Incomplete MMBN5 Protoman Folder Guide.

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  1. MMBN5 Folder Guide:
  3. Start of the game, you immediately go for a Guard1 A. Regging this will give you a generally consistent way to beat most encounters, and A code flows with Cannon A. Generally, you want two or three Guard1 As. However, it's fine to just go for a single Guard1 A, as there's a forced encounter later that has a 2/3 chance to drop Guard1 A, and you don't need too many.
  5. Within ACDC Area and MainComps, you can also pick up a few goodies. These are:
  6. - Cannon A
  7.   - Simple but useful. Flows with Guard1 A
  8. - Cannon B
  9.   - B code, while it can't flow with Guard1 A, flows with StepSwrd B and BlizMnSP B
  10. - AirShot *
  11.   - Ranged * code, good for RockShot and random field Rocks
  12. - Spreader D
  13. - Vulcan1 D
  14.   - These are good because they flow with Vulcan1 Ds already in the folder
  15. - Sword S
  16. - WideSwrd S
  17. - WideSwrd K
  18. - WideSwrd Z
  19.   - Swords are okay as you don't have many better chips in your folder, but they're mainly added for DrilArm1 farming. Liberation 1 mostly has advantaged/surrounded fights, which minimizes the disadvantage of swords
  20. - MiniBomb *
  21.   - Good due to most encounters generally being stationary, as well as it being in * code.
  22. - LongSwrd C
  23.   - God chip. The extra range you get helps massively compared to Sword/WideSwrd.
  24. - BusterUp *
  25.   - Good while you don't have BustPack. Helps when you're out of chips. Note that it's useless on Team Navis, which is why you take it out once you have BustPack
  26. - AreaGrab S
  27.   - Good with S coded swords. Don't use on its own
  28. - Attack+10 *
  29.   - Useful in the early game due to low damage output. Also helps keep your folder less soupy
  30. - Roll R
  31.   - Actually not sure if this is good, but helps during DrilArm1 J farming.
  33. Mediocre chips:
  34. - MiniBomb B
  35.   - Bomb chips are okay for early game, but not that great. B code helps it a bit
  36. - MrkCan1 K
  37.   - Slow startup time, hard to counter with, bad code
  38. - Quake1 A
  39.   - Getting Quake1 A is already very rare and you don't even go for it so you'll rarely see this. I haven't really experimented much with this but it has an even slower hit time than MiniBomb. 100 damage is potentially interesting.
  41. Bad chips:
  42. - CrakOut *
  43. - DublCrak *
  44. - Barrier S
  45. - Recov10 *
  46. - Recov30 L
  47. - Recov30 C
  48. - Barrier B
  49.   - These don't do damage, * code might barely an argument to add it in the folder, but I'm not even sure if the * code ones beat out MiniBomb L
  50. - Quake1 A/K
  51.   - K code is easier to get than A code, but it can only flow with MrkCan1 K and WideSwrd K. Otherwise, Quake1 A notes apply
  52. - Thunder B
  53.   - Moves too slowly, and can't aim it well
  54. - EnergBom E
  55.   - Flows with nothing, bomb chip
  56. - MiniBomb L
  57.   - Worst damage chip, only better than non-damaging chips
  59. You have to balance between A and D code. This is important for deciding whether to take out Vulcan1 D later on (during magnetman folder edit)
  61. Upon finishing Liberation 1, two things relating to the folder happen:
  62. - BlizManSP B
  63.   - God chip. Has line range, does 130 damage. Melts most viruses (but not all).
  64. - Guard1 A
  65.   - Usefulness immediately diminishes, due to more body attacks, Drixols being noteworthy. These are usually the first to go once you need to add in new chips (apart from even worse chips).
  67. On the first trip to Oran Area 1, here are some good chips you can obtain. These are:
  68. - CrakBom R
  69.   - Has an AOE effect which does column damage, and is 80 damage.
  70. - CactBal1 J
  71.   - Can hit a total of four times for 120 damage. Ranged, good on stationary encounters. Flows with DrilArm1 J. Useful on Magnetman
  72. - CactBal1 I
  73.   - Not as good as J code, otherwise refer to CactBal1 J.
  74. - AirHoc S [RARE]
  75.   - Cleans encounters very well, has potential against bosses too.
  76. - Tornado L [RARE]
  77.   - Y braster got this in his Colonel run, possibly useful due to stationary encounters + 160 damage.
  79. Mediocre chips:
  80. - MrkCan1 S
  81.   - Same commentary as MrkCan1 K, although S code helps it a bit
  82. - Spreader C
  83. - FireHit1 P/Q
  84.   - Haven't really used these chips, kind of meh
  86. Bad chips:
  87. - TripCrak *
  88.   - Doesn't do damage
  90. There's an opportunity to get a CactBal1 J during one of the fixed OldMine fights. You want to manipulate your rank to 8 or 9 (preferably 8) to have the best chance at getting J code. I code isn't as great, but will suffice.
  92. In DrillComps, your folder is set up to acquire DrilArm1 Js. Your top 4 is set up so you have:
  93. - Atk+10 * x2
  94. - BlizManSP B
  95. - CactBal1 J (Roll R if you don't have it)
  97. Atk+10 * can be attached to Sword to OHKO Drixol, which makes the fights a lot faster. BlizManSP B one shots as well, and is very easy to use. CactBal1 J also one shots, but is slightly harder than BlizManSP B. Roll R is an option if you also draw Atk+10 *, doing 90 damage overall.
  99. DrillComp great chips:
  100. - DrilArm1 J
  101.   - God chip. Does between 60 and 240 damage depending on placement. Melts all viruses except BigBrute5 without 240 damage. Very useful on bosses as well. Your time should be very good if you decide to forgo this chip. This stays in the folder forever.
  102. - AirShot *
  103.   - Increases the chance for drawing RockShot, helps make folder less soupy, good to clean up fights. This stays in the folder forever.
  104. - Spreader *
  105.   - God chip. Very easy to counter with, fast to use, very good splash damage. This stays in the folder forever.
  106. - CactBal1 J
  107.   - See above analysis
  108. - LongSwrd S (BMD)
  109.   - Range makes it better than other swords. Can hit multiple viruses at once. Virus placements favour two things aligning for LongSwrd than for WideSwrd.
  110. - Invisibl * (BMD)
  111.   - Helps avoid damage, mostly used for splash.
  113. Good chips:
  114. - Pulsar1 T
  115. - HiCannon F
  116.   - Ranged chip, does good damage. Code is bad but for Liberation 2 (and possibly 3) the damage is good enough.
  117. - CrakBom R
  118.   - See above analysis
  119. - Cannon B
  120.   - With Guard1 A being obsolete, B code has a chance to shine, flowing with StepSwrd B and BlizMnSP B.
  122. Mediocre chips:
  123. - WideSwrd S
  124.   - While this could help for DrilArm1 farming, editing the folder at this point is a waste of time, and would be better suited for adding DrilArm1 J or CactBal1 J. Beyond DrilArm1 J farming, swords lose their power due to lack of range.
  125. - FireHit1 O
  126.   - Never used it, weak damage output, code sucks, probably bad.
  127. - Guard1 *
  128.   - Guard chips suck now due to more body attacks, * code might make it worthwhile
  129. - Cannon A
  130. - Vulcan1 C
  131.   - Doesn't flow with anything else good, mediocre damage output
  133. Bad chips:
  134. - Quake1 K
  135.   - So many better options even with the 100 damage.
  136. - Recov50 H
  137.   - Doesn't deal damage
  138. - LifeSync B
  139.   - Never used it, probably bad. Targets a virus exactly two squares ahead, and sets the other viruses' HPs to the targeted virus.
  140. - Sword L
  141.   - Sword, flows with nothing.
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