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  1. ```==Strikeman
  2. HP Base 125
  3. Speed .8/.78
  4. JumpZ 14
  6. ==Passive
  7. User will have to hit opponents to gain power needed for specialized attacks. The amount of power given is determined by how many times the user's base rebound strikers have sucessfully collided with the projectile.
  9. ==Mainfire
  10. User will lob a regular rebound striker with decent speed. All basic rebound strikers will bounce off of any actor, players included. Basic rebound strikers will be effected by gravity if they have stayed in the air for too long. A max of three rebound strikers will be out at a time, and when they reach their bounce cap, they will go back to the user (think akin to cutman or knightman) to transfer their power. When enough power is present, the user can then hold mainfire to charge a specialized rebound striker that "transfers" the power into the projectile, dynamically increasing its speed, bounce cap and damage based on how much power has been given to it. ```
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