Rushin' (AltG2)

Apr 30th, 2015
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  1. Name: Rushin'
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. Class: Mage
  5. Age: 11 (CMC age if you don't believe they are 10)
  7. Skills:
  8. -Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  9. -Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  10. -Posh: So you’re leaving high society for a life of adventure? It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this. You can start the game with a magical item that gives a +1 to a single Spell. If held by someone without that skill, the item’s residual magic allows that spell to be cast at DC 8. (+1 to Magic Bolt)
  11. -Homing Magic: Spell, Recharge 2 after effect ends; On success, summons a magical projectile, plus an additional one for every point you pass the roll by, to a maximum of 5 on a critical. The projectiles follow you around, and any number of them can be launched as an Instant action, rolling separately for each. Elementalist effects can be applied to these projectiles.
  12. -Magic Bolt: Spell, recharge 2, ranged; this volatile energy attack deals one additional hit of damage, but crit-fails on 2-. This spell can apply one Elementalist effect when cast.
  13. -Elementalist: Haste, a target hit by this spell will not take damage but will gain an extra action the following turn (can be applied more than once)
  16. Talent: An ornate minute hand and hour hand at 7 o'clock: Rushin's need for speed causes his ATB gauge to recharge much quicker than his peers. Reduce Recharge for all spells by 1 turn.
  18. Inventory:
  19. -Posh Item: A pocket watch tied around his neck, made of a bronze sheen with old-timey clockhands and roman numerals for the hours. On the back is inscribed Rushin's name in cursive.
  21. -Marrow (the skeletal undead puppy)
  22. 6/6 (Zombie Dog)
  23. Racials: Undead- Rolls against a target with this racial succeed on 3 and higher, but only do 1 hit unless on crits. Similarly, this target can succeed on on attack rolls at 3 and up, but only does 1 hit unless on crits.
  25. Description: A skeleton of a dog given sentience by a necromancer. Currently has moss and clumps of dirt stuck to it. Friendly with Bang and Rushin'.
  27. -Backpack:
  28. --slingshot (ranged)
  29. --Power Ponies comics
  30. --Gamecolt with Megamare 8
  31. --books and pencils
  32. --horsebrush
  34. Appearance:
  35. A bright red colt of below average height for his age, average build. His bronze colored mane is styled to stand up straight like a pompadour (a vain attempt on his part to make himself seem taller or at least draw attention away from his shortness). Tail is also somewhat short, about half regular length, unkempt and raggedy. Bears a pocket watch around his neck and his orange/blue backpack on his back when he has it on.
  37. Background:
  38. Rushin' is a brash, impulsive, somewhat dimwitted but spirited child. He was always in a hurry to get things done quickly, eventually leading him to find a talent in his use of time magic manipulating magic so that everything can be done as fast as possible. Rushin's family, consisting only of his maternal grandmother and grandfather (both parents of Rushin disappeared without a trace when he was only a baby left in their care), tried to convince him to take life easy and slow down to enjoy the finer things, but it was always in one ear out the other.
  40. Rushin' has also always been a problematic student, but the Thunder Road Boarding Academy Gramps and Grams dropped him off at may just be the ticket to give this troublesome colt the tutelage he needs.
  45. Haste: Every application multiplies the speed of the target, allowing for it to take as many actions a round as they have been hasted (ie, hit with 5 homing attacks would let me use 5 extra actions on my next turn, or 2 actions for the next 5 turns. In the case of Homing Attack I could not use it again until all the actions have been used). Fluff includes rapid speed of objects to achieve Flash like feats of heat generation or increased speed of completing a task.
  47. Slow: Every application decreases the target's speed, making them lose a turn for each slow applied (ie, hit with 5 slow attacks would make them take no actions for 5 turns). Fluff includes anything from slowing to stopping an event, such as slowing a deadly fall to be a small bump, or allowing more precision on complex maneuvers by slowing down perception.
  49. Rewind: Reverses the target's state by one turn for every 'rewind' applied (ie, if a target had been hit for 5 hits this round and gone helpless, he would get back up with the lost hits. If hit with 5, he'd be in the exact state he was in 5 turns ago). This also reverses heals or status effects that were applied in that time. Could be used as fluff to, say, if a ceiling was about to collapse he could rewind time to send it back up, or if he ate an ice cream cone he could rewind himself to spit it back up so he can eat it again.
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