't be any tricks, but hand over your treats!
  119. >Happy halloween!
  120. >Eh, what about the trick....?
  121. >I figured you'd say that so I removed that option.
  122. >Right, now hand over those treats.
  123. >[There's no trick...?!]
  125. >There won't be any treats if there's no trick!
  126. >Ah--! That's messed up--!
  127. >Tch...lame....
  128. >[Ahhh--]
  129. >Eh--I guess it can't be helped.
  131. >Here, enjoy.
  132. >To do this...
  133. >How long do I have to wait until the trick--
  134. >If I get mad I'll just play into her hands....
  135. >Endure it, I gotta....
  136. >Yowch
  137. >She went Tsun?!
  139. >I'm digging in~
  140. >[You, Tonight, Love]
  141. >WHen you think of Autumn, you gotta think of eating Dango--
  142. >Ahem ahem
  143. >Substance over Style, Shikinami (literally: Dango over Flowers 花ょり団子, which means you should focus on the real dango over the abstract beauty of a flower, i.e. one bird in hand over two birds in the bush. It means that you should focus substance voer style).
  144. >Look, it's a full moon | How can you have a moon watching ceremony without lookinga t the moon?
  145. >Sorry, sorry...
  147. >Oy, Ayanami--
  148. >The Moon sure is pretty--
  149. >[Pfffttt]
  151. >[Cough cough]
  152. >Ayanami?!
  153. >A-are you alright?
  154. >I'm fine....
  155. >The Dangos were so good I choked...
  156. >I-is that so.
  157. >Well--want another one?
  158. >[Shikinami...did she really say that without realizing...?]
  159. >And here I thought there was some deeper meaning.
  161. >It's good, huh?
  162. >Uuuu~~~ really~~~
  163. >You're too sneaky...
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