Josh's DnD: Ep04

Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. Josh: After you rest for the night you are woken by a dwarven runner. He brings some supplies as well as your map.
  2. Pinko: Beans accepts them with her usual morning grumpiness. Still letting that coffee trying to wake her up. Should Alja come up, Beans tries to mutter some questions about the medals she had. "I recognize a few of those, you've been in this war, mmh..?"
  3. Ileleste: Ileleste looks a little sad to be leaving the city, but she's bundled up in some rugged looking leather clothing for once, ready to explore with the others.
  4. Rylian: "Good morning, my friends!"
  5. Rylain exudes an energetic aura around him.
  6. Pinko: "Morning, Rylain." She still mutters, half asleep in her oatmeal.
  7. Rylian: "How did everyone fare in their sleep?"
  8. Ileleste: "I've learned to sleep despite most conditions. So well!"
  9. Pinko: "Mnnngh." Beans mutters another reply, little insomniac she is.
  10. Urzoga: Urzoga is wearing just enough clothing to look presentable, a small sack in her grip. "I'm going to go wash up."
  11. Ileleste finds something to eat, her viper seemingly active this morning as well, meandering its way along her body, watching everything going on.
  12. Pinko: The moment Beans finishes her coffee, her usual eagerness returns, stepping off from her chair, grabbing the last few tools. "Well then!"
  13. Josh: The washing area is a hot spring. There are already people there washing communally.
  14. Pinko: "Be quick, Urzoga, we're leaving!" Beans cracks her neck as her friend leaves them.
  15. The_Reaper: "Good morning all, wait for you guys by the exit" Reaper calls out as he goes off.
  16. Rylian: "Hold on a second," Rylain gets a little uneasy.
  17. "That snake is real?!"
  18. Ileleste: "Kiir is very real." The snake directs its attention to the knight.
  19. Rylian: "My apologies."
  20. He makes a slight bow of his head.
  21. "I assumed it was a sort of novelty."
  22. Pinko: Beans chews on some mintspear to get the coffee breath out. "Ah, are you not... familiar... with sorcerers or wizards, Rylain?" She seems slightly amused with her own pun.
  23. Ileleste finishes her light meal. "Well, I am quite ready to get on our way."
  24. Rylian: "I've heard tales of them of course. Many of them have been the greatest allies to the knights of legend."
  25. Urzoga: Urz returns, still drying her hair. Looks like she didn't enjoy the experience of communal bathing.
  26. Pinko: Beans then leads the way with the group, taking her leave from the city, joining up with the creep.
  27. Josh: The cavernous Caravan Trail awaits you.
  28. The_Reaper: "Which way did we want to go?"
  29. Pinko: Beans looks at the map, revising it, humming to herself. "Ah, good question..."
  30. Pinko: "Perhaps we can go take a look at the storage?" Beans points to the place near the entrance.
  31. The_Reaper: "Sounds good"
  32. Urzoga: "Hrn, anything could be roaming around after three days in that city. Best be cautious."
  33. Pinko: "I am the definition of caution." Beans then blends into the darkness, moving further in without a torch or any implements.
  34. Rylian: "Right then. Onwards, my doofuses! To help save the realms!"
  35. Ileleste: "Wait" Ileleste stops in her tracks. "I hear something."
  36. Ileleste: She strains her neck a bit. "Clicking? Claws maybe?"
  37. Pinko: "Where do they come from?" Beans cautiously sneaks further in.
  38. The_Reaper: "How many?" Reaper asks a red glint in his eyes.
  39. Ileleste: "The next room I think, ahead of us you Beans."
  40. Ileleste: She creeps up behind her to whisper better.
  41. Josh: Crawling over and around the boxes filled with stone, chewing on the wood and making scrabbling noises on the stone, rats. Hundreds of them.
  42. Josh: Some of the rodents start to make an alerting noise as Beans sneaks out towards the room. She's able to get behind a wall in time for them not to see her.
  43. Pinko: Beans frowns, trying to observe the swarm for a few more moments.
  44. Josh: Mostly they return to chewing on anything their teeth can sink into.
  45. Ileleste waits patiently, looking back at Urzoga and her other companions.
  46. Pinko: Beans reaches into her pocket, holding some kind of stone in it, before chucking it deeper into the cave.
  47. Pinko: A terrifying bang echoes through the cavern, not unlike a thunder striking, as Bean tries to scare away a bunch of rats.
  48. Ileleste ducks, dropping to a crouch.
  49. Rylian: "Why are there this many of them here?" He whispers.
  50. Pinko: Beans moves in from the shadows to the side of the swarm like the little speedster she is. Those that can see her would notice that her strike isn't so much about brute strength than it is about exploiting weaknesses.
  51. Ileleste swirls her sling around, looking a little awkward as she aims and releases a rock into the swarm of rats, binging them. She looks pleased, even if it did very little.
  52. Pinko: Beans finishes smacking them around as they were about to invade her personal space, sending the remaining rats into a disoriented frenzy as they most likely flee for their lives.
  53. Pinko: She sheathes her morningstar, muttering a little phrase under her breath as she does. She seems rather satisfied with the performance she gave. "Pfeh, rats." She takes a moment to catch her breath. "Though, I'm sorry for the bang. I thought it'd scare them away..."
  54. Ileleste: "I'm just glad none of them got on me." She shivers just thinking about it.
  55. Ileleste tiptoes through some of the dead rat bodies. "Shall we continue on?"
  56. Pinko: Beans gives a little nod as she dips further into the shadows, giving them a little smile before disappearing.
  57. Urzoga: Urz adjusts her cloak and follows.
  58. Ileleste sticks somewhat close to Urzoga, trying to make herself seem like a smaller target in case anything pounces out of the shadows.
  59. Josh: There is a large pool of water, about three feet deep in the middle of this room.
  60. Pinko: Beans dips in a tad further, stopping for a mater to take a look at the surroundings.
  61. Pinko: Her eyes gleam for a moment, as she beacons Urzoga and Ileleste to come take a closer look.
  62. Ileleste: "Is that safe?"
  63. Urzoga: "Probably not."
  64. Pinko: "I couldn't find anything that wouldn't make it safe." Her hand touches the water, and she gives in a relaxed sigh. "How odd, this feels rather nice..."
  65. Josh: There are a few gems in the water.
  66. Ileleste leans over looking in. "Ooh!"
  67. Pinko: Beans then takes most of her clothes off, within the acceptable limits of PG-13, of course. "I see something, I'll be just a moment." Beans then dips into the water: what would stop at Urzoga's waist goes over her head.
  68. Pinko: Beans comes out of the water a few moments later... wait, is she shorter? In fact, most of her traits are slightly less pronounced, somehow. "There were a few gems at the bottom." He voice sounds a bit... higher pitched than usual.
  69. Ileleste tilts her head looking at Beans.
  70. Pinko grabs her handy towel, no sane adventurer goes out without a towel, and dries herself. "What?" She sounds surprised by how squeaky her own voice sounds.
  71. Urzoga blinks.
  72. Beans: She puts her clothes back on, and they're definitely a tad baggier than they were. Her colorful hat in fact keeps slipping over her eyes. She seems annoyed by the matter.
  73. Ileleste: "Well... I'm not sure what to say about that."
  74. Urzoga: "Weird."
  75. Beans: "What's weird?" She then ventures on further, as if nothing happened.
  76. Ileleste looks to Urz and shrugs, then follows on.
  77. Beans: She hushes for the others to stop, looking at the oddity.
  78. Josh: A humanoid-shaped burning creature sits on a rock, scolding it black. It giggles and stands.
  79. Beans: Beans keeps observing it for a few more moments, seeing how it acts, if it's insane or not.
  80. Josh: It seems keen on watching you for a moment. But then it gets bored. "Watch!"
  81. Beans: Beans sheathes her weapon, approaching carefully. "Hey there, my name is Beans. Nice to meet you."
  82. Josh: It throws a fireball between its hands then lobs it in the air. It explodes brilliantly leaving stars in your eyes.
  83. Beans: "Aaaah, that's pretty cool!" She seems genuinely impressed. Apparently, she doesn't fear the thing as she skitters closer like a fangirl. "Where do you come from? How come are you here?"
  84. Ileleste follows closer, blinking a few times and more cautious than Beans.
  85. Josh: It points back towards the lava in the room behind you. "Over there, mostly."
  86. Beans: "Aaaah, so I see. Have you been hanging around here for long? Seen anything odd?" Beans glances at the lava room for a moment.
  87. Josh: "Uhh...Do you count?" It scratches its head.
  88. Beans: "Gnomes in a cave?" She hums for a moment, considering that. "No, not really. What's your name?"
  89. Josh: "Igne."
  90. Beans: "Co- I mean hot!" Beans gives a little smile and thumbs up. "Mind if we go check what's over there?" She points to the lava room. "We're really just exploring on a whim here."
  91. Josh: "Nuh...That's my home."
  92. Ileleste: "Would you like to show us your home?"
  93. Beans: "Are you sure? We're here exactly because people might've invaded your home." Beans tiptoes back and forth cautiously.
  94. Josh: "I dunno. This is the only way in...Plus it'd be too hot for you fleshlings."
  95. Urzoga: "I've heard lava is pretty hot."
  96. Josh: It nods emphatically. "Very."
  97. Beans: "Aaaah, alright then, Igne. Thanks for the warning. Stay safe, okay? There's a dwarven city just north of here, so I'd be careful about who might find you scary."
  98. Josh: "They don't bother me. Not since the dead showed up."
  99. Beans: "I thought we were the first unusual things you'd see? Unless undeads were your usual." She sounds rather amused.
  100. Josh: "Well, they been here longer'n you."
  101. Ileleste: "Fair enough. Anything else been here longer than us?"
  102. Beans: "Have you seen any humans, perhaps?"
  103. Josh: "Are you a human?"
  104. Josh: "Mostly the dead, before them were the fat fleshlings and the dark fleshlings and the dark fat fleshlings."
  105. Beans: "Well, sorry for bothering you, then. I wish you a nice day." She gives him a little bow, about to make her way back.
  106. Josh: "Kay~ you too. Imma eat some shiny rocks."
  107. Ileleste: "Shiny rocks?""
  108. Josh: "OH I got tons and they're delicious."
  109. Beans: Beans then raises a finger for a moment. "I've got a few shiny rocks, maybe you'd follow us if I'd give you them? We could use a sturdy guy like you."
  110. Josh: He pauses..."What kind?"
  111. Beans: She reveals to him the gems she found in the pool earlier. "Like these, any in particular that strikes your fancy?"
  112. Beans: "Maybe you saw a pool with them in it, I've collected them, and maybe I could give them to you?"
  113. Josh: "Those are nice...My favorite are black though. Do you have any black ones?"
  114. Beans: "Maybe we'll find a black one, I don't think we're going far." She cocks her head for a moment. "If we find any black one when you follow us, they'd be yours."
  115. Josh: "Ooh... Promise?"
  116. Beans: "Pinky swear." She raises a finger and offers him a warm smile.
  117. Josh: It looks at its own pinky then at hers. "O-Okay." It raises it up high. "But just a little while. I don't want to go too far from home."
  118. Ileleste composes herself. Something about this must have bothered her.
  119. Beans: "Ohkay!" She giggles as she starts heading back. "This is Ileleste and this is Urzoga." She then glances at her, with a little smile. "Igne is a mephist, an elemental. I don't think he's mean." She says so with naive sincerity.
  120. Ileleste: A curt smile and she heads back the other cave chamber.
  121. Josh: It doesn't walk so much as hover behind you.
  122. Beans: Once back at the tile trap, she points to the west. "Ever been over there?" She asks the mephit.
  123. Josh: It shakes it head. "Nuh. I keep to my home. I only leave to find sparkly rocks."
  124. Beans: "We have a map that says they have a storage over there. Maybe there's more rocks there!"
  125. Beans: She crosses back across the puzzle, then points the map to him.
  126. Josh: It reaches out to touch it. "Oh? I don't see any rocks..."
  127. Beans: "Eesh! Careful! Paper is easy to burn, Igne!" She gives him a little pout.
  128. Josh: "Oh...Sorry..." He looks sincerely sad.
  129. Beans: Beans then hurries across the room, telling them to stay put.
  130. Ileleste: "It's alright." She consoles. "I'm sure you're just excited to come with us."
  131. Josh: "Well, I like rocks anyway."
  132. Ileleste: "I like shiny rocks too. Quite a lot actually."
  133. Josh: "OH what's your favorite?"
  134. Ileleste: "Ones the color of my eyes, though I have yet to find one. Black are nice too as you said." She holds up her hand, not close enough to touch, showing a ring with an obsidian gem.
  135. Josh: "Ooh! Can I...?"
  136. Ileleste: "I just got this one." She takes her hand away. "But maybe you have some back at home you will want to trade for it later?"
  137. Josh: "Hmm. It's tiny...but maybe."
  138. Beans: Beans suddenly makes a motion for them to stop following her, as she spots something.
  139. Josh: As Beans explores the nearby room she finds a six legged monster standing over the armored corpse of a dwarf. You hear crunching coming from that direction.
  140. Beans: Beans then glances at Urzoga, crawling back to her. "There's a rust monster in there, I think it’s right up your alley if you want. They're not particularly strong, just... not good for metal."
  141. Josh: "Monster?"
  142. Beans: "Rust monster, yes. It eats shiny rocks, sometimes."
  143. Urzoga: "Well...it is always interested in a fight, but I'm not."
  144. Josh: "I don't like fights."
  145. Beans: "Okay then, but you like easy money, right? I saw a few things that might be interesting in there. Plus, Rust monsters are an abomination." She seems to be a tad insistent about the later fact.
  146. Beans: "Not only that, but I don't doubt that it's -smelled- our metal possessions, so once done gnawing whatever it's gnawing, it's gonne chase us."
  147. Urzoga: "I've been called the same thing." Urz frowned. "Fine, we'll kill it."
  148. Urzoga: She doesn't look very happy as she drops her pack, not bothering to look at any of them as she walks into the monster's little den.
  149. Josh: "She sounds...Different now."
  150. Ileleste: "Yeah. Don't worry about that."
  151. Urzoga: Indeed she does, The Monster roaring as it takes over and lands a solid blow against the Rust Monster.
  152. Ileleste follows suit and throws a bolt of force magic into the creature as well.
  153. Beans takes a moment to take aim, firing between the monster's legs, striking the thing in its maw. "Ah, yes, don't mind her. It'll be fine."
  154. Josh: "O-Okay."
  155. Urzoga: With the monster dead The Monster casts its gaze to the meal pile, pulling loose a set of chainmail. "PAYMENT, FOR MAKING ME FIGHT SUCH A WEAKLING."
  156. Beans: "It's all rusted, Freakthing. Lemme search through the pile for you.” She reloads her crossbow as she hopes not to get smashed.
  157. Josh: "WHY ARE WE YELLING?"
  158. Yayifications has left
  159. Ileleste hums and watches, leaning on her quarterstaff and staying back with the mephit.
  160. Beans: Beans pulls out a scroll, and hands it to Ileleste. "You know how to read magic, correct? ...Correct?" She cocks her head for a moment.
  161. Ileleste: "Well, I was never -formally- taught."
  162. Beans: "The spell, I mean." She then sighs as she opens it, then casts herself Read Magic to identify the scroll.
  163. Ileleste: Well, that's an ashamed face she makes.
  164. Urzoga: The Monster stuffs its prize into Urzoga's pack and is in the middle of pulling it on when it seems like Urz takes back control.
  165. Beans: "Welcome back, Urzoga. Careful with that rusted mail Freakthing picked up." She carefully pockets the scroll.
  166. Urzoga: "It picks up junk too now? Geez."
  167. Josh: "Fleshlings do that a lot around me too." Looks like Igne's talking to Ileleste and not managing to keep its voice down very well.
  168. Ileleste: She nods back to it.
  169. Ileleste: "If there is nothing else here, shall we move on?"
  170. Beans: Beans then walks away, giving a nod. "Ayep~!"
  171. Josh: As Beans and then Urzoga walk over into the next hall they hear a click and the floor opens beneath them.
  172. Urzoga: One minute Urz is there, the next she's gone.
  173. Ileleste rushes forward, slowing near the edge of the pit.
  174. Beans: Beans gracefully roll out of the way, only to hear the loud 'thump'. "Yeowch, everything okay there?"
  175. Josh: "She fell."
  176. Urzoga: "It hurt," she calls up.
  177. Beans: "Can you climb out? Just take your time, I'll patch you up."
  178. Urzoga: "I'll try."
  179. Ileleste watches from the other side of the pit.
  180. Beans: Beans throws her a beautifully crafted silk rope. "Okay, don't yank too hard now..!"
  181. Urzoga: "I'm taller than anyone else in the group, should you really be the one holding it?" Still, out she comes eventually.
  182. Josh: "Come over here." Igne calls to Ileleste.
  183. Josh: "It's easy. Watch."
  184. Josh: It flies over the pit a few times to demonstrate.
  185. Ileleste: "I unfortunately was born without wings my dear, just the horns."
  186. Ileleste: She carefully makes her way around the pit and over to the others.
  187. Beans: Beans takes out the wand and baps Urzoga twice with it. "Don't move...!"
  188. Josh: The floor slopes gently downwards from your spot in the hall. The room is all but empty with a single statue in the center of the room.
  189. Beans: Noticing her wounds aren't completely closed just yet, she baps her a third time.
  190. Beans: Beans then takes a glance at the statue, casting Detect Magic.
  191. Josh: The statue itself is dwarven in make, long straight lines and no real curves except those made from erosion. It is of a hooded female figure, holding her hands in the dwarven sign of an oath. It is nonmagical.
  192. Ileleste: "This... doesn't look like storage."
  193. Beans: Beans carefully searches the room for more clues. She will also try a knowledge: history perhaps? To see if she can make sense of the statue.
  194. Urzoga: "Maybe we're missing something because we're not dwarves."
  195. Ileleste: "Probably." Ileleste walks slowly around the room, tapping her staff ahead of her, wary of more pits.
  196. Josh: This statue you recognize as a lesser known Dwarven goddess. Valkauna, a goddess of birth, death, and oaths. Dwarves rarely use her name except in matters of utmost importance, using that symbol with their hands and her name to seal a promise on punishment of death from the goddess herself. The symbol is more often used by those trying to keep secrets between a group than for more legal things. You find a switch on her fingers that will break the symbol. Though you don't know what that might cause.
  197. Beans: "Hey, erm, you might want to stand back." Beans then presses the switch, after making sure the others move out of the way (or not, if they'd rather not).
  198. Ileleste: Illy takes a few steps back
  199. Josh: The statue moves aside revealing a narrow space with a ladder leading down.
  200. Beans: Beans looks down, wondering if she can see the bottom.
  201. Josh: You can but not very far in any direction.
  202. Josh added Pinko
  203. Pinko then seems to readily volunteer to go down the ladder.
  204. Josh: As you climb down you suddenly notice some heavy sounding clicks. Descending the ladder, you see a giant scorpion enraged by your presence.
  205. Ileleste moves forward to the ladder to see what is happening.
  206. Pinko then makes her way back up the ladder and coldly announces the news. "There's, ah, there's a mean bean scorpion down there."
  207. The_Reaper: "How big is it?"
  208. Pinko: "Bigger than me." She comments with a wince as she dusts her clothes for a moment. That's pretty vague, she's tiny.
  209. Urzoga grunts, peering down the hole.
  210. Pinko: "It's bigger than Urzoga, even. Like, really big." She tries to consider the situation for a moment.
  211. Ileleste looks from Beans to Urzoga. "You think there might be something worth it down there?"
  212. Pinko considers for a moment. "Well, if the map says storage, and it was hidden under that clever mechanism, I think we're bound to find something here."
  213. Pinko: "But, that's only my intuition." She elaborates with a meek smile. She looks down the ladder once more, trying to see if the scorpion is clicking at them from the bottom.
  214. Josh: It's waiting patiently for you to come back down.
  215. Urzoga: "I could probably take care of it."
  216. Pinko then points down her crossbow at it. "Yep, it's angry alright." She then takes a shot at it from where she stands.
  217. Pinko frowns as the missile uselessly strikes the ground. "Ileleste, care throwing a missile or two at it to scare it, perhaps?"
  218. Pinko: "At least so we can take the time to move down and face it more properly, if you don't mind."
  219. Ileleste: She nods. "I'll see if I can protect us a little as well before."
  220. Ileleste: She casts a protection spell over herself, then over Urzoga before getting a view down the hole and lobbing a magic missile at the beast.
  221. Josh: The creature hisses as the magic splashes off of its carapace. It slashes out in your direction but backs up a bit.
  222. Urzoga: "Sounds angrier."
  223. The_Reaper: "But at least we can get down."
  224. Pinko then mutters a swift prayer, begging for a Divine Favour onto herself.
  225. Pinko then motions to the ladder to Urzoga. "You first, please. I'll be right behind."
  226. Urzoga: The half-orc grunts and takes the lead.
  227. Pinko is right behind, crossbow in hand.
  228. Pinko fires her crossbow at the big scorpion once down with Urzoga!
  229. Urzoga: In the dim light of the cavern The Monster bubbles forth, roaring in exaltation of its freedom and celebrating by punching the large scorpion in front of it!
  230. Ileleste: "This seems awfully dangerous. Make sure you keep your distance." She says to Igni, waiting for Reaper to go down the ladder before she does.
  231. Josh: Igne spits molten rock towards the creature, it dodges but screams in agony when some splashes near its eyes.
  232. Josh: "Okay!" It yells up, but it shakes its head at the others around, looking like it was having too much fun.
  233. Josh: The scorpion turns its fury on Urzoga slashing out with claws and tail.
  234. Pinko takes a careful step back as she shoots her crossbow, aiming for the stinger!
  235. Josh: The wounded scorpion makes a shrieking sound. You didn't think mandibles like that could produce that sound.
  236. Urzoga: The Monsters throws another punch against the scorpion's mighty carapace.
  237. Ileleste: Once everyone else is down ahead of her and the scorpion is quite occupied, she makes her way carefully down the ladder.
  238. Josh: Igne seems content with spraying lava towards the big bug.
  239. Pinko centers another shot, this time aiming at the base of its stinger. Taking the shot, she manages to rip it off from the scorpion entirely!
  240. Josh: The creature cries out in pain before collapsing in a widening pool of its own ichor.
  241. Ileleste: "...lovely."
  242. The_Reaper: "Interesting"
  243. Pinko simply takes in a deep breath. "Clear, I think!"
  244. Urzoga: "DISAPPOINTING."
  245. Ileleste takes a look around the room to see what the fuss was all about.
  246. Josh: There are several barrels, racks for armor and weapons and a couple treasure chests
  247. Pinko takes a moment to Search the room in its entirety, trying to find traps or anything of value.
  248. Beans sees the Ignan being excited at the sight of the bloodstones and onyx, and hands them to her.
  249. Josh: It claps happy and takes them. "I gotta take these home!"
  250. Beans: "Thank you for your help then, little guy!" Beans seems ready to scale back up. "Well, this was profitable, at least." She smiles as she hands over a full sack to Urzoga.
  251. Urzoga: The half-orc sighs as she takes the sack and slings it over her shoulder.
  252. Ileleste also sighs. "Well, where to now?"
  253. The_Reaper: "well I doubt going back would help."
  254. Beans then looks at the map she has, pointing to two different spots. "Well, there's the bit with the runic trap, or there's that alleyway that I'm not sure we should go into."
  255. Ileleste: "What about up here?" She points at the unmapped hallway above the runes.
  256. Beans nods. "I guess we could clear that out, just in case."
  257. Josh: An uneventful trip brings you back to the room where you found some boxes filled with rocks and a swarm of angry rats.
  258. Beans then leads the way into the hallway, sneaking cautiously!
  259. Josh: The next room appears to be empty save for the gentle tapping of water on stone.
  260. Ileleste: When it looks like it is clear, Ileleste follows after slowly.
  261. Beans keeps advancing cautiously, searching the room for oddities.
  262. Josh: As Beans heads north what little noise she makes disturbs a flock of bats who immediately move towards the intruder.
  263. Beans eeps as she runs back towards her comrades! "Bats, bats!"
  264. Ileleste: "Bats?"
  265. The_Reaper: "Huh?"
  266. Urzoga: "Hrn." The half-orc opens her cloak, offering the girls a chance to hide inside of it.
  267. Beans is going to move towards Urzoga, light a torch and hold it up. "A whole swarm of them! Scare ‘em away!"
  268. Beans: "Ile! The scroll I gave you! Use it to summon a beetle or something! Somethin that'll spray them good!"
  269. Urzoga strikes forward to meet Beans, taking the torch from her and waving it back and forth through the air.
  270. Josh: The bats close in on the party, there's thousands of them and the squeaks are LOUD.
  271. Josh: A beetle explodes into existence, freaking out some bats and spraying acid everywhere.
  272. Beans cheers for the extraplanar beetle as it fights the swarm!
  273. Ileleste: "Well, that didn't go so well."
  274. Josh: It sprays acid wildly as bats fly in on all sides, taking out chunks of it until it dwindles away in a ball of light.
  275. Beans watches the few remaining bats flee with screeches as they swing their torches at them! "Ah, we did it! No bats in by hair tonight!"
  276. Ileleste shudders.
  277. The_Reaper: "Well that’s over."
  278. Beans: "Well, back to business!" She says with a sigh of relief before disappearing into the shadows once more, investigating the lair of the bats.
  279. Josh: This must be where all the wizards and sorcerers get their bat guano
  280. Urzoga: Urzoga keeps a hold of the torch she'd taken from Beans, should it be needed again.
  281. Josh: The north passage has crumbled away the cliff there dropping out farther than you can see even with the torch.
  282. Beans drops her torch down the cliff.
  283. Josh: It falls for almost half a minute before you barely see it puff out deep below.
  284. Beans: "Well, not that way."
  285. Beans then stops at the sudden sight of a green bolt. "Eeek! Don't move! Gimme a minute!"
  286. Beans then frowns. "I can't really... see a mechanism for it, but it came from that wall!"
  287. Urzoga: "Sure it wasn't something else?"
  288. Beans: "I'm pretty sure I've 'disarmed' whatever that was." She says with an awkward chuckle.
  289. Beans walks back up from where she was. "Let's not go down there juuuust yet."
  290. Urzoga: "What is it?"
  291. Josh: Swarming over a stone dais in the next room is several magical looking insects. The mites there look angry, though you can't begin to describe how you could know that.
  292. Beans: "Mites, little beasts that love torturing gnomes." She says with a wince.
  293. Urzoga: "Ah, big problem then."
  294. Beans: "And not just a few, a whole pack of them, too. Or whatever you'd call them."
  295. Ileleste: "Best to avoid then I'm sure." She follows Beans away from them.
  296. Beans then considers something for a moment.
  297. Beans: "Ah, Ileleste! You're a descendent of an evil creature, I'm almost certain you could approach them just long enough for you to use your scroll of sleep on them. Then, we'll come in and sweep the rest!"
  298. Ileleste: She frowns. "And if they don't care what I am?"
  299. Beans: "Well, do you have a better plan?"
  300. Ileleste: "Other than letting those two just beat them all to death?" She thinks. "No."
  301. Beans nods sagely. "We can always handle them later. Let's see what we find elsewhere."
  302. Ileleste: "We'll keep it as backup, if they follow us."
  303. Beans stares at the webs. "Yeah, I'll take the mites over giant spiders."
  304. Ileleste: "Yeah, I'm not sure I like the idea of spiders either."
  305. Urzoga: "Venomous."
  306. Beans: "So was the scorpion, to be honest." A little snicker.
  307. Urzoga: "Something it apparently forgot."
  308. The_Reaper: "So mites?"
  309. Beans then considers for a moment. "Y'know, Mites aren't so tough. Maybe Urz and Ile lead the way. I'll stay in the back, since they hate us."
  310. Urzoga glances to Ileleste.
  311. Josh: The insect-like creature scuttle forward to spit dart-like objects towards reaper, most bouncing harmlessly off of his armor.
  312. The_Reaper: Reaper swings his scythe cutting through a mite and then cleaving the centipede in half, laughing all the while.
  313. Urzoga: The Monster is all too happy to pick up half of what remains of the centipede. With one mighty swing it splatters what's left of the mites, either against the centipede's broken shell or against the far wall as they go flying.
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