Pokemon - The Journey of Janice (by Allen Chingonzoh)

Aug 15th, 2019
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  1. Pokemon: The Journey of Janice, by Allen Chingonzoh.
  3. Story
  4. -----
  5. Janice, her 4 friends Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin have graduated from high school together with other 16-year olds and it is time for them to receive their Starter Pokemon and go off on their journeys as Pokemon Trainers. But unlike the others Janice already has a Pokemon, a Pidgey that has been another dear friend of hers for a while now. When Janice asks Pidgey if it would like to tag along with her on the big adventure that awaits all Trainers...Pidgey couldn't be more excited to go on its own journey with Janice. So it begins.
  7. Features (...that I hope would be in a game version of the story)
  8. --------
  9. - New story, set in a new region called Petra.
  10. - Generation 1 to 3 Pokemon + any evolutions/pre-evolutions, type changes, ability changes etc introduced in later generations e.g Alola Forms
  11. - Gen 6 Learnset for Moves
  12. - Pokemon that evolve via trading, using Hold Items, time conditions etc will evolve either by leveling up or by Dawn Stone
  13. - Physical/Special split
  14. - B/W Repel System
  15. - Reusable TMs (Gen 3 set of TMs)
  16. - EXP Share (Key Item that can be turned on/off)
  17. - EXP from catching Pokemon
  18. - Unique alternative to the HM system: a special Key Item called a Key Flute which is powered by gems called Notes that work like HMs. You can choose to teach a Pokemon the move for use in battles or they can just use the move in the field without having to learn it or requiring you to have obtained the right Badges. Even if you have Pokemon in your party that can't learn a Note move, it can be used outside of battle.
  19. - Access to your PC from anywhere with the help of a special Key Item called a Storage Disc.
  21. I'll be including little notes through out the story, these will be indicated with "**". They mainly have to do with the events as they would happen in the game version of the story.
  24. ----------------
  27. [A].............Chapter 01 The Start
  28. [001]...........Percival City
  29. [B].............Chapter 02 The Fisherman
  30. [C].............Chapter 03 Aces & Sodas
  31. [D].............Chapter 04 Weed Problems
  32. [E].............Chapter 05 Seeing Green & Red
  33. [002]...........Graham City
  34. [F].............Chapter 06 Expert Violet
  35. [G].............Chapter 07 Teleporter in the Open Fields
  36. [H].............Chapter 08 The Face of Ace
  37. [003]...........Debbie Town
  38. [I].............Chapter 09 Timothy & Diana
  39. [J].............Chapter 10 The Goddess of Water
  40. [004]...........Holder City
  41. [K].............Chapter 11 Out and About
  42. [L].............Chapter 12 Premiere Night
  43. [M].............Chapter 13 Back on the Road
  44. [005]...........Vera Town
  45. [N].............Chapter 14 Snow & Joy
  46. [O].............Chapter 15 Going for Gold
  47. [006]...........Fran City
  48. [P].............Chapter 16 South of Vera Town
  49. [007]...........Lake Avril
  50. [Q].............Chapter 17 Irene
  51. [R].............Chapter 18 Home
  52. [S].............Chapter 19 Versus Janet
  55. [T].............Chapter 20 Heading East
  56. [008]...........Kerrington Village
  57. [009]...........Evelyn Island
  58. [U].............Chapter 21 A Fiery Paradise
  59. [010]...........Merah Island
  60. [V].............Chapter 22 S.O.S
  61. [011]...........Suna/Hana Island
  62. [W].............Chapter 23 Dark History
  63. [012]...........Triston City
  64. [X].............Chapter 24 Power & Prestige
  65. [013]...........Bluefont City
  66. [Y].............Chapter 25 The Final Gym
  67. [014]...........Carson City
  68. [Z].............Chapter 26 That Old Gambler
  71. [ZA]............Chapter 27 Race to the League
  72. [ZB]............Chapter 28 The Tournament
  73. [015]...........Indigo Island
  74. [ZC]............Chapter 29 Round 2
  75. [ZD]............Chapter 30 Day 3 & Day 4
  76. [ZE]............Chapter 31 The Final
  79. [ZF]............Chapter 32 The New Era
  80. [ZG]............Chapter 33 Janice in Johto
  81. [016]...........Ecruteak City
  82. [ZH]............Chapter 34 Saving Petra
  84. [ZI]............Ending - The Next Era
  86. [ZJ]............Post-Story Notes & Other Ramblings
  88. [A] CHAPTER 01 - THE START
  89. ==========================
  91. [001] PERCIVAL CITY - "The City Gazing Southward."
  92. ===================
  93. [Theme: Petalburg City theme]
  95. Places of Interest
  96. ..................
  97. Pokemon Center
  98. PokeMart
  99. Pokemon Gym
  100. Janice's House
  101. Gina's House
  102. Ryan's House
  103. Rose's House
  104. Kelvin's House
  105. Percival City High School
  106. Pokemon Research Society (Percival City Branch)
  107. [Theme: Professor Birch's Lab theme]
  109. We start at Percival City High School, in the Assembly Hall, where a graduation ceremony is coming to an end. The Principal congratulates the graduating students and wishes them the best of luck with whatever they plan to do now that they have completed one journey and have started the next one. For most, they will start their journeys into the world of Pokemon, as Pokemon Trainers!
  111. Janice and her pals Gina, Rose, Kelvin and Ryan spend the rest of the day hanging out at the beach, having left school in the morning. They're all looking forward to becoming Trainers. Janice especially can't wait to explore the vast world of Pokemon and to travel across this region. It was fun learning all about it in school but now it's time to experience it all.
  113. ** Artwork wise:
  114. - Janice is the Leaf sprite from FR/LG.
  115. - Gina is the Lyra sprite from B/W.
  116. - Rose is the Dawn sprite from D/P/PL.
  117. - Ryan is the Wally sprite from R/S/E.
  118. - Kelvin is the Hilbert sprite from B/W.
  120. ** Janice's name is pronounced "Janiss". I say that while assuming that version is more popular than "Ja niece" haha, but I just like "Janiss" better.
  122. Janice returns home to celebrate with her family.
  123. ** This is where we find out about her parents being former Trainers and League Champions. Artwork wise:
  124. - Judy, Gardenia sprite from D/P/PL.
  125. - Michael, Brock sprite from FR/LG.
  126. ** We learn that her big sister Janet, 20 years old, is the current Percival City Gym Leader. Gym #4. (Artwork wise, Flannery sprite from R/S/E).
  127. ** We meet Janice's other siblings, 12 year old twins Jerome and Jennifer. (Artwork wise, Tate and Liza sprites from R/S/E).
  129. Before she goes to bed, Janice spends some time with another friend of hers - a wild Pidgey that flies up to her window every now and again for some time. She tells Pidgey about graduating from high school and getting ready to leave town on her Trainer adventure the next morning. Pidgey feels sad about its friend going away...until Janice asks if it would like to come along and travel together. Pidgey is delighted, it wants to go too.
  131. The next morning, Janice and Pidgey join Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin as well as other aspiring Trainers at the Pokemon Research Society branch to receive their Starter Pokemon. The person who will be overseeing this is Professor William Willow.
  133. ** Artwork wise, Professor Birch sprite.
  135. This is the main branch of the PRS, with other branches found in other cities across the region. At one of those branches works his older sister Professor Wanda Willow.
  137. ** Because Pidgey isn't Janice's official Starter Pokemon, Professor Willow will allow her to get a Starter Pokemon.
  138. The Starters are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko.
  139. ** Gina gets a Mudkip, Rose gets a Charmander, Ryan gets a Treecko and Kelvin gets a Totodile.
  141. With all the commotion, people running around and meeting the Pokemon, Janice and Pidgey come across a friendly Chikorita, who is eager to play with them - a friendly battle. This is Pidgey's very first battle with a Trainer at its side, both at Level 1. Chikorita and all the other Starters are at Level 1. This draws a crowd, to see the battle. In the end, it is a draw as both Pokemon take each other down. But they both come out of this battle with a new friend. Janice earns her Starter Pokemon.
  143. ** Janice receives Chikorita!
  145. Once everyone has their Starters, Professor Willow gives out the PokeDex to each of them. In the past they would've been tasked with completing the PokeDex but thanks to all the Trainers and researchers who have travelled over the years, the PokeDex is now complete. He also hands out Bags, containing important supplies that they could use on their journey: healing items, PokeBalls and a PokeNav for the Map and means of communication. There are 2 other important items: first one is a unique Key Item called a Storage Disc. It looks like a modified compact disc. The Storage Disc will grant them access to their PC Storage Boxes, which are represented as a virtual pocket dimension that Trainers can step into and out of from anywhere, except during battles. They can store both items and Pokemon in there. The second item is a device called the EXP Share, which allows all the Pokemon in a Trainer's Party to receive battle experience.
  147. ** Janice receives PokeDex!
  148. ** Janice receives Trainer Bag!
  149. ** Janice receives Running Shoes!
  151. ** My hope is that the Match Call will be improved in the game version, no random calls from Trainers where they go on and on about losing battle after battle haha if possible, they only call you when they are ready for a rematch. When you call them, MAYBE that's where you get the dialogue about losing battles and so on.
  152. ** The Trainers having Levels in the story is just to indicate the EXP Share, therefore the level of the Trainer is the level of all their Party Pokemon.
  154. Janice and her friends meet up one more time before going their separate ways. According to the Map their first major stop is Graham City, northwest of Percival City, after Routes 1 and 2. This is where the first Gym is located. They agree to stay in touch and hopefully meet again on their journeys.
  156. Back home, Janice says goodbye to her family and introduces Chikorita to them. Big sister Janet will be looking forward to battling her little sister when Janice returns to challenge the Gym for the 4th Badge. Time to go!
  158. ** In the game version, I think it would be neat if players can return to the school. They can speak to the teachers and the Principal, who wish them good luck and like their Pokemon.
  159. ** Visit Janice's friends' homes to speak to their families. They do hope that their children will be safe out there but have fun too.
  161. End of Chapter 01 The Start.
  164. ==============================
  166. ROUTE 1 (Western Beachfront)
  167. --------
  168. [Theme: Route 101 theme from R/S/E]
  170. Pokemon to be found (Level 1-3)
  171. ...................
  172. Grass: Rattata[+Alola Form], Pidgey, Spearow, Budew
  173. Surf/Fishing: Magikarp, Krabby, Shellder, Tentacool
  175. A Fisherman named Oscar sees Janice and calls her over. He can tell that she's a beginner Trainer, so he would like to help. If she's willing to take him on in battle, he'll reward her with a useful item. Not so much for the item, but for the experience, Janice accepts the challenge.
  178. ==================
  180. Fisherman Oscar [Level 2]
  181. (Magikarp, Shellder, Krabby)
  183. Despite being one Pokemon short, Janice and her little team survive. Oscar is glad about Janice willing to battle him, rather than being afraid of losing and not trying. For her efforts, he gives Janice a Key Item, the Fishing Rod. With it, she can fish for Water-type Pokemon that she might want to catch or battle with her team. So she gives it a test drive: nothing on her first try...on her second try, there's a bite! Janice reels it in.....out of the water jumps out a Magikarp (Level 1)! She's a little disappointed, but Fisherman Oscar tells her to take this as a lesson. She's only started her journey as a Trainer but with time, hard work, patience and experience, she'll grow into a stronger person. Rather than toss Magikarp back into the sea, Janice decides to take it with her and train it. She'll fish again before moving on, this time she catches a Krabby (Level 1).
  185. Janice takes the time to train her team before approaching any Trainers she sees along this route. Their Levels range between 1 and 2. The strongest Trainer is Level 3 Swimmer David, who has a 4-Pokemon team. Basically the "final boss" of Route 1. Janice wants to be prepared for that fight. This is also a chance to bond with her Pokemon pals. Magikarp only knows Splash and that is the only move it can use for a while, according to the PokeDex when Janice checks it. So the other Pokemon help to train it. They take on wild Pokemon and Janice challenges the Trainers she comes across, for a couple of hours until everyone reaches Level 5.
  187. ** Pidgey learns Sand-Attack! (knew Tackle)
  188. ** Chikorita knows Tackle and Growl
  189. ** Krabby learns Leer! (knew Bubble)
  191. When everyone's ready, Janice steps up to face Swimmer David. A crowd has gathered to see him dismiss yet another Trainer in battle. He has his little cheerleader squad to hype him as he reminds people that he is what stands between them and Route 2...until he meets a Trainer who's at Level 5.
  194. ==================
  196. Swimmer David [Level 3]
  197. (Goldeen, Krabbby, Spearow, Rattata)
  199. It's a 4 vs 4 battle, even though one of the Pokemon involved can't really help in the fight. But for being in there, Magikarp gains experience. All the effort Janice put into levelling up her team pays off and they defeat David. He accepts his loss, realising that MAYBE he took the whole "final boss of Route 1" thing a tad too far. He's impressed by Janice for going the extra mile before facing him. That's what he was hoping the other Trainers around here would do. So, as a reward, he gives Janice her very first TM! TM03 (Water Pulse). Yes, David awards the TM to those Trainers who beat him in battle...but because not a lot of Trainers get past him very often, most Trainers don't know about this major prize that he awards. After seeing Janice's performance, those who came over to watch the battle become more motivated now to win against David.
  201. ** Janice boots TMO3: Krabby learns Water Pulse!
  203. End of Chapter 02 The Fisherman.
  205. [C] CHAPTER 03 - ACES & SODAS
  206. =============================
  208. ROUTE 2 (Grassy Path)
  209. -------
  210. [Theme: Route 101 theme from R/S/E]
  212. Pokemon to be found (Level 1-4)
  213. ...................
  214. Grass: Sentret, Zigzagoon, Hoothoot, Taillow, Gulpin
  216. The major attraction along this route is Marvin's Soda Shop, a nice place for Janice and her team to stop by and have a drink. It's packed with customers, Marvin is glad to see another Trainer making onto Route 2. His shop is a place where people can hang out and rest up before going for the final stretch before reaching Graham City.
  219. ------------------
  220. [PokeMart theme from R/S/E]
  222. * In the game version, I'm thinking that players speak to Marvin to get Soda to drink. That replenishes HP. There's also a PC in the corner.
  224. While Janice and her team recharge, some new customers arrive - a young woman of similar age to Janice and 2 guys.
  226. ** Encounter Theme for this woman & the 2 guys is either the X/Y Ace theme or the Team Aqua theme if there's no decent GBA version)
  228. The woman likes this place and offers to buy everyone a round of free drinks, which is welcomed with cheers...until she drops the big catch - free drinks for those who defeat her and the 2 guys in battle. Janice notices that the few Trainers who are here are only low level ones, while this woman and the 2 guys are at Level 10 and Level 6 respectively. Marvin doesn't want any trouble in his shop, if the trio won't leave peacefully he'll have to kick them out. The shop owner steps out from behind the counter - he's also a Trainer, at Level 7. Janice may be at Level 5 but she wants to help, making it a 2 vs 2 fight, because the woman chooses to let her pals take care of things. These 2 fellows are Ace Trainers.
  230. ** Artwork wise, CoolTrainer sprites from R/S/E.
  233. ==================
  235. Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 5]
  236. (Pidgey, Chikorita, Magikarp, Krabby)
  238. Shop Owner Marvin [Level 7]
  239. (Marill, Machop, Growlithe)
  241. Vs.
  243. Ace Trainer Steven [Level 6]
  244. (Slugma, Poochyena)
  246. Ace Trainer Leon [Level 6]
  247. (Houndour, Zubat)
  249. New Pokemon for Janice to learn about. Krabby really shines here, knowing Bubble which hits all opposing targets in multi-Pokemon battles like this. Slugma and Houndour are not even a match for it. Marvin's Machop handles Poochyena and Pidgey wins an aerial duel against Zubat. The woman gets annoyed by this loss and prepares to leave with the guys, when Janice asks her who she is. The woman is named Konami and she makes it very clear that she won't forget Janice's face and they WILL meet again very soon.
  251. End of Chapter 03 Aces & Sodas.
  254. ==============================
  256. With Konami and her guys gone, the shop returns to normal. Marvin thanks Janice for helping him, wishing her luck for her journey. He lets her know what lies ahead beyond Route 2: the Grassy Path leads into the Ashley Meadows and farmlands that belong to some of the affluent families that reside outside of Graham City. After gearing up and healing up, Janice says her goodbyes and is back on the road.
  259. --------------------------
  260. [Theme: Oldale Town theme]
  262. Pokemon to be found (Level 3-6)
  263. ...................
  264. Sunkern, Tauros, Miltank, Bellsprout, Nidoran (both), Oddish
  266. Just from standing at the top of a hill, Janice can see the vast farmlands, the homes of the rich families and a little further...the shadow of Graham City. She's close now, to challenging for that first Gym Badge. She's excited, Pidgey and the others are looking forward to it too. The day is slowly coming to an end and they'll need to find a good place to spend the night. Janice has 4 Poke Balls left (having used 2 to catch Magikarp and Krabby), she comes across Nidoran while making her way to the farm fields. She likes both, so she adds them to her team and that brings it to 6 Pokemon.
  268. Nidoran (Male) [Level 5] (Poison) [Poison Point]: Leer, Peck
  269. Nidoran (Female) [Level 5] (Poison) [Poison Point]: Growl, Scratch
  271. The PokeDex informs Janice that both Nidoran can learn Water Pulse, so she teaches them the move.
  273. ** Janice boots TMO3: Nidoran & Nidoran learn Water Pulse!
  275. By the time Janice arrives at the homes, it is early evening. She meets some of the Farm Workers who are on their way home from work, and she notices that they do not look very happy. When Janices tries to find out why they look so down, she's told to speak with the leader of the Farm Workers, Farmer Victor, whom she finds in the fields. There are holes in the ground across the fields, with some crops destroyed. Victor explains that for a few weeks now him and the farm crews have had trouble from a squad of Oddish. The Pokemon appear during the night and cause havoc in the fields. A few Trainers have stopped by to help but not long after that, the Oddish return. The Farm Workers, despite not being full time Trainers, have also tried to drive them away every day now. Same results. The owners of the fields had hoped that Gym Leader Harris could help but the man is always busy, so they've been relying on Trainers who pass through. Janice is the newest one. If she would like to help, she should come back to the fields later on tonight. Farmer Victor and some Farm Workers will be here for another fight with the Oddish.
  277. She's introduced to the owners of the fields by Victor soon after. Janice will be able to stay over at one of the residences, The Ivan Family Residence. They are glad to have her as a guest and hope she can help them solve the Oddish problem. She gets the chance to refresh and heal up her team. During supper with the Ivan Family, Janice finds out a little bit about Gym Leader Harris - he's not just the city Gym Leader but also the city's landscaper, being responsible for maintaining public and private gardens as well as the major attraction - Ferris Park, which is at the centre of Graham City. Harris has Grass-type Pokemon and awards the Green Badge to Trainers who defeat him.
  279. A couple of hours after supper, Janice heads out to the fields to meet Farmer Victor and the Farm Workers. They'll split up to cover more ground, Victor will go to the western area, the Farm Workers will go east and Janice will cover the middle area. They don't wait for long, the Oddish make their appearance. Just like the wild Pokemon found in the Ashley Meadows, the Oddish range between Level 3 and 6. Janice works with Pidgey, Chikorita and the Nidoran for this one, since Magikarp and Krabby would be at a major disadvantage. It's a chance to train the Nidoran, Nidoran [M] knowing Peck is an added bonus. This helps to take down more Oddish and this leads to the remaining ones fleeing. Janice and the farm crew celebrate their victory-- until it looks like the Oddish are returning. Not for a rematch but to accompany the new challenger, a large Vileplume!
  281. >>BOSS BATTLE<<
  282. ===============
  284. Vileplume (Level 8) (Poison/Grass) [Chlorophyll]
  286. Pidgey, Chikorita and the Nidoran duo team up to take on Vileplume. Nidoran [M] delivers the finishing hit. With their boss defeated, the Oddish are gone and finally, the farm fields are saved. For Janice, this entire event has earned her and the team a lot of experience, enough to step them up to Level 8.
  288. ** Chikorita learns Razor Leaf!
  289. ** Nidoran [F] learns Tail Whip!
  290. ** Nidoran [M] learns Focus Energy!
  292. Chikorita is proud of learning its very first Grass-type move, something the team have a little celebration for. The farmer crew thank Janice and let her know that she's welcome back here as an honoured guest.
  294. Before going to bed, Janice has a chance to call her family and friends to give them an update. She finds out that Gina is in Graham City and will wait for Janice. Her other friends moved on during the day after winning the Gym Badge. Gina hasn't gotten hers but decided to stick around to meet up with Janice.
  296. End of Chapter 04 Weed Problems.
  299. ===================================
  301. The next morning, Janice says goodbye to everyone before leaving. About an hour later she arrives in Graham City.
  303. [002] GRAHAM CITY - "The Evergreen City."
  304. =================
  305. [Theme: Viridian City theme]
  307. Places of Interest
  308. ..................
  309. - Pokemon Center
  310. - PokeMart
  311. - Pokemon Gym
  312. - Ferris Park
  313. - Move Tutor
  314. - Flower Shop (To get Wailmer Pail & Berry Pouch)
  315. - Pokemon Research Society (Graham City Branch)
  316. [Theme: Professor Elm's Lab theme]
  318. A city of beautiful gardens, blooming flowers and vibrant trees. The streets are lively, Janice takes it all in as she walks about. Gina will be waiting for her at the entrance into Ferris Park, so she has some time to explore the city first before meeting up with Gina.
  320. At the Move Tutor's place, the old lady there tells Janice that she'll gladly teach her Pokemon one move each if she can win the Green Badge and show her.
  322. At the Pokemon Research Society, Janice learns about what the team there has been looking into - Grass-type Pokemon. It really helps that Graham City is located where it is, because to the south are the farmlands and Ashley Meadows, then to the north is Rollins Forest, home to a lot of Pokemon.
  324. Time to meet up with Gina. [Theme: Lyra's theme from HG/SS]
  326. The two friends catch up. Gina (now at Level 9) had heard about the Oddish situation from the farm crew when she arrived at the farmlands yesterday, but since she got there during the day and the Oddish came out at night, Gina couldn't help. She's glad to hear Janice solved that problem. So far she's caught a Miltank, a Zigzagoon and a Sunkern. Miltank can help to heal her team with her Moo Moo Milk during their travels, so Gina is happy to have it tagging along. The girls enter Ferris Park.
  329. -----------
  330. [Theme: Lillie's Encounter theme from Sun/Moon/Ultra]
  332. Just as lively as the city streets, with people strolling through, having picnics or just hanging out. In the middle of the park is a beautiful fountain, surrounded by hedges trimmed to resemble various Pokemon. Working on a hedge resembling a Venusaur is the man of the hour, Harris. He welcomes the girls to Graham City and is looking forward to taking them on for the Gym Badge...but he needs to finish off the hedge he's working on, so he recommends they walk around Ferris Park and have a look. By the time they're done, he'll be ready for them.
  334. ** R/S/E Gym theme starts when they speak to Harris and continues onwards.
  336. This is when there's a sudden change in the mood of the park that the girls notice, because some of the people they passed on their way to the fountain have turned out to be Gym Trainers, who range between Level 8 and Level 10. Janice and Gina decide to split up for battles against them. When they reach the strongest Gym Trainer, both have reached Level 10.
  338. ** Pidgey learned Gust at Level 9!
  339. ** Mudkip learned Water Gun!
  341. The training has paid off for Pidgey and Janice, it learns its first Flying-type move and at a crucial time. This gives them a boost against the final Gym Trainer. Harris has finished his work and awaits the challenge for his Green Badge. He had time to see some of their battles and is impressed by how well they did together, so he'll gladly take on Janice and Gina at the same time. Are they ready?
  343. ** Artwork wise, Garderner Trainer sprite from X/Y.
  345. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  346. ==============
  348. Leader Harris [Level 12] - "The Consummate Gardener."
  349. (Shroomish, Tangela, Bellosom, Seedot)
  350. Prize: Green Badge
  352. Harris is aware that Pidgey learned Gust during the Gym Trainer battles, but that won't discourage his team. It's not always about having the type advantage and this the lesson that Harris wants to teach to the girls. Not relying on Gust allows Pidgey to focus on teamwork, versus the Gym Pokemon who make teamwork their top priority. Janice realises that the true lesson is to make use of type advantange when the right time finally arrives during battle, instead of using it from the get-go, like many other Trainers. This guides the girls to victory and they win their first Gym Badges.
  354. ** Janice obtains the Green Badge!
  356. Harris heals their Pokemon, awards them the Green Badges and a couple of useful items - Miracle Seeds. These are Hold Items, special tools that are used in battle by Trainers to assist their Pokemon. Miracle Seeds give a power boost to Grass-type moves. Chikorita and Sunkern are grateful. Janice, Gina and their teams have moved up to Level 12.
  358. ** Krabby learned Vice Grip!
  359. ** Both Nidoran learned Double Kick!
  361. Speaking of Sunkern, Harris has something else he wants to give to Gina that will also help-- but before he can continue, a Murkrow swoops in from nowhere, scaring the Gym Pokemon and their Trainers. It eyes some shiny objects - the 2 Gym Badges and swipes them.
  363. Janice sends Pidgey to chase after the Murkrow while she follows them from the ground. As she leaves Ferris Park, she sees people in the streets running to and from the Pokemon Research Society building - there's a fire that's been started. Gina catches up with Harris, they'll take care of the fire so Janice can go after Murkrow.
  365. The Darkness Pokemon flies out of Graham City via the north exit, going into Rollins Forest.
  368. --------------
  369. [Theme: Route 113 theme from R/S/E]
  371. Pokemon to be found (5-10)
  372. ...................
  373. Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple, Shroomish, Seedot, Pineco, Spinarak
  374. Water: Lotad, Psyduck, Poliwag, Surskit, Azurill
  376. Janice comes across Bug Catchers and other Trainers who've been defeated in battles against some "red-haired woman" who went deep into the forest. That's where Murkrow is headed. They follow the bird to aclearing, where they find the woman & she is Murkrow's Trainer - Konami. She reveals that the fire at the Pokemon Research Society building was started by her, just to get some attention. She's surprised Janice didn't take the bait, choosing to chase after Murkrow instead. Konami is still upset about what happened at the Soda Shop and like she told Janice back then, they would meet again and here they are. This is when Konami properly introduces herself: Ace Team Elite Konami, one of 5 top members of a group of Trainers called Ace Team. A group of like-minded people who don't believe that Trainers like Janice deserve to be Trainers, because they're not good enough to hang with the best. Janice disagrees.
  378. ** Ace Team Elite Encounter theme is either the Ace Trainer theme from X/Y or the Team Aqua Encounter theme.
  379. ** Ace Team Elite Battle theme is Frontier Brain Battle theme from Emerald.
  380. ** Artwork wise, Salon Maiden Anabel sprite from Emerald.
  381. ** The "grunts" of Ace Team are Cooltrainer sprites from R/S/E and FR/LG.
  384. ==================
  386. Ace Team Elite Konami [Level 12]
  387. Murkrow, Magby, Houndour
  389. Pidgey battles Murkrow, having the advantage of knowing more moves. Magby follows after Murkrow's defeat and thanks to its "Flame Body" Ability, it puts Pidgey out when it tries to tackle the Fire-type. Krabby overcomes both Magby and Konami's final Pokemon, Houndour. Before Konami can retaliate, there are voices coming from the direction behind Janice. Konami doesn't want to stay and find out who's approaching, she gets her Pokemon back into their Poke Balls and vanishes among the trees. In her haste, she has left behind the 2 Green Badges, which Janice retrieves as a group of Pokemon Rangers arrives, with Gina and Harris. Janice tells them that Konami is gone, but she's got the Gym Badges back.
  391. The fire has been put out, nobody is hurt and the damage done isn't major fortunately. After healing her Pokemon at the PokeCenter, Janice returns to the Gym to speak to Harris and Gina. Harris can now continue what he was saying to Gina: he has something that can help Sunkern - a Sun Stone. Gina holds the powerful stone in front of Sunkern and watches as the Pokemon reacts, starts glowing and begins to evolve, turning into Sunflora. A new Pokemon and a new friend for Gina.
  393. The girls decide to spend the rest of the day and night in Graham City, so they can talk. Janice tells her about Konami and the group she represents, Ace Team. No idea what else they have planned, but the girls realise now that they'll have to keep a look out for them. Gina will pass on the information to Rose, Kelvin and Ryan.
  395. The next day, they go to the Move Tutor. Now that they have Gym Badges, the old lady will teach their Pokemon one move each.
  397. ** Pidgey learns Swift!
  398. ** Chikorita learns Mud-Slap!
  399. ** Krabby learns Icy Wind!
  400. ** Female Nidoran learns Mud-Slap!
  401. ** Male Nidoran learns Body Slam!
  402. ** Mudkip learns Icy Wind!
  403. ** Miltank learns Body Slam!
  404. ** Zigzagoon learns Body Slam!
  406. End of Chapter 05 Seeing Green & Red.
  409. ==============================
  411. The next day, Janice and Gina gear up, say goodbye to Harris and exit town. When they return to Rollins Forest they are met by the Trainers Janice spoke to yesterday. They thank her for dealing with Konami. Today they are ready to battle. The girls are told that they have to get through Rollins Forest to reach the open road that is Route 3. Beyond that is the next city, Holder City.
  413. Janice and Gina split up to battle the Trainers. Among the Bug Catchers, they encounter assistants and interns from the Pokemon Research Society, other Trainers and people just out for a walk in the forest. One of the Bug Catchers tells Janice that the strongest Trainer here is named Violet, an Expert Bug Catcher. She'll only let Trainers pass if they've defeated all the Bug Catchers in the forest and manage to beat her in a battle too. She is at Level 15.
  415. The Levels of the Trainers range between 10 and 14. Janice and Gina are at Level 12 after battling Harris. They take their time moving through the forest, facing the Trainers and wild Pokemon they encounter. A couple of hours later, they are at Level 15.
  417. ** Pidgey learned Quick Attack at Level 13!
  418. ** Magikarp learned Tackle!
  419. ** Chikorita learned Poisonpowder!
  420. ** Mudkip learded Bide!
  421. ** Miltank learned Stomp at Level 13!
  422. ** Sunflora learned Razor Leaf at Level 13!
  423. ** Zigzagoon learned Sand-Attack at Level 13!
  425. At long last, Magikarp learns a new move and Janice is glad it will finally be able to take part in battles alongside the rest of the team.
  427. Once the girls are ready, they continue further into the forest until they can see the open fields and road of Route 3 beyond the trees. They find Violet, observing various Bug-type Pokemon. When she learns that Janice and Gina defeated all the Bug Catchers around Rollins Forest and are now prepared to face her, Violet is pleased. She only regrets not having been present when her fellow Bug Catchers and other Trainers were attacked by the mysterious Trainer earlier. Janice brings Violet up to speed about Konami and Ace Team. They agree to keep an eye out for this crew. For now, it's battle time.
  429. ** Artwork wise, Parasol Lady sprite from R/S/E.
  432. ==================
  434. Expert Bug Catcher Violet [Level 15]
  435. (Butterfree, Beedrill, Beautifly, Dustox, Surskit)
  437. Not a good outing for Violet's team, thanks to Pidgey leading the charge with the new moves she has learned. The Bug Pokemon do their best since they know various moves, but in the end the girls win the battle. Violet accepts the loss and lets them exit Rollins Forest. Till next time.
  439. End of Chapter 06 Expert Violet.
  442. ==============================================
  444. ROUTE 3 (Open Fields Road)
  445. -------
  446. [Theme: Route 3 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  448. Pokemon Found (Levels 10-14)
  449. .............
  450. Growlithe, Meowth+AF, Ralts, Hoppip, Abra, Drowzee, Roselia
  452. Janice and Gina are met with wide open fields on either side of a road stretching ahead of them. This is where Gina says goodbye to her friend before going on. She really enjoyed catching up with Janice and battling alongside her. Hopefully they'll meet up with the rest of the gang soon.
  454. After Gina leaves, Janice thinks it's time to train while searching for the wild Pokemon here. She wants to build up Magikarp, now that it can use Tackle. The one wild Pokemon giving them trouble is Abra, which they encounter now and again but rather than fight back, it chooses to use Teleport to evade attacks, before disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. How are they supposed to catch it? Janice has an idea - how about fighting a Psychic-type with another Psychic-type? There are 2 other Psychic-types found here, Ralts and Drowzee. Unlike Abra, these ones engage Janice and her team. Janice also learns that Ralts is a dual-type Pokemon, being part Fairy-type too, a rare type she didn't think she would come across so early into her travels, so she makes sure to catch one, to become Janice's 7th Pokemon.
  456. Ralts (Psychic/Fairy) [Level 15] (Trace): Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Disarming Voice
  458. To help Ralts, Janice catches a Drowzee as well, since it knows more moves (Krabby trades places with it in the travel party).
  460. Drowzee (Psychic) [Level 15] (Insomnia): Pound, Hypnosis, Disable, Confusion
  462. Together they work well against Abra, being able to keep up with it and slow it down - Drowzee disables Abra's Teleport before sending it to sleep, which allows Janice to catch it. As she celebrates, Abra's Poke Ball starts to shake in her hands, surprising Janice. The Pokemon comes out of the Poke Ball, no longer an Abra but a Level 16 Kadabra! Janice checks the PokeDex, finding out that Abra evolves into Kadabra at Level 16. Which also means that Janice has reached Level 16 as a Trainer and this extends to the rest of her Pokemon-- 3 other Poke Balls shake as well and from them, Janice comes face to face with new Pokemon - Nidorino, Nidorina and Bayleef!
  464. ** Krabby learns Harden!
  465. ** Ralts learns Teleport!
  466. ** Kadabra learns Confusion!
  468. End of Chapter 07 Teleporter in the Open Fields.
  471. ================================
  473. In another field not too far from Janice and her Pokemon, a Youngster has just caught his first Pokemon, a Growlithe. Just as he's enjoying the moment, a trio of Trainers shows up to spoil his fun. He's clearly not a match for them, they have more than one Pokemon with them and in the end they steal his Growlithe, telling him that only great Trainers like them should have Pokemon - they are a trio of Ace Team Trainers. The Youngster gives chase when the Ace Trainers take off, going to the town at the end of Route 3 - Debbie Town.
  475. Back to Janice and her crew, who have had some time to welcome the new additions. She releases Drowzee, thanking it for helping out. After healing up and getting ready, she continues moving. Before long she reaches Debbie Town.
  477. [003] DEBBIE TOWN - "The Town Among Open Fields."
  478. =================
  479. [Theme: Azalea Town theme]
  481. Places of Interest
  482. ..................
  483. PokeCenter
  484. PokeMart
  485. Post Office
  486. Sharon's Diner
  487. Youngster Ricky's House
  488. Debbie Eastern Field
  490. It is early afternoon when Janice arrives. Some of the people she speaks to on the streets are just here for their lunchbreaks before going back to work in Holder City, which is beyond Route 4 (they prefer the peace and quiet of Debbie Town to the hustle and bustle of Holder things over there are just a little too pricey for them). The best place to eat at is Sharon's Diner, so Janice decides to check it out.
  493. --------------
  495. ** In the game version, maybe there could be some patrons, waiters and waitresses who are up for battles.
  497. At this time, it shouldn't be surprise to find that it is quite packed. But Janice manages to get a place to sit at the counter, where she can talk to Sharon. The lady in charge tells Janice about why it's so packed and has been for a month now - a lot of the people eating here are part of a crew that has been working on a major movie that's going to be premiering tomorrow night at the big theatre in Holder City. For most of them, they are just glad to be finally done with the project.
  499. On the diner TV, while Janice and Sharon talk, a special live report appears. The interviewer is outside the big theatre in Holder City as hype for the movie premier reaches fever pitch, and she's joined by a special individual, one of several famous people who are in town to see the movie, the leader of Ace Team - Andre! According to the interviewer, Ace Team is a cool and hip group of young Trainers who are working across the region to help aspiring and veteran Trainers. From helping them with supplies while out on the road to offering facilities where they can train with their Pokemon in the cities. They can also join Ace Team and help other Trainers. Andre appears just in time to confirm everything that the interviewer has said. He's here to see how the Holder City side of Ace Team is doing and also to support the leading actor in the movie, whom he calls a long time friend. He hopes he'll get a chance to speak with the leading actress, Caroline, who also serves as the Holder City Gym Leader.
  501. As the interview continues, a little boy comes rushing into the diner, all upset and in tears. Sharon goes over to comfort him and try to find out what's wrong. The little boy tells his story, about his Growlithe being taken from him by a gang of older boys not too long ago. They were too strong for him and they're out in the open field to the east of town, just hanging out. This is Youngster Ricky, and Sharon is his mother. Janice has heard the story and wants to help, having encountered some elements of Ace Team recently. Ricky is grateful and leads her out of the diner to the Debbie Eastern Field.
  503. On the outskirts, Ricky and Janice meet other younger Trainers whose Pokemon have also been taken from them. All they can do is look out into the field at the Ace Trainers, who seem to be enjoying themselves without a care. Janice goes over to confront them. The one who acts as the leader of this trio, Cliff, is surprised to see her and assumes she's interested in joining Ace Team. When he finds out that she's not, the guys get serious.
  505. ** Encounter theme for the Ace Team Trainers is the Ace Trainer theme from R/S/E. Battle theme is the standard Trainer battle theme from R/S/E too.
  508. ==================
  510. Ace Trainer Dennis [Level 15]
  511. (Furret, Poochyena, Spearow)
  513. Ace Trainer Nixon [Level 15]
  514. (Geodude, Bellsprout, Wooper)
  516. Janice uses this chance to battle alongside the new Pokemon she has on her team. No problem taking care of Dennis and Nixon. Cliff steps up, he's not going to see his fellow Ace Team pals be dismissed like this by some girl who wants to ruin their day. He believes they were doing the younger Trainers a big favour, because taking away their Pokemon will motivate them to join Ace Team and be turned into better Trainers. So it's a real shame that Janice won't become a member.
  519. ==================
  521. Ace Trainer Cliff [Level 16]
  522. (Voltorb, Grimer, Mankey, Pinsir)
  524. More of a challenge than the other 2 Ace Trainers, but Janice is prepared. Pidgey overwhelms Mankey and Pinsir, Kadabra defeats Grimer and Bayleef tags in to stop Voltorb after it wins against Ralts (its Soundproof Ability counters Ralts' attempt to use Disarming Voice).
  526. With all their Pokemon out of commission, the 3 Aces surrender the Pokemon they stole and run away before they get into more trouble. The children arrive to collect their Pokemon. Ricky is reunited with his Growlithe and returns to the diner with Janice after she heals her team.
  528. In the evening, Sharon invites Janice over to spend the night at their house as a way to thank her for saving the children's Pokemon. A chance for everyone to get to know each other. Ricky's father Rodney comes home, he works at a Pokemon Day Care house that's on Route 4. He's happy to see a Trainer staying with him and his family for the night and Janice tells them about what she has experienced so far. Ricky isn't ready to travel yet, he wants to catch more Pokemon and train first before he leaves home on his own journey.
  530. End of Chapter 08 The Face of Ace.
  533. ==============================
  535. The next morning, Janice is ready to leave Debbie Town. Sharon and Rodney are there to see her off...but they suggest she visits the Debbie Eastern Field before she leaves. Janice goes over there, a little confused by the suggestion, but she realises why she had to come to the field and she can't help but smile - standing in the middle of the field, ready to face her in battle is Youngster Ricky. He has his first Pokemon and a brand new PokeDex that his dad gave him as a present when he found out that Ricky caught a he wants to compete in his very first battle and he challenges Janice. She accepts his challenge, choosing to face him with her own first Pokemon, Pidgey.
  537. ** He has an Encounter theme here - the R/S/E Youngster theme.
  540. ==================
  542. Youngster Ricky [Level 14]
  543. (Growlithe)
  545. ** The battle theme for this is the Friend Battle theme from X/Y.
  547. Growlithe catches Pidgey by surprise when it triggers its Intimidate Ability, which lowers Pidgey's attack power thus minimising the damage it will do to Growlithe. It's not much but that won't discourage Ricky. The Puppy Pokemon manages to keep up with the Tiny Bird, doing its best to land some hits while it can but Pidgey has the final strike and wins the fight. Ricky accepts the loss, knowing that it was only the first step of many more ahead of him. Janice is proud of him and hopes they'll meet again someday. She makes sure to warn Ricky about Ace Team and to keep an eye out for them.
  549. After saying her goodbyes, Janice exits Debbie Town via the north road and steps onto Route 4.
  551. ROUTE 4 (Day Care Road)
  552. -------
  553. [Theme: Route 104 theme from R/S/E]
  555. Pokemon Found [Levels 14-16]
  556. .............
  557. Volbeat, Illumise, Nincada, Teddiursa, Ledyba, Venonat, Snubbull
  559. The fields are smaller here, because of houses found here and more people than on Route 3. Most of the Trainers Janice meets are Pokemon Breeders who work for the Pokemon Day Care and they don't mind giving her team a work out. By the end of battling the Breeders, Janice has reached Level 17.
  561. At the Pokemon Day Care she finds Rodney, and he's happy to hear about the battle Janice had with Ricky. With all the Pokemon that Rodney and the Pokemon Breeders look after here, there's always a chance of Pokemon Eggs being found and since Janice has proved herself to be capable Trainer, Rodney has spoken with the Day Care Couple (an elderly couple who run the place) and they have agreed to offer one Pokemon Egg to Janice and she looks after the Pokemon that hatches from it. The couple are near the end of Route 4, watching over some Pokemon there. They'll present the Egg to her. Janice is feeling a little nervous and a little excited about this, to be receiving her very first Pokemon Egg and not knowing who the parents are. But Rodney thinks she'll do just fine.
  563. ** In the game version, Janice has to defeat all the Pokemon Breeders along this route first in order to "unlock" the Day Care Couple event.
  565. Ahead of Route 4, Janice can see the Union Gate that leads into Holder City, with the big bright city looming beyond. Near the Union Gate is the Day Care Couple, Timothy & Diana and the Pokemon they are watching over as they play in the grass. They greet Janice when she reaches them and are ready to present her with the Egg...but first, since she was able to defeat all the Pokemon Breeders that she encountered earlier, she'll have defeat the couple as well, in a Double Battle where she'll be the one taking on 2 Trainers and has to use 2 Pokemon at the same time. Only then will they give her the Egg. Janice and her team get ready. Can they work in sync?
  567. ** Artwork wise, Old Couple sprites from R/S/E.
  570. ==================
  572. Day Care Couple Timothy & Diana [Level 18]
  573. (Phanpy, Flaaffy, Nuzleaf, Heracross)
  575. Janice starts off with Nidorina and Nidorino, hoping they can do well in such a battle...until they face Phanpy and Nuzleaf. Diana realised that Phanpy doesn't learn any Ground-type moves until much later when it has evolved into a Donphan, so she had to teach it the Technical Move for Earthquake. This serves Phanpy well against the 2 Poison-types before they can take out Nuzleaf. Janice sends out Ralts and Krabby next, they survive another Earthquake from Phanpy but Krabby is defeated by Nuzleaf (Timonthy taught it the Tecnnical Move for Giga Drain). Bayleef follows to take down Phanpy as Ralts defeats Nuzleaf. This leaves the couple with their final Pokemon, Timonthy sends out Flaaffy and Diana sends out Heracross. Flaaffy uses Thunder Wave to paralyse Ralts, allowing Heracross to knock it out. Janice can only use one more Pokemon, Pidgey steps in for this, even though there's Flaaffy on the field. Bayleef and Pidgey vs Flaaffy and Heracross now. Janice remembers one important thing that could win her the battle - back in Graham City, after she and Gina won their Gym Badges they visited the Move Tutor lady so that she could teach their Pokemon new moves. Chikorita learned Mud-Slap! It's a gamble for Janice, because Bayleef is not a Ground-type and the move itself isn't strong, but she would rather try it than not to. The Day Care Couple are surprised to see Bayleef use Mud-Slap on Flaaffy, it's not enough to put it out of action but it lowers Flaaffy's accuracy, keeping it from targeting Pidgey. The bird has the speed advantage over Heracross and being a Flying-type taking on a Bug/Fighting-type, she proves to be too much for it. Together, Bayleef and Pidgey defeat Flaaffy with a Razor Leaf x Swift combination.
  577. Janice and her team move up to Level 18!
  578. ** Kadabra learns Disable!
  579. ** Nidorina & Nidorino learn Poison Sting!
  581. Something else happens, as Janice celebrates with her team - Pidgey starts to glow. It is just as surprised as Janice is, who can only look on with wide-eyed. And just like that, Janice is face to face with Pidgeotto! The two have a moment, to reflect on the time they've spent together all the way to now. They've only just started but this is a major milestone. The Day Care Couple are glad to have shared in this, congratulating Janice and her Pokemon. Timothy presents the Pokemon Egg to her. It is quite warm to the touch and after every couple of seconds it shakes a little. Diana is certain that the baby Pokemon within will hatch soon. She hopes all the best for Janice on her journey. The couple heal her Pokemon and accompany her into the Union Gate. On the other side, Janice steps into Holder City.
  583. ** Janice receives a Pokemon Egg!
  585. End of Chapter 09 Timothy & Diana.
  588. =====================================
  590. [004] HOLDER CITY - "Home of the Rich & Fabulous."
  591. =================
  592. [Theme: Cerulean City theme]
  593. **NOTE - I'd have Daft Punk's High Life song be the theme if there was a cool GBA sound version of it haha oh well, Cerulean's theme will do.
  595. Places of Interest
  596. ..................
  597. PokeCenter
  598. Pokemon Gym
  599. Holder City Mall
  600. Charizard Theatre
  601. Caroline's Mansion
  602. Holder Harbour
  603. Pokemon Research Society (Holder City Branch)
  604. [Theme: Professor Rowan's Lab theme from D/P/PL]
  606. As soon as she enters, Janice can feel the shift in the air from the cool and calm of Route 4 to the energetic, electric vibe of Holder City. The mood is festive and there are billboards everywhere. Today is the big day for the movie premiere. The guard who works in the Union Gate catches up to her, having forgotten to give her something.
  608. ** Janice receives a Golden Ticket!
  610. She tells Janice that it is what she'll need to get on a boat at the harbour that will transport her to a small island to the west of town. It is on this island, Lexa Island, where Gym Leader Caroline lives and where the Gym is. The Golden Ticket will also allow her access to the Charizard Theatre later for the movie premiere, which stars Caroline.
  612. It's still morning when Janice arrives, so she'll take her time exploring. But first, she wants to get that 2nd Gym Badge. She gets to Holder Harbour to catch the boat. The boatman informs her that she is the first Trainer of the day going to the island, probably a good move to challenge Caroline so early in the day because she'll get really busy later. As the boat makes its way to the island, Janice finds out a little bit more about the Gym Leader. She's told that Caroline is a Pokemon Trainer who became an actress and then the city's Gym Leader several years ago. Despite how busy her schedule tends to get, she makes time to be around for any Trainers looking to challenge her. Caroline uses Water-type Pokemon and since Holder City is located near the northwest coast, she has access to the sea for training her team or finding new Pokemon.
  614. ROUTE 5 (Northwest Sea Route)
  615. --------
  616. [Theme: Route 11 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  618. Pokemon Found [Levels 16-18]
  619. .............
  620. Staryu, Qwilfish, Corsola, Carvanha, Wailmer
  623. -----------
  624. [Theme: Lilycove City theme]
  626. The boat arrives on the island. The boatman will transport Janice back to the mainland when she's ready. Caroline's mansion stands ahead. When she reaches the front door, Janice is met by a butler who welcomes her to the place. He tells her that Caroline is in the backyard, currently having photos being taken and being interviewed. In the meantime, Janice could take a tour of the mansion, which also serves as the Gym. By the time she has defeated all the mansion staff/Gym Trainers, Caroline will be ready to meet her.
  628. ** Caroline's Mansion theme is the Art Museum theme from R/S/E before shifting to the Gym theme after speaking to the butler.
  630. Janice assembles her team. This is where Bayleef will be in charge. The mansion staff ranges between Level 16 and 18. The butler, Lawrence, is the final hurdle. He's at Level 19. Bayleef helped in winning against the other staff members, but now that she's one match away from facing Caroline, Janice lets Bayleef rest and works with the rest of the team. With Lawrence out of the way, Janice and her Pokemon move up to Level 19!
  632. Lawrence leads Janice to the backyard, which is a beautiful lawn with a view of the ocean beyond it. She finds Caroline, a young woman of similar age to big sister Janet. She sees Janice approaching and asks the photography crew and interviewers to hold on. They don't have to leave, Caroline wouldn't mind if they see her in action as the Gym Leader. Cameras are rolling, they are live. She welcomes Janice to Lexa Island, her home and the Holder City Gym. Today is a big day for her, with the movie premiere happening in the evening, and meeting her first challenger for the day is a good way to start things.
  634. ** Artwork wise, Elesa sprite from B/W.
  636. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  637. ==============
  639. Leader Caroline [Level 20] - "The Goddess of Water."
  640. (Wailmer, Seel, Corsola, Vaporeon)
  641. Prize: Azure Badge
  643. Caroline kicks off with Wailmer, while Janice sends out Kadabra. In terms of speed, Kadabra has the clear advantage and it uses Kinesis to lower Wailmer's accuracy. Rather than attack right away, Wailmer uses Rain Dance. The film crew rush into the house, not being prepared for the sudden downpour but they keep the cameras rolling. It catches Janice unaware, this being the very first time she's seeing the move in person. For Caroline, she's all smiles because she's in her zone now. Rain Dance boosts Water-type moves and even Whirlpool becomes a menace for Kadabra, trapping it in a vortex of water and preventing Janice from switching it out of battle. It manages to disable the vortex after missing a couple of turns, but Wailmer has another move that puts Kadabra down before it can recover - Water Pulse.
  645. The rain continues. Janice has to decide now, either bring out Bayleef or save it for Caroline's final Pokemon. Caroline can tell that Janice is trying to figure out what do to next, to her it doesn't matter. As a Gym Leader, Caroline has to be prepared for whatever types of Pokemon her challengers will bring, especially if they are types which Water-type is weak against. So she gives Janice some credit for starting this battle with Kadabra. What will Janice do now?
  647. She sends out Krabby, to the surprise of Caroline. Janice figures she might as well go for a good defence plan, since Krabby will also benefit from Rain Dance while being able to nullify the attacks from Caroline's Pokemon. Krabby battles using Vicegrip while Wailmer reveals another attack, Rollout. Having had its accuracy lowered by Kadabra's Kinesis earlier, Wailmer manages to hit Krabby only twice before one final Vicegrip takes it out.
  649. Caroline sends out Seel, who tries to reduce Krabby's attack power with Growl but Krabby's Hyper Cutter Ability is triggered, preventing its attack power from being dropped. It uses Leer on Seel, which lowers its defence and allows Vicegrip to deal more damage...until Caroline has Seel use Rest. Seel goes to sleep and as it does, its health is fully restored. Janice hopes to take advantage of this, she has Krabby use Leer while Seel sleeps. Caroline picks up on this and tries to wake Seel up by calling at it. Seel eventually wakes up, but with its defence lowered so far, it doesn't survive another Vicegrip attack. Caroline admits that Janice's tactic was pretty clever, finding a weakness in a move like Rest and exploiting it.
  651. Her 3rd Pokemon is Corsola and being also a Rock-type, it isn't fazed very much by Krabby's Vicegrip. It defeats Krabby with Rock Tomb. Janice thinks it's time now, she sends out Bayleef, surprising Caroline. Double damage is expected because Corsola is part Water-type, part Rock-type and a Razor Leaf attack puts Corsola down.
  653. Caroline has one more Pokemon left, Vaporeon. Gotta save the best for last. Speed is on its side and it is right at home in the continuing rain. Caroline reminds Janice about being prepared - Vaporeon stuns Bayleef with an Ice Beam attack. It may not be a Water-type move, but against a Grass-type like Bayleef the obvious result is expected. Bayleef hangs on by a thread, weakened and its Razor Leaf attack misses Vaporeon. A simple Tackle takes down Bayleef. 3 Pokemon down for Janice, she can only use 3 more. Pidgeotto is eager to enter the battle, but it understands that Janice may have something in mind. She tells Pidgeotto to hold on for now. Ralts is sent out next, another surprise for Caroline. That has made for quite a fun battle between them, no dull moments. Janice finds out what Ralts' Ability is - Trace, which copies the Ability of its opponent. Vaporeon's Ability is Water Absorb, which absorbs damage from water attacks and turns it into health. No water attacks from Vaporeon. Ralts is able to keep up with it thanks to being able to teleport and use Double Team to evade Vaporeon. Ice Beam won't hit the mark, so it uses another move - Shadow Ball. Not enough to knock out Ralts in one shot but enough to really weaken it. One more Shadow Ball will do the job-- so Janice makes a snap decision and switches out Ralts for Pidgeotto. She knows about Vaporeon knowing Ice Beam, but she has an idea and it needs her to bring in Pidgeotto and take a chance. Pidgeotto uses Sand-Attack, lowering Vaporeon's accuracy. Fortunately for Vaporeon, it can use water attacks against Pidgeotto, so it blasts the bird with a cascading wave of water - Surf. Pidgeotto is shaken, but can still fight. Janice has it use another Sand-Attack. Vaporeon goes for the finish with Ice Beam, but it misses. Pidgeotto uses a 3rd Sand-Attack and again, Vaporeon's attack misses. Pidgeotto has bought itself maybe one or two more turns before Vaporeon's attacks will land again. It uses a combination of Gust and Swift to deal some damage, before Vaporeon is able to find its target for that final Ice Beam. Janice goes over to pick up Pidgeotto. The bird did a good job in its first battle after evolving, but the team isn't done yet. Janice sends Ralts back onto the field, despite being one attack away from fainting, which Caroline points out. But for Janice, the gamble continues. Ralts uses Double Team to evade Vaporeon's attacks, picking up from the match against Pidgeotto. Ralts manages to land one Confusion attack before a Shadow Ball takes it down.
  655. Caroline wonders if Janice has any more surprises, maybe one last trump card, because they are both down to their final Pokemon. Janice confirms that she has one more Pokemon, which she sends out - Magikarp. Caroline can't believe it. Janice knows that Magikarp isn't the strongest member of her team, but looking at how much damage Vaporeon has taken from Ralts and Pidgeotto, even Magikarp stands a chance. Its Ability is triggered - Swift Swim. Thanks to the ongoing rain, Magikarp's speed is given a boost, which it will need against Vaporeon. Caroline finds this to be ridiculous and is set to end this match right away. She has Vaporeon use Shadow Ball, but the move misses Magikarp. Magikarp's Tackle does not. The damage that has been piling up on Vaporeon starts to take effect: it's not as fast as it was, with not as much power in its moves like before, its accuracy is really low and it is close to fainting now. Magikarp is fresh and undamaged. It chips away at Vaporeon's health with more Tackle attacks, while only getting hit by one of a few Shadow Balls. A 3rd one misses, giving Magikarp one final shot for the Tackle attack that knocks out Vaporeon. The battle comes to an end. Caroline and Janice take in what has just the Gym Leader sends Vaporeon back into its Poke Ball, Janice gets to celebrate with Magikarp after winning its very first battle. If there's a lesson Janice has learned, it is not gamble like she did. She promises not do that again. Janice and her team's levels move up to Level 20...
  657. The film crew steps out of the house as the rain ceases. They watched the whole battle and kept the cameras rolling, so that people tuned in from anywhere across the region were also able to watch Janice take on Caroline, with running commentary from one of the interviewers. As they approach the 2 women, there's a bright light coming from Janice's direction. The cameras catch this, Caroline is staring at the source of the light - Ralts and Magikarp. Janice takes a few steps back from the 2 Pokemon as they swim about in the air and transform before her eyes. A flash of memory appears in her mind, back to Route 1 and learning how to fish with Fisherman Oscar. Catching Magikarp and feeling a little disappointed...but rather than tossing Magikarp back into the water, she chose to take it along with her and do her best to train it alongside her team. She's glad she chose to keep Magikarp, who now floats in front of everyone on the lawn as a massive Gyarados and Kirlia gracefully lands on the lawn.
  659. End of Chapter 10 The Goddess of Water.
  662. ==============================
  664. ** Gyarados learns Thrash!
  665. ** Gyarados learns Bite!
  666. ** Kirlia learns Magical Leaf!
  668. Despite its menacing looks and intimidating size, Gyarados still remembers where it is and who Janice is, so Caroline and the others are able to come closer. Janice is happy to meet the 2 new Pokemon and she's really looking forward to battling alongside them soon. Caroline congratulates Janice and Gyarados, she accepts her loss as a Gym Leader but admits that she did enjoy the battle for all its surprises and Janice finding clever ways to get through Caroline's team. She awards her with the Azure Badge. Then she calls for Butler Lawrence. He steps out of the house, with a curious-looking object in his hands. Caroline takes it from him and shows it to Janice: it is called a Key Flute. One of the interviewers recognises it as a major product manufactured by Yureon Corp., a tech company that has made several of the useful gadgets and items that are found around this region (the Storage Disc that Janice and many other Trainers have is another Yureon Corp. product). Its headquarters are in Bluefont City, a distant city on the eastern side of the region. Caroline hopes Janice will visit Bluefont, because there's a Pokemon Gym there. The Key Flute has been designed as the Petra region's alternative to the well-known Hidden Machines. The Flute is powered by unique, coin-sized gems called Notes that work just like Hidden Machines, without Trainers needing to find the right Pokemon to learn specific HM moves. Caroline then shows Janice one of these Notes - the Surf Note. She places the Note into a coin-shaped hole on the underside of the Flute. It flashes the deep blue colour of the Surf Note and plays a small musical sound as confirmation. Caroline reveals that as long as there's a Pokemon in her travel party that can learn Surf, when Janice activates the Flute that Pokemon will gain the ability to move across water. Janice points out that Vaporeon used Surf during the battle and she asks how it learned the move. Caroline tells her that she taught her Pokemon Surf via the Flute.
  670. ** Janice obtains the Azure Badge!
  671. ** Janice obtains the Key Flute!
  672. ** Janice obtains the Surf Note!
  674. She activates the Flute for Gyarados and it learns Surf. While she and Caroline heal their Pokemon, the film crew take the chance to speak with Janice. She doesn't mind being on camera, hoping her family and friends are okay. When asked if she'll be attending the movie premiere, Janice takes out her Golden Ticket, while admitting that she has no idea what this big movie is even about. Caroline sheepishly says that it's just a silly musical.
  676. Several minutes later, with the film crew wrapping up in the background, Caroline sees Janice off. That Gym battle has probably made Janice a little famous now. The next Gym is in Fran City, which is to the northeast from Holder City. Caroline also adds that the weather gets colder as one heads northeast, so before Janice leaves she would do well to visit the Holder City Mall and gear up good.
  678. When she meets up with the boatman, he can tell that she won't be needing that boat ride back to the mainland and he's happy that Janice won the Gym Badge. She lets out Gyarados, surprising the boatman, and climbs onto it. She thanks the boatman for getting her to the island, but she'll surf back to Holder City. As Janice and Gyarados go off, the boatman heads towards the mansion - he'll take the time to see how his lovely daughter Caroline is doing.
  680. ** Pidgeotto learns Whirlwind!
  682. Back in Holder City, Janice gets calls via her PokeNav. First from home, Jerome and Jenny couldn't wait to talk to her after seeing the Gym battle. They're happy to know she's travelled this far and her Pokemon have grown stronger. Then she receives calls from her friends, also impressed by how she won the Gym Badge. Rose tells Janice that she'll meet her in Fran City.
  684. With plenty of time to spare, Janice has a chance to look around Holder City. She's stopped by some people on the streets every now and again, they too saw the video of her battle and want to congratulate her or challenge her to battles, because they're that confident. For Janice it just means more training and she gladly accepts the challenges. By the time she gets to her destination, the Holder City Mall, she has moved up to Level 22.
  686. ** Kadabra learns Psybeam!
  687. ** Nidorina learns Bite!
  688. ** Nidorino learns Horn Attack!
  689. ** Kirlia learns Calm Mind!
  690. ** Bayleef learns Synthesis!
  693. ----------------
  694. [Theme: Trick Mansion theme from R/S/E]
  696. Here, Janice has some room to blend in with the crowds weaving in and out of the various stores. She finds the clothes store and purchases the warm clothes she'll need for the road going east.
  698. ** The Warm Clothes could be a Key Item. The guard at the Gate leading east of the city will remind Janice to get them if she were to try leaving without having them.
  700. The other store she visits is the TM store. Her Pokemon team is still small so she won't spend too much. Adding to the Water Pulse TM, Janice buys the TMs for Aerial Ace, Sludge Bomb and Giga Drain. They are all powerful moves, but she thinks that her team is at a good level to learn them.
  702. For the rest of the day Janice spends it with her team, to try out the TMs she bought.
  704. ** Janice boots TM40: Pidgeotto learns Aerial Ace!
  705. ** Janice boots TM36: Nidorina & Nidorino learn Sludge Bomb!
  706. ** Janice boots TM19: Bayleef learns Giga Drain!
  708. They are by the beach, with Route 5 stretching out ahead of them and Lexa Island in the distance. There are Trainers on the beach and swimming in the water, plus wild Pokemon to be found, so they can test the new moves. A mother and her 2 children approach Janice while the Pokemon are training. The children, a boy and a girl, just wanted to say hello after seeing her Gym battle. Janice notices that they are wearing some peculiar T-shirts - shirts promoting Ace Team. She asks the mother where did they get those shirts, the woman reveals that a few members of Ace Team were selling them at the Mall yesterday. The children are fans of the Ace Team leader Andre and they hope Janice will get to meet him tonight, because he'll be attending the movie premiere. This is major news to Janice, she had no idea. It also makes her realise that she didn't ask Caroline if she knows about Ace Team. But now that she has found out about Andre being at the premiere, maybe Janice can meet him and Caroline at the Theatre. She has a Golden Ticket so no trouble gaining access.
  710. End of Chapter 11 Out and About.
  713. ===============================
  715. Hours later, all roads lead to the Charizard Theatre. It is time for the movie premiere. Janice made sure to buy more clothes, to disguise herself before going to the Theatre (not wanting to draw any more attention to herself, especially when she's aiming to confront Andre about Ace Team). She has disguised herself as an Ace Team fan and is able to blend in with a crowd of Ace Team fans that makes its way into the Theatre. Pidgeotto agreed to stay in a Poke Ball.
  718. -----------------
  719. [Theme: Battle Frontier theme from Emerald]
  721. In the lobby, Janice can look around. There are stairs to the east and to the west that lead to the next floor, where people can watch from upper balconys in private rooms. Moments later, there's commotion as an entourage enters the place. Flanked by flashing cameras and screaming fans, Caroline and 2 young men arrive. One of the men appears alongside Caroline on the promotional posters for the movie seen around town. His name is Leonard. The other man, Janice does not recognise...until his name is called out by some fans and he waves at them - Ace Team Leader Andre. Unlike Caroline and Leonard who are casually dressed, Andre is in a white-coloured formal suit. Attached to the front pocket of his jacket is a unique looking silver pin. Part of the entourage goes into the viewing area, while Caroline, Leonard, Andre and the rest of the entourage, made up of other actors, actresses and film crew members, go up the stairs to the private rooms. Fans want to follow but are being ushered to the viewing area by some Ace Team Trainers. Janice sneaks through the fans and manages to get past the Ace Trainers. Another Ace Trainer spots her and gives chase. Janice and the Ace Trainer end up in one of the rooms. She'll have to find her way past this Trainer if she wants to catch up to the entourage.
  723. ** Artwork wise:
  724. - Leonard, Volkner sprite from D/P/PL.
  725. - Andre, Rich Boy sprite from D/P/PL.
  728. ==================
  730. Ace Trainer Gwen [Level 19]
  731. (Cubone, Wingull, Whismur)
  733. Janice sends out Bayleef to take on Cubone and Wingull. Cubone is no match for it, but Wingull poses more of a challenge, being part Flying-type and with a couple of Wing Attacks, it defeats Bayleef. Pidgeotto has speed on its side and with a new move learned, the fight of the birds ends swiftly. Whismur may not have the speed that Pidgeotto has but it makes up for this with its voice. Gwen has Whismur start an Uproar (the only ones affected are the occupants of this room Janice and Gwen are in). Pidgeotto cannot focus on Whismur thanks to the loud noise, which still causes damage to Pidgeotto. Before it faints, Janice switches it out for Kirlia, who triggers its Trace Ability and adopts Whismur's Soundproof Ability, completely nullifying Uproar and its effects. Using Calm Mind, Kirlia raises its special attack and defence. Even when Whismur switches to using Astonish, a Ghost-type move against Kirlia who is part Psychic-type, it doesn't do enough damage to knock it out. This gives Kirlia time to build up to a powerful Confusion attack that puts Whismur down and ends the battle. Gwen's out of Pokemon to use and she starts to panic, Janice acts quickly and has Kirlia put her to sleep. Seeing as Gwen is an Ace Team Trainer...and Janice has disguised herself as an Ace Team
  735. Janice steps out of the room, dressed as an Ace Trainer-- two other Ace Trainers approach her, asking if she took care of the troublesome fan. She confirms it and directs them to the room. The Trainers go in to get Gwen, who's still sleeping. While that's happening, Janice moves on. She has to check from room to room, coming across empty ones at first before reaching the ones occupied by the film crew, the actors and actresses (Caroline is with them, but not Leonard). Janice chooses not to reveal herself, she's glad Caroline is safe. It is in the next room where she finds Andre, other Ace Team Trainers...and Leonard??
  737. She joins the other Ace Team Trainers, who are looking ahead as Andre continues what he has been saying: it's not enough that Leonard is an amazing Pokemon Trainer, it's not enough that he's a talented actor with a big movie that people have gathered here to watch. For Leonard, only one more achievement outshines both - becoming the 4th and final member of the Ace Team Elite squad. As the Ace Trainers around her applaud this, Janice watches as 3 other Ace Team members step forward to welcome Leonard. One of those, she immediately recognises - Konami. The Ace Team Elites have assembled. Andre introduces the other 2 Elites, Olivia and Godffrey. Together with Andre, the Elites will travel across the Petra region to promote Ace Team and recruit more members. Leonard will represent Holder City. His fame and star power will really benefit the group, Andre believes.
  739. The Ace Trainers are dismissed, so they can catch the movie, but Andre has to do a double take when one Ace Trainer remains. Konami immediately recognises her when Janice reveals her true identity. Before she can attack Janice, Andre stops Konami.
  741. ** Andre's Encounter Theme is the Champion Steve/Wallace Encounter Theme from R/S/E.
  743. ** Artwork wise:
  744. - Olivia, Shauntal sprite from B/W.
  745. - Godfrey, Will sprite G/S/C/HG/SS.
  747. He seems pretty pleased to meet Janice, whom he became aware of thanks to the video that has gone viral. It may have been just one video but from it, Andre could tell that Janice will do well as a Pokemon Trainer and even better as an Ace Team Trainer, something she is quick to dismiss. Janice tells Andre about battling Ace Trainers along the way, including Konami. She doesn't understand why Leonard is joining Ace Team, and asks him if Caroline knows about this. Leonard is more surprised by Janice not jumping at the chance to join, given the praise she has just received from Andre. He tells her that Caroline knows about Ace Team and about Leonard becoming an Ace Team Elite. Andre thinks that maybe Janice has gotten the wrong idea about Ace Team after what she has experienced, so he hopes to clear things with her right here and right now. He understands that there will always be bad eggs in every group or organisation or team, and since Janice has come across some of those bad eggs, he's grateful for her dealing with them. If she finds any more Ace Trainers like that on her journey, she has permission from Ace Team to stop them. Andre and the Elites will have to sweep through the team to pick out those members who are responsible for causing all that trouble. Janice points out that Konami started a fire at the Pokemon Research Society's Graham City branch, shouldn't she be dealt with as well? Olivia speaks up, saying that Konami has already been punished and it was Olivia who made sure of it: they went back to Graham City together and Konami paid for the damages done to the property (Konami grumbles that it was only a distraction, no harm to anyone was done...).
  749. Janice is glad to know that Konami made up for the fire, and perhaps for now she'll be cool with Ace Team. They've acknowledged that there are rogue Ace Trainers out and about, and they can work together to stop them. Janice leaves, going back to the room where Caroline is. Might as well check out this movie while she's here...
  751. ...back in the other room, Andre expresses to his friends how fascinated he is by Janice. He still believes that there is hope for her joining Ace Team, even though she turned him down. Godffrey asks him if they should keep an eye on her, which won't be a problem since she's a traveling Pokemon Trainer. Konami wouldn't mind going after her and having a rematch. Olivia counters her by saying that Konami has done enough as it is. Andre agrees, they have Janice on their side now. They'll keep a look out for those Ace Trainers that are out causing trouble...can't have them spoiling Ace Team's reputation.
  753. End of Chapter 12 Premiere Night.
  755. ** This could be a stretch, but I think it would be nice if in the game version players can visit the Charizard Theatre and catch a movie. Since Janice has the Golden Ticket, she can go there for free. If the game version makes use of the real time clock, then each day of the week will have a different movie e.g. Mondays the usher tells Janice that the first Pokemon movie is screening...Tuesdays it'll be Pokemon 2000 and so on. Janice walks into the theatre, fade to black, she walks out and has a little comment about the movie.
  758. =================================
  760. The next morning, Janice is geared up and her Pokemon are healed up...everyone is ready to leave Holder City. The mood has definitely changed around town, there's a sense of calm now that all the hype and business surrounding the movie has gone. Seems like things are back to normal. The streets are not as busy. Janice makes her way to the Union Gate, which leads to the eastern side of Route 5. Her PokeNav starts buzzing, it's Caroline calling. The Gym Leader just wants to thank Janice for hanging out with her at the movie premiere last night. She wishes her good luck on her journey and whenever Janice is in Holder City, she should stop by Lexa Island for a visit...and of course, a rematch. Janice remembers that she and Caroline spoke about Leonard joining Ace Team last night. Caroline isn't going to join, she just doesn't have the time (being a Gym Leader while juggling her acting career and all), but she's happy for Leonard. Being part of Ace Team will allow him to travel, learn about the world of Pokemon and help other Trainers. She asked Janice if she has any interest in joining Ace Team...Janice told Caroline that for now she's fine staying independent. Maybe after she has completed her journey.
  762. Janice reaches the Union Gate, where one more person who recognises her has been waiting for her - a woman named Cindy. She's from the Pokemon Research Society (Holder City branch) and was hoping to catch Janice before she leaves, in order to give her a useful item - a small bottle containing Mystic Water. It is another Hold Item for Trainers to use that boosts their Pokemon's attacks, in this case Water-type attacks. The Pokemon Research Society branch here studies marine life. Thanks to the Trainers found exploring the sea route of Route 5, the studies have been going well.
  764. ** Janice receives the Mystic Water!
  766. Now Janice has 2 Hold Items, and she hopes to make use of them in future battles.
  768. ROUTE 5 (Calm Path)
  769. --------
  770. [Theme: Route 11 theme from R/B/Y]
  772. Pokemon Found [Levels 19-21]
  773. .............
  774. Tyrogue, Seviper, Zangoose, Sandshrew, Natu, Meditite, Phanpy
  776. A rocky area here, with mountains in the distance to the north. The weather hasn't turned sour yet so Janice sticks to her regular Trainer gear while Pidgeotto flies alongside her as they move. In Janice's arms is the Pokemon Egg, which she had kept safe in her Bag while in Holder City. She figures it'll be fine to have it out until the weather changes.
  778. Some of the Trainers she meets along this route are doing their own preparations, for the Fran City Gym and the trek to Fran City, because of the weather ahead. Other Trainers are just here to hang out, especially a couple of the younger ones who have shiny bicycles to try out. Janice asks about the bikes, she's told that there's a Bike Shop at the next town a little further. They don't own the bikes unfortunately, they are just showcasing them for the shop. Janice makes a note about the Bike Shop. She enjoys getting around on her own two feet, but having a Bike would be great. She decides to join the Trainers in their preparations while she's here, good thing that there's a place to stop by before continuing on to Fran City because she thought this route goes all the way there nonstop.
  780. As the training goes on, there's another battle going on in the grass nearby. Janice goes over to have a better look - it's a Seviper facing a Zangoose. Checking the PokeDex sheds more light on the rivalry between them. It's an even contest, both are fast in their movements and deal as much as they can get in terms of hits. Zangoose's Immunity Ability keeps it from being poisoned by Seviper's attacks. In the end, the battle concludes as draw. Seviper slithers away, probably to fight another day. Zangoose also gets ready to leave, when it notices Janice. Thanks to the PokeDex she learns about the TM moves Zangoose can learn, which include TMs that she has. Gotta catch it. Janice confronts it with Pidgeotto. Despite having just been in a fight, Zangoose manages to keep up with Pidgeotto for a short while. Enough to land a few hits with its vicious Slash attack. Janice throws a Poke Ball to catch it before Zangoose faints. Not much of a struggle.
  782. Zangoose [Level 22] (Normal) [Immunity]: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Slash.
  784. That becomes Janice's 9th Pokemon. She lets it out of the Poke Ball so she can heal it and introduce Zangoose to her team. She thinks Zangoose will get stronger if it travels along with them. Seviper is only one of several worthy opponents that are out in the world. Zangoose considers this, while measuring up Janice's Pokemon. The Cat Ferret Pokemon agrees to come along.
  786. A few hours later, they're ready to move on. By then, Janice and her team have reached Level 23.
  788. ** Krabby learns Mud Shot!
  789. ** Kadabra learns Reflect!
  791. Janice makes use of her TMs.
  793. **Janice boots TM03, TM19 & TM40: Zangoose learns Water Pulse, Giga Drain & Aerial Ace!
  795. She wants to make it to that next town in good time, maybe there'll be enough for her to reach Fran City by nightfall (but then she can't forget about the weather...). It has been a sunny morning while she's been along this route, but when she arrives in that next town - Vera Town - it is an overcast early afternoon.
  797. [005] VERA TOWN - "The Mountain Town."
  798. ===============
  799. [Theme: Fallabor Town theme]
  801. Places of Interest
  802. ..................
  803. Pokemon Center
  804. PokeMart
  805. Foley's Dojo
  806. Rhonda's Bike Shop
  807. Vera Town Coffee Shop
  809. Very few people out on the streets here, they welcome Janice. She makes her way to the Bike Shop, where she meets the owner Rhonda.
  811. ** Artwork wise, Skyla sprite from B/W.
  813. She moved here from Johto several years ago, having been an apprentice of the man who ran the Bike Shop in Goldenrod City. Rhonda's in her early 30s now and seeing Janice brings back memories of her own travels as a Trainer. But at some point she decided to learn about bikes, how to build and maintain them. Janice tells her about seeing the youngsters riding around with some of Rhonda's bikes along Route 5 and she would like a bike of her own. Rhonda is happy to know that people are taking note of her bikes, she gives them to Trainers who come back with the Gold Badge from the Fran City Gym. Janice is a little deflated after hearing this, but Rhonda thinks Janice will be alright. She won't be alone, her Pokemon are there.
  815. From the Bike Shop, Janice visits the Vera Town Coffee Shop. Here she finds other Trainers who are about to head on to Fran City. Only a couple recognise her from the Gym battle video and take the time to chat with her while Janice gets a cup of coffee. The Trainers are also in the dark about the Fran City Gym, because they haven't met any other Trainers who've returned from there. They hoped to get information at Foley's Dojo, but they couldn't get to the top floor because they were defeated by the tough Dojo Trainers. So they're just going to travel to Fran City and find out what's going on there.
  817. With her Pokemon healed and ready, Janice goes to the Dojo. Maybe she'll have more luck than the Trainers at the Coffee Shop.
  820. ------------
  821. [Theme: Sprout Tower theme from G/S/C/HG/SS]
  823. She's met by one of the Dojo Trainers at the entrance, Blackbelt Joe, who welcomes her. There are 3 floors above them, occupied by Dojo Trainers as well as other Trainers who are here to train and meet the Master, Foley. He wishes her good luck.
  825. For her team, Janice has Pidgeotto, Zangoose, Kadabra, Nidorina, Gyarados and Kirlia.
  827. On the 1st Floor, she finds regular Trainers just like her. Some are from the 2nd Floor, having lost battles against the Dojo Trainers up there, so they are healing their Pokemon. The other Trainers are ready to take her on.
  829. On the 2nd Floor, the Dojo Trainers are waiting. There are 5 of them, 3 Blackbelts and 2 Battle Girls. Their Levels range between 20 and 22. The strongest one among them, Blackbelt Wilson, stands in front of the stairs leading to the top floor. He hopes Janice won't disappoint.
  831. Having a diverse team really helps her against them, because the Dojo Trainers have diverse teams too besides their standard Fighting-type Pokemon. This is why so many Trainers failed to bypass them. Pidgeotto, Kadabra and Kirlia handle the Fighting-types while Zangoose, Nidorina and Gyarados act as surprises for the suprises. Janice gets through the Dojo Trainers, reaching Level 24. Wilson yields and lets her move up. He tells Janice that she'll probably have to wait when she gets to the 3rd Floor, because another Trainer managed to defeat him and the Dojo Trainers and is still up there.
  833. Janice reaches the 3rd Floor, which is occupied by 2 people - the veteran Blackbelt and Master of the Dojo, Foley, and the Trainer she heard about - an Ace Trainer. There's been an argument going on, interrupted by Janice's appearance. Foley wants the Ace Trainer to leave, she lost to him in battle and will have to go back to the beginning...but she refuses to follow the rule and demands a rematch. She will not leave. Janice confronts her, offering to throw her out if she'll continue being a nuisance.
  835. ** Artwork wise, Foley uses the Blackbelt sprite from HG/SS.
  838. ==================
  840. Ace Trainer Hazel [Level 24]
  841. (Farfetch'd, Wobbuffet, Wooper, Snubbull)
  843. Nidorina does well against Snubbull, being part Poison-type taking on a Fairy-type. Kirlia and Gyarados beat Farfetch'd and Wooper. Wobbuffet comes out last, Hazel's trump card, activating its Shadow Tag Ability and preventing Gyarados from leaving the battle field. Gyarados uses Bite, doing a lot of damage but not enough to beat Wobbuffet...who returns the favour with Counter. Because Gyarados is part Flying-type, the move doesn't do double damage like it usually would. Janice makes her move, taking out the little bottle of Mystic Water and holds it up for Gyarados. The curious liquid glows.
  845. ** Hold Item (Mystic Water) Used: Water-type moves +10% Boost!
  847. She has Gyarados use Surf, looking to end things with one shot-- Hazel has her own counter, having Wobbuffet use Destiny Bond. The wave of water does its job and wipes out Wobbuffet, but thanks to that Destiny Bond link, Gyarados is taken out too. Hazel no longer has any other Pokemon she can battle with. She leaves, vowing to come back.
  849. Foley thanks Janice for dealing with Hazel and apologises for what happened. He knows Hazel, a fellow resident of Vera Town who has been acting like a different person ever since she joined this group for young Trainers called Ace Team. Janice shares her own story about Ace Team and Foley assures her that Hazel isn't a bad person. Maybe Janice could talk to her and find out more. Foley lets her know that Hazel lives to the east from the Dojo. After she speaks to Hazel, she should come back to the Dojo to see him again.
  851. Janice leaves Foley's Dojo and goes over to Hazel's house. Hazel is home, super surprised to see Janice again but this time she doesn't want any trouble. Janice is just here to talk, hoping Hazel won't mind. It's about Ace Team. Hazel tells her story, that she only wanted to get better as a Pokemon Trainer and she thought joining Ace Team would help her. She feels bad about letting that get out of hand and hopes to make up for it. Janice thinks Hazel could get better by joining the Dojo and becoming one of the Dojo Trainers. Or going out and travel around the Petra region like she is. If Hazel still wishes to stay with Ace Team, Janice asks that she keep an eye out for troublesome Ace Trainers. Hazel says she will give the Dojo Trainer idea a try.
  853. The girls return to the Dojo and speak to Foley. He's glad things have been straightened out and won't mind if Hazel becomes a Dojo Trainer. There are always new Trainers arriving in Vera Town and visiting the Dojo, so Hazel will have a variety of challengers to face. Foley then turns to Janice and reveals the reason why it is important that Trainers visit the Dojo and make their way up to him: Foley shows Janice a brown-coloured, coin-sized gem - this is the Rock Smash Note. He explains that north from Vera Town is the northern part of Route 6, a snow-covered road going up a mountain, Mt. Fraser. There are always rocks falling from the side of the mountain and dotting the road, sometimes blocking the way completely. So every now and again, the Dojo Trainers go out there to clear the road with their Pokemon, who can use Rock Smash. It's not an easy climb, because aside from the rocks, there are wild Pokemon, there are other Trainers and of course, there's the weather shift. Foley recommends that Janice finds a Fighting-type Pokemon, they work well as a guide for that road and can take care of those rocks. Janice tells him that she already has Pokemon that can make use of that Rock Smash Note, but she will look for a Fighting-type along the way. She receives the Note and attaches it to the Key Flute, which confirms this by glowing in the same colour as the Note and making a short musical sound.
  855. ** Janice obtains the Rock Smash Note!
  857. ** In the game version, after Foley tells Janice about Route 6 and the need for having the Rock Smash Note, he'll offer one to her as a reward for defeating all the Dojo Trainers and then him.
  860. ==================
  862. Karate Master Foley [Level 26]
  863. (Machop, Meditite, Hitmonlee)
  865. End of Chapter 13 Back on the Road.
  867. [N] CHAPTER 14 - SNOW & JOY
  868. ===========================
  870. Janice changes into those warm clothes that she got in Holder City and places the Pokemon Egg into her bag. It's finally time to leave Vera Town and continue on to Fran City. Hazel accompanies her to the northern exit of town. The girls will stay in touch with each other and hopefully meet again later. Janice says goodbye and goes on. Pidgeotto goes into the Poke Ball.
  872. ROUTE 6 (Mt. Fraser Snow Road)
  873. -------
  874. [Theme: Mt. Pyre "Outer Wall" theme from R/S/E]
  876. Pokemon Found [Levels 20-23]
  877. .............
  878. Delibird, Swinub, Sneasel, Nosepass, Mankey
  880. It's not too long before snow starts to fall along this route as Janice walks up the side of the mountain. Light snowfall at first, but the wind gradually picks up. She can still see her way ahead, although her movements are slowing down. The rocks she comes across are scattered about, but she clears them with help from her team. No Trainers to be found, just wild Pokemon. Janice thought maybe she would at least find one or two Trainers. Battling the wild Pokemon in this troublesome wind becomes a bother, keeping her from trying to catch one.
  882. It is when she can no longer move forward that Janice has to stop, exhausted from fighting with the snowy wind, avoiding wild Pokemon and smashing rocks. But if she doesn't keep going, she risks freezing to death here. Suddenly, there's a shadow ahead of her. It is making its way to her through the wind, one step at a time. Janice tries to identify it by those it a person? A Pokemon? She wants to be ready, clutching one of the Poke Balls but the strength is not there. As the shadow gets closer, it gets shorter and shorter...until Janice sees it clearly - it's a Delibird. From its rolled up tail, it gets out some warm food and gives Janice. She gladly accepts the food, while another shadow approaches, this one is taller and clearly human. It reaches Janice and kneels by her - it's Nurse Joy. She asks if Janice is able to walk a short distance, there's a Nurse's Station close by and she'll rest up inside. Janice has gotten some of her strength back thanks to the warm food and she gets up. The three of them make their way through the wind to a lit up building that stands some meters away from a tunnel entrance.
  885. -----------------------
  886. [Theme: PokeCenter theme]
  888. Much, MUCH warmer in here than it is outside. Nurse Joy and Delibird lead Janice to the reception area, where she gets more food, a warm drink and a blanket. She speaks to the nurse working at reception to find out more about this place. It was established by nurses from Fran City, Vera Town and Holder City many years back, as a rest stop for people traveling between Fran City and Vera Town. It's also a place to rehabilitate injured wild Pokemon. While some nurses work inside, others go out to search for lost travelers and check on the wild Pokemon.
  890. Janice finds a corner where she can settle down and recharge. Her Pokemon are safe in their Poke Balls, so she brings out the Pokemon Egg from her Bag and cradles it, hoping to warm it up. It is still daytime despite the weather, mid-afternoon, so if she can rest up for about half an hour Janice thinks she'll be good to go again. The plan is to reach Fran City in the evening.
  892. Nurse Joy and Delibird check up on Janice when she's ready to move. She asks Nurse Joy about the entrance that is near the building. The opening leads into Frigid Tunnel, which is the final stretch of Route 6. At the end of it is a cable car base station, where Janice will be able to catch a cable car that will transport her to another station at the peak. That is where Fran City is located. Nurse Joy confirms that the weather is calm there but it is still cold--
  894. One of the junior nurses comes in, looking exhausted. Her name is Andrea and she needs help - she got separated from another junior nurse that she had left with almost an hour ago. They were making their way back when the weather worsened. Nurse Joy prepares to head out with the Andrea. Janice asks if the two nurses could use an extra, she could fight off any wild Pokemon that they may meet. Nurse Joy thinks it's a good idea, she'll heal Janice's Pokemon if they get hurt. She assigns another nurse to look after the Pokemon Egg while Janice goes out.
  896. The 3 of them step back outside, with the cold wind still there to keep them company. Andrea retraces her steps as Nurse Joy and Janice follow from behind. The wild Pokemon they encounter are taken care of by Zangoose, Kadabra and Kirlia. At least this time round Janice isn't exhausted, she's able to focus and battle properly.
  898. They reach the point where Andrea last saw her colleague-- they don't wait for long, because they are quickly surrounded by a couple of wild Sneasel. Janice withdraws Kadabra, given that Sneasel is part Dark-type. In place of Kadabra, Nurse Joy sends out a suitable substitute - Nosepass. The 3 Pokemon defeat all the Sneasel but one, which decides to retreat. Janice suggests they chase after it, thinking that maybe it could lead them to clues about the missing nurse. The Sneasel reaches what looks like hidden secret base and goes into it. The women follow it in, where they not only find the missing junior nurse but other Sneasel and a Weavile, being attended to by the missing nurse. Her name is Fiona. She is safe and sound, just glad to see familiar faces again. She got separated from Andrea because a small pack of Sneasel caught her and brought Fiona to this secret base. She found the Weavile, injured from battles it must've been in recently, and she has been treating its injuries. Andrea and Nurse Joy examine Weavile's injuries, fortunately they are not too serious so Weavile doesn't have to be moved to the Nurse's Station.
  900. After patching up Weavile, the ladies leave. The Sneasel realised that they were just here to help Weavile and show no hostility towards them. Andrea thinks that those other Sneasel that attacked her, Nurse Joy and Janice might have wanted to catch the nurses and bring them over to the secret base, just like what happened to Fiona. Now that Weavile is on its way to full recovery, there won't be any more trouble. They make it back to the Nurse's Station. Nurse Joy thanks Janice for helping them out, hoping they'll meet again. The nurse who had been looking after the Pokemon Egg comes over...without the Pokemon Egg. Janice asks her about the Pokemon Egg, and the nurse tells her to follow her to one of the back rooms. Janice, Nurse Joy and the nurse go there, where Janice finds other nurses with several Pokemon. Nurse Joy explains that this is where wild Pokemon that have been found injured are brought in to be looked after until they are healthy again. Some of the Pokemon choose to stay and they help out the nurses. Janice is led to a play area for the younger Pokemon, and is introduced to the one that hatched from the Pokemon Egg - a Level 5 Torchic.
  902. End of Chapter 14 Snow & Joy.
  905. ===============================
  907. Torchic [Level 5] (Fire) [Blaze]: Scratch, Growl
  909. The Chick Pokemon immediately feels drawn towards Janice, having recognised that she is the one who has been carrying its egg all this time. The other Pokemon in Janice's team meet Torchic and welcome it to the family. It is Janice's 10th Pokemon.
  911. Several minutes later, Nurse Joy accompanies Janice to the Frigid Tunnel entrance and bids her farewell. She wishes her all the best for her travels.
  913. FRIGID TUNNEL [Theme: Petalburg Woods theme]
  914. -------------
  916. Pokemon Found [Levels 21-24]
  917. .............
  918. Geodude/[AF], Zubat, Makuhita, Aron, Vulpix[Alola Form]
  920. This is where Janice meets up with a few Trainers, who are just relieved to be out of the cold wind. They are so close to Fran City now. She finds a path heading to the lower levels but it is blocked by a member of the Pokemon Research Society (Fran City branch), who tells her that there other members still working below so could she come back later? Janice makes a note of this path and is okay with returning later.
  922. Out of the tunnel, she finds the cable car base station and enters the cable car that's waiting. It's a pleasant ride up the side of the mountain, with a great view of Route 6, Vera Town, Route 5...then in the distance, Holder City and a long road stretching to the south from Vera Town. The cable car reaches the peak, Janice exits. It is early evening when she finally walks into the bright and energetic Fran City.
  924. [006] FRAN CITY - "The City of Champions!"
  925. ===============
  926. [Theme: Olivine City/Sevii Islands 4 & 5 theme]
  928. Places of Interest
  929. ..................
  930. Pokemon Center
  931. PokeMart
  932. Pokemon Gym
  933. Fran City Stadium
  934. Fran Radio Tower
  935. Vince's House
  936. Pokemon Research Society (Fran City branch)
  938. The first thing that catches Janice's eyes and ears when she arrives is the huge stadium to the north of town. It is all lit up and alive with the sounds of a vibrant, lively crowd. What's going on over there? Her PokeNav buzzes, it's a text message from Rose. She's asking where Janice is now. Janice chooses to call her and give her the good news. Rose is thrilled, tells Janice to meet her at the Fran Radio Tower.
  941. ----------------
  942. [Theme: Wally's Encounter theme from OR/AS]
  944. ** Rose's Encounter theme is Dawn's Encounter theme from D/P/PL.
  946. The girls are reunited. It's only been a couple of days since they each left Percival City but given what has happened from that time till now, it might as well been quite a while. Rose got here yesterday and while enjoying the sights and sounds of Fran City, figured she'd wait for Janice since she was in Holder City. Rose is currently at Level 28, her Charmander has evolved into a Charmeleon and she has added some other Pokemon to make up a young team: Poliwhirl, Golbat, Swinub and Breloom. She's here at the Radio Tower to get a couple of autographs from two people she really admires - the Fran City Gym Leader Vince, who also hosts a daily radio show, and the man who is here as his special guest, former Dewford Gym Leader Brawly. He's good pals with Vince, going way back to their younger days as traveling Trainers. He passed on the Dewford Gym Leader role to someone else a few years ago and that has given him plenty of free time to do other things like travel and surfing.
  948. ** Artwork wise, Vince uses the Marshal sprite from B/W.
  950. The radio show ends, Vince and Brawly leave the studio. There's a small crowd of other people who have also been waiting to see them, so Janice and Rose hold on. When the crowd is gone, Vince sees the girls and greets them. He recognises Janice from the Gym battle video, which Brawly says he has seen too. Facing her in battle for his Gold Badge tomorrow will be quite the spectacle and Vince is looking forward to it. Janice asks him why they can't have their battle right away...he responds by suggesting she speaks to Rose about that. After the two men leave, Janice asks Rose why Vince is talking about battling her tomorrow and not right away. Rose begins explaining as the girls also leave the Radio Tower and take a walk through the streets.
  952. Rose tells Janice that the Fran City Gym works a little differently from other Gyms: there are no Gym trainers. Instead, all the available Trainers looking to challenge Vince are gathered together and compete in mini tournaments to determine a challenger. There are 3 tournaments, one held in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. Each tournament has 8 participants and follows the "single elimination" rule, where once a participant loses they are out of that tournament and can only try again the next day. The winners of each tournament go on to face Vince soon after, meaning that the man fights 3 times a day and manages to do a radio show in between sessions. Incredible. That's not all. In these tournaments, participants compete with only one Pokemon and it has to be a Fighting-type. They'll be able to use their regular Pokemon when battling Vince. Janice takes all of this information in, intrigued by this tournament system that has been set up for the Fran City Gym. The more she thinks about it, the more excited she feels. Rose adds that Vince was actually on his way out to face the winner of the night session tournament, hence why he spoke of facing Janice tomorrow. She'll need to decide which tournament she's going to take part in and register at the Fran City Stadium's reception desk. She shows Janice her Gold Badge, showing off a little, which Rose won in the morning. She competed with her Breloom, a Grass/Fighting-type, in the morning tournament and challenged Vince. Janice recalls Master Foley recommending that she gets a Fighting-type Pokemon, but she thought it was so she could get past the rocks along Route 6. She doesn't have a Fighting-type Pokemon. Rose holds up little Torchic.
  954. The next day.
  956. FRAN CITY STADIUM [Theme: Battle Dome theme from Emerald]
  957. -----------------
  959. The girls go to the Fran City Stadium so that Janice can register. The plan is for her to register for the night tournament, which would give her the daytime to train Torchic until it evolves into a Combusken, which is a Fire/Fighting-type. The registration process is simple and quick, it helps that they got here early.
  961. Janice asks where is the best place for them to train, Rose says they can go back to Frigid Tunnel. This reminds Janice of the man she met yesterday who was blocking the way to the lower levels, so she wants to clear that up first with the Pokemon Research Society.
  963. POKEMON RESEARCH SOCIETY (Fran City branch)
  964. ------------------------
  965. [Theme: Prof. Juniper's Lab theme]
  967. Who do the girls find here? None other than Professor Wanda Willow, the older sister of Professor William Willow.
  969. ** Prof. Wanda Willow's theme is Prof. Juniper's theme. Uses Elite 4 Bertha sprite from D/P/PL.
  971. This is the PRS branch where she works and it puts a smile on her face to see Trainers from her hometown. As much as she misses and loves Percival City, she enjoys being here. The vibe, the energy of the people, the cool weather and the fresh mountain air. This branch of the PRS studies the Pokemon that live in and around Mt. Fraser. The environment has become home to several kinds. Janice brings up Frigid Tunnel, Prof. Willow lets her know that the team which was working in the lower levels yesterday has finished so Janice can explore the lower levels today.
  973. As the girls leave, Prof. Willow says Janice should come back to see her when she's got the Gold Badge, there might be a gift waiting for Janice. Rose reveals that she received a Hold Item when she got her Gold Badge - NeverMeltIce, which looks like a small shard of ice that fits in her hand. It boosts the power of Ice-type moves in battle. Her Swinub will benefit from having that around. She's not sure if Prof. Willow has more NeverMeltIce.
  975. They return to Frigid Tunnel. Janice leads them to the path and they descend.
  978. -----------------------------
  979. Pokemon Found
  980. .............
  981. Larvitar, Whismur, Smoochum, Machop
  984. -----------------------------
  985. Pokemon Found
  986. .............
  987. Snorunt, Gligar, Diglett/Alola Form, Onix
  989. More wild Pokemon than Trainers in the lower levels, which helps with the training Janice wants to do for the next couple of hours. She couldn't catch new Pokemon while out in the crazy wind blowing through Route 6, but here she's going to try. Things go well until the girls hear some noises coming from the lowest level. They head down to investigate.
  992. -----------------------------
  993. Pokemon Found
  994. .............
  995. Spheal, Slowpoke, Wooper, Seel
  997. The noises are from PRS employees being bothered by a crew of troublesome Trainers. They are Pokemon Collectors, a niche class of Trainers who are usually more interested in catching Pokemon just to showcase and trade them with other Collectors...but these guys are being a nuisance, not willing to come back after the PRS people are done. Janice and Rose team up to send the Pokemon Collectors away. They weren't prepared to battle, so they choose to flee (lest their prized rare Pokemon get hurt). The PRS employees thank the girls. They were just observing the Water-type Pokemon found in the pools here and didn't want the Pokemon Collectors disturbing them. No problem for the girls, they'll train in the upper levels. They'll be able to come back to this level some time later.
  999. Hours later, at this time it is late afternoon, Janice and Rose are back in Fran City. Janice has stepped up to Level 28 and caught 2 new Pokemon, a Snorunt and an Aron...bringing her team size to 12. Torchic evolved into Combusken at Level 16. Upon reaching Level 28 Janice met Kingler, the evolved form of Krabby.
  1001. Snorunt [Level 28] (Ice) [Inner Focus]: Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite, Icy Wind, Headbutt, Protect, Crunch
  1003. Aron [Level 28] (Steel/Rock) [Rock Head]: Tackle, Harden, Mud Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Roar, Take Down
  1005. Combusken [Level 28] (Fire/Fighting) [Blaze]: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember, Peck, Double Kick, Sand-Attack, Bulk Up
  1007. ** Kingler learned Stomp!
  1008. ** Gyarados learned Dragon Rage at Level 25!
  1009. ** Kirlia learned Pyschic at Level 26!
  1010. ** Pidgeotto learned Wing Attack at Level 27!
  1011. ** Kadabra learned Recover at Level 25!
  1012. ** Nidorina & Nidorino learned Helping Hand at Level 26!
  1013. ** Zangoose learned Pursuit at Level 25!
  1015. ** Janice boots TM40: Combusken learns Aerial Ace!
  1016. ** Janice activates the Key Flute: Combusken learns Rock Smash!
  1018. There's still plenty of time before the final tournament for the day. Janice thinks they could spend the rest of the afternoon together and catch up...but that plan is put on pause when they meet Vince, on his way to the Radio Tower. He has just competed in a Gym battle against the afternoon tournament winner and he lost to them. Despite that, Vince is in a good mood. Another challenger took him on and defeated him fair and square, so he's glad to award them with a Gold Badge. He knows that Janice will be a participant in the night tournament, so he has an idea - having her and Rose be the guests for the afternoon session of his radio show. Rose won't mind at all, Janice can see that it would make Rose really happy so she accepts Vince's idea.
  1020. Moments later, all 3 are LIVE in the studio. The girls are nervous but excited, being on the radio and heard across the region. The show is an hour long and that gives the girls enough time to not only tell their stories but get to know Vince and speak to the callers. The tournaments are broadcast on a region-wide TV channel so people who saw Janice in the Gym battle video are going to be watching the night tournament for her. The Trainers among the callers are hoping to meet her on the road for a friendly battle some time.
  1022. A combination of catching up and doing final preparations follows the radio show. Rose will look after Janice's other Pokemon while she and Combusken compete. She and Pidgeotto will be watching from the stands.
  1024. When night falls, they head for the Stadium. Janice and Combusken are confirmed as participants and led out to the fighting area field where the 7 other participants await. There are 5 rings, one in the center surrounded by the other 4. That center ring is for the tournament finals and the Gym battles. The match bracket is determined and the action begins.
  1027. ------------------------------------------------
  1029. Janice [Level 28] & Combusken
  1031. vs
  1033. Hiker Morris [Level 28] & Primeape
  1036. ------------------------------------------------
  1038. Janice [Level 28] & Combusken
  1040. vs
  1042. Skier Sandra [Level 28] & Machoke
  1045. ----------------------------------------------
  1047. Janice [Level 28] & Combusken
  1049. vs
  1051. Crush Girl Monica [Level 28] & Hitmontop
  1053. Everyone came prepared, having taught their Fighting-types a variety of moves so that they don't have to rely just on their Fighting-type ones. Pokemon like Combusken or Rose's Breloom that are dual-types already have the advantage of knowing moves from their second type. Primeape had its agility and speed, Machoke was the powerhouse and Hitmontop brought in a balance of speed and power. In the end, Janice and Combusken advance to the Gym battle. She moves up to Level 29.
  1055. ** Aron learns Iron Tail!
  1057. The referee who officiated the final match lets Janice know that she has 10 minutes to get ready for the Gym battle, Vince is on his way. It'll be a 3 Pokemon vs 3 Pokemon battle. Janice goes back to the reception area, where Rose is waiting. She enjoyed the tournament and the performance by Janice and Combusken. Now it's time to earn that Gold Badge. Janice chooses Kirlia, Kadabra and Pidgeotto. Combusken will rest.
  1059. The crowd hyped up during the tournament, they've had 10 minutes to calm down and recharge. Janice comes back out and approaches the middle ring, bringing the crowd back to life. From another entrance comes Vince. He's in Gym Leader mode and set to go. Janice did well in the will she do now?
  1061. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  1062. ==============
  1064. Leader Vince [Level 29] - "The King of Fighting!"
  1065. (Hitmonchan, Hariyama, Meditite)
  1066. Prize: Gold Badge
  1068. Janice starts off with Kirlia, taking on Hitmonchan. Despite having rapid fire punches, one of them landing immediately (Mach Punch), Hitmonchan is no match for Kirlia who is both Psychic and Fairy-type. Using its new move Psychic, Kirlia defeats it after a few turns.
  1070. Vince sends out Hariyama next. It blasts Kirlia away and out of the ring with a vicious Whirlwind, forcing Janice to send out another Pokemon - Pidgeotto. It returns the favour with a Whirlwind of its own, driving back even a larger Pokemon like Hariyama. Vince sends out his final Pokemon Meditite in its place. He thinks Janice should've tried to take down Hariyama instead of showing off Pidgeotto's Whirlwind move, because that trick won't work again. Meditite's Pure Power Ability activates, which increases its physical attack power. Janice has Combusken (Fire/Fighting), while he has Meditite (Fighting/Psychic). Vince had hoped the 2 Pokemon would go head to head. Meditite uses Calm Mind, raising its special attack and special defence. Pidgeotto goes on the attack with Aerial Ace. Meditite counters with Detect and avoids Pidgeotto when it comes in close for the strike.
  1072. Janice checks with her PokeDex about this new move Detect. A great move, but if used in succession it is likely to fail. How Pidgeotto goes about dealing with Meditite will have to change, because it's either Pidgeotto keeps trying to land Aerial Ace or pick the right time to use it again. It is Pidgeotto's most powerful move at the moment, so Janice decides that she'll find the right moment. Pidgeotto switches to using its speed. This catches Meditite off guard and this allows some of Pidgeotto's Quick Attacks to land, until Janice makes her move for one good Aerial Ace-- Vince responds by having Meditite use a surprise Psychic attack, boosted by Calm Mind from earlier. Pidgeotto isn't prepared and takes the full power of the move and faints.
  1074. Kirlia returns to the ring. Its trace Ability activates, copying Meditite's Pure Power. Kirlia uses Calm Mind. Meditite reveals another big move, Shadow Ball, which does a lot of damage to Kirlia. Not enought to beat it in one shot, and that gives Kirlia one turn to use Disarming Voice, boosted by Calm Mind, to knock out Meditite.
  1076. Vince sends out Hariyama again. It is still fresh, not having used any major moves or taken any damage before being blown away by Pidgeotto's Whirlwind attack. Kirlia however is hurt and does not survive Hariyama's Strength move. Janice is down to one last Pokemon, Kadabra and attacks immediately with Psybeam-- Hariyama is faster, using Fake Out. Kadabra is pushed back but unfazed, thanks to its Inner Focus Ability triggering, and is able to continue its Psybeam strike, putting Hariyama down and ending the battle.
  1078. The crowd erupts and showers the two Trainers with cheers. Janice and Vince shake hands, before Vince awards her with the Gold Badge.
  1080. ** Janice obtains the Gold Badge!
  1082. As they walk away from the rings, Janice asks Vince where he got Strength for Hariyama. He says that he got the Strength Note while on holiday on Merah Island, which is far to the east from here. It's a lovely place, a tropical resort and also home to a Pokemon Gym. Janice makes a note of that. Back at the reception area they meet up with Rose...and a small crowd of people who were waiting to see Janice in person. Vince tells the girls that he's off to do the final radio show for the day, but they are welcome to spend the night at his house with his family. He'll meet them there.
  1084. After the little meet and greet with the crowd, the girls leave the Stadium and head for the PRS building to speak with Prof. Wanda Willow. She presents Janice with something that was found in the lower levels of the Frigid Tunnel by some members of the PRS - a Dawn Stone. Prof. Willow explains that just like the other evolution stones found in the world, Dawn Stones also evolve certain Pokemon. These stones are as rare as the Pokemon whose evolution is triggered by them. If/when Janice catches such a Pokemon, the Dawn Stone will react.
  1086. ** Janice obtains the Dawn Stone!
  1088. ** It would be a Key Item that can still work like other Stones, since it is so rare. Some Pokemon that would normally evolve via trading or by other means will be able to evolve via the Dawn Stone.
  1090. End of Chapter 15 Going for Gold.
  1093. ===================================
  1095. The girls find Vince's house, where they are welcomed in by his father Vince Senior and his mother Lisa. The name Vince Senior fits the man, he's basically an older version of his son but with a personality and presence turned up to 11.
  1097. ** Artwork wise, Marshal sprite but if possible the sprite is modified to make him older? Character wise, he's inspired by our man Hercule a.k.a Mr Satan from Dragon Ball. If it is possible to get a Hercule sprite for him, that would be absolutely fantastic :D because his dialogue would fit the look perfectly.
  1099. Once Junior returns, the stories flow. It is revealed that Vince Senior is one of several Fran City residents who are former Petra League Champions, hence the title Fran City has earned over time - The City of Champions. It is the city which has had the most Trainers who've gone on to become Petra League Champions and Vince Senior has hopes that Junior will follow in his footsteps someday. Rose asks him if the current Petra League Champion is from here...Vince Senior says that the Champion is not from Fran City (which he thinks is a travesty, haha) and because this Champion has held onto the title for almost 3 years now, Vince Senior will give them credit. Janice is curious, she wants to know the Champion's identity...but at the same time, not knowing who the Champion is certainly makes for a fun little mystery. She realises that she hasn't even thought about the Champion, let alone their identity until now. She decides to keep the mystery alive and save the reveal for when she makes it to the League.
  1101. The next day, Vince Senior accompanies the girls to the cable car station. Vince Junior had to leave early to do his radio show. Vince Senior has high expectations for the girls, they better be ready to take on any challengers who hail from Fran City because one of those could be the next Champion.
  1103. Having Fire-type Pokemon with them really helps as they travel back through Frigid Tunnel and the windy Route 6. They check in on Nurse Joy and company at the Nurse's Station, one more farewell before going on further beyond Vera Town.
  1105. Back in Vera Town, they see Hazel and Master Foley at the Dojo. Janice shows Combusken to Foley, having figured out why he had suggested she get a Fighting-type Pokemon. Hazel has fit right in among the Dojo Trainers and for now that's where she will be. When she's gotten stronger, that'll be the time for her to go out to challenge the Gyms. If all goes well, maybe one of these days she'll meet Janice or her friends on the way.
  1107. At the Bike Shop Rhonda congratulates the girls for winning the Gold Badge. They each receive a brand new Bike as a reward...
  1109. ** Janice receives a Bike! (same theme as the R/S/E one)
  1111. ...and can now carry on south of Vera Town along the second half of Route 6. It is a long cycle road that connects Vera Town to two other places: Lake Avril, a tourist hotspot town located right by the large body of water it is named after...and further south is the home of the 4th Gym, Percival City. Rose & Pidgeotto catch the little smile that Janice can't hide. If there's anyone who would be super excited now about challenging that Gym, it's her.
  1113. After saying goodbye to Rhonda, the girls exit Vera Town.
  1115. ROUTE 6 (Cycling Road Northside)
  1116. -------------------------------
  1117. [Theme: Bicycle Theme from D/P/PL or Route 30 theme from G/S/C/HG/SS]
  1119. Pokemon Found [Levels 25-28]
  1120. .............
  1121. Ponyta, Skitty, Swablu, Electrike, Munchlax, Houndour
  1123. It's time to part ways again. Rose hopes Janice will use this long route to prepare herself for that big battle waiting back home. There's no rush. Janice says she'll be okay. By the time she returns home, she will be ready. She wishes Rose all the best and sees her ride off.
  1125. The weather here is bright and sunny, great for being out with a bicycle. Janice will take her time training along this route, she sees all the Trainers riding around. But first she wants to reach Lake Avril, where she'll rest in between her training sessions. It is mid-morning when she arrives.
  1127. [007] LAKE AVRIL - "As Tranquil As The Lake."
  1128. ================
  1129. [Theme: Dewford Town theme]
  1131. Places of Interest
  1132. ..................
  1133. PokeCenter
  1134. PokeMart
  1135. Lake Avril Gift Shop
  1136. Irene's House
  1137. Lake Avril Hotel
  1139. On the northern side of the lake Janice finds the PokeCenter, the PokeMart and the Lake Avril Gift Shop. In the middle of the lake is a small island where a lone house stands. On the southern side is the town's residential area. There are people out and about, fishing in the lake, hanging out, swimming in the water and so on. Some are standing at the edge of the water looking across, as if waiting for something...or someone.
  1141. Janice enters the Lake Avril Gift Shop, curious about what it has to offer. Quite a lot as it turns out: Pokemon Dolls, herbal medicine, items not sold in the PokeMarts, TMs and Evolution Stones. Adding to her collection, she gets TM13 (Ice Beam), TM16 (Light Screen), TM26 (Earthquake), TM39 (Rock Tomb), TM35 (Flamethrower) and TM47 (Steel Wing). She also gets a couple of Evolution Stones. The shopkeeper asks if Janice is a tourist, she tells him that she's a Trainer. The shopkeeper says that if she had been a tourist he would've advised her to wait until Irene returns. She is the owner of the lone house and the one who takes the tourists on boat rides around the lake or from one side to the other. She also runs errands for the townspeople from time to time. But it's been a couple of hours since anyone has seen her today. That explains the tourists Janice saw standing by the egde of the lake.
  1143. She leaves the shop and sends out Gyarados. First place where she's going to start her search for Irene is her home. Gyarados surfs across the water to the island.
  1145. Pokemon Found [Levels 25-29]
  1146. ............................
  1147. Poliwhirl, Goldeen, Feebas, Slowpoke, Kingler
  1149. The house is unlocked, Janice enters and looks around. No hints of foul play, Irene may as well have just walked out without locking the place. In the kitchen though, Janice finds a clue - a small note on the table:
  1151. "HELP.U.WATER."
  1153. Janice reads the note again. Help Dot the letter U Dot Water? Huh? Next to the note is a bottle, which she picks up and examines - it is half full of water...and there's something lying at the bottom. Janice goes to the kitchen sink and pours out the water until the object exits the bottle and lands in the sink. Janice immediately recognises it - a Key Flute Note. The PokeDex chimes in and confirms that it is a Dive Note.
  1155. ** Janice finds the Dive Note!
  1157. She attaches it to the Key Flute. It makes a small musical sound and glows the sky blue colour of the Dive Note. The note on the table makes sense now. Janice steps outside and sends out Kingler. She activates the Key Flute and the Pincer Pokemon learns the move Dive.
  1159. ** Kingler learns Dive!
  1161. Then it is time to jump into the lake.
  1163. (Underwater) Pokemon Found [Levels 25-29] (Dive theme from R/S/E)
  1164. .........................................
  1165. Qwilfish, Clamperl, Gyarados, Milotic, Shellder
  1167. A whole other world awaits below the surface for Janice and Kingler. The water is clear and the sunlight above bathes much of everything on the bottom in light. No other people swimming, but there is a cave entrance found down here, Kingler descends towards it as Janice holds on.
  1170. --------------------------
  1171. [Theme: Petalburg Woods theme]
  1173. There are people here, a young woman being confronted by a couple of troublesome Trainers. They don't want to battle the woman, they just want her to hand over the Pokemon that she's guarding from them...a Pokemon Janice has heard about - the Red Gyarados.
  1175. End of Chapter 16 South of Vera Town.
  1177. [Q] CHAPTER 17 - IRENE
  1178. ======================
  1180. ** Artwork for Irene, Candice sprite from D/P/PL.
  1182. THE Red Gyarados, a very rare Gyarados that many past Trainers saw (or claimed to have seen) during their travels through the Johto region. It would be found in the Lake of Rage, north from Mahogany Town. But that was years ago now, how did it end up here? The Trainers turn their attention to Janice when she approaches them. They are a Pokemon Collector couple Dana & Derek, who are hoping that by capturing the Red Gyarados and presenting it to Ace Team, they will be given Elite-class memberships. They would be the envy of Pokemon Collectors everywhere. The young woman is revealed to be Irene and she is relieved to see that someone found the Dive Note and came looking for her. The couple appeared in town as tourists a few hours ago and it is after finding out about the Red Gyarados being here, they dropped the disguises. Unlike the other Pokemon Collectors she encountered in the Frigid Tunnel, Dana & Derek are prepared for a fight. They NEED that Red Gyarados.
  1184. ** Artwork wise, Collector for Derek and R/S/E Beauty for Dana.
  1186. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< (Double Battle)
  1187. ==================================
  1189. Pokemon Collectors Dana & Derek [Level 30]
  1190. (Mr. Mime, Sudowoodo, Lileep, Electabuzz)
  1192. Janice already has Kingler out, she teams it up with Aron. Dana starts off with Sudowoodo and Derek sends out Mr. Mime. Kingler gets to test out its new move Dive on Sudowoodo, doing a lot of damage but thanks to Mr. Mime using Reflect to put up an invisible wall for itself and Sudowoodo, the damage is halved and Sudowoodo stays in the fight. It uses Flail, doing more damage to Kingler because Sudowoodo has low HP. Kingler barely survives. Aron is competing in its very first battle alongside a Trainer, Janice has the PokeDex ready to check up on its moves. It takes down Sudowoodo with Mud Slap, which was helped by Sudowoodo not having much HP left. Mr. Mime defeats Kingler with Magical Leaf.
  1194. Dana sends out her final Pokemon, which she had regenerated from a fossil she found in Hoenn - the Sea Lily Pokemon Lileep...while Janice sends out Snorunt, looking to let it earn some battle experience. Lileep uses Ingrain, shooting roots into the ground and keeping itself from being switched out of battle. It will gain some HP each turn. The Reflect wall is still protecting Mr. Mime from taking full damage from physical attacks, so Snorunt uses Powder Snow on it. This leads to Mr. Mime putting up another invisible wall via Light Screen to reduce the damage done by special attacks. Lileep is protected by Light Screen too. Aron uses Metal Claw on Lileep, which is part Rock-type, doing a lot of damage but not enough to take it down. Ingrain does its job and Lileep regains some HP. It uses Giga Drain on Aron, which is also part Rock-type, doing more damage and absorbing more HP from it. Aron sticks around a little while more.
  1196. Snorunt lands an Icy Wind attack on both Mr. Mime and Lileep. Lileep is part Grass-type, but being part Rock-type and also being protected by Light Screen saves it from taking full damage. It is not protected by Mr. Mime's Reflect though, which gives Aron some advantage when it follows Snorunt with one powerful Iron Tail. Lileep goes down and Dana deflates in anger. Derek vows to avenge her and sends out his final Pokemon, Electabuzz. Aron doesn't survive Mr. Mime's Magical Leaf attack. Janice sends out Nidorina, which has the type advantage over Mr. Mime (part Fairy-type). However, Mr. Mime is also a Psychic-type and that gives it the advantage over Nidorina. So Snorunt teams up with Nidorina to take down Mr. Mime - first, Nidorina attacks with Sludge Bomb and Snorunt completes the double attack with Crunch. Mr. Mime is defeated. Electabuzz remains, attacking both with Swift. Snorunt hasn't been attacked from the time Janice sent it out to battle, so it survives the attack. Electabuzz is on its own and in the end, can't overcome the 2 vs 1 fight. Derek backs down and the couple decide to flee, but not without promising to return for the Red Gyarados soon.
  1198. Irene thanks Janice for the help. She doesn't doubt that Dana & Derek will be back, which worries her greatly. The Red Gyarados was brought to the Petra region from Johto by her father many years ago. He caught it at the Lake of Rage, during a time when the criminal organisation Team Rocket was causing trouble in Johto. He thought it would be best to get the Red Gyarados out of Johto before it is found by the likes of Team Rocket. Now it is Irene who looks after the Red Gyarados. Not even the tourists who pass through Lake Avril are aware of its presence. But after the encounter with Dana & Derek, it probably won't be long before more people find out about the Red Gyarados and they'll show up here either to see it or catch it. Janice asks if Irene could move the Red Gyarados out of Lake Avril and perhaps release it back into the wild. Irene would if it was a regular Gyarados, but it is not and chances are high that it will be found by Trainers like the Pokemon Collectors if it was out there. So she has another idea - to move the Red Gyarados to a certain island that is to the southeast. It is called Evelyn Island and it is a wild Pokemon haven looked after by a former Safari Zone Warden named Mr. Maxwell.
  1200. Irene and Janice return to her house. With all the work that she does here, Irene won't have the time to move Red Gyarados. Janice tells her that she will be heading east after the next Gym, so she can pass through Evelyn Island to speak with Mr. Maxwell for Irene. All good, Irene says. Janice will come back after she gets the 4th Gym Badge.
  1202. With Irene back and ready to work again, Janice can start her training. Those TMs she bought are put to use now.
  1204. ** Janice boots TM13: Snorunt, Kingler & Gyarados learn Ice Beam!
  1205. ** Janice boots TM16: Kadabra & Kirlia learn Light Screen!
  1206. ** Janice boots TM26: Aron learns Earthquake!
  1207. ** Janice boots TM39: Aron learns Rock Tomb!
  1208. ** Janice boots TM35: Combusken learns Flamethrower!
  1209. ** Janice boots TM47: Pidgeotto learns Steel Wing!
  1211. Pidgeotto takes its time with Steel Wing, a move which is of a different type and is stronger than Aerial Ace. Unlike Aerial Ace though, Steel Wing's accuracy is low and will require Pidgeotto to only use it when the perfect opportunities arise in battle.
  1213. Janice and her team leave town via the exit to the south, which leads to the final stretch of the Cycling Road.
  1215. ROUTE 6 (Cycling Road Southside)
  1216. -------------------------------
  1217. [Theme: Bicycle Theme from D/P/PL or Route 30 theme from G/S/C/HG/SS]
  1219. Pokemon Found [Levels 26-29]
  1220. .............
  1221. Poochyena, Wingull, Stantler, Cubone, Dunsparce, Doduo
  1223. They spend the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon training. Testing out the new moves against wild Pokemon and Trainers that Janice meets. Some of them are tourists who are staying over at the Lake Avril Hotel.
  1225. ** Am thinking that in a game version, you can challenge Trainers at the Lake Avril Hotel. Similar to challenging the passengers aboard the S.S. Anne way back in the R/B/Y days. When you defeat all the Trainers, the Hotel Manager will reward you with an item. Could also have tourists who are here from other regions and they may offer some information on what's happening back home.
  1227. Hours later, Janice and her Pokemon reach Level 30.
  1229. ** Gyarados learns Leer!
  1231. It is at this point where 2 of the Evolution Stones start to react: the Moon Stone and the Dawn Stone. Janice checks with the PokeDex, which says that there are Pokemon within her party that are ready to evolve through the power of those stones. Then it indicates the Pokemon - Nidorino, Nidorina and Kadabra. Janice places the glowing Moon Stone before Nidorino and Nidorina...the 2 Pokemon start glowing too before they begin to change forms.
  1233. ** Congratulations, Nidorina has evolved into Nidoqueen!
  1234. ** Nidoqueen learns Body Slam!
  1236. ** Congratulations, Nidorino has evolved into Nidoking!
  1237. ** Nidoking learns Thrash!
  1239. The 2 large Pokemon, finally at the peak of their evolutions, stand proudly before Janice and are just as happy to see her as she is to see them. They are now dual-type Pokemon, being half Poison-type and half Ground-type.
  1241. ** Janice boots TM26: Nidoqueen & Nidoking learn Earthquake!
  1243. The Moon Stone's glow fades away and it returns to being a normal Moon Stone.
  1245. Kadabra slowly approaches the glowing Dawn it gets closer, it starts to change form.
  1247. ** Congratulations, Kadabra has evolved into Alakazam!
  1248. ** Alakazam learns Future Sight!
  1250. One more Psychic-type changes form as well to complete the round of Level 30 evolutions:
  1252. ** Congratulations, Kirlia has evolved into Gardevoir!
  1253. ** Gardevoir learns Drain Kiss!
  1255. ** If it possible in the game version, a male Kirlia evolves into Gallade at Level 30. If not possible, then it evolves via Dawn Stone regardless of level.
  1257. Level 30 is a milestone and for Janice, seeing all these new Pokemon who are part of her team, it brings forward the reality that she is close to reaching the halfway point now. She will have to get through the 4th Gym to reach the other side of the Petra region and explore it. Not a problem if the 4th Gym was any other Gym...but for Janice it is not, because the Gym Leader she'll have to face is her big sister Janet.
  1259. End of Chapter 17 Irene.
  1261. [R] CHAPTER 18 - HOME
  1262. =====================
  1264. After healing up her Pokemon, Janice sees Irene again before she leaves. All the preparations are done and it is the moment to leave Lake Avril. Janice will be back.
  1266. Cycling along that final stretch gives her a little more time to accept that she's on her way back home now. Imagining the happy faces of the twins Jerome and Jennifer...the proud looks from Mom and Dad...the look of approval from Janet...Janice can't wait to see them again. Family first, then the Gym second.
  1268. It is late in the afternoon when she enters the Gate leading into Percival City, where the guard recognises her and welcomes Janice back. She rides through the streets, going to the beach along Route 1 because she knows at this time the twins will be there playing with their friends. She wants to surprise them. On the way Janice meets and greets some of her neighbours who see that she's back in town. Among the neighbours are the parents of her pals Ryan, Kelvin, Gina and Rose. They got to spend some time with them when they passed through to challenge Janet and they are glad to see Janice is safe and sound.
  1270. Back on Route 1, Janice finds Jerome & Jennifer. Their friends are the first to notice Janice coming towards them and then the twins turn in the same direction and they can't believe it. Big sis is back AND she has her own Bike!! The children bombard her with questions, since they've seen the videos of her battles. They want to know everything, how has her journey been so far? Which Pokemon has she encountered and caught? How many Pokemon does she have now? Can they see them? Which Gym Leader was the toughest? Can they see her Gym Badges? On and on, but Janice promises to show them everything and answer all their questions later. For now she wants to be with her family.
  1272. Janice and the twins return home. On the way they catch up. Janice tells them about her adventures in the west and the twins bring her up to speed on what's been happening here. Ace Team is all the rage at their school, with many students dressing up as their favourite Ace Team Elites or aiming to join Ace Team after they become Pokemon Trainers. Jennifer thinks Ace Team is cool, with all the work they do to help Trainers and their Pokemon, but she finds all the "fanboying" and "fangirling" that's happening at school a tad bit ridiculous. Jerome isn't part of all that, but he has been considering joining Ace Team when he graduates. He vows to be the greatest Ace Trainer of all time. Janice is relieved that the twins are still a few more years away from graduating, she doesn't want them to be bothered by rogue Ace Trainers like the ones she has dealt with. Hopefully by the time they do graduate, there'll be less bad egg Ace Trainers out and about.
  1274. Mom and Dad are home to meet their returning daughter. She has grown from the bright-eyed, excited girl who left home several days ago to the cool, calm and experienced young Trainer standing before them. The parents are proud. Janice takes in being back in the house, everything becoming familiar to her again...until she stops to ask about Janet and why she hasn't returned yet. Dad says Janet is still at the Gym, seeing a visitor. Janice figures she'll go over there and surprise Janet.
  1276. Outside the Gym there's a crowd of people who want to enter the Gym. They are not Trainers looking to challenge for the Badge...they're here for the visitor. Some of the people see Janice arrive and they go for her. She greets them as she makes her way through to the Gym entrance, where the Gym Trainers blocking it let her in. There are 2 upper floors before reaching the rooftop. Janice opens the door to the rooftop, finding Janet and the visitor - Ace Team Leader Andre. The sisters share a big warm hug as Andre looks on, counting how lucky he is to be here in time to see Janice come back home. But it turns out that the luckiest person here is Janet, because not only is her little sister around...but so is her former classmate Andre.
  1278. End of Chapter 18 Home.
  1281. ===========================
  1283. Janice can't believe it. Andre confirms it. Classmates from Day 1 until they graduated from Percival City High School together 4 years ago. While Janet went on her travels as a Trainer, eventually becoming a Gym Leader, Andre left Percival City and went back to his home town of Triston City in the east. Janet couldn't understand at the time why he didn't travel around Petra with her and the other Trainers.
  1285. Andre explains that he returned home because he wanted to help his parents. His father is a member of the Triston City branch of the Pokemon Research Society and his mother is the head librarian at the Triston City Library. He wanted to find his own path in the world of Pokemon and this is what led to him forming Ace Team 2 years back. In a way, Ace Team has allowed Andre to travel around Petra just like any Trainer would do...meeting people, making new friends, finding Pokemon and learning about them. But now after meeting Janice and seeing her make it this far, Andre has been inspired. He has decided to start challenging the Gyms and collecting Badges, this is the news he wants to share with Janet and everybody else...and since Janice is here, she may as well hear the news too. She asks him how he'll find the time to do that when he's the leader of Ace Team. Andre says that his Elite friends will take care of Ace Team while he's away. No shortcuts, no using his position and influence as Ace Team's leader...he's going to start from the first Gym just like everybody else and work his way up. Janet is pleased to hear that and looks forward to his challenge.
  1287. The 3 of them leave the Gym and are swarmed by the crowd. Andre shares his big news with the people, who welcome the news positively, before sending out one of his Pokemon, a Xatu, and before he teleports away, he whispers to Janice that he's grateful for her helping to take care of any Ace Team Trainers she finds who are causing problems for people. Then, he's gone.
  1289. With the time that she has here, Janice tries to cover all bases: Spending time with family, catching up with neighbours, meeting new people now that she's somewhat famous and doing last minute training. The twins and their friends make sure not to miss the training sessions, that's their chance to see Janice's team and hear about her time moving through West Petra.
  1291. On the evening before she challenges the Gym, Janice and Pidgeotto are by the pier. The 2 friends have come this far, it hasn't been too long since they left town to begin their adventure. Now they are back, stronger and with some experience. The 4th Gym awaits and beyond it, the second half of their adventure.
  1293. The next morning Janice wakes up early, gears up and leaves for the Gym. Pidgeotto is waiting for her outside the house. One of the Gym Trainers is by the entrance, he gives her instructions. Simply defeat all the other Gym Trainers while making her way up to the rooftop. This Gym specialises in Flying-type Pokemon, so she better be prepared. Janice thanks him and walks through the entrance.
  1295. She battles her way from floor to floor, heals her team, then reaches the rooftop. Janet isn't there. In her place is the strongest Gym Trainer, Bird Keeper Benjamin, and he tells Janice that her sister is waiting for her in a special field just off of Route 7 east of town. That field is where Janet trains with her Pokemon every morning. Janice will not be allowed to reach it until she defeats Benjamin.
  1297. Janice moves up to Level 31 after the battle against Benjamin.
  1299. ** Bayleef learns Body Slam!
  1300. ** Zangoose learns Crush Claw!
  1302. Benjamin informs her that the match against Janet is a 4 vs 4 contest, so Janice should pick 4 Pokemon and leave the others with someone or store them in a PC Box. Janice chooses Pidgeotto, Zangoose, Aron and Snorunt.
  1304. At the Gate leading to Route 7, she meets one more Gym Trainer, Lass Rebecca, who was going to direct Janice back to the Gym if by chance she had come through this way first. Since Janice has defeated all the Gym Trainers, Rebecca lets her pass and wishes her good luck.
  1306. ROUTE 7 (Eastern Beach Road)
  1307. ----------------------------
  1308. [Theme: Route 24 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  1310. Pokemon Found [Levels 30-34]
  1311. .............
  1312. Pelipper, Marill, Aipom, Ekans, Slakoth
  1313. Surfing/Fishing: Seaking, Wailmer, Tentacruel, Luvdisc
  1315. More hills and sand dunes on this route than on Route 1. Janice follows the hills north until she sees the grassy field where Janet stands looking in her direction. She waves when she spots Janice. This early in the day, there's nobody else on Route 7 and for Janice this is fine because nobody will be present to disturb things.
  1317. Janet notes that while Janice has been back home the two of them haven't had enough time to hang out and talk about what they've each been up to. It's partly because Janet has been keeping herself busy with the Gym...but it's also because she didn't want to be constantly reminded about their battle. She's in a tough position now, being the Gym Leader and also being related to her latest challenger. As much as she wants Janice to keep going forward on her journey, Janet does not want to lose. Janice doesn't want to lose either...but she knows that in the end someone will win and someone will not. She's come this far and not even her own big sister should stand in the way. The battle begins, Sister vs Sister, Trainer vs Trainer, Challenger vs Gym Leader.
  1319. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  1320. ==============
  1322. Leader Janet [Level 32] - "The Flying Prodigy."
  1323. (Swellow, Swablu, Dodrio, Skarmory)
  1324. Prize: Sky Badge
  1326. Janet starts off with Swablu, while Janet sends out Zangoose. Zangoose strikes first with Quick Attack, Swablu strikes back with Aerial Ace and does more damage. Zangoose boosts its attack power with Swords Dance, Janice is confident that one or two more hits will take down Swablu...but Janet is thinking ahead - Swablu begins to Sing. Zangoose tries to fight against the lullaby but it soon submits and falls to the ground, asleep. Janet knows that Sing isn't a move that can be used again and again, so she took a chance. Janice opens her Bag and checks the Items...good thing she makes sure to stock up just in case and she fishes out an Awakening. The Item flashes once in Janice's hands and then disappears. Zangoose wakes up right away, but Swablu attacks early with another Aerial Ace. Zangoose is one move away from fainting, Janice has to decide...either heal Zangoose or do some damage to Swablu. She goes back into the Bag and takes out a Hyper Potion. Just like the Awakening, the Hyper Potion flashes in her hand and disappears. Zangoose's HP is replenished. Swablu uses another move this time, Ice Beam, dropping Zangoose's HP back down below half. Powerful move but not enough to knock out Zangoose in one go. Janet wants to see what Janice will do this time. Janice sees that she's in a trap, forced to either heal Zangoose again or attack...or switch it for another Pokemon. Janice chooses to attack, having Zangoose use its strongest attack Slash (powered by Swords Dance from earlier). A critical hit on Swablu, taking it down.
  1328. Janet thought Janice was going to switch Zangoose out, with the aim of bringing it back later. She sends out her second Pokemon, Swellow. The Swallow Pokemon defeats Zangoose with one Aerial Ace. Janice sends out her second Pokemon, Snorunt. Janet has Swellow take to the sky, putting it out of reach of Snorunt. Swellow comes back down with the move Fly, only to miss Snorunt thanks to Protect. Janet won't be discouraged, she tells Swellow to use Fly again. The big bird ascends and dives for Snorunt once more. Protect doesn't work this time and Snorunt is hit. Weakened but still able to continue, Snorunt uses Ice Beam. Super effective, leaving Swellow with little HP. Janet restores its HP with a Hyper Potion. Janice also uses a Hyper Potion to restoure Snorunt's HP. Swellow attacks with Aerial Ace, not as powerful as Fly but won't miss. Snorunt uses Ice Beam again, dropping Swellow's HP below half and this time freezing it solid. Janet thaws it out with an Ice Heal, but it is put down with a Headbutt from Snorunt.
  1330. 2 more Pokemon left for Janet. She is happy to see that Janice came prepared. As her big sister she's happy. As a Gym Leader though...
  1331. She sends out her 3rd Pokemon, Dodrio. Janice figures this is the right time so switch out Snorunt and bring it back for Janet's final Pokemon-- Dodrio attacks just as Janice tries to switch Snorunt out, putting Snorunt down with a powerful Pursuit. Janice didn't see that coming at all. She's got 2 Pokemon left as well now. That wasn't fair. But Janet reminds her that Pursuit works best when the opponent is switching out from battle. Just as Janice thought it was the right time to switch Snorunt out, Janet thought it was the right time to attack with Pursuit. Fair and square.
  1333. Janice sends out Aron, having decided to save Pidgeotto for last. Aron uses Rock Tomb, looking to beat Dodrio in one shot...but the big rocks miss the bird. Dodrio can only do decent damage with Pursuit, Janet realises as she runs through its moves in her head. Aron is a dual-type, Steel & Rock. Or...she could attempt one other move. Janet has Dodrio use Hyper Beam. The 3 heads draw in bright energy together and simultaneously fire the collected energy as a powerful beam at Aron. The Iron Armour Pokemon hangs on by a thread. Janice is aware that a Pokemon that uses Hyper Beam has to rest in the next turn, unable to attack, so she takes the advantage and has Aron use Headbutt. Dodrio takes the damage but can't fight back when its turn comes. Aron goes for Rock Tomb again, this time hitting the target. Dodrio is down.
  1335. Janet hopes Janice has a solid plan for her last 2 Pokemon, because this is when she'll have to go all out. The final Pokemon is the Armour Bird Pokemon Skarmory. It doesn't waste any time with Aron, sending it out of battle with Swift. Normally wouldn't do much damage to Aron but with the handful of HP that it had left, even a move like Swift would do enough.
  1337. Pidgeotto enters the battle field, eyes on Skarmory now that they are the last Pokemon remaining. Skarmory will definitely have power on its side but Janice is confident in Pidgeotto's speed. She is prepared to draw out this fight, doing as much damage to Skarmory as she can until the steel bird falls. Pidgeotto goes on the move, landing an Aerial Ace attack. Skarmory starts off by using Agility to raise its speed. Janet is confident in its defence so there's no harm. Pidgeotto lands a second Aerial Ace. Skarmory still has enough HP, it responds with Swift. Pidgeotto's best move against Skarmory is Aerial Ace. Swift, Tackle and Quick Attack wouldn't do a lot of physical damage against a Steel-type. There's Gust but it is weaker than Aerial Ace. Pidgeotto sticks to using Aerial Ace. Janet figures out that Janice plans to chip away at Skarmory's HP bit by bit. That won't do at all. Skarmory hits Pidgeotto with its own Aerial Ace. Two can play that game. Janice heals Pidgeotto with a regular Potion. Skarmory attacks with a second Aerial Ace, bringing Pidgeotto's HP back down to just under the half mark. Janice heals Pidgeotto again with a regular Potion, Janet is annoyed. She has Skarmory take to the air. Time to end this match. Skarmory descends like a missile, knocking Pidgeotto back with Fly. One more hit is all that Skarmory needs. It returns to the air. Janice has to make her final move. Pidgeotto won't catch Skarmory with another Aerial Ace. None of its other attacks will work too-- suddenly, there's a *ping* from the PokeDex. Loud enough only for Janice to hear. She opens the little machine and checks the information message that has popped up. It is a list of Pidgeotto's of them is highlighted, allowing Janice to click on it to read more. It is a move that does double damage when used to counter moves like Bounce, Sky Drop and Fly. It's the move Janice didn't think would help but it certainly will now, coupled with the hits done by Aerial Ace so far. Janice closes the PokeDex. Janet asks her if she found her final option. Janice tells her that it's not her final option, it's an option that has been there all along but now is the time to make use of it. She does admit that it will be the final move of this match, to the surprise of Janet. Skarmory is still in the air, preparing to strike with another Fly attack, but Pidgeotto's turn is here and Janice calls for Gust. Pidgeotto begins to flap its wings, slowing whipping up wind. Janet can only watch in disbelief as the wind grows stronger and soon catches Skarmory in a whirling twister that batters the steel bird from all directions. All the damage from the Aerial Ace attacks done to it by Pidgeotto before has piled up and Gust does the last hit. The wind dies down and Skarmory falls to the ground, fainted. The match is over.
  1339. End of Chapter 19 Versus Janet.
  1341. End of the West Petra Arc.
  1343. Now begins the East Petra Arc.
  1346. =============================
  1348. Janice moves up to Level 32.
  1350. ** Combusken learns Quick Attack!
  1352. As she goes over to check on Pidgeotto, one of the PokeBalls starts to rattle. The Pokemon inside it comes out, it's Aron. That familiar glow appears around it as Aron begins to change, growing larger in size while Janice and Janet watch in amazement.
  1354. ** Congratulations, Aron has evolved into Lairon!
  1356. Janice celebrates with her Pokemon. Janet thanks Skarmory for the battle, heals it and returns it to its PokeBall. She goes over to Janice and congratulates her, even though she's a little upset that she lost. Little sister has done her proud. She gives Janice her first prize...
  1358. ** Janice obtains the Sky Badge!
  1360. ...and then the last prize, which Janice can't help but smile at.
  1362. ** Janice obtains the Fly Note!
  1364. She attaches the white coin-sized gem to the Key Flute, the musical sound of confirmation plays and without second thought, Janice activates the Key Flute.
  1366. ** Pidgeotto learns Fly!
  1368. Now she can travel swiftly on land, across water and in the air...and that reminds her of someone. Janice apologises to Janet for suddenly leaving, she remembers that she's supposed to see Irene after the Gym battle. Janet doesn't know who Irene is but she tells Janice to hurry back.
  1370. In only a moment, Janice and Pidgeotto are back in Lake Avril. Since it is early in the morning there are very few people outside. Janice finds Irene at home, glad to know that she woke up a few hours earlier. Irene is ready and she gives Janice the PokeBall containing the Red Gyarados. She also lets Janice keep the Dive Note that she found.
  1372. ** Janice receives the Red Gyarados! [Level 30]
  1374. Irene believes that it will be much safer on Evelyn Island with Mr. Maxwell. Whenever she can, she'll visit them both. She gives Janice his number.
  1376. Back in Percival City, Janice spends the rest of the morning with everyone before she departs. The twins are a little sour about missing the Gym battle, since nobody was there to film it. But they are happy for Janice. Though it is sad that she has to go, at least this time she'll be able to return in an instant. The PokeNav buzzes, it is an incoming call from Professor William Willow. He asks Janice to see him before she leaves town.
  1378. She goes over to the Pokemon Research Society building and speaks to Professor Willow. He congratulates her on the progress she has made so far, hoping the journey west has been fun. She tells him about finding his sister Wanda in Fran City and that she is doing fine. The journey west has ended and now Janice is moving east, which is why Professor Willow asked her to see him. He has an important task for her. One of the employees enters the room with a small box container and hands it to Janice. She has seen the contents of the container before, in books back in school.
  1380. ** Janice receives the Pokemon Fossils!
  1382. These Fossils were found by the Professor's team while they were exploring Routes 1, 6 and 7. The branch of the P.R.S that has the right technology to revive the Pokemon from the Fossils is located on Merah Island. That is where the next Gym awaits so Professor Willow would like Janice to take the Fossils with her and deliver them at the branch. Janice accepts the task.
  1384. When it is time to leave, the twins accompany Janice to the Gate leading to Route 7. She stops by the Gym to say goodbye to Janet. Big sister hopes Janice will continue growing as a Trainer and be ready for the second half of the journey. Only 4 more Gym Leaders remain. Janice assures her that she will do her best and be back with the final Gym Badges. For Janet, one challenger leaves and another is on the way - Andre. These are exciting times.
  1386. Janice leaves the twins at the Gate and carries on.
  1388. ROUTE 7 (Eastern Beach Road)
  1389. ----------------------------
  1390. [Theme: Route 24 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  1392. Pokemon Found [Levels 30-34]
  1393. ............................
  1394. Pelipper, Marill, Aipom, Ekans, Slakoth, Lickitung
  1395. Surf/Fishing: Seaking, Wailmer, Tentacruel, Luvdisc, Sharpedo
  1397. Now that she has a Bike, Janice takes the time to ride along this scenic route with Pidgeotto flying by her side. What adventures await them in the east?
  1399. It is in the early afternoon when they reach the southeastern edge of this route and the fishing village found there. The hometown of a certain Fisherman.
  1401. [008] KERRINGTON VILLAGE - "A Home By the Sea."
  1402. ========================
  1403. (Either Pallet Town theme or Littleroot Town theme)
  1405. Places of Interest
  1406. ..................
  1407. PokeCenter
  1408. Kerrington Market
  1409. Oscar's House
  1411. Fisherman Oscar almost doesn't recognise Janice when he sees her riding into town. It has been a while he gifted her with the Fishing Rod back on Route 1 and now here she is, an experienced Trainer. He's glad to hear that she continued to train the Magikarp which she caught until it finally evolved into Gyarados.
  1413. He shows Janice around before bringing her home to see his family.
  1415. ** The Kerrington Market is where you can buy items like Incense, Herbs and Berries depending on which stalls you visit. Regular PokeMart items are sold here too.
  1417. At Oscar's home, Janice meets his wife Matilda and his mother Sofia. His children are out traveling. Matilda never gets tired of seeing young Trainers like Janice pass through Kerrington Village, all excited and full of wonder. From time to time she hears from her children. No sign of them being homesick yet. As for Sofia, the old lady hasn't lost the memories of her days as a sassy Trainer. If she wasn't someone's grandma, she would probably dust off her old PokeDex and go out on an adventure of her own. She settles for showing Janice her PokeDex, which is clearly a first generation version with information about Kanto native Pokemon and an old map of the region. It's a surprise that it still functions perfectly even though it can't be updated. She wishes Janice all the best for her journey and hopes she'll find time to visit when she completes it.
  1419. ** Artwork wise for Sofia, Agatha sprite from FR/LG.
  1421. As Oscar and Janice leave the house, there's commotion coming from the south beach. They join the people gathered there, who have surrounded a man who is completely soaked and exhausted. He swam all the way back here to find assistance. His crew has been surrounded by a group of Sharpedo while they were out fishing. He thinks they might've unknowingly entered the Pokemon's territory. Oscar volunteers to go out, Janice tags along. The Fisherman readies his good boat, Janice sends out Gyarados and they head south.
  1423. ROUTE 7 (South Sea Way)
  1424. -----------------------
  1425. [Theme: Route 24 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  1427. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1428. ............................
  1429. Seaking, Wailmer, Tentacruel, Luvdisc, Sharpedo
  1431. It doesn't take long for Oscar to see the smaller fishing boat with a couple of people on board. Circling the vessel are 4 annoyed Sharpedo. They are each Level 34. Janice will deal with them while Oscar rescues the crew.
  1433. >>BOSS BATTLE<<
  1434. ===============
  1436. Sharpedo [Level 34] (Water/Dark) [Rough Skin] x4
  1438. Bayleef and Gardevoir are enough, sending the Sharpedo away after defeating them in battle.
  1440. Everyone returns to Kerrington, welcomed back by the villagers. The man is glad that his crew is okay. They will be more careful next time.
  1442. Janice can't stay, telling Oscar about delivering the Fossils and also stopping by Evelyn Island. He leads her to the eastern edge of town and points straight ahead. She just has to head that way and eventually she'll see Evelyn Island. He knows Mr. Maxwell, the man shows up every couple of days for supplies. North from Evelyn Island is Merah Island.
  1444. ROUTE 7 (East Sea Way)
  1445. ----------------------
  1446. [Theme: Route 24 theme from R/B/Y/FR/LG]
  1448. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1449. ............................
  1450. Mantyke, Remoraid, Golduck, Seadra, Sealeo
  1452. Mid-afternoon, Janice sees land. An island covered in dense vegetation. Dark clouds are above the island and as Gyarados gets closer, the wind speed rises. What were calm waves so far are beginning to stir, pushing Janice and Gyarados around. Then the rain starts to pour down on them. Janice quickly takes out the PokeNav and calls Mr. Maxwell. Despite the noise of the rain and the waves she manages to let him know who she is and that she is close to the island, coming from the mainland...but that is before a wave smashes into her and Gyarados, taking both of them under.
  1454. [009] EVELYN ISLAND - "The Wild Pokemon Haven."
  1455. ===================
  1456. (Route 119 theme from R/S/E)
  1458. Places of Interest
  1459. ..................
  1460. Mr. Maxwell's House
  1462. Janice slowly opens her eyes, finding herself indoors. Sitting next to the bed she's lying on is the man that she is here to see, Mr. Maxwell. He's relieved to see her wake up and is unhurt. Good thing her call went through, he was able to get to her in time and with help from his Pokemon, they brought her and Gyarados to the beach. That was a couple of hours ago.
  1464. ** Artwork wise, Wattson sprite from R/S/E.
  1466. The rain is still falling outside, early evening now. Mr. Maxwell says that it wouldn't be wise for Janice to be out at sea during the night especially in this weather. She'll be able to travel safely in the morning, by then the rain will have stopped. Just part of the weather here, surprise showers happen every now and again, hence the thick vegetation. But for Mr. Maxwell he's gotten used to it. The island has the essentials he needs, food, water and of course the company of Pokemon (his own and the wild ones). Rarely do Pokemon Trainers like Janice come here, most just surf onwards to Merah Island since that is where the next Gym is. Any Trainers who do happen to land on Evelyn Island are sent away by the wild Pokemon or by Mr. Maxwell if they are here to catch Pokemon. They are free to train with them however.
  1468. During supper they share their stories. Janice tells of her journey so far and explains why she's here. Mr. Maxwell understands, he was a good friend of Irene's father and knew about the Red Gyarados. While Mr. Maxwell worked as a Pokemon Ranger at the Safari Zone on Merah Island, Irene's father travelled around the regions studying Pokemon. By the time he returned to the Petra region with the Red Gyarados, Mr. Maxwell had become the Warden. He offered to keep the Red Gyarados in the Safari Zone, but Irene's father thought it would be better in Lake Avril. It never crossed Mr. Maxwell's mind that he would one day find himself involved with the same Red Gyarados again. He assures Janice that it will be protected here from those Pokemon Collectors should they come looking.
  1470. The next morning, with the weather clear again, Janice and Mr. Maxwell travel to the center of the island. There they find a lake, which is fed by a river flowing from the north and eventually leading back to sea. Mr. Maxwell says Route 8 begins from there, going all the way to Merah Island.
  1472. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1473. .............
  1474. Ludicolo, Snorlax, Kangaskhan, Heracross, Loudred
  1476. (Evelyn Island Lake)
  1477. ....................
  1478. Vaporeon, Mantine, Politoed, Seaking
  1480. ** In the game, this would be the point where Mr. Maxwell will ask if Janice would like to look after the Red Gyarados, seeing that she's a responsible enough Trainer. If she says Yes, she gets to keep the Red Gyarados as her own...but if she says No, it will remain here on Evelyn Island and cannot be obtained again (Janice will be able to come back to see it though). Whichever decision she makes, it will trigger a call from Irene just before Janice leaves. Irene will thank her. If Irene is visited again afterwards, she'll just say she hopes the Red Gyarados is doing fine.
  1482. ** Mr. Maxwell's House is a place where Janice can rest and heal her Pokemon. He has a store room containing supplies that she can take with her (PokeMart items).
  1484. ** As stated by Mr. Maxwell, the wild Pokemon on Evelyn Island cannot be caught. They will appear as random encounters that can be battled for experience though and are Pokemon that can be caught elsewhere.
  1486. Janice releases the Red Gyarados from its PokeBall and the Pokemon swims around the lake, taking in its new surroundings. The island Pokemon welcome it and Mr. Maxwell is pleased. Janice says goodbye to Mr. Maxwell and the Red Gyarados before following the river back to sea.
  1488. End of Chapter 20 Heading East.
  1491. ===============================
  1493. ROUTE 8 (Sea Path) [Route 27 theme from G/S/C/HG/SS]
  1494. ------------------
  1496. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1497. ............................
  1498. Octillery, Corsola, Gyarados, Poliwhirl, Sharpedo, Huntail
  1500. A much smoother surf for Janice and Gyarados than what they got into yesterday. Clear skies and calm waters around them. Soon they find people in the water, Trainers and non-Trainers. Most of them are tourists. Then ahead of Janice, with smoke rising from the famous volcano Mt. Moto, Merah Island awaits.
  1502. [010] MERAH ISLAND - "A Fiery Paradise." (Cinnabar Island theme)
  1503. ==================
  1505. Places of Interest
  1506. ..................
  1507. PokeCenter
  1508. PokeMart
  1509. Gym
  1510. Safari Zone
  1511. Merah Island Hotel & Spa
  1512. Pokemon Research Society (Merah Island Branch)
  1513. [Professor Kukui's Lab theme from Sun/Moon/Ultra]
  1515. The beach is crowded with people, which allows Janice to blend in and move around more freely. First off, she wants to deliver the Pokemon Fossils.
  1517. She arrives at the Pokemon Research Society building and is surprised to find how easygoing the staff is here. Everyone is so relaxed and seems to be enjoying themselves, as if they're also on vacation. The head of the team here, Professor Palm, welcomes Janice and receives the Fossils from her. The regenerated Pokemon are kept in a special area of the Safari Zone, where they can be studied by a part of the team. The rest continue studying the Pokemon that are found in and around Mt. Moto. Seeing as Janice is here to challenge the Gym, Professor Palm suggests she take her time and explore until night time. That is when the Gym battle happens, preceded by a special ceremony that involves a dance led by the Gym Leader herself. Janice should visit the Hotel to register as the next challenger. Not a problem, she tells Professor Palm that she'll return after the Gym.
  1519. ** Artwork for Prof. Palm, Lenora sprite from B/W.
  1521. Outside the P.R.S building, the PokeNav buzzes. Incoming call. Janice recognises the number and answers. It's one of her friends Ryan. He's here on Merah Island and from the sounds in the background, he's somewhere in the open. Janice asks where can she find him...he says he's in Area D of the Safari Zone. He'll wait for her.
  1523. ** In the game, the Merah Island Hotel & Spa is a place where Janice can battle tourists. The Spa is where Pokemon can be healed. I'm thinking it would be a nice nod to Cinnabar Island if one of the guests at the Hotel just so happens to be Gym Leader Blaine. Given that Journey of Janice takes place in the 7th Generation time wise, by this time I'd have him be the former Gym Leader.
  1525. After registering at the Hotel, Janice heads for the Safari Zone.
  1527. SAFARI ZONE (Safari Zone theme from R/S/E)
  1528. -----------
  1530. ** Here are some changes I have in mind for the Safari Zone: the entrance fee is P50. No time limit, no Safari Balls. The wild Pokemon can be battled or caught just any other wild Pokemon. It is made up of 4 areas: Area A (Main, central area), Area B (Western area), Area C (Northern area) and Area D (Eastern area). Among the tourists found in each area, there will be Pokemon Rangers and other Trainers that Janice can battle. Once you're done with the Safari Zone, just return to the front desk...the guide there will ask if you're done, you say Yes and you can leave.
  1532. SAFARI ZONE (AREA A - Main)
  1533. -----------
  1535. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1536. ............................
  1537. Rhyhorn, Happiny, Igglybuff, Sudowoodo, Pichu, Farfetch'd
  1539. SAFARI ZONE (AREA B - West)
  1540. -----------
  1542. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1543. ............................
  1544. Wynaut, Heracross, Pinsir, Kangaskhan, Yanma, Snorlax
  1546. SAFARI ZONE (AREA C - North)
  1547. -----------
  1549. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1550. ............................
  1551. Tropius, Kecleon, Spinda, Cleffa, Exeggcute, Bagon
  1552. Surf/Fishing: Dratini, Corphish, Barboach, Chinchou, Gorebyss
  1554. SAFARI ZONE (AREA D - East)
  1555. -----------
  1557. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1558. ............................
  1559. Tangela, Mime Jr, Scyther, Ditto, Shuckle, Chingling
  1561. Janice takes a stroll through, seeing all the rare Pokemon. One that catches her eye is the curious Colour Swap Pokemon Kecleon. With its unique Ability "Colour Change" that switches its Type based on the attack type used on it and the impressive list of moves it can learn, she catches it with help from Alakazam.
  1563. Kecleon [Level 31] (Normal) (Colour Swap): Thief, Tail Whip, Astonish, Lick, Scratch, Bind, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Psybeam, Screech, Slash
  1565. She reaches Area D and embraces her good pal Ryan, who can't contain how excited he is to talk to her about everything so far. He's enjoying himself here, no surprise, from the holiday atmosphere, the Safari Zone, the Pokemon, seeing lovely ladies everywhere. The two friends catch up. Ryan is at Level 33 now, his awesome Treecko has evolved into an awesome Sceptile. Other Pokemon that he added to his team are Ursaring, Shiftry and Primeape. He's taking his time building his "dream team", but being out here in the Safari Zone isn't helping because of all the great Pokemon he found. So many to choose from.
  1567. ** Ryan's Encounter theme is Brendan's theme from R/S/E.
  1569. There's something he wants to show Janice, which will explain the main reason why he's still here on Merah Island. They move further east until reaching a path that is blocked by big boulders. Ryan tells her that the path leads to the special section of Area D that contains the Pokemon regenerated from Fossils. The Safari Zone Warden's house is also located in this special section. Only those who have the Strength Note can access this other portion of Area D...and the person who gives away Strength Notes is the Gym Leader Silvia. Ryan has yet to defeat her and so he's been spending some of his time training here in the Safari Zone. Janice is going to challenge Silvia tonight, it would be a good idea for her to train with Ryan since he has faced her before. They'll have the rest of the day to prepare.
  1571. Janice moves up to Level 34.
  1573. ** Pidgeotto learns Featherdance!
  1574. ** Alakazam learns Calm Mind!
  1575. ** Gardevoir learns Imprison!
  1577. She boots up the TMs for Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Rock Tomb and Aerial Ace for Kecleon. When they're ready, Janice and Ryan leave the Safari Zone.
  1579. Night time comes and the festivities begin. A procession of dancers makes its way through the streets. Leading the procession is a girl, same age as Janice. Following the procession is the challenger, Janice. When she registered at the Hotel during the day, she was given her instructions: the procession will make its way out of town and onto the Mt. Moto Path, ascending the side of the mountain until reaching the top where the Gym battle will take place. She will be challenged by some of the dancers, who also serve as Gym Trainers, as well as encounter wild Pokemon on the way. The Gym battle will be a 3 vs 3 Pokemon match. The Gym Leader specialises in Fire-type Pokemon. Janice chose Gyarados, Kecleon and Nidoking. Ryan and the other people will be able to watch the battle from big screens set up around town.
  1581. MT. MOTO PATH (Route 42 theme from G/S/C/HG/SS)
  1582. -------------
  1584. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1585. ............................
  1586. Slugma, Ponyta, Numel, Magby, Torkoal, Vulpix, Marowak [Alola Form]
  1588. She gets through the wild Pokemon and the Gym Trainers. At the top Janice finds a large battle ring suspended above the mouth of the volcano, with bubbling lava below. Standing in the middle of the ring is Silvia, ready for Janice. She introduces herself as the Gym Leader and a descendant of the first inhabitants of the island. She tells the story that has made Merah Island so famous: there was a point in time where Mt. Moto threatened to erupt and destroy the island. The people of the island were saved by the appearance of the legendary bird Moltres. Using its powers, Moltres calmed the volcano. Ever since, to celebrate this event and show gratitude, the islanders have a week-long festival every year. Any challengers that are around during the festival week will get to face the Gym Leader up here, above the volcano and with a great view of the island (and hear a cool story, ha!). Silvia is aware of who Janice is and has been looking forward to this battle. This is her very first festival week as a Gym she will not disappoint Janice.
  1590. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Phoebe sprite from R/S/E.
  1592. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  1593. ==============
  1595. Leader Silvia [Level 35] - "The Daughter of Fire."
  1596. (Ponyta, Ninetales, Torkoal)
  1597. Prize: Blaze Badge
  1599. Silvia begins with Ponyta, Janice sends out her newest Pokemon Kecleon. Let's see how it does. Ponyta has speed on its side, but chooses not to attack yet...instead it uses Sunny Day. Doesn't matter that this is happening at night, what appears above the battle field is a small, bright sphere that acts like a mini sun. Silvia lets Janice know that Sunny Day boosts the power of Fire-type moves and lowers the power of Water-type moves, serves as a nice surprise for any Trainers who think they can just sweep through her Gym with a squad of Water-types. Bad move for Kecleon, whom Janice had taught Water Pulse...but it has other moves to try out, so she's not completely discouraged. Kecleon goes for Rock Tomb, but misses. Ponyta attacks with Flamethrower, a powerful move on its own but now boosted by Sunny Day it sends Kecleon's HP plummeting. Less than a quarter of health left. A symbol flashes just above Kecleon for a moment and then vanishes. The PokeDex chimes in to indicate that Kecleon's Ability "Colour Swap" has taken effect and Kecleon's Type has changed from Normal-type to Fire-type. Janice makes a note of that. She realises that she can't rush to heal Kecleon because Ponyta will only respond with another Flamethrower, which could take it out in one shot when used in a row. So she tries one of its unique moves, Astonish. Kecleon startles Ponyta with the Ghost-type move...Ponyta flinches, unable to attack when its turn comes. This gives Janice the chance to heal Kecleon with a Hyper Potion. Now that Kecleon is a Fire-type, Silvia sees that Ponyta's power move won't work she switches to Stomp. Kecleon responds with Slash. Ponyta Stomps again, this time it is Kecleon who flinches. Sunny Day's effect ends. Ponyta defeats Kecleon with one final Stomp.
  1601. With more time in battle, Janice thinks Kecleon will become a versatile member of her crew. She's down to 2 Pokemon now. Next is Nidoking. Ponyta is quick enough to attack with Fire Spin, trapping Nidoking in a vortex of fire. But the bigger Pokemon manages to send Ponyta out of battle with a Super Effective Earthquake. Silvia sends out her second Pokemon, Ninetales. It uses Will-o-Wisp, adding to Nidoking's troubles by burning it. Janice dives into her Bag...she finds a Burn Heal. Nidoking will have to hang on until the vortex disappears but its burn can be taken care of at least. The vortex continues to eat away at its HP. Ninetales has another move, Confuse Ray, confusing Nidoking. Janice calls for Sludge Bomb, but Nidoking can't focus and hurts itself when it tries to attack. Silvia won't take any chances, she'll just have to eat away at Nidoking's HP until it faints. Ninetales uses Sunny Day, bringing back the mini sun. Fortunately for Nidoking, Fire Spin's vortex disappears. Janice takes out a Hyper Potion from her Bag to heal it. Ninetales uses Flamethrower, doing more damage than normal but not enough to beat Nidoking. It snaps out of its confusion and responds with Body Slam, not only doing a lot of damage but paralysing Ninetales. It can't move in its next turn, where it could've unleashed another boosted Flamethrower attack. Nidoking has another chance and is able to put Ninetales out with Sludge Bomb.
  1603. Silvia sends out her last Pokemon, Torkoal. It picks up where Ninetales left off, blasting Nidoking with a boosted Flamethrower to take down the big Pokemon. Janice brings out Gyarados. Its "Intimidate" Ability lowers Torkoal's attack power. While Sunny Day is still active, Water-type moves will only be half as effective...but Janice has something which could help, even just a little bit - she takes out the little bottle of Mystic Water to boost Gyarados' Water-type moves. Only one is needed, she calls for Surf. The massive wall of water appeared and washes over Torkoal, who is kept safe by Protect. Sunny Day ends. That's what Gyarados needs, nothing in the way to cut through its attack uses Surf again and the move lands, knocking Torkoal out in one shot, to the shock of Silvia. With all her Pokemon defeated, the young Gym Leader yields and brings an end to the match. She congratulates Janice and presents her with the prizes:
  1605. ** Janice obtains the Blaze Badge!
  1607. ** Janice obtains the Strength Note!
  1609. She moves up to Level 35.
  1611. Janice and Silvia leave the ring and follow behind the dance procession down the mountain, going back to town. Gives the girls some time to talk. It is a surprise for Silvia when she finds out that Ryan is Janice's friend, because she has been hoping he'll challenge her again. She liked that despite the odds against him, he still fought to the end. Plus, she thinks he's quite cute (very interesting to note for Janice to note).
  1613. Back in town, the girls meet up with Ryan. He's happy for his friend and clearly didn't expect her to be with Silvia. Janice has a cheeky little the time Silvia and Ryan notice, she has vanished into the night, with a sly smile on her face.
  1615. The next day, Janice leaves the Hotel...finding Ryan waiting for her outside. Very slick move she pulled off last night, he admits but he thanks her. He enjoyed spending the rest of the time with Silvia and becoming friends with her. Once his journey is over, he told her that he'll come back to visit. For now he has to defeat her first if his journey is to continue. Janice will help him train. They make their way back to the Pokemon Research Society.
  1617. Professor Palm is happy to see that Janice defeated Silvia. She rewards Janice by giving her permission to catch and keep any one of the revived Pokemon in Area D of the Safari Zone. If they get the chance, she hopes Janice and Ryan will see the Warden.
  1619. They reach the blocked path in Area D. Janice activates the Key Flute.
  1621. ** Lairon learns Strength!
  1623. Lairon pushes aside the big boulders and clears the path. The two Trainers continue, entering the special zone-- they immediately have to hide. Just up ahead are Ace Team Trainers and they are snatching up the revived Pokemon. Ryan is aware of Ace Team thanks to what Janice has told her before. One of the Ace Trainers is going to a house nearby, he's accompanying a man in uniform. A uniform that Janice has seen being worn by Mr. Maxwell, although his was an older version. That's the Warden. She suggests that her and Ryan defeat the Ace Trainers then get to the Warden's house. Ryan likes the idea of them teaming up...but he thinks it would be better if Janice rescues the Warden while Ryan acts as a distraction. He assures her that he'll be fine.
  1625. Ryan leaves his hiding place and approaches the surprised Ace Trainers, acting like he's a tourist that has gotten lost. Janice is able to make her way past the Ace Trainers and reach the house. The Ace Trainer and the Warden turn round when she enters. Janice defeats the Ace Trainer, knocking him out. The Warden, Mr. Vance, thanks her and gets to his radio. He says he hasn't had the chance to call the Pokemon Rangers because the Ace Trainers have kept him away from the radio. Now that the Warden is safe, Janice goes back outside and helps Ryan to fight the remaining Ace Trainers.
  1627. ** Artwork for Mr. Vance, Veteran sprite from D/P/PL.
  1629. Soon the Pokemon Rangers arrive and arrest the Ace Trainers. The revived Pokemon are saved. Janice decides to pass her chance to get a revived Pokemon to Ryan, hoping he uses it to find a good Pokemon that will help him against Silvia. He is grateful and the Pokemon he catches is a Kabuto (he's pretty sure it'll make him popular with the ladies, ha!)
  1631. ** In the game version, after Ryan defeats Silvia he will return to this place with Janice and give her his chance to catch a revived Pokemon. Players will be able to come back to catch more after the events here.
  1633. SAFARI ZONE (AREA D - Special Area)
  1634. -----------
  1636. Pokemon Found [Levels 31-35]
  1637. ............................
  1638. Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith
  1639. Dive: Relicanth
  1641. Janice and Ryan spend the rest of the day training. He's ready for another round by the time night falls. He goes on to show off his new Pokemon pal and finally defeats Silvia. After the battle, they make sure Janice doesn't sneak off again. They enjoy the rest of the night together.
  1643. Then comes the next morning when it is time leave. But before Janice and Ryan depart, Silvia shows up to see them one more time. They're all friends now so she's sad to see them go. Janice is certain they'll stay in touch and will meet again down the road, with Gina, Rose and Kelvin.
  1645. End of Chapter 21 A Fiery Paradise.
  1647. [V] CHAPTER 22 - S.O.S
  1648. ======================
  1650. Janice leaves first, so that the two new friends could have some time to themselves before Ryan has to depart too.
  1652. According to the PokeNav map, she just has to continue heading west to find Route 9 and eventually make her way back to the mainland-- suddenly the PokeNav starts buzzing. Incoming call from a number Janice doesn't know. She asnwers. The person on the other end of the line is a woman and she sounds so relieved that she has finally gotten through to someone...but the line is breaking up. She's trying to warn Janice about something, and also to give her name and her location but Janice can't catch what she's saying. Wherever this woman is calling from the place is windy, a wind that seems to be getting louder and louder until the call abruptly cuts. Janice realises that the sound of the wind hasn't disappeared, next thing she is swept up by moving air. She and Gyarados are picked up from the water and carried off.
  1654. When Janice opens her eyes, she finds out that she and Gyarados are somewhere else. No sign of Merah Island or the beginning of Route 9. But ahead of them appears to be another island...this one much less of a tropical paradise and more of a sandy desert.
  1656. [011] SUNA/HANA ISLAND (Route 111/Desert theme from R/S/E)
  1657. ======================
  1659. Places of Interest
  1660. ..................
  1661. Weathered Cave
  1663. Pokemon Found [Levels 33-37]
  1664. ............................
  1665. Trapinch, Cacnea, Cacturne, Solrock, Baltoy, Vibrava
  1667. When Janice sets foot on land, the PokeNav starts to buzz. Incoming call from the woman she spoke to. This time her end of the line is crystal clear and Janice is able to communicate with her. The woman guesses correctly that Janice got swept up by a sudden rush of air and has ended up on an island of sand. She says she's coming over to Janice's location and hangs up.
  1669. Moments later a young woman, some years older than Janice, arrives from the west. Judging from the clothes she's wearing Janice can tell that she is a Pokemon Breeder. She's so happy to see another face, stating that she's been stuck on this island for a couple of days now. Each time she tries to leave, that rush of air catches up to her when she's at sea and brings her back here. Her name is Gloria, a traveling Pokemon Breeder. She had finished her work on Merah Island, checking on the Safari Zone Pokemon, and was on her way towards Route 9 when she got swept away. Fortunately she had her PokeNav with her and has been trying to make contact, but no luck until she reached Janice.
  1671. A strange island indeed, Janice checks the PokeNav map and it indicates that the island, Suna Island, is located far north of Merah Island. It wasn't shown on the map until now. Gloria doesn't know what the source of the mysterious air is, she hasn't attempted to explore the island because of the high leveled wild Pokemon. She was worried about running out of the Repels that she has left, so she has stuck to the shore area, hoping she'd see a boat or someone out in the water. Janice is willing to explore the rest of the island with her so that they can maybe learn what they can about this place. Sounds like a plan to Gloria, she'll heal Janice's Pokemon should they need to be attended to along the way.
  1673. As they move around the island they find these old stone tablets that reveal the past of the island. It was originally named Hana Island, a beautiful place covered with fields of flowers and home to the first inhabitants. They lived in peace and they were happy until the day when one of the islanders discovered a certain Pokemon. It was a Larvitar. The islanders took it in and trained it. Eventually it evolved into a Tyranitar that they couldn't keep among them because it had become so strong. Creating powerful sandstorms that destroyed all the fields of flowers and making the island a dangerous place for the people to live on. So before they left the island they succeeded in sealing the Pokemon away in a cave to the west. But it seems that over time Tyranitar only grew stronger, reaching a point where it has control over the island and is the source of the mysterious wind that has led to Gloria and Janice ending up here.
  1675. ** I'm not a fan of weather conditions in battles like Hail and Sandstorms, they make outdoor fights such a drag. But I think to fit the story here, there will be a raging sandstorm on the island in the game. Janice and Gloria find out the reason behind the sandstorm.
  1677. The two women reach the western side of the island and find the entrance to the cave.
  1679. WEATHERED CAVE (Rock Tunnel theme)
  1680. --------------
  1682. Pokemon Found [Levels 33-37]
  1683. ............................
  1684. Lunatone, Graveler, Onix, Golbat, Mawile, Wynaut
  1686. They descend several levels, clearing away rocks and moving boulders until they get to the bottom, where they find Tyranitar. It is not too happy to see them, given that the last people it saw sealed it down here many, many years ago now. It is at Level 45. Gloria is shocked, stating that normally Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar at Level 55. This one grew up incredibly fast. She realises that Janice won't be able to do this alone despite being the better Trainer between them so she steps up to team up with her.
  1688. >>BOSS BATTLE<<
  1689. ===============
  1691. Tyranitar [Level 45] (Rock/Dark) [Sand Stream]
  1693. Together they are able to subdue Tyranitar. Janice and her team move up from Level 35 to Level 38 for their efforts.
  1695. Then it is time for a couple of Pokemon to reach their final forms of evolution. Janice and Gloria stare in amazement as Pidgeotto, Bayleef and Combusken start to glow brightly and transform. They have one last happy look at their good friend Janice before disappearing behind the a shield of light.
  1697. ** Congratulations, Bayleef has evolved into Meganium!
  1698. ** Congratulations, Combusken has evolved into Blaziken!
  1699. ** Congratulations, Pidgeotto has evolved into Pidgeot!
  1701. Janice can't contain her joy as she welcomes the new faces. She looks at her long time pal Pidgeot, now a big beautiful bird. No longer the tiny winged Pokemon that would fly up to her bedroom window everyday to hang out with her after school. They've really come a long way and Janice is so proud. Gloria is overwhelmed as well, not expecting to be around to witness multiple evolutions like this. She congratulates them all.
  1703. Gloria decides to take Tyranitar with her. She would like to try raising it in a much better environment, where it won't be sealed away and left behind. That probably added to its anger. When she and Janice exit the cave they notice how the atmosphere around them has changed. The island is peaceful again. Maybe over time flowers will grow back on it.
  1705. ** When they exit the cave, the sandstorm will have disappeared since they captured Tyranitar.
  1707. It is late in the afternoon when they leave the island. Gloria has her Pokemon Lapras to travel with and she's glad to be on her way home. She hopes to see Janice again, if she's ever in her hometown of Triston City. They surf south until reaching swift moving currents that take them all the way back to the spot where they were carried off to Suna Island. Sure enough, behind them is Merah Island. Gloria says goodbye to Janice and leaves. Route 9 is ahead.
  1709. ROUTE 9 (Eastern Sea Way) [Route 27 theme from G/S/C/HG/SS]
  1710. -------
  1712. Pokemon Found [Levels 34-40]
  1713. .............
  1714. Lapras, Wailord, Dewgong, Crawdaunt, Tentacruel
  1716. Halfway along this route, Pidgeot spots something in front. Something moving across the water towards it, Janice and Gyarados. Gyarados notices next and then Janice. She checks with the PokeDex when the 4-legged Pokemon comes into full view and stands before them - it is identified by the PokeDex as a Shiny Absol.
  1718. End of Chapter 22 S.O.S.
  1721. =============================
  1723. This is the first time Janice is seeing a shiny Pokemon out in the world. She has only heard about these very rare Pokemon, or read bits of information in school textbooks. The PokeDex shows side by side pictures of this Shiny Absol and what a regular Absol looks like. The Shiny Absol suddenly runs forward, looking to attack them. Pidgeot intercepts it.
  1725. ** In the game, Janice battles Shiny Absol. It is at Level 39 and cannot be caught.
  1727. >>BOSS BATTLE<<
  1728. ===============
  1730. Shiny Absol [Level 39] (Dark) [Pressure]
  1732. The battle ends as a draw. Shiny Absol backs away, turns around and takes off towards the mainland. Janice has Gyarados & Pidgeot follow it. As they carry on westward though, a fog rolls in from that direction. Shiny Absol is still visible, so the team presses on until finally getting to the shore. They are just in time to see the Disaster Pokemon dart off south into another sea. A sea of trees.
  1734. AARON WOODS (Can't decide...Illex Forest or Viridian Forest theme)
  1735. -----------
  1737. Pokemon Found [Levels 34-40]
  1738. .............
  1739. Absol, Misdreavus, Murkrow, Duskull, Shuppet, Sableye
  1741. What slows Janice and Pidgeot down here are the inhabitants of these woods. They are just as surprised to see them as Janice and Pidgeot are to see the Pokemon that hide in the shadows. Janice sends out Alakazam and Gardevoir to help clear the way as they continue the chase.
  1743. They make it through to the end, unable to catch up to Shiny Absol. But it has led Janice to the outskirts of a new place. Considered the oldest city in the entire region, home to all the information about Petra and also the home of Gloria...and Ace Team Leader Andre.
  1745. [012] TRISTON CITY - "The Elder City." (Anistar City theme)
  1746. ==================
  1748. Places of Interest
  1749. ..................
  1750. PokeCentre
  1751. PokeMart
  1752. Gym
  1753. Triston City Library
  1754. Silent Tower
  1755. Andre's House
  1756. Gloria's House
  1757. Pokemon Research Society (Triston City Branch)
  1758. [Theme: Prof. Oak's Lab theme]
  1760. The fog seems to have followed Janice and company here all the way from Route 9, which adds to the atmosphere of this city. A mix of old and new...buildings of today and those from the past. Janice sees the Library and then notices the tall ominous looking tower to the west. Shiny Absol disappears into it. So ends the chase for now.
  1762. Now that she's here, Janice decides to give Gloria a call. Gloria answers and fortunately she is back home now. She gives Janice the address.
  1764. Gloria stays with her younger brother Thomas. He thanks Janice for helping out his sister, he didn't know what had happened to her so it was quite the story she had to tell him. Janice asks the siblings if they know about the Shiny Absol and the tower. Gloria reveals that the Shiny Absol belongs to the Gym Leader Cole, it is usually seen out and about. The tower is known as the Silent Tower, a place that was built and looked after by an ancient group of sages many generations ago. Now it is looked after by Cole and his Gym Trainers. He can tell Janice the full story of the tower. After Janice is done with the Gym, Gloria hopes she'll come back to the house. She'll have a gift ready for her, as a way to thank her for the Suna Island rescue.
  1766. Janice heads for the Silent Tower.
  1768. SILENT TOWER (Dark Cave theme from G/S/C/HG/SS)
  1769. ------------
  1771. She is met at the entrance by a Gym Trainer who lets her know what's what here: Cole and the Gym Trainers have Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon. The battle against Cole is a 3 vs 3 match. Most of the Trainers' Pokemon were caught here in the tower, because there are some wild Dark and Ghost-types that challengers will encounter as they make their way up the floors. There are 5 floors above the ground floor. Good luck.
  1773. Pokemon Found [Levels 35-40]
  1774. .............
  1775. Gastly, Misdreavus, Duskull, Shuppet, Grimer[Alola Form]
  1777. It is not a pleasant climb. After fending off the wild Pokemon (after a couple of jump scares), Janice has to deal with the Gym Trainers before she can ascend. By the time she finally gets to the top floor, she has moved up to Level 39.
  1779. In the center of the room up here is a large symbol that has been carved into the ground. A voice chimes in from the opposite side, saying that the symbol represents the Psychic type. It is on that spot where the sages of old would sit and train their minds and cultivate their mental powers together with their Psychic-type Pokemon. The person speaking steps forward and introduces himself as the Gym Leader Cole. He is a few years older than Janice's big sister Janet. He's glad that Janice made it here, getting through the fog and Aaron Woods. He hopes she won't think too badly about the wild Pokemon she encountered there, they meant no harm. There's a story behind why the woods are inhabited by so many Ghost and Dark-types...there's a story behind the Psychic symbol...there's a story behind the Silent Tower as well, but there'll be time to tell those stories after the battle, that is IF Janice can defeat him.
  1781. ** Artwork wise, Falkner sprite from G/S/C/HG/SS.
  1783. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  1784. ==============
  1786. Leader Cole [Level 39] - "The Dark Inheritor."
  1787. (Sableye, Duskull, [Shiny] Absol)
  1788. Prize: Shade Badge
  1790. Janice and her team take down the trio. Cole congratulates her and awards her with the prize.
  1792. ** Janice obtains the Shade Badge!
  1794. Moments later he begins to tell his stories. Starting with the Silent Tower: some of the sages had intended to use their awakened psychic abilities for communication purposes, to understand Pokemon better and perhaps learn from them, how they view the world and everything around them. But there was a growing faction within the group that had other ideas - they were going to use those psychic powers to control Pokemon. One Pokemon that they targeted was a legendary one, which they tried to summon first. They failed many times, year after year...until one sage succeeded. She summoned the legendary Diving Pokemon Lugia, but couldn't control it. She wasn't strong enough. This led to Lugia going on a rampage around this area, destroying the city and almost going on to destroy the rest of the region. One of Cole's ancestors performed a counter summoning, calling forth a legendary that could square up against Lugia and end the chaos - the Rainbow Pokemon Ho-oh. The rampage stopped, Lugia regained its senses and left the Petra region together with Ho-oh.
  1796. Cole's ancestors and the remaining sages who weren't part of the faction were left to help the people rebuild Triston City. The faction sages disappeared before they could be apprehended. Nobody has heard from them since, but this tower is a lasting reminder. Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon were brought here by Trainers over the years to protect the area from any remnants of those sages that would've reappeared. The wild ones in Aaron Woods and those found here in the tower are descendants of those first Pokemon.
  1798. Janice admits that she has never heard about any of this. Cole says that most people don't know because it is a dark chapter of Petra's history. Only those who truly seek for the information will find it, which is why there exists the Triston City Library. A lot of records about Petra's history are stored there...but Cole doubts that the details about the sage faction and the summonings of Lugia and Ho-oh are part of those records, because that might cause the public to panic. Next stop for Janice is the Library.
  1800. She takes in this new information as she leaves the tower. It is true, nothing about it was brought up in school during History classes. It is early in the evening now but the Library is still open.
  1802. TRISTON CITY LIBRARY (Verdanturf Town theme)
  1803. --------------------
  1805. Row after row of sturdy shelves filled with books...and there are stairs going up to a second floor where there are more shelves. Still plenty of people here when Janice enters the building. The intern working at the reception desk welcomes her and asks how he can help. Janice tells him that she wants to see Andre's mother (she doesn't know her name) takes the intern a moment to realise whom Janice is referring to and he directs her to the second floor. Lana, Andre's mother, will be in her office.
  1807. Janice finds the office, the door is open and Lana sees her coming in. After Janice introduces herself, Lana opens up.
  1809. ** Artwork wise, Pike Queen Lucy sprite from Emerald.
  1811. She's the Head Librarian here, not an easy task given the volume of information stored here, but she's got good assistants so she can afford to give tours to any visitors that may stop by. Janice has shown up just as Lana is preparing to finish her day and head she invites Janice over for supper. They just need to pass by the Pokemon Research Society to pick up her husband Mason first.
  1813. They leave the Library and get to the P.R.S building. Lana introduces Janice to Mason.
  1815. ** Artwork wise, Norman sprite from R/S/E.
  1817. He works for the P.R.S as one of the archivers, looking after and restoring older records before they are moved Library. Not exactly a glamourous job but he enjoys it. The three of them then go on home. During supper the parents express how proud they are of Andre. First he began with Ace Team and now he's travelling around the region challenging the Gyms. The last time they spoke to him he had just defeated Vince in Fran City.
  1819. Janice talks to them about the information that she received from Cole and hopes the parents could shed more light given the jobs that they have. Lana confirms that the information exists, all the records about the sages and the summoning events are kept in the Restricted Section of the Library. Only with permission from the Head Librarian can someone access the Restricted Section. Janice asks why is the information restricted, shouldn't the public be able to access that important information freely? Mason agrees with what Cole said about the chance of a panic happening if people knew about that event, even though it happened several generations in the past...but there's another reason why that information is kept out of public access - to keep people from getting crazy ideas like trying to summon legendary Pokemon. He believes that there could be people out in the world who would attempt to carry on what the sages were doing if they found out how.
  1821. After supper, Janice leaves Andre's home. His parents hope the best for Janice on her journey and if she happens to see Andre again, she should pass their greetings to him. She returns to Gloria's house, where she'll be able to spend the night.
  1823. The special gift that she has for Janice is a rare Pokemon that Gloria had been nursing back to health before she left. Now that it is well again, maybe tagging along with a good Trainer will be fun for it.
  1825. ** Janice receives an Eevee! [Level 30]
  1827. Janice is thrilled at receiving the Evolution Pokemon. She has Stones which she can use to determine its next form, but at the moment isn't sure what form she wants. Thomas suggests maybe she'll work that out in the morning.
  1829. Hours later, while everyone sleeps, Janice has a strange dream. She is in a lit cavern and is surrounded by unknown figures wearing white hooded robes. When she looks down at the ground she sees that she is standing on a symbol carved into the floor. But this symbol is not the same one she saw at the Silent Tower, the symbol for Psychic type. This symbol is of something she can identify - a wing. Not just any wing but a silver wing.
  1831. One of these people speaks to her, but their voice is muffled and Janice can't tell if they are male or female. They warn her about being too curious, because she might not like what she learns. They go on to say that not everything can be lost over time...not everything can be forgotten. What has been done before can be done again and they, the hooded figures, will succeed where the sages failed. The dream ends with Janice being told to stay out of their way.
  1833. When she wakes up the next morning, she can't remember the dream...but has the feeling of having had an odd dream.
  1835. It is time to leave town. Before she does, Janice tells Gloria and Thomas that she has made a decision about which stone she will use. From her Bag, she takes out a Moon Stone. Eevee eyes the stone with some curiosity, before it and the Moon Stone begin glowing.
  1837. ** Congratulations, Eevee has evolved into Umbreon!
  1839. ** In the game version, Eevee would evolve into Flareon (Fire Stone), Vaporeon (Water Stone), Jolteon (Thunder Stone), Espeon (Dawn Stone), Umbreon (Moon Stone), Leafeon (Leaf Stone), Sylveon (Sun Stone) or Glaceon (either naturally evolves at Lv35...or if possible, maybe by having it hold Nevermeltice?)
  1841. Umbreon moves up to the same level as its Trainer and new teammates, Level 39.
  1843. ** Umbreon learns Confuse Ray (Level 30) and Faint Attack (Level 36)!
  1845. Its Ability changes from "Run Away" to "Synchronise".
  1847. Janice thanks Gloria and Thomas for letting her spend the night at their home. They wish her good luck and hope to see her again someday.
  1849. She speaks to Cole at the Silent Tower and tells him about meeting Lana and Mason. She plans to return here to dive into those records when her journey is done. For now she is going off to challenge the next Gym. Cole tells her that the Gym is in Bluefont City. To get there she has to leave Triston City from the west and follow the mountain road north. That mountain road is also known as Route 10.
  1851. End of Chapter 23 Dark History.
  1854. ===============================
  1856. ROUTE 10 (Eastern Mountains Road) [Route 120 theme from R/S/E]
  1857. ---------------------------------
  1859. Pokemon Found [Levels 36-41]
  1860. .............
  1861. Spoink, Chimecho, Baltoy, Girafarig, Mr. Mime
  1863. Janice spots a house on the side of the road. The sign outside reads "Roadside Healer Eva." She goes inside and finds the young woman. This is basically a side gig that she does when Eva is not on duty as a nurse at the Bluefont City Hospital.
  1865. ** Artwork wise, Nurse sprite from B/W.
  1867. ** In the game version, Eva will heal your Pokemon. It is a nice nod to the old lady from R/S/E whose house was found north of the Desert, I think? She'd heal your Pokemon and if you said No to healing them again, she'd say "Dont be shy" or something like that.
  1869. Even though there's plenty of room in the big city, she prefers living here outside the city. There's peace and quiet, no "rush hour" atmosphere that is present in town. While she checks on Janice's Pokemon, another visitor arrives. It is a teenage girl, same age as Janice, and she's accompanied by what looks like a security team duo. Man and woman in suits and shades. The girl is in a fancy looking high school uniform. She greets Eva, then Janice...looks at Eva, then back at Janice...and it is at this point where she recognises Janice as the Trainer from the Gym battle videos (it had certainly been a while since Janice met someone who knew about those, ha). The girl introduces herself, Portia. She's a senior at an elite high school just outside the city, Burnside Academy. Eva understands that she's here to have her Pokemon checked on before going off to school.
  1871. ** If Portia could have an Encounter theme it would be the Girl Trainer Encounter theme from FR/LG.
  1872. ** Artwork wise, Lass sprite from D/P/PL.
  1874. Janice is surprised to learn that high school children already have Pokemon before they graduate. Portia explains that at her school, students receive their Starters when they become seniors. Over the remaining months of their school time, they can catch more Pokemon and train them. Then comes the day when they graduate. A tournament is held to crown the top graduating student among the participating seniors. Janice asks Portia if they are allowed to challenge the Gyms. The school girl takes out a small jewelled case from her blazer pocket and opens it for Janice. Inside the case are Gym Badges. 6 that Janice also has...then a 7th that she doesn't have, yet. Portia identifies it as the Light Badge, which she won recently from the Bluefont City Gym Leader Samuel. She is one of a few seniors currently who have this Badge and now there is competition among those students to determine which of them will be the first one to challenge for the 8th Gym Badge before the graduation tournament.
  1876. After Eva completes the check up on Janice's and Portia's Pokemon, Portia asks Janice if she would like to come along and see the school. It is close to Bluefont so no stress about distance. Janice won't mind. They leave Eva's house and take a ride to the Academy in a limo. Janice finds out more about Portia. Her family built the Academy many generations ago and over the years there has been a Burnside family member serving as the Principal. In the current generation, it is her father who is in charge. The expectation from her family is that someday Portia will follow tradition and become Principal. But the girl has other ideas - one of those ideas is of traveling with her Pokemon just like Janice. Seems exciting. Turns out that not everyone at the Academy shares the same idea...most of the students have dreams of taking over their family businesses or inheriting their family's fortunes.
  1878. BURNSIDE ACADEMY (Celadon City theme)
  1879. ----------------
  1880. NOTE: Wanted to go with the St. Anne theme...I'd forgotten about the little extra sound of the ship departing haha.
  1882. The limo arrives. Waiting for Portia is a group of juniors who simply adore the girl. What a day it will be for these boys and girls, because they are not prepared for the other girl who steps out of the limo with Portia. Absolute chaos. They've seen the videos, it's her! It's her! Portia has a good laugh at this, she hasn't seen so much fanboying and fangirling since Ace Team stopped by a couple of months back. Janice does her best to keep up with Portia as they make their way to the classrooms, she's interacting with her new fans too. They make it to the seniors' area, where they are confronted by a squad of seniors...which leads to the juniors having to leave. The posh-looking girl walking ahead of the squad expresses how disappointed she is by Portia's tardiness. Portia is quick to point out that there are no classes for seniors today, she could've chosen not to show up if she really wanted to. She's only a few minutes late. The girl expects her to set a good example for the juniors, she's the daughter of the Principal for crying out loud. Janice asks Portia who this girl is...Portia identifies the girl as Yvonne - her would-be rival and heiress to the Yureon family fortune, Yvonne Yureon. Her mother is the current head of the biggest tech company in all of Petra, Yureon Corp.
  1884. ** If Yvonne Yureon had an Encounter theme it would be the Lass Encounter theme from R/S/E.
  1885. ** Artwork wise, Ace Trainer sprite from FR/LG.
  1887. Yvonne and the seniors recognise Janice. Some of the seniors do a little fanboying and fangirling of their own, greeting her, wishing her good luck and so on...but Yvonne and other seniors just look. Another senior arrives, he's happy to see Janice and thinks it's quite cool that she stopped by. He says this despite the sour look he's getting from Yvonne. This guy is Shane, her boyfriend.
  1889. ** Artwork wise, Rich Boy sprite from B/W.
  1891. Yvonne asks Portia if she brought Janice along so she can win Portia's battles for her, given that Young Lady Burnside is still behind Young Lady Yureon in the rankings among seniors. Graduation is a few weeks away and as the rankings stand, Yvonne is next in line to challenge for the final Gym Badge. Out of a total of 20 seniors at the Academy, only 6 seniors have 7 Badges...they include Portia, Yvonne and Shane. Only seniors who have 7 or all 8 Badges can compete in the graduation tournament. Portia tells Yvonne that Janice is only here as a guest. So Yvonne turns to Janice and asks her if she has the 7th Badge. Not the best question for Janice right now...but she doesn't have that Badge. Shocking news for the seniors except Portia. Yvonne finds this to be hilarious...this is the girl that students have been going on about day in, day out and now it is revealed that she's not even on the same level as Portia. Yvonne has had enough, she turns to leave and the squad follows. She will not recognise Janice until she has the Light Badge. Janice is annoyed by this.
  1893. Outside the Academy, Portia apologises to her for what happened. Janice is okay now, she will definitely come back with that Light Badge and the two of them will deal with Yvonne. She leaves the Academy and enters Bluefont City.
  1895. [013] BLUEFONT CITY - "The Modern Metropolis."
  1896. ===================
  1897. [Slateport City theme]
  1899. Places of Interest
  1900. ..................
  1901. Bluefont City Hospital
  1902. Bluefont Department Store
  1903. Gym
  1904. Yureon Corp.
  1905. Petra Power Plant
  1906. Petra TV Station
  1907. Ace Team HQ
  1908. Bluefont Underground
  1909. Samuel's Apartment
  1910. Burnside Mansion
  1912. Tall skyscrapers shadow the busy streets below as Janice has a look around. Busy people going about their business. Clearly much busier than Holder City when there was the movie premiere hype. Two random people approach Janice, but both of them are trying to promote major sales. One guy is carrying a flyer from the Bluefont Department Store and the other guy has a flyer from the Bluefont Underground. Janice takes both flyers, because she'd visit both places anyway.
  1914. ** In the game version, the idea would be that each place has items that the other doesn't have. The theme for both places would be the R/S/E Game Corner theme.
  1916. While Janice is completing her tour of the Dept. Store, there's a sudden power outage. Moments later the emergency generators kick in and things stabilise. One of the storekeepers assures Janice that this happens every once in a while because some pesky wild Pokemon will have gotten into the Power Plant and tripped something. Normal power will be restored very soon. Janice finds this to be quite curious, so she decides to investigate.
  1918. PETRA POWER PLANT (Battle Factory theme)
  1919. -----------------
  1921. When she gets to the Power Plant entrance, the security guard stops her. She lets him know that she's a Trainer and heard about the trouble here at the Power Plant.
  1923. ** Am thinking that in the game version, there's a battle against the security guard because he'll assume she's an intruder at first...then after the battle he realises that she's a Trainer and lets her through.
  1924. ** Artwork wise, Officer sprite from G/S/C/HG/SS.
  1926. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  1927. ==================
  1929. Security Guard Simpson [Level 39]
  1930. (Arcanine, Granbull)
  1932. Inside, she finds employees running about trying to fix things. One of them sees Janice and goes to her. From him she learns that some wild Pokemon from Route 11 are causing trouble in the area where the generators are. There are staff members battling them but they could use any help that's available. He shows her the stairs leading to the generator area. While she's helping against the wild Pokemon, he'll try to contact Samuel.
  1934. (Generator Area) Pokemon Found [Levels 36-41]
  1935. ..............................
  1936. Voltorb, Elekid, Magnemite, Grimer, Koffing
  1938. Janice battles her way to the other employees. She finds a good Electric-type to catch, thinking it would be better traveling with her than being a bother here - an Elekid (Level 36).
  1940. The employees are dealing with the evolved forms of the wild Pokemon she's encountered, no wonder they are struggling. Just in time, Samuel shows up. He's happy to see a fellow Trainer here, so they can team up. He'll handle the Poison-types while Janice sorts out the Electric-types.
  1942. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Lucian from D/P/PL.
  1944. The wild Pokemon are finally chased away and normal power is restored.
  1946. ** Elekid evolves into Electabuzz [Level 39]
  1948. Samuel thanks Janice for helping. They leave the Power Plant and have a chat. Janice is aware that he is the Gym Leader, but is shocked to hear that he also juggles 2 other major jobs: working here at the Power Plant and working for Yureon Corp.. He's proud to reveal that he is the creative genius behind the very useful Storage Disc, having been inspired by the legendary PokeManiac from the Kanto region Bill who developed the Pokemon storage system and his counterpart in the Hoenn region Lanette. As he's going on, his PokeNav starts buzzing. He can tell that it's his boss calling from Yureon Corp. so he has to get back there. But now he has a challenger...
  1950. He decides to give Janice something, a special Key Card that has the Yureon Corp. logo on one side. Samuel tells her to use it in the elevator at Yureon Corp., it will take her straight to the boss' office on the top floor, that's where he's going. (The highest floor reached by the elevator normally or by the stairs is the 4th Floor).
  1952. ** Janice receives Key Card!
  1954. With that, Samuel leaves. Janice still has plenty of time, it is late morning now. Might as well go get that Light Badge.
  1956. ** In the game version, players can visit the Bluefont City Hospital. Aside from healing their Pokemon, they will encounter members of the hospital staff who will battle them. Nurses, cleaners, janitors, maybe some off duty doctors and some of the patients. A couple of the on-duty nurses could ask if Janice met Eva. Same theme as any PokeCenter in R/S/E.
  1958. ** There's a guard outside the Ace Team HQ, Janice can't go in just yet.
  1960. YUREON CORP. (Battle Tower theme from R/S. Different from Emerald one)
  1961. -----------
  1963. The place feels high tech, with an electric vibe in the air. The lady at the front desk welcomes Janice and lets her know what's on each floor.
  1965. ** I think it would be a nice nod to previous games if Janice meets employees here who used to work at other major companies like Silph Co. and Devon Corp. The former Silph Co. people talk about being there during the Team Rocket era and still remember when a certain red-capped Trainer showed up and cleaned house. The former Devon Corp. employees notice Janice's PokeNav and that brings back memories of when the first generation PokeNavs debuted on the market.
  1967. She gets to the elevator and steps in. There's a slot for the Key Card near the buttons for each floor. She puts in the Key Card and the elevator moves up. When the doors open, she is just outside a swanky looking office. The security woman standing by the open door approaches her to send Janice back into the elevator, but a voice from the office tells the woman that it's okay, Janice is expected. She apologises to Janice and lets her through.
  1969. The office is big, with large windows looking out at a sea of office buildings. Standing by the big desk ahead of Janice are Samuel and another woman, the source of the voice. Just from seeing her, Janice already knows who she is - she looks like an older version of Yvonne. Samuel introduces the older woman to Janice, Mrs. Yureon - Head of Yureon Corp..
  1971. ** Artwork wise, Veteran sprite from B/W.
  1973. She asks him to confirm if this girl is his new challenger. He does and so he is hoping to be excused. Once the Gym battle is done and everything, he will rush back here. Mrs. Yureon wonders when doing 3 jobs will finally catch up to Samuel...someday he will have to choose one over the other two...she hopes he won't choose poorly. He responds saying he likes all 3 jobs, even though they keep him so busy. Thanks to them, he is able to support himself and his for now, he'll continue to do all 3.
  1975. After a thought, Mrs. Yureon leads Samuel and Janice to a balcony just outside the office. There are steps going up to the helicopter pad on the rooftop. Since Samuel has a challenger, they're obviously going to need a place to have the Gym here they are. Samuel goes into Gym Leader mode, explaining that this will be a 4 vs 4 match. By now he is sure that Janice figured out that he specialises in Electric-types. Battle time.
  1977. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  1978. ==============
  1980. Leader Samuel [Level 42] - "The Man of Lightning."
  1981. (Manectric, Magnezone, Lanturn, Raichu)
  1982. Prize: Light Badge
  1984. After the battle, Mrs. Yureon applauds them both. It had certainly been a while since she witnessed a good battle and this one impressed her. Samuel presents Janice with her prizes:
  1986. ** Janice obtains the Light Badge!
  1987. ** Janice obtains the TM24 (Thunderbolt)!
  1989. She moves up to Level 40.
  1991. Mrs. Yureon understands now why Samuel wants to continue doing these 3's because all 3 jobs need him. He does well helping out at the Petra Power Plant, he has been an important person to have here at Yureon Corp. and the city needs a good Gym Leader. He fits the profile.
  1993. Before she leaves, Janice tells Mrs. Yureon about meeting her daughter Yvonne earlier at the Academy. Now she's going back there to battle her and teach Yvonne a lesson or two. Her mother knows Yvonne too well, not surprised that once again she has let her arrogance get the best of her. Mrs. Yureon hopes Janice will sort her out. Outside the building, Samuel says if Janice returns, she will find him at his apartment. It's almost lunchtime...he doesn't want to miss what his wife will make.
  1995. Janice returns to Burnside Academy, where Portia and some students are happy to see her again. They go on to locate Yvonne and her friends. She can't hide her shock when Janice flashes the Light Badge at her. They are on the same level now, right? Shane offers a thumbs up. Janice came here to teach Yvonne a lesson, so she challenges her to a battle. She will team up with Portia against Yvonne and any partner of her choosing. Shane joins his girlfriend without being asked, knowing that she isn't going to want anyone else anyway. 2 Pokemon per person. Then Janice adds a major stipulation: if she and Portia win, Portia will move up the rankings to tie with Yvonne for Rank #1. At a later date the two girls will then battle each other to determine which of them will be Rank #1 and next in line to challenge for the 8th Gym Badge. The students are stunned. Yvonne takes a moment to think this over, then she counters with her own stipulation: if she and Shane win, Portia will have to forfeit her spot in the graduation tournament...even if by then, she has all 8 Gym Badges. Janice turns to Portia, asks her if she agrees to both stipulations. Portia hesitates a little, weighing both...until she agrees to the stipulations. The battle begins.
  1997. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< (Double Battle)
  1998. ==================================
  2000. Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 40] Rich Boy Shane [Level 39]
  2001. (Pidgeot & Kingler) (Loudred & Scizor)
  2002. VS
  2003. Rich Girl Portia [Level 39] Rich Girl Yvonne [Level 39]
  2004. (Granbull & Delcatty) (Golem & Gallade)
  2006. In the end, Granbull takes down Gallade to win the match for Portia and Janice. The students cheer as the girls celebrate. As agreed upon, Portia and Yvonne are now tied for Rank #1 position. They'll decide when to have their singles battle. Shane is trying to comfort his pouting woman, but he secretly gives a "Thank you." to Janice.
  2008. Lunchtime begins at the Academy. Portia give Janice a tour of the place. They could've met her father Principal Burnside but the man isn't in his office (Out for Lunch).
  2010. Janice says she's going back into town to finish exploring. Portia can't thank her enough, she gives Janice her phone number and lets her know that when she's done, Janice can call her and the limo will pick her up. Portia would like her to be the house guest tonight. Janice accepts the invitation.
  2012. Back in town, she locates the residential area. Dominated by apartment complexes. She gives Samuel a call to get the address to his place. When she arrives, the man introduces her to his young family: wife Mary and baby boy Quentin. With the money he has made over the years from doing the 3 jobs, Samuel was able to buy the complex they stay in. If anyone is in need of a place to live, they are free to find an apartment here. If they want pay rent or help maintain the complex by other means e.g. fixing things around the complex, they can. He's not worried about money. Mary just hopes he doesn't overwork himself sometimes. It doesn't matter if she's able to be a stay-at-home mom/wife, with or without a regular nanny, Samuel's wellbeing is first.
  2014. After lunch, Samuel and Janice leave. He's going back to work. Whenever Janice is in Bluefont City again, she can come visit.
  2016. Next stop for her, the Petra TV Station.
  2018. PETRA TV STATION (Mauville City theme)
  2019. ----------------
  2021. This is where all the magic happens. All the great television shows that she remembers from her childhood are produced here. There is a big wall of TV screens that Janice checks out, showing various programmes and adverts. One screen catches her attention, showing what looks to be a live report. The man speaking into the camera is standing outside a massive building. It's a casino. He is concluding his report and sends back to the studio. The final story is an update on Ace Team Leader Andre, whose Gym challenge tour has fans keeping track of him as best as they can, hoping to see him when he comes to their hometowns. He has been on Merah Island and it is confirmed that he won the Blaze Badge last night. The young man is on a roll. Janice can't believe how much progress he's making, she's happy for him.
  2023. She explores the station, going up the floors to see what shows are currently being made. As Janice passes through one floor, someone sees her and approaches. He's a producer, super glad to see her here. No time to waste, he brings her into the studio where she just saw that final story about Andre. The news lady behind the desk, Amanda, is wondering what's going on, because they're still LIVE on the air. When she sees Janice being brought to the news desk, she smartens up and lets the viewers know. There's a special guest and it's time for a surprise interview. Janice gets to tell her story, though at this point she's sure the whole region knows her story now. Amanda asks her how she feels now that Janice has 7 Gym Badges. Only one more to go-- suddenly, there's a telephone ringing nearby. It's the studio phone. The producer answers...and immediately brings it over to the news desk. He says the person calling is on speaker phone, so that even the people watching at home can hear them. The caller is an old woman...
  2025. ** Any fans of the anime/manga One Piece, this woman speaks in the same voice as Big Mom. She is the character that I got inspiration from for her.
  2027. ...and wherever she's calling from there's all kinds of noise: loud classical music...people talking, laughing, shouting in excitement...then machines going on and off like being in a gaming arcade. The woman has been watching this interview and decided to call after hearing that this girl now has 7 Gym Badges. She congratulates Janice and then introduces herself: she is Madame Zelda, the owner of the biggest casino in the entire Petra region - The Steel Hearts Casino, which is located in the gambling paradise of the northeast, Carson City. She is also known as the 8th and final Gym Leader. She eagerly awaits Janice's challenge. *CLICK*
  2029. Silence in the studio. Amanda gets back into action and wraps up the interview. She and the producer thank Janice for stopping by after the show. Fingers crossed they will pop a TV rating with that interview.
  2031. ** Am thinking that in the game version, the theme used during the interview is the Interviewer Encounter theme from R/S/E. Then it changes to the Aqua/Magma Hideout theme during the phone call...because that theme will be used in the Steel Hearts Casino.
  2033. Out on the streets, Janice is taking in what just happened. On region-wide television, the final Gym Leader called her and is waiting. Her PokeNav starts buzzing, startling her. Incoming call from a number she knows well. Someone she hasn't seen since they left Percival City to start their journeys. It's one of her friends, Kelvin.
  2035. ** His Encounter theme is the Rival Silver Encounter theme. Best Rival Encounter theme ever...??
  2037. After watching that interview, he just had to call his pal Janice and give her props for getting the attention of the strongest Gym Leader. She should be proud of herself. Janice playfully snaps at him, so glad to hear from him again (last time they spoke was after the Gym battle with Caroline). Kelvin is doing fine, he lets her know that he'll be waiting for her in Carson City.
  2039. Some time later, Janice is ready and she calls Portia. Sure enough, the limo rolls by to get her. Portia is inside, done for the day and heading home. Yup, she also saw the interview and did all her fangirling back in school, so Janice doesn't have to worry about the girl busting out now in the limo. She says even Yvonne needed to sit down for a while after watching. Cherry on top.
  2041. BURNSIDE MANSION (Verdanturf Town theme)
  2042. ----------------
  2044. The mansion staff are waiting to greet Young Lady Burnside when the limo arrives. Portia welcomes Janice to her home. Janice has memories of being in Caroline's Mansion back on Lexa Island. The girls find Mrs. Burnside in the garden behind the house. She's happy to have Janice join them, and yes, even Mrs. Burnside saw the interview. Mr. Burnside returns home a few hours later, finally meeting Janice and thanking her for helping out Portia with some training.
  2046. That night unfortunately, Janice has the same odd dream. This time, the hooded person that spoke in the previous dream adds one new piece of information - a new summoner has been chosen and they are being groomed for their major role presently. Again Janice is told to stay out of the way.
  2048. And again when she wakes up the next morning, she can't recall.
  2050. The limo stops in town to drop off Janice. The girls will stay in touch and meet up whenever they can. The limo drives off and Janice is ready to leave the big city. All preparations are done-- her PokeNav buzzes. Incoming call from an unknown number. Who is it this time? She answers...the girl speaking on the other end tells Janice to come to the Ace Team HQ. This voice she recognises. Been a while, Ace Team Elite Konami.
  2052. ACE TEAM HQ (Silph Co. Theme)
  2053. -----------
  2055. The guard blocking the entrance is nowhere to be found when Janice gets there. Inside, she detects the atmosphere feels strangely familiar to her but she doesn't understand why since this is the very first time Janice has stepped into this building. There's nobody at the front desk, nobody in the lobby. The PokeNav buzzes, Konami again. Before Janice can question her about what's going on, Konami simply tells her to reach the top floor. No point using the elevator, because Konami went ahead and disabled it. There are 5 Floors in this building.
  2057. So Janice takes the stairs. When she gets to the 1st Floor, she is ambushed by a crew of Ace Team Trainers. Not attacking her because they know who she is but as if they were just commanded to do so. She gathers her team together and takes on the Ace Trainers. After defeating them, she explores the floor to check for more. When she finds none, she ascends the stairs. Same thing happens when she reaches 2F, then 3F and 4F. But she pulls through and gets to 5F, with a step up to Level 41. What she makes note of is the use of Psychic-type Pokemon by all the Ace Trainers. All the Ace Trainers she has battled before have used teams with variety.
  2059. Janice enters the main office on 5F, finding Konami. But she's got a weird aura about her this time, not the usual snotty, aggressive girl Janice remembers. Still, she is glad that Janice made it. Nothing less from the Trainer who has been contacted by the final Gym Leader. Janice demands to know what's going on. Where is everyone else, the staff, the other Ace Team Elites? What happened to the Ace Trainers? Konami answers, but with the voice of someone else. Suddenly, a hooded figure appears next to Konami. Janice has that familiar feeling, like she has seen this person's outfit before somewhere..but can't remember where. The hooded figure reveals that thanks to Konami being so easily pliable, they were able to inflitrate the Ace Team HQ and have some fun. Sadly the other Elites weren't around so the "grunts" that Janice had to take care of had to do. The stranger tells Janice that she can either join Konami or step aside. Janice sees that she'll have to take on "Konami" and hopefully make her snap out of this.
  2061. ** The Encounter theme for the hooded figure is the PokeManiac theme from R/S/E.
  2063. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2064. ==================
  2066. Ace Team Elite Konami [Level 41]
  2067. (Honchkrow, Houndoom, Magmar, Mightyena)
  2069. When Konami is defeated, the hooded figure is disappointed. They had high hopes for Konami, maybe she could've been set on a path greater than Ace Team-- the office door opens, in walks the other Ace Team Elites Olivia, Leonard and Godfrey, followed by a few Ace Team Trainers. The hooded figure, seeing that their fun has been spoiled, teleports away, leaving a fainted Konami to be caught by Janice before she hits the floor. Olivia doesn't understand what's going, seeing Janice here only adds to her confusion. Leonard and the Ace Trainers help Konami out of the office while Janice tells Olivia and Godfrey what happened.
  2071. Godfrey suggests that they contact Andre right away, it is possible that Ace Team is being targeted by another group. They'll need to be prepared. Olivia leads Janice out of the building and thanks her for the help. Olivia wonders if the Ace Trainers that Janice has encountered on her journey are linked to that hooded figure they just saw. This is Janice's chance to tell Olivia about dealing with the Ace Trainers in the Safari Zone. Olivia confirms that she found out about them and those people are no longer part of Ace Team. She apologises for that. As Janice leaves, Olivia wishes her good luck for that last Gym.
  2073. In the afternoon, Janice leaves Bluefont City. She sees Portia, Eva, Samuel and Mrs. Yureon before she does.
  2075. ** I'm thinking that in the game, Mrs. Yureon will give Janice a Lucky Egg when players go back to see her again after the Ace Team HQ event. Makes sense now since she's going to take on the final Gym.
  2076. ** The theme for Ace Team HQ after the Konami event is the Mt. Chimney theme.
  2077. ** You can go back to the Generator Area of the Petra Power Plant to find those wild Pokemon again if there are any that players may want to catch but didn't during the PPP event.
  2079. End of Chapter 24 Power & Prestige.
  2082. ============================
  2084. ROUTE 11 (High Roller Road) [Route 110 theme from R/S/E]
  2085. --------
  2087. Pokemon Found [Levels 37-42]
  2088. .............
  2089. Beldum, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Plusle, Minun
  2090. [Water]: Luvdisc, Seadra, Slowbro, Cloyster, Starmie, Azumarill
  2092. The route moves away from the eastern mountains and meets northeastern coast. Long route, but it gives Janice and Pidgeot time to reflect. Here they are, only hours away from the home of the final Gym. They left Percival City together with the aim of finding adventure and seeing the world around them. Meeting people, meeting Pokemon, getting stronger and learning as much as they can on the way. Most of the Trainers they find on this route are also heading to Carson City and are going through the same feelings as Janice and Pidgeot. But everyone is ready and they will give it their best shot.
  2094. It is in the evening when Janice sees the lights of Carson City reflecting in the skies above it.
  2096. [014] CARSON CITY - "The Gamblers' Dream." [Vermilion City theme]
  2097. =================
  2099. Places of Interest
  2100. ..................
  2101. PokeCenter
  2102. PokeMart
  2103. Gym
  2104. The Steel Hearts Casino
  2105. The Persian Palace
  2106. Gambler Franky's House
  2108. There are signs everywhere that Janice sees as she walks into town, promoting various places of fun and entertainment. So many shows going on, performances, live Pokemon battles between famous celebrity Trainers etc. She hopes she'll find the time to have a good look around.
  2110. She makes her way to the big building right in the middle of Carson City. The same big building she saw that reporter standing outside of - The Steel Hearts Casino. Quite the marvel now that Janice can see it in person. She approaches its double doors entrance, only to be stopped by the bouncer who asks if she's lost. Janice shows him her 7 Gym Badges, she's not lost. She wants to see Madame Zelda. The bouncer understands, but he says she can't enter unless she also has a Coin Case. Janice begins to ask him why she needs a Coin Case and where she can get one, when the double doors slide open. Out walks Kelvin.
  2112. He assures the bouncer that the girl is a friend of his and walks with Janice away from the casino. Janice is happy to see him again, a familiar face in a new place. She asks him why does she need a Coin Case. Kelvin explains that it will be needed to keep special token coins that work as currency in the casino. You trade the coins for rare items or rare Pokemon. The Coin Case is also used to store these - he shows Janice his Coin Case. Inside among some token coins are 4 unique ones. Janice examines them. Each coin has a playing card suit design on both sides. Green coloured Spades, blue coloured Diamonds, yellow coloured Clubs and red coloured Hearts. He knows the man who can explain further, same man gave Kelvin a Coin Case - Gambler Franky.
  2114. They arrive at Franky's home, where they are met by a young woman. Her name is Nina and she is Franky's younger sister. The man hasn't returned home yet, even though it is night time now. Her guess is he's at the bar found in the Persian Palace. Janice and Kelvin head there. Another beautiful building, a place that also serves as a hotel, game centre, restaurant, concert venue, theatre and so on.
  2116. THE PERSIAN PALACE (Battle Palace theme from Emerald)
  2117. ------------------
  2119. The two friends find the bar. The bartender informs them that Franky was here but he left for the theatre to catch a performance.
  2121. They find the man in the theatre, watching a woman on the stage. She is wearing a ceremonial dress and the traditional dance she is performing reminds Janice of Silvia. Franky is amazed, he tells her and Kelvin that the woman is the last active member of a famous group of performers known as the Kimono Girls. They were from a city in the Johto region called Ecruteak. The other ladies retired, but this woman performs here nowadays.
  2123. Franky asks Kelvin how did he do...Kelvin says he didn't succeed, but managed to win the 4 suit coins. He introduces Janice to Franky and the man starts explaining the significance of those 4 suit coins-- when a small group of Trainers enters the theatre. They are looking for Franky because they were told that he gives out Coin Cases. This is true, but the problem is he only has one Coin Case left tonight. He looks around at the Trainers, asking them who will get it? Janice realises what she'll have to do here...she steps up and challenges the Trainers.
  2125. Moments later, the Trainers are backing down and leaving the theatre. They'll contact Franky about the Coin Cases tomorrow. He is impressed by Janice taking on those Trainers, the last Coin Case goes to her.
  2127. ** Janice obtains the Coin Case!
  2129. Franky invites Janice and Kelvin to his home for supper and if they'll need a place to stay. As Franky and Kelvin walk out, Janice is called to by the Kimono Girl. Her name is Sayo. She also saw the battle Janice had against the group of Trainers and thinks she can help her prepare for the Gym battle. Sayo tells Janice to meet her at the beach along Route 11 tomorrow morning.
  2131. ** Kimono Girl Encounter theme for Sayo.
  2133. Back at his home, Franky gets to continue his explanation: The Steel Hearts Casino also serves as the Carson City Gym. Trainers looking to challenge the Gym will need a Coin Case in order to enter. It not only works as a pass but it keeps the token coins they win from playing the casino games or defeating Gym Trainers. The strongest Gym Trainers are known as the 4 Suits and each of them occupies a floor, serving as gatekeepers. Defeat a Suit, you move up. Defeat all 4 Suits, you gain access to the top floor where Madame Zelda awaits. It makes sense now for Janice, when Franky spoke to Kelvin and asked him how he did, he was asking about battling Madame Zelda. Franky goes on, revealing who the 4 Suits are and which floors they occupy:
  2135. 1st Floor: "Spades" Seagle [Level 46] (Rock/Ground-types)
  2136. 2nd Floor: "Diamonds" Danielle [Level 47] (Poison-types)
  2137. 3rd Floor: "Clubs" Carlito [Level 48] (Bug-types)
  2138. 4th Floor: "Hearts" Heather [Level 50] (Dragon-types)
  2140. ** Team Magma Encounter & Magma/Aqua Battle themes for the 4 Suits.
  2142. Each Suit uses a team of 4 Pokemon. Janice then asks about Madame Zelda. Kelvin tells her that Madame Zelda uses 4 Steel-types...and she is at Level 52. What?! Franky notices Janice's level and shakes his head. She will have to get super serious if she wants to take down the 4 Suits. Focus on them first.
  2144. He knows Madame Zelda and the casino well, because that used to be the location of the original Gym. Franky was the Gym Leader of this city, until Zelda arrived and defeated him for the Gym Leader title. For years he was very bitter about that loss, but he made peace with it because he no longer had to deal with all the pressures and stress that comes with being the final Gym Leader. Now he's been able to carry on and live his life, looking after Nina. To Zelda's credit, building the casino and being the Gym Leader is what led to Carson City booming.
  2146. Franky lets Janice know that there are always Trainers to be found around town, so she would do well to battle as many of them as she can.
  2148. ** In the game version, I'm thinking that the Trainers can be battled more than once, just like the Gym Trainers at the Steel Hearts Casino.
  2150. The next morning, Janice goes back to Route 11 and meets Sayo. The woman comes out here every morning to prepare for the day. Janice is welcome to join her as part of her training. As the last active Kimono Girl, Sayo acquired her former teammates' famous Pokemon and she still trains them. On the day Sayo decides to retire, she will release the Pokemon out into the wild. The training begins.
  2152. ** Sayo could also be battled more than once.
  2154. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2155. ==================
  2157. Kimono Girl Sayo [Level 44]
  2158. (Espeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Sylveon, Glaceon)
  2160. It is in the afternoon when Janice enters the Steel Hearts Casino. Thanks to training with Sayo and finding other Trainers to battle during the rest of the morning, she has moved up to Level 45.
  2162. The 2 Pokemon that were left to reach their final evolutionary forms had their chance to shine. Snorunt and Lairon.
  2164. ** Congratulations, Snorunt evolved into Glalie at Level 42!
  2165. ** Congratulations, Lairon evolved into Aggron at Level 42!
  2167. THE STEEL HEARTS CASINO (Team Aqua/Magma Hideout theme)
  2168. -----------------------
  2170. ** In the game version, these are the Pokemon available at the casino:
  2171. 1F
  2172. --
  2173. Porygon
  2174. Mareep
  2175. Castform
  2176. Togepi
  2178. 2F
  2179. --
  2180. Paras
  2181. Smeargle
  2182. Unown
  2183. Bulbasaur
  2185. 3F
  2186. --
  2187. Squirtle
  2188. Charmander
  2189. Totodile
  2190. Chikorita
  2192. 4F
  2193. --
  2194. Cyndaquil
  2195. Mudkip
  2196. Treecko
  2197. Torchic
  2198. Chansey
  2199. Eevee
  2201. It is packed with people, Trainers, non-Trainers, staff etc. Janice meets Kelvin, on his way up to the top floor to try again. He's glad to see that she's making progress. She takes the stairs and arrives on the 1st Floor. The Gym Trainers here use Rock and Ground-type Pokemon just like their boss.
  2203. ** In the game version, there's no EXP gained from battling the Gym Trainers but you will earn token coins for beating each of them. All the Gym Trainers on each floor must be defeated to "unlock" the Suit in charge.
  2205. She cleans house and "Spades" Seagle is notified. He's heard all about Janice from the Boss Lady and was given a simple instruction - send Janice home.
  2207. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Sidney sprite from R/S/E.
  2209. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2210. ==================
  2212. "Spades" Seagle [Level 46]
  2213. (Donphan, Sandslash, Probopass, Onix)
  2215. Janice wins. Seagle accepts his loss, to the surprise of his Gym Trainers. The girl beat him fair and square. He steps aside and grants her access to the next floor. Janice thanks him, but she is done for the day. She will return tomorrow to take on "Diamonds" Danielle. When the time comes for Janice to meet Madame Zelda face to face, there must be no doubt about her victory over the Gym Leader.
  2217. ** Janice obtains "Spades" Suit Coin!
  2219. That night, Janice shows her prize to Franky, Kelvin and Nina. It's only the first step but it is an important one. No good news for Kelvin still.
  2221. The next morning, Janice joins Sayo again and then battles some Trainers. She moves up to Level 47.
  2223. After going over the Poison-type Gym Trainers on the 2nd Floor, she is taken to the VIP lounge where "Diamonds" Danielle has been waiting.
  2225. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Karen sprite from G/S/C/HG/SS.
  2227. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2228. ==================
  2230. "Diamonds" Danielle [Level 47]
  2231. (Arbok, Seviper, Crobat, Swalot)
  2233. The woman yields and gives Janice her prize.
  2235. ** Janice obtains "Diamonds" Suit Coin!
  2237. Day 3. Bug-types are as good as gold on the 3rd Floor. Janice arrives, she's at Level 49 this time.
  2239. "Clubs" Carlito likes having a good time, but this Janice girl has spoiled his party by beating all his Gym Trainers.
  2241. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Flint sprite from D/P/PL.
  2243. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2244. ==================
  2246. "Clubs" Carlito [Level 48]
  2247. (Shedinja, Beedrill, Pinsir, Ledian)
  2249. He figures he'll party harder next time. For now, Janice has proven herself to him and earned his signature Suit Coin.
  2251. ** Janice obtains "Clubs" Suit Coin!
  2253. Only one Suit stands between her and Madame Zelda. The temptation to just take the elevator up to 4F is strong. But Janice has to restrain herself. The strategy she's been using these past few days has brought her this far. Keep at it.
  2255. On Day 4, Sayo and Janice have a surprise visitor while they're training. Franky likes what he sees, having discovered where Janice has been doing her training. The results have certainly shown that the training is working. He approves.
  2257. Janice arrives on the 4th Floor that evening. She is at Level 51 now.
  2259. Power certainly rests on this floor. Janice realises that she should be prepared to spend some time here because these Gym Trainers all use Dragon-type Pokemon. They won't make reaching "Hearts" Heather easy.
  2261. The 4th and final Suit applauds Janice after she defeats the last Gym Trainer. She and the Boss Lady have kept track of Janice's progress over the past few days. Now that she has made it this far, Heather hopes Janice will not disappoint.
  2263. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Lorelei from R/B/Y/FR/LG.
  2265. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2266. ==================
  2268. "Hearts" Heather [Level 50]
  2269. (Kingdra, Flygon, Dragonite, Salamence)
  2271. It's a stiff fight indeed, but Janice's team prevails. Heather and her Gym Trainers congratulate her. She kept at it, step by step, floor by floor and has made it now--
  2273. The elevator doors open. Heads turn in that direction. Out walks Kelvin, looking tired but relieved. In his palm is something shiny that the Gym Trainers and Heather identify right away - the last Gym Badge.
  2275. End of Chapter 25 The Final Gym.
  2278. ===============================
  2280. Janice goes over to celebrate with her friend, even though he just wants to lie down and sleep till tomorrow. Heather and her crew are happy for him, he had become such a regular face here at the casino. Now he has all 8 Gym Badges. He can qualify for the Petra League.
  2282. Janice and Kelvin return to Franky's house. The old man is very happy to hear that they both made major strides today. This calls for some celebrating...but Nina can see that Kelvin wants to rest, so she leads him to one of the guest rooms. Franky asks Janice what will she do now. She has defeated all the 4 Suits. Nobody stands in the way. The night is still young, will she continue? There's a knock at the front door.
  2284. Nina goes to answer it. Franky wonders who that could be. Nina lets the visitor in and comes back to the lounge where Franky and Janice are. Sounds like there's more than one visitor. Nina tells Franky that there are Trainers here who are looking for Coin Cases. Janice's eyes widen in delight as the Trainers enter the lounge - Gina, Rose and Ryan! They are just as stunned to see her here. It had been a while, especially for Gina and Rose. Janice introduces her friends to Franky and Nina.
  2286. They move to the room where Kelvin is resting and the reunion begins. Ryan tells Janice that he met up with the girls in Bluefont City several days ago. After they all got the 7th Badge they left together. Good thing they got here while Janice and Kelvin were still around. One of their own now has all the Gym Badges, that's really awesome. Gina asks Janice when she's going to challenge the Gym...a voice from outside the room chimes in saying he is hoping to hear the answer to that question too. Franky. Janice looks at him, then her friends and then the 8th Gym Badge. She decides that she will do it tonight. Her friends being here and reuniting with her has put Janice in a great mood...enough to fire her up. Franky likes the sound of that.
  2288. He and Janice leave for the Steel Hearts Casino.
  2290. The Gym Trainers and the 4 Suits are surprised to see the old Gym Leader with Janice. They are aware that he's the one who gives out Coin Cases these days, but it has been a very long time since Franky last set foot in the casino. Here he is now accompanying the next challenger to the top floor.
  2292. The top floor is a large ballroom with a battle field in the middle. Standing on the other side of the room is the grizzly old lady herself.
  2294. ** Artwork wise, Socialite sprite from B/W.
  2296. Madame Zelda didn't expect to see a very familiar face...she would've prepared something special to mark the visit. Franky is flattered but his business here is very brief. He tells her that as an old school gambler, he has placed all his bets on his young friend Janice...and is quite certain that tonight, Madame Zelda will have lost to two challengers. Back to back. The lady has a good laugh as Franky leaves, wishing Janice all the luck in the world.
  2298. Zelda welcomes Janice to the casino and by extension, the 8th and final Gym. She heard all about how the girl took on all the Suits, one per day and slowly grew stronger. That was rather clever. But it is not enough. Madame Zelda tells her that she's been around for a very long time, seen all kinds of Trainers and defeated each and every one of them. They just weren't good enough. She admits that there were Trainers who stood out, who made an impression on her. Franky is one of them. Then there's also Janice's big sister Janet...Janice's mom Judy and Janice's dad Michael. Madame Zelda is amused by the look of shock on Janice's face. Yes, she has known who Janice was from the time the Gym video made the rounds, of her facing Caroline. Janice has a striking resemblance to a young Judy. What ties Janet, Judy and Michael together is the fact that eventually they each defeated Madame Zelda, after trying again and again. They went on to do great things...Janet became the Gym Leader of her hometown, while Judy and Michael are former Petra League Champions. Now it is Janice's time. She cannot run away. Madame Zelda asks her one question: will this be their first and only battle...or is this just the first of several?
  2300. >>GYM BATTLE<<
  2301. ==============
  2303. Leader Madame Zelda [Level 52] - "The Lady of Steel."
  2304. (Mawile, Steelix, Metagross, Dugtrio [Alola Form])
  2305. Prize: Grey Badge
  2307. Despite the pressure that eats away at her, Janice doesn't back down and gives as much as she can take. Zelda's team is relentless, they fight hard and almost force her to quit. But Janice carries on and strikes down the final Pokemon. It is done. Madame Zelda accepts her defeat and presents Janice with the last Gym Badge.
  2309. ** Janice obtains the Grey Badge!
  2311. She can't help but smile and shake her head in playful disbelief when Franky's words play back in her mind. That old gambler bastard was right. Madame Zelda congratulates Janice for winning and confirms that she has obtained all 8 Gym Badges. Her eyes must now look towards the next challenge - the Petra League. She tells Janice to come back here tomorrow with Kelvin, there are some important items that they'll need from her.
  2313. Janice moves up to Level 53.
  2315. Janice thanks the Boss Lady and leaves. She is met by cheers from the Suits and the Gym Trainers as she passes through each floor. She did good. Outside she's ambushed by her friends. Franky, Nina and even Kelvin are here too. It is a good night to celebrate, maybe he'll rest a little bit later.
  2317. Next morning, Janice meets up with Sayo at their training spot. She can't thank Sayo enough for helping her prepare. Sayo is looking forward to seeing how Janice will do in the Petra League. When she's in the neighbourhood sometime, she should come by the theatre and see a performance.
  2319. ** If possible, in the game version Sayo presents Janice with an Expert Belt.
  2321. Soon afterwards, Janice and Kelvin are with Madame Zelda. She hands them each a ticket. It is for a ship that will arrive at the Percival City in a few weeks. That ship, the S.S. Victory Road, will ferry them to Indigo island to the south from Percival. The headquarters of the Petra League are located on Indigo Island. The Petra League Championship tournaments are held there. Only 20 participants can compete in the tournaments. Janice finds this to be odd, 20? By the time the ship arrives there will be plenty of Trainers with all the Gym Badges, way more than 20. Madame Zelda adds that by the time the ship reaches Indigo Island there will be 20 Trainers who have qualified. This is because during the voyage, a special event will be conducted...a "survival game" where the weakest Trainers will be weeded out until the best 20 remain. Unbelievable.
  2323. ** Janice receives the S.S. Victory Road Ticket!
  2325. The two friends rush back to Franky's house to share the information with the others. There's no time to waste. Gina, Rose and Ryan spend the next few days training with Janice and Kelvin. They defeat the Suits and go on to pass over the wall that is Madame Zelda. All 5 friends have all the Gym Badges and each has a ticket.
  2327. On the last day, they say goodbye to Franky and Nina, thanking them for being wonderful hosts. Nina hopes they'll see each other again maybe after the Petra League. The old Gambler lets them know that he is here should the friends ever need anything.
  2329. As the friends travel along Route 11, someone appears on the road ahead of them. They teleported here. Janice is face to face with Ace Team Leader Andre. Quite the surprise. He's happy to see Janice and meet her friends, they're leaving and he's arriving. He thanks Janice for helping Konami back at the Ace Team HQ. The girl is doing okay now. No luck yet finding out who that hooded figure was or which group they represent, but Ace Team is on high alert. Andre congratulates the friends for having all the Badges, he'll see them again in the Championship tournament. With that, he's gone.
  2331. End of Chapter 26 That Old Gambler.
  2333. End of the East Petra Arc.
  2335. Now begins the Petra League Tournament Arc.
  2338. ==================================
  2340. Janice tells her friends about what happened at the Ace Team HQ. It's really strange that there's another group which has started targeting Ace Team. She wonders if this group is from within Ace Team, because maybe that would account for the Ace Team Trainers she has encountered so far. Ryan remembers the ones they dealt with in the Safari Zone. If there's a way the friends can help Andre and his team, Rose wants to find it.
  2342. They would've taken their time going back to Percival City but seeing as they've only got a few weeks left before they'll have to board the ship, they decide to return home swiftly. Friends, neighbours and family welcome them back. Everyone is proud. Not too long after this, the training begins.
  2344. Those last few weeks go by in a blur. During this time, Janice is contacted by 3 people who help her train.
  2346. The first to contact her is the old man in Carson City, Franky. He figured he'll round up his old team together and help Janice prepare for the Petra League. Consider it as one more gamble.
  2348. ** Franky's Encounter theme is the Gambler/Gamer Encounter theme from R/B/YFR/LG. Same Sprite.
  2350. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2351. ==================
  2353. Gambler Franky [Level 56]
  2354. (Spinda, Tropius, Hitmontop, Quagsire, Electrode)
  2356. Second to contact her is Gloria. She has gone back to see the newly restored Hana Island and invites Janice over. With the Petra League around the corner, she offers to face off against Janice in a friendly match.
  2358. HANA ISLAND (Fortree City theme)
  2359. -----------
  2361. Pokemon Found (Grass) [Levels 37-42]
  2362. .............
  2363. Bellossom, Sunflora, Roseraid, Jumpluff, Tangrowth, Exeggutor[AF]
  2365. ** There could still be a sandy area where the Suna Island desert Pokemon can be found.
  2367. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2368. ==================
  2370. Pokemon Breeder Gloria [Level 56]
  2371. (Lapras, Butterfree, Bellossom, Tauros, Whiscash, Tyranitar)
  2373. The final contact comes from Fisherman Oscar's mother Sofia, the veteran Trainer. She likes the aura of an experienced Trainer that Janice has around her now, much more visible than the last time when they saw each other. Now she wants to find out how much Janice has learned.
  2375. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2376. ==================
  2378. Expert Sofia [Level 58]
  2379. (Poliwrath, Magcargo, Hypno, Victreebel, Persian, Weavile)
  2381. When the big day arrives for Trainers to board the S.S. Victory Road, Janice is at Level 59. The friends are at their usual hangout spot, watching as the big ship approaches Percival City. The last batch of Trainers is making their way into town. The friends promise each other to get through "Victory Road" and reach Indigo Island together. They can't let some "survival game" on a ship put an end to their journeys.
  2383. They meet with their friends and families one more time and then get on the ship.
  2385. S.S. VICTORY ROAD (R/S/E Victory Road theme)
  2386. -----------------
  2388. All the Trainers are gathered on the main deck to meet the captain, Captain Farrah.
  2390. ** Artwork wise, Elite 4 Glacia from R/S/E.
  2392. She welcomes them onto her ship and congratulates them for completing the first part of their journeys. The road to the next part begins here. She goes on to tell them about the special event to select the 20 Trainers who will go on to compete in the Petra League tournament. The event will take place tomorrow. It will be a scramble race to reach this deck they are on, they will start from the lowest level of the ship. On each level there will be members of the Captain's crew present to battle the Trainers, in an attempt to slow their progress. But that's the Trainers are free to move around the ship, enjoy the entertainment and facilities.
  2394. ** In the game version there could be a Nurse and a PokeMart employee on the deck as part of the facilities.
  2396. It is still shocking for many of the Trainers to hear about this special event that they'll have to be part of. There are so many of them on the ship right now and only 20 can qualify. Janice and her friends have done their best to come to terms with it, but...
  2398. That night, Capt. Farrah speaks to the Trainers again to finalise things. They must select the 6 Pokemon which they will use in tomorrow's event. No access to the rest of their Pokemon until they are either part of the big 20 or they fail.
  2400. Morning arrives and the scramble begins.
  2402. ** What I have in mind for this special event is this: there are 4 levels on the ship. 5 when the deck is counted. On each of those 4 levels are Trainers and Sailors. You must defeat all the Sailors to move up. If you lose a match against a Sailor, you start that level again.
  2404. It isn't long before the friends are separated in the chaos. They've come prepared and they start taking on other Trainers. The Sailors become an issue when Janice is on the upper levels. She finds more of them there than she does other Trainers. Because the Sailors are there to play spoilers, she has to avoid as many of them as she can. Those that she encounters, Janice defeats them as quickly as possible.
  2406. She rushes out onto the top deck hours later, in time to hear Capt. Farrah announce that she is the 12th Trainer to make it here. Janice is relieved, despite being so tired. She joins the other Trainers and rests, while waiting for her friends. Only 8 spots remain. Having battled both Trainers and Sailors from one level to the next, Janice's level had stepped up from 59 to 62.
  2408. In the evening, Capt. Farrah addresses the 20 Trainers. It would be best for them to sleep early because the ship will reach Indigo Island tomorrow morning. The tournament starts in the afternoon.
  2410. End of Chapter 27 Race to the League.
  2413. ==============================
  2415. [015] INDIGO ISLAND - "Home of the Petra League."
  2416. ===================
  2417. (Ever Grande City theme)
  2419. Places of Interest
  2420. ..................
  2421. Petra League HQ
  2422. Indigo Stadium
  2423. Indigo Village
  2425. ** Victory Road theme also for Petra League HQ and Indigo Stadium.
  2427. Janice, her friends and the 15 other Trainers are met by an official from the Petra League when they get off the S.S. Victory Road. He gives them a tour, showing them the key places. Indigo Village is the where the Trainers will be staying for the duration of the tournament. If they need to heal their Pokemon or purchase items, they will find PokeCenter and PokeMart facilities at the Petra League HQ. For the next couple of hours they'll be free to explore the island and relax, then they will be needed at the Indigo Stadium for registration and the beginning of the tournament.
  2429. A couple of hours is all they need. Janice finds her new friends here as well - Portia, Hazel and Ricky. No surprise, Yvonne made it too and Shane, but Janice can tell that Young Lady Yureon has had quite the change in character since the last time she saw her. Shane assures her that Yvonne and Portia sorted out their differences after graduation. Neither of them managed to defeat Madame Zelda before the seniors' tournament (Janice can imagine why) but once they all got the 8th Badge, they decided to put an end to the rivalry. Yvonne apologises to Janice for how she behaved towards her and hopes maybe the two of them can start on a clean slate. A new friendship is born, Janice accepts her apology.
  2431. ** Hazel will now use the Arena Tycoon Greta sprite from Emerald, and is identified as Rising Star Hazel.
  2433. That afternoon, the 20 Trainers enter the big stadium for the opening ceremony. Crowds of spectators welcome them with cheers as the tournament participants are introduced:
  2435. From Percival City: Janice, Rose, Kelvin, Ryan and Gina.
  2436. From Graham City: Kassandra
  2437. From Debbie Town: Ricky
  2438. From Holder City: Zachary
  2439. From Vera Town: Hazel
  2440. From Fran City: Greta and Victoria
  2441. From Lake Avril: Lucy
  2442. From Kerrington Village: Oliver and Iris
  2443. From Merah Island: Brian
  2444. From Bluefont City: Portia, Shane and Yvonne
  2445. From Carson City: Simon
  2447. ...and then the superstar of this tournament steps up, representing Triston City - Ace Team Leader Andre. Janice didn't expect him to fail to qualify but it still surprises her to see him here. On the big screens, the matches are displayed for everyone to see. The participants have been divided into 2 blocks of 10 participants each. The announcer declares that the tournament will be held under the "single elimination" rule.
  2449. [BLOCK A] [BLOCK B]
  2450. ========= =========
  2451. Gina vs Kassandra Zachary vs Simon
  2452. Greta vs Oliver Rose vs Victoria
  2453. Janice vs Lucy Brian vs Ryan
  2454. Kelvin vs Iris Yvonne vs Hazel
  2455. Shane vs Portia Ricky vs Andre
  2457. Janice meets eyes with Lucy, the two exchange friendly nods...but when she looks at the matchups and sees that two of her friends will be eliminated in the first round, either Hazel or Yvonne...and then Ricky. She can't imagine the young Trainer causing an upset and defeating Andre. But to Ricky, she guesses that he's excited to be taking on the celebrity. A chance to shine.
  2459. ** R/S/E Elite 4 Encounter and Battle themes for the tournament matches.
  2461. The friends wish each other good luck as they are split up again. Gina steps onto the field with Kassandra for the first match.
  2463. (DAY 1 - MATCH 1)
  2464. -----------------
  2466. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2467. ==================
  2469. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level 61] vs Aroma Lady Kassandra [Level 61]
  2471. Gina defeats Kassandra, earning a loud cheer from her friends as she has her hand raised in victory by a referee. The next matches follow one after the other. Janice is joined by Lucy to watch them. She's a little relieved that Lucy doesn't know who Janice is because of the Gym battle videos. Lucy's parents work at the Lake Avril Hotel...they didn't want her following their footsteps of also working there, because that was their dream. They encouraged her to forge her own path, which is to be a Trainer. She hopes to make them proud, having made it so far.
  2473. (DAY 1 - MATCH 2)
  2474. -----------------
  2476. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2477. ==================
  2479. Psychic Zachary [Level 62] vs Gentleman Simon [Level 61]
  2481. Zachary eliminates Simon.
  2483. (DAY 1 - MATCH 3)
  2484. -----------------
  2486. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2487. ==================
  2489. Battle Girl Greta [Level 60] vs Camper Oliver [Level 61]
  2491. Oliver wins this one.
  2493. Rose's match comes up. She waves at Janice as she walks out, hoping to be back in time to see her match against Lucy.
  2495. (DAY 1 - MATCH 4)
  2496. -----------------
  2498. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2499. ==================
  2501. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level 62] vs Expert Victoria [Level 62]
  2503. Rose leaves the field after winning, seeing Janice walking towards her. High five shared on the way to her match.
  2505. (DAY 1 - MATCH 5)
  2506. -----------------
  2508. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2509. ==================
  2511. Picnicker Lucy [Level 62]
  2512. (Sentret, Masquerains, Forretress, Beautifly, Fearow, Kangaskhan)
  2514. Janice puts aside her new found friendship with Lucy and battles her with everything she's got. In the end, she beats Lucy and advances to the Day 2 matches. Lucy thanks her for the battle and hopes Janice does well tomorrow. The good news is Lucy and all those eliminated from the tournament are allowed to stay and watch the rest of the tournament, even the match for the Championship.
  2516. Ryan is there to congratulate Janice when she enters the waiting area beyond the battle field. He's up next and he's pumped.
  2518. (DAY 1 - MATCH 6)
  2519. -----------------
  2521. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2522. ==================
  2524. Pokemon Trainer Ryan [Level 62] vs Pokemon Ranger Brian [Level 63]
  2526. Janice can't help but smile when she realises that Ryan's opponent hails from Merah Island...which is the home of a certain female Gym Leader that he got cozy with. When he joins her in the waiting area after defeating Brian, he sees her sly smile and laughs after she tells him why. While they share the memories of their Merah Island adventure, Kelvin walks onto the field for his match. He's already looking beyond Day 1.
  2528. (DAY 1 - MATCH 7)
  2529. -----------------
  2531. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2532. ==================
  2534. Pokemon Trainer Kelvin [Level 62] vs Lass Iris [Level 62]
  2536. He returns afterwards, happy to know that he'll be with his friends tomorrow. The first hurdle cleared. Janice checks the match listing for the next battle...her mood sinks. All the next matches involve people that she considers as friends taking on each other.
  2538. (DAY 1 - MATCH 8)
  2539. -----------------
  2541. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2542. ==================
  2544. Rich Girl Yvonne [Level 63] vs Rising Star Hazel [Level 63]
  2546. It has been a while since Janice last saw Hazel. She definitely made use of her time at Foley's Dojo, being one of the Dojo Trainers and then going off on her own journey. Her team has grown as well and they do their best against Yvonne's crew...but Young Lady Yureon is just stronger. Hazel accepts her loss.
  2548. (DAY 1 - MATCH 9)
  2549. -----------------
  2551. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2552. ==================
  2554. Rich Girl Portia [Level 61] vs Rich Boy Shane [Level 61]
  2556. Shane has seen his girldfriend advance to Day 2...he knows she'll lecture him if he doesn't join her for the next round. But his opponent presents him with a stiff challenge. Him and Portia have sparred multiple times since they got their Starters back at the Academy, trading wins back and forth. She defeated him in the semi-finals of the graduation tournament and went on to defeat Yvonne in the final. He tries hard here but Portia wins. That lecture is going to be LONG...
  2558. It is early evening now as everyone gets ready for the last match of the day. The fans of Ace Team are in attendance and they make their presence known as Andre walks onto the field to meet Ricky. Janice can only watch.
  2560. (DAY 1 - MATCH 10)
  2561. -----------------
  2563. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2564. ==================
  2566. Youngster Ricky [Level 62] vs Ace Trainer Andre [Level 63]
  2568. Janice remembers the match she had with Ricky, her "Starter" Pokemon friend Pidgey vs his very first Pokemon friend Growlithe. Even though she defeated him, she hoped that it was only the first of many, many battles ahead that he would have. Sure enough, he's had many, many battles since that day and he has grown to be a fine Trainer with a fine team. Growlithe is now a majestic Arcanine and together they actually give Andre some resistance for some time. Enough to get more and more people on Ricky's side to counter the Ace Team fans. In the end though, even as Andre's hand is raised by the referee, Ricky gets the approval of the crowds across the stadium for his efforts. He shakes Andre's hand and walks off the field to let the Ace Team Leader bask in his victory.
  2570. End of Day 1.
  2572. End of Chapter 28 The Tournament.
  2574. [ZC] CHAPTER 29 - ROUND 2
  2575. =========================
  2577. Janice spends the rest of the evening with her friends. Despite the results, they choose to enjoy their time together and look forward to what tomorrow will bring. Ricky now has something he can tell his friends when he returns home, something he can brag about to all the Ace Team fanboys and fangirls back in Debbie Town - he got to battle one on one with the top guy of Ace Team in a Petra League Tournament match and have a good showing. He won't let the loss get him down. Same for Hazel, she got to square off with the Yureon Heiress and put up a fair fight. All that's left for her is to train harder.
  2579. Day 2 follows. This time Janice will be in the opening contest, taking on Oliver.
  2581. (DAY 2 - MATCH 11)
  2582. -----------------
  2584. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2585. ==================
  2587. Camper Oliver [Level 62]
  2588. (Slowbro, Huntail, Azumarill, Blastoise, Starmie, Mantine)
  2590. When Janice sees him up close, the resemblance is uncanny. Fancy meeting one of the children of her friend Fisherman Oscar here. Oliver tells her that he qualified with his younger sister Iris, but she's out of the tournament now.
  2592. In the end, Janice wins. She hopes he'll stick around, so they can chat and catch up. The next match begins, Portia faces Zachary.
  2594. (DAY 2 - MATCH 12)
  2595. -----------------
  2597. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2598. ==================
  2600. Psychic Zachary [Level 62] vs Rich Girl Portia [Level 62]
  2602. Much later when Portia gets to sit down and talk with Janice about this match, she still won't understand what exactly happened. She is on a roll throughout the match, looking set to win...until Zachary pulls out a shocking win right at the end. She believes that she must've lost focus towards the end, even though she remembers clearly that she had the advantage.
  2604. (DAY 2 - MATCH 13)
  2605. -----------------
  2607. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2608. ==================
  2610. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level 62] vs Pokemon Trainer Ryan [Level 62]
  2612. Janice, Kelvin and Rose are together to watch this one. They may have come into this tournament aware that sooner or later they could be facing each other, but it doesn't make watching their friends battle any easier. Gina proves to be the stronger one between them. Ryan has no regrets, he gave this match his all.
  2614. (DAY 2 - MATCH 14)
  2615. -----------------
  2617. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2618. ==================
  2620. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level 63] vs Rich Girl Yvonne [Level 63]
  2622. Rose is pretty excited to be facing the Yureon Heiress. She knows Yureon Corp. and enjoys using their tech products. So she makes sure to showcase her team against Yvonne. An evenly matched contest between them, which ends with Rose on top. Yvonne's tournament adventure ends but she's more motivated now to try again in the future, together with Portia and Shane.
  2624. Evening rolls in, it's time for the last match of the day. Andre is in the main event again and this time he battles Kelvin. This one will be interesting for Janice and her pals to see.
  2626. (DAY 2 - MATCH 15)
  2627. -----------------
  2629. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2630. ==================
  2632. Pokemon Trainer Kelvin [Level 63] vs Ace Trainer Andre [Level 63]
  2634. Honestly, the only thing Kelvin knows about Ace Team is that they have a massive fanbase. He's just not aware of the work they do to help Trainers...if the time was there, he probably would've talked with Andre about his group. But that will have to wait for another day. Andre recognises him as one of Janice's friends. The match is enough of a clash to keep the crowds in the stadium on their feet, again divided between fans of Ace Team and those who like Kelvin more as the match goes on. He is defeated in the end when his last Pokemon Feraligatr faints, unable to take down Andre's final Pokemon Xatu. Another great battle to close out the second day of the tournament. Kelvin takes his loss with some experience he has obtained from this match. He won't have a Day 3 but now he can support his friends from the sidelines.
  2636. Then the announcer has some important news to share with everyone: because there are now 5 participants left, tomorrow will see one of those Trainers sitting out the Day 3 matches. The 5 Trainers are called back to the field. Janice, Rose, Gina, Zachary and Andre. The announcer has a simple box with them, containing 5 little tokens that are numbered from 1 to 5. Each of the Trainers gets to draw a token from the box and look at the number they got. The announcer asks the Trainer who drew token #5 to step forward...they will be the one to sit out tomorrow.
  2638. Not sure whether to be happy or sad about not having to compete tomorrow, Janice steps forward.
  2640. End of Day 2.
  2642. End of Chapter 29 Round 2.
  2644. [ZD] CHAPTER 30 - DAY 3 & DAY 4
  2645. ===============================
  2647. She's in the waiting area looking at the match listing on a screen the next afternoon. Gina is in action first.
  2649. (DAY 3 - MATCH 16)
  2650. -----------------
  2652. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2653. ==================
  2655. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level 63] vs Psychic Zachary [Level 63]
  2657. Gina wasn't there when Portia spoke to Janice about battling Zachary. Had she been there, she would've heard about what Portia experienced...and perhaps try to figure out why it happens to her here. Gina looks to be doing well against Zachary, until the end where Zachary makes a comeback and defeats her. Another one of Janice's friends is out of the tournament. But this is just the first of 2 matches going on today. Match 17 will be the evening showdown.
  2659. (DAY 3 - MATCH 17)
  2660. -----------------
  2662. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2663. ==================
  2665. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level 64] vs Ace Trainer Andre [Level 64]
  2667. Having defeated Yvonne Yureon, it's not surprise that Rose is on a bit of a high. To her that is a major win and tonight she meets the Ace Team Leader. Her friend Kelvin wasn't victorious during his match yesterday, but Rose is determined to keep her little winning streak going and go through Andre to reach the semi-finals. He proves to be a wall too high for her to go over, a wall too strong for her to go through. Janice and Gina are there to welcome back their friend when she enters the waiting area. The streak is over. They decide to leave the stadium and find the other friends so they can spend the rest of the evening hanging out-- there's an announcement. Janice is needed out on the field immediately. She asks Gina and Rose to wait while she finds out what's going on.
  2669. Back in the stadium, Janice is met by the announcer and the crowds who have stayed to also see what's happening. The announcer confirms that there are only 3 tournament participants remaining now: Janice, Andre and Zachary. But in order to have the Day 4 semi-finals, there needs to be 4 participants...and so Janice, who sat out today's matches, will get to draw out a name from the box. It contains the names of all the other Trainers who were eliminated from the competition. One of them is about to get a 2nd chance and might even be matched up against Janice tomorrow, who knows. Janice goes over to the box and puts her hand in...she feels around through the tokens for a few seconds. Will it be one of her friends or one of the other Trainers? Lucy, whom she battled on the first day? Oliver, son of Oscar? Maybe even his sister Iris? She pulls out a token and looks at the name written on it, eyes widen as the announcer reveals the name to everyone:
  2671. Youngster Ricky.
  2673. Moments later the young Trainer rushes onto the field from the waiting area to meet his friend and share a hug as the news travels through the crowds and they realise that he's back in the tournament. He did his best against Andre on Day 1 but was defeated...and now his name has been drawn, giving him one more shot. This gets them excited and they gladly express how they feel. The announcer makes it official, these are the final 4 who will compete in the Day 4 semi-finals - Janice, Zachary, Andre and having been brought back into the tournament, Ricky.
  2675. Afterwards, Janice, Rose, Gina and Ricky meet up with the others. They were just going to hang out before turning in for the night, but they decide to have a small celebration gathering for Ricky. He can't believe it either as he talks with Janice. After his match against Andre he thought that was it for him. Tomorrow will be interesting, not just for Ricky but for Janice too. They could be facing either Zachary or Andre...or each other.
  2677. Hours later. There's a noise that wakes up Janice. It seems to be coming from outside her guest house in Indigo Village. She gets some of her Pokemon and leaves to investigate. Outside she finds Zachary, and he's surrounded by 3 people wearing the same robes with hoods as the intruder who controlled Konami at the Ace Team HQ. Zachary sees Janice exit the house, but before she can reach him the hooded strangers turn around to confront her. Janice stops and asks him to explain...and maybe confirm if he is linked to the HQ intruder. He ignores her questions and just tells her that he is only in this tournament to play his role. He adds that Janice should stay out of their way. Then they all teleport away. Janice is disturbed by what has happened, one of the tournament participants is linked with this group that's targeting Ace Team...and with Andre being in this tournament as well, is Zachary going to do something to him tomorrow? Janice hopes she'll be able to reach Andre in time to warn him.
  2679. End of Day 3.
  2681. Day 4 arrives.
  2683. Unfortunately for Janice, the only chance she gets to see Andre is when the 4 Trainers are on the field in the morning. It has been announced that the semi-finals will take place right now. The 2 winners of those matches will then advance to the final match which will happen in the afternoon. From the final, the last remaining Trainer meets the current Petra League Champion tonight in the Championship battle to conclude the tournament. A major surprise for many people, who had assumed that there would be a Day 5 for the final and the title match. But no, today is the last day of the tournament. The semi-final matches are listed on the big screens...Janice is still trying to think of what to do now, when she's called to by Ricky. Their match is starting right away.
  2685. (DAY 4: SEMI-FINAL 1)
  2686. ---------------------
  2688. Youngster Ricky [Level 62]
  2689. (Arcanine, Ambipom, Dewgong, Ludicolo, Plusle, Gligar)
  2691. It is not the match she wanted right now...but Janice quickly realises that if it had been her vs Zachary, then Ricky would be losing to Andre again. Or if it had been her vs Andre, that would put Ricky in danger. Would he also lose in strange fashion just like Gentleman Simon, Portia and Gina? What about Andre who will be facing him after this contest? Janice cannot let Ricky down by giving him a half-hearted performance though...she does her very best to stay focused on the match, knowing that Ricky will be doing the same now that he's back in the tournament. Just like when he faced Andre, Ricky lets his whole team get chances to shine. Janice's team is kept on their toes. It comes down to Pidgeot vs Arcanine, speed vs speed, Starter vs Starter just like their previous match in an open field outside his hometown. But the one major advantage that Pidgeot has over the Legendary Pokemon is having access to the air. Arcanine could've won a battle on the ground, but it can't catch the bird and is taken down by a strong Fly attack. What started in Debbie Town has ended here with Janice declared as the winner and moving on to meet either Zachary or Andre later in the final. The crowds give her and Ricky as much cheer and affection as they can offer while the two friends embrace on the field. Janice tells Ricky how proud she is of him.
  2693. When they make it back to the waiting area, they find their friends and new arrivals - Janet, the twins, Judy and Michael. They have made it in time to see Janice advance to the final. This should be a moment for celebration, but Janice's friends can tell that something is up.
  2695. After catching up with her family, Janice gets to tell her friends about what happened with Zachary last night. Portia and Gina are upset by this, because it could mean that he used outside tactics to defeat them. They can't do anything about him now, because as the friends continue their talk the announcer calls for the start of the next semi-final. They go back to the waiting area to watch.
  2697. (DAY 4: SEMI-FINAL 2)
  2698. ---------------------
  2700. Psychic Zachary [Level 64] vs Ace Trainer Andre [Level 64]
  2702. With all the noise coming from the spectators, the words being exchanged between Zachary and Andre are unheard. Zachary's mission has not changed, he's here to play his role...and to make sure that the grooming of the "New Summoner" is completed. Andre doesn't understand what Zachary means, but he won't let the Psychic distract him. The battle between them is an even content from the start. No openings for whatever trick Zachary may have used to defeat Simon, Portia and Gina...Andre is scouting him good. Without being able to reuse that tactic, Zachary flounders in the later turns and in the end he is beaten. His plans are spoiled. Janice and co. join in the cheers from the crowds as Andre is declared the winner. The friends turn to Janice in anticipation as the final match is confirmed and listed on the big screens everywhere: Janice vs Andre.
  2704. End of Chapter 30 Day 3 & Day 4.
  2707. =========================
  2709. Janice finally gets to speak with Andre alone some time later. Away from the Ace Team fans who were hoping to spend the time before the final with him. She tells him about Zachary, also expressing how glad she is that Andre defeated him. The Psychic vanished soon after the match though, but Andre has gotten in touch with the Ace Team Elites so they can be around to keep an eye out for Zachary. He reveals to Janice what Zachary was saying to him, same line about being here to fulfill his role...and then the line about the New Summoner. Neither Janice nor Andre know what this means.
  2711. The Ace Team Elites arrive on the island an hour later. This is Konami's chance to be real with Janice, apologising for how she has behaved towards her and acting like a spoiled child. She is genuinely grateful for Janice saving her at the Ace Team HQ. If possible, maybe the two of them can start on the road to being friends. Janice likes the sound of that.
  2713. She spends the last couple of hours with friends and family. Janice and her team are at Level 65. Pidgeot is as ready she is. One obstacle they have to get past before they meet the Champion. A major obstacle in the form of Andre. When all preparations are made, Janice heads for the stadium.
  2715. Andre is on the field already, showered by chants of "Ace Team!" and "Andre!" as Janice arrives. The fans who have been keeping up with the tournament just for her are here too and the chants are split right down the middle. They wish each other good luck.
  2717. ** Champion Steven Battle theme from R/S/E for this one.
  2719. (DAY 4: FINAL)
  2720. --------------
  2722. Ace Trainer Andre [Level ???]
  2723. (Xatu, Alakazam, Chimecho, Girafarig, Solrock, Claydol)
  2725. Then the atmosphere on the battle field shifts suddenly. All the cheers, all the chants, every noise just slowly fades into the background. Janice looks around her in confusion, when she turns to Andre for answers he asks her why she can't seem to do as she's been told. He reminds her - she was told to stay out of the way. A flood of memories bursts through Janice's mind, starting with her chats with Cole, Mason and Lana...then the odd dreams she had but couldn't remember when she wakes up...the robed intruder at the Ace Team HQ...the encounter with Zachary and his squad of robed people...what Andre was told by Zachary. The last piece of the puzzle is the unique pin on the front pocket of Andre's jacket. When he notices Janice looking at it, he takes it off and holds it up to admire it. He comments that it took quite a while and quite a number of people but eventually this "pin" was put in his care. Maybe because not a lot of people paid attention to it when he wore it that he has been able to hide it in plain sight until now. The symbol that Janice saw in the cavern in those dreams resembled this "pin" - the Silver Wing.
  2727. ** I've had this battle in mind for sometime while working on this story and the main reason is that in the game version, it would be a battle Janice isn't meant to win. Even if cheat codes are used, the scene after the battle will be the same. So Andre will be at the highest level possible when players battle him. I just listed his team for those players who will use codes to check out the Pokemon he'll have.
  2729. Andre attaches the Silver Wing back onto his jacket pocket and focuses on Janice. She demands to know why all of this is going on...who is Andre, really? But he reminds her that they have a final match to be had and sends out his Pokemon. If Janice won't fight back, he'll just make her forfeit.
  2731. Janice fights back, but her Pokemon are defeated one by one by the Psychic-types on Andre's side. He reveals that he is the one Janice heard about, the chosen summoner who will succeed where the sages failed - summoning Lugia and making it accept him as its Trainer. But he had to be groomed and prepared for this role...he needed to gain power and prove himself. So he started Ace Team and gathered as many followers as he could through Ace Team's work across the region. Then he went after the Gym Badges, because he had to get stronger as a Trainer. The strongest Trainer at the moment is the current Petra League Champion, so Andre has to become the new Petra League Champion. Pidgeot remains on Janice's side as her last active Pokemon. She sees that there's no more time left, once Pidgeot is defeated the match ends. She still doesn't understand what the point of any of this is. Why now? Andre tells her that it is simple - power. That was the single reason why those sages tried so hard to summon Lugia, because it was a symbol of power. A legendary Pokemon. If you can control a legendary Pokemon, you can control every other Pokemon and by extension, you can control people...because people cannot live without their Pokemon. But Andre assures Janice that everything will be just fine under his control. Everyone will live in a world of eternal happiness with Pokemon. He calls for the final attack from his Pokemon.
  2733. Janice and Pidgeot are hit by a full force Psychic attack.
  2735. Everything goes back to normal around Janice and Andre. Well, not exactly normal. Because what everyone in the stadium has been watching is an epic battle between the 2 finalists, Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 65] and Ace Trainer Andre [Level 65]. They didn't see the one-sided match, or hear Andre tell the truth about who he is. They didn't see the big Psychic attack that knocked Janice down. What they have seen is Andre's Xatu defeat Janice's Pidgeot to end the battle. So they cheer, because a winner has been decided. Andre has won the Petra League tournament and will face the current Champion for the title later on tonight.
  2737. As for Janice, she will wake up several hours later in her guest house in Indigo Village, with her friends and family there, all glad to see she's awake. Kelvin has some good news and some bad news for her. Janice asks for the bad news first. The bad news is, she missed out on an incredible match for the title. Janice can't believe that-- but Kelvin gives her the good news, which cheers her right up - Andre is now the new Petra League Champion. This is now Andre's world. Everything is fine.
  2739. End of Chapter 31 The Final.
  2741. End of the Petra League Tournament Arc.
  2743. Now begins the Light of Lugia Arc.
  2746. ===========================
  2748. The day after the Petra League Championship match.
  2750. SACRED CAVERN (Sealed Chamber theme from R/S/E)
  2751. -------------
  2753. Petra Region Champion Andre, his parents Mason and Lana, and a small group of the robed individuals are in the cavern that Janice saw in her dreams. Andre steps forward to stand on the silver wing symbol. He has proven himself, not just to his parents but to the members of this new group that has been established to pick up where the ancient sages left off. This group call themselves the Light of Lugia. They have chosen their summoner, he is ready now. Andre places the Silver Wing on top of the symbol and lets out his Pokemon. They gather as much of their collective Psychic power as they can muster and trigger the Silver Wing. Andre calls for Lugia. Nothing happens for almost a full minute, until a pressure descends on everyone in the cave. Everyone except Andre and his Pokemon backs away from the symbol. Then the legendary Pokemon appears before them, not too pleased about being summoned to a place very far away from its home in the deepest area of the Whirl Islands. Andre takes out a Master Ball and captures Lugia with it. 100% efficiency. Having been captured like this, Lugia is forced to yield and accept Andre as its Trainer. His parents and the group members welcome the Era of Andre.
  2755. The summoning and forced capture of Lugia brings about nonstop rain across Petra. The Pokemon are the most affected, experiencing this unnatural weather condition. But the people don't seem to notice, as far as they are concerned, everything is fine. Unaware of the region wide Psychic-powered illusion that they are now under.
  2757. ** Anyone who is familiar with the anime/manga series Naruto, think of this as a massive Genjutsu technique that has been unleashed on the entire region.
  2759. Several days later.
  2761. Back in Percival City, Janice and her friends are at their usual hangout spot, despite the weather. They've returned home now that the Petra League tournament is over. Sure, neither of them won but it's okay - Andre is the Champion now. Ryan has a neat idea, how about they visit other regions? The friends like it. Janice hopes that they will be back in time to challenge Andre since he's the Champion. It'll be several months until the next Petra League tournament is held, but during those months Trainers who have all Gym Badges can try their luck by taking on the Champion directly. Rose suggets that they can travel to see other regions for a few months and then come back to challenge Andre. Perfect. They will leave tomorrow.
  2763. The next morning, the friends are all set to leave. Not even this wet weather will stop them from making their trip-- Janice's PokeNav buzzes. Incoming call. She recognises the number and answers, surprised to be getting a call from Triston City Gym Leader Cole. She tells him that the friends are just about to leave Petra...Cole sounds like he's in a hurry, he tells Janice that the trip can wait. He needs her and her friends to come to Triston right away. It's very important. Janice is a little miffed by this. They were really looking forward to going on this trip, now Cole wants them to visit him. She reluctantly agrees to see Cole and ends the call. She gives them the bad news. The friends can't believe it...BUT Gina saves them: they can see Cole, take care of whatever this important something is, and THEN go on their trip. No problem, everything is fine. Everyone cheers up and head for Triston City.
  2765. They arrive in the Elder City. Before they go to the Silent Tower, Janice stops by Gloria's house to see her and Thomas. She introduces them to her friends. The siblings watched all the tournament action and enjoyed it. Though Janice didn't go on to fight the Champion, it's okay - Andre did. That's what matters. They all agree. Janice apologises to Gloria for not staying, maybe next time.
  2767. The friends reach the top floor of the Silent Tower and find Cole, who tells them to stand on the Psychic symbol. Why? They just got here. What's this important thing that he had them travel here for? He promises to tell them everything once they do as he says. *sigh* Okay. They all stand on the weird symbol, as Cole performs a strange technique that makes the symbol glow. Janice is getting scared, she's about to step off the symbol when there's a bright flash in her head. Memories flood back to her. Facing Andre in the final tournament match...him showing off the pin that was on his jacket, no, it wasn't a pin. It was the Silver Wing. He told her everything. Then he completely wiped out her Pokemon team with his powerful Psychic-type Pokemon. After that...blank.
  2769. The Psychic symbol stops glowing. Cole checks on them, asking if they're alright. Janice remembers everything up until the big Psychic attack on her and Pidgeot. She asks Cole why are they here? What's going on? Where's Andre? Her friends are just as confused. They only remember everything up to the beginning of the match between Janice and Andre. There's a lot that needs to be unpacked.
  2771. Cole reveals that Janice and her friends had been under a powerful illusion that Andre created with his Pokemon. It has been amplified now that he has Lugia on his side, even if it's by force. Cole and his Gym Trainers here in the Silent Tower were saved because they used the Psychic symbol to break out of the illusion and figured out what has happened, with the nonstop rains and people around Triston acting like there's nothing odd going on. Cole contacted Janice because she is the one he told the story about the summoning of Lugia to. He could tell that Lugia had been summoned, because the same conditions happened when it was summoned before by that sage. But Cole didn't know who had summoned it until Janice brought up what Andre told her.
  2773. Kelvin asks Cole what do they do now. Cole says they need to summon Ho-oh, who can take on Lugia and stop the rains at least. As for the powerful illusion, they'll have to find Andre and stop him. Only Janice is aware of the Ho-oh summoning story, her friends are stunned. They didn't know about the sages or the significance of this tower that they are in or what happened in the past. Rose asks how was Ho-oh summoned in the past. Cole tells her that his ancestors had the Rainbow Wing, that's what they used. Right now the Rainbow Wing-- there's commotion down below on the other floors. Sounds of people shouting and fighting. One of the Gym Trainers enters, telling Cole that they are being attacked by Trainers with Psychic-type Pokemon. Janice and her friends get set to descend the tower to help the Gym Trainers. Cole finishes what he was saying before they leave: the Rainbow Wing is in Ecruteak City, which is in the Johto region. The sages of the Tin Tower there will know more.
  2775. ** In the game version, on each of the lower floors of the Silent Tower, players are facing Psychics, Channelers etc as they make their way to the entrance. No wild encounters this time.
  2777. Ryan asks how are they supposed to get to Johto, they don't have any tickets to board a ship from Percival City. Janice has got that covered, she knows a certain fisherman friend who has a boat they could use. She says this while realising that Oscar is among many other people still trapped in the illusion. But maybe he'll still be willing to help them.
  2779. Outside the Silent Tower, the friends are confronted by the Ace Team Elites. What a surprise. But Janice can tell that Olivia, Konami, Leonard and Godfrey are under the influence of the illusion. They were here to pick up Cole and his Gym Trainers, because Andre would like to have a little chat with them at the Ace Team HQ...but seeing that Janice and her friends are here too, maybe they can all go back to HQ together?
  2781. Kelvin tells Janice to leave her friends behind, they'll stay and deal with the Elites while she goes to Ecruteak. Janice is torn, she doesn't want to leave her friends...but someone has to go get the Rainbow Wing. She promises to be back as soon as she can and flies away with Pidgeot. The Elites go after her, and the friends chase after them.
  2783. Janice makes it to Kerrington Village. It is early afternoon now. Her friends managed to push the Elites away from her and lead them elsewhere. She goes to Oscar's house and is glad to find the fisherman present, together with his family. Oliver and Iris are home. They're surprised to see her. Janice feels a little bad, being out of the illusion. She talks to Oscar and asks him if he can transport her to Johto (she chooses not to tell him why). It's a strange request, but he agrees to go with her. His family wishes them a safe trip.
  2785. By the boat, Oscar tells Janice that Johto is to the east of Petra. At good speeds they'll reach Olivine City in a couple of hours. Janice is ready. They leave.
  2787. ** Does leaving Petra break Oscar out of the illusion? Sadly no. His mind is still connected to the illusion, no matter where he is. Connected until he is broken out of it or the illusion itself is shattered.
  2789. Meanwhile, the friends have split up to go after the Elites. Gina catches up to Konami in the middle of Rollins Forest...Rose finds Godfrey along the snowy path of Route 6...Ryan and Leonard are on the Cycling Road...and Kelvin is with Olivia on Route 11.
  2791. End of Chapter 32 The New Era.
  2795. ===============================
  2797. ** This is just a neat idea I have. In the game version, I thought it would be cool if this is when players get to play as the friends to battle the Elites. Those of you who've played them old Mega Man games, picture a selection menu like in those games. Pick a character and be transported to their location. You trigger the battles by talking to the Elites. No wild encounters. If you lose a battle, if possible, you reappear at the selection menu...but if not possible, back at your last save point. You'll have access to Janice's Bag, but not the Storage Disc PC Box...because the idea is you only battle using each friend's team. You can give their Pokemon hold items. Any hold items their Pokemon may have, you can keep for your self. If you choose a friend that has already defeated an Elite, you can go back to the selection menu either by talking to the Elite for the post battle dialogue or, if possible, by exiting the area?
  2799. The friends understand that the Elites are only acting like this because of the illusion, but if they don't stop them now they might go after Janice.
  2802. --------------
  2804. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level same as Janice]
  2805. (Swampert, Miltank, Sunflora, Linoone, Castform)
  2807. vs
  2809. Ace Team Elite Konami [Level 68]
  2810. (Honchkrow, Houndoom, Magmortar, Mightyena)
  2812. ROUTE 6 (Mt. Fraser Snow Road)
  2813. -------
  2815. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level same as Janice]
  2816. (Charizard, Breloom, Politoed, Crobat, Mamoswine)
  2818. vs
  2820. Ace Team Elite Godfrey [Level 69]
  2821. (Froslass, Cloyster, Jynx, Walrein)
  2823. ROUTE 6 (Cycling Road Southside)
  2824. -------
  2826. Pokemon Trainer Ryan [Level same as Janice]
  2827. (Grovyle, Shiftry, Ursaring, Kabutops, Primeape)
  2829. vs
  2831. Ace Team Elite Leonard [Level 68]
  2832. (Sharpedo, Tentacruel, Milotic, Slowking)
  2834. ROUTE 11 (High Roller Road)
  2835. --------
  2837. Pokemon Trainer Kelvin [Level same as Janice]
  2838. (Feraligatr, Exeggutor, Snorlax, Delibird, Machamp)
  2840. vs
  2842. Ace Team Elite Olivia [Level 69]
  2843. (Togekiss, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Mr. Mime, Ninetales[Alola Form])
  2845. After the Elites are defeated and restrained, the friends contact Cole to let him know. He suggests bringing the Elites back to the Silent Tower so that they can be broken out of the illusion.
  2847. A cut scene follows, we are outside the Ace Team HQ in Bluefont City. Andre, his parents and upper rank members of the group known as the 7 High Sages of the Light of Lugia exit the building. They still assume that the Elites are in Triston getting Cole and his Gym Trainers, not knowing what has happened. Andre gives the High Sages their mission - they are to become the new Gym Leaders in this era that he has ushered in, to gather as many Trainers as they can who will become challengers for Andre to battle and defeat. It's for the greater good, Andre has to continue growing stronger in order to maintain this great world of his. Growing stronger also means more control over Lugia, thus stabilising the weather and then most importantly - EXPANSION of the illusion beyond the Petra region. No rush, all in due time. With that, Andre and his parents teleport away. 6 of the High Sages teleport soon after, one will settle in Percival in Graham City, one in Holder City, one in Fran City, one on Merah Island and one in Carson City. The remaining High Sage goes back into the Ace Team HQ.
  2849. ** Once all Elites are defeated, there should be a message that pops up to give an update on Janice and Oscar's trip: they arrived in Olivine City later. From Olivine, Janice got on her Bike and cycled to Ecruteak, arriving there at sunset.
  2851. [016] ECRUTEAK CITY - "A Historical City."
  2852. ===================
  2854. Places of Interest
  2855. ..................
  2856. PokeCenter
  2857. PokeMart
  2858. Gym
  2859. Burned Tower
  2860. Tin Tower
  2861. Eusine's House
  2862. Dance Theatre
  2864. A city that Janice has only read about back in school or watched television shows about. Definitely she will be back to visit and go on a grand tour with her friends. Unfortunately right now, she has a job to do.
  2866. ** While story wise, Janice isn't here on a social visit...but in the game version, players will be able to explore Ecruteak before continuing on. You can't leave Ecruteak, if you try to Janice will comment that she has to see the sages at the Tin Tower. Here's what I have in mind for Ecruteak in the game version:
  2869. ------------
  2871. Leader: Sasha [Level 25] - "The True Blue Ghost Girl."
  2872. (Gastly, Haunter, Misdreavus)
  2874. ** I don't remember what levels Morty's team was in G/S/C, but I'm willing to guess it they were around the 20s. The Gym will be a regular design, like the Karate Dojo in Saffron City. When Janice arrives, Sasha will think she's a challenger at first. But Janice is not, she's from another region. Sasha reveals that Morty retired from the Gym Leader role some years ago, she is the new one for almost a year now. Following in Morty's footsteps, she also has a team of Ghost-types.
  2876. A Gym Trainer will show up with someone, a Trainer who is here to challenge Sasha. She's glad to have met Janice and lets her know that if she's looking for Morty, he is found at the Tin Tower.
  2879. -------------
  2881. ** Now home to the next generation of Kimono Girls. Here, Janice will find some Ecruteak residents and a few people from out of town who have come to watch the performance. One of the residents is a man who'll tell Janice that when he was a boy, there was an older gentleman who would be found here at the Theatre enjoying a show. To any Trainers who were strong enough to challenge all 5 Kimono Girls and win, he'd reward them with an HM that allowed Pokemon to travel across water. He jokes about not having an HM to give Janice, but he thanks her for visiting. The new Kimono Girls can be talked to, I figure it makes sense that they don't battle yet since they are new and haven't received the signature Eevee evolutions. They'll just have dialogue centered around welcoming Janice to the Theatre....this being their very first public performance etc
  2884. ------------
  2886. ** A lot has changed here. Janice finds that it has become a major tourist site, so no wild encounters like in the past (G/S/C). There's a ladder/stairs leading to the basement. Down below, she will find 3 statues of the Legendary Beasts. It would be cool if you can interact with each statue and get a description + a picture of the respective Pokemon + the sound of its cry.
  2888. This is a statue of the Volcano Pokemon, Entei.
  2889. This is a statue of the Thunder Pokemon, Raikou.
  2890. This is a statue of the Aurora Pokemon, Suicune.
  2892. Regardless of which order players interact with them, afterwards a sage will arrive and is surprised to find someone down here. He says that those statues were built some years ago as a way to honour the legends. It has been many more years since any of them have been seen running across Johto. But, there is one man who has seen one of the Beasts...of course that man is Eusine and he lives here in Ecruteak. The sage recommends paying him a visit.
  2895. --------------
  2897. ** The legendary Mystery Man himself, signature theme and everything, is home when Janice stops by. He tells her about his adventures, how he spent about a decade searching for Suicune before finally encountering it. He had heard stories about it when he was younger and it was quite the moment for him when he saw it with his own eyes. After that long quest had come to an end, Eusine decided to settle in Ecruteak. Gives him a chance to see his good pal Morty. But that thirst for adventure has never gone away, so from time to time Eusine goes off again. There are plenty of regions out there for him to see, including the one Janice hails from. He'll also let her know that she can find Morty at the Tin Tower.
  2899. MAYBE players will have the opportunity to battle him later. Just maybe...
  2901. Back to the story. Janice goes to the Tin Tower.
  2903. TIN TOWER
  2904. ---------
  2906. A Sage at the entrance welcomes her and escorts Janice to the main floor, where the Elder Sage and other Sages are present. Then it's time to tell her story. The younger Sages are in a panic after they hear everything. The Elder Sage is very alarmed, but he has to deal with this situation with a cool head. He knows of the summoning story, but never thought that someone would even attempt to summon Lugia again. He confirms that the Rainbow Wing is here at the Tin Tower and that Morty keeps it on the 10th Floor. It's a long climb, but Janice will accept the challenge.
  2908. ** For this version of the Tin Tower, Janice will encounter other Sages on each floor below the 10th one. Some are cleaning, others are meditating...then there will be those that can be battled.
  2910. She gets to the 10th Floor. The former Gym Leader sees her and says that the only people who come up here are either the Sages, the Elder Sage or his friend Eusine. Janice, a stranger from another region, being up here means something has gone wrong. She tells him why she's here, confirming his fears. Morty, like the Elder Sage, knows about the summoning story. He believes that the Sages of the past should've kept both the Silver and Rainbow Wings together here at the Tin Tower, rather than leave the Silver Wing in the deepest area of the Whirl Islands. They must've been confident that nobody would risk their lives trying to get through the massive whirlpools that surround the islands.
  2912. He understands Janice's situation and hands her the Rainbow Wing.
  2914. ** Janice obtains the Rainbow Wing!
  2916. Morty lets her pass to reach the roof. The real test awaits her there.
  2918. There is a small altar that Janice sees. Carved on top is the symbol of the Rainbow Wing. Janice cautiously approaches the altar, looking around at the view from up here. She places the Rainbow Wing on top of the symbol, pauses to look around again and quietly calls for Ho-oh. She's never does this sort of thing before, so she's not sure what to expect. Janice just makes her plea to the open dusky sky above her, assuming she is being heard. She'll need all the help she can get--
  2920. A sudden pressure descends on the roof of the Tin Tower. Janice is caught off guard, almost stumbling, but she stands by the altar and checks around. Then there's a growing sound of wings fluttering. Getting closer and closer, louder with each beat, until the massive Rainbow Pokemon flies down seemingly from out of the blue. Its radiance lights up the darkening sky above the tower, forcing Janice to partly shield her eyes and take a few steps back. She's joined by Morty, Eusine and the Elder Sage, who also cover their eyes. Morty takes out something from his pocket and offers it to Janice - it's a Master Ball. But she won't need it. She takes out a regular Poke Ball and inches forward towards Ho-oh, which looks at all of them with curiosity and a hint of suspicion.
  2922. ** In the game version, Ho-oh appears and immediately triggers a battle with Janice. Call it a way to test her. Ho-oh can't be caught during the battle, so players have to defeat it. It'll be at Level 75...maybe even 80? Too much??
  2924. >>BOSS BATTLE<<
  2925. ===============
  2927. Ho-oh (Level 75) (Fire/Flying) [Pressure]
  2929. Janice wants Ho-oh to join her by its own decision. But having told it what's going on, she can only hope Ho-oh agrees. The legend sees that she is being sincere and an all-too familiar scenario has played out involving Lugia. Ho-oh agrees to help.
  2931. ** Ho-oh has joined the Party!
  2933. It enters the Poke Ball Janice is holding out and settles in without a fuss. The men who have joined her here on the roof are beyond shocked. For Eusine, he can't believe he was here to see another legendary Pokemon (he didn't even have to leave his hometown to see it). For the Elder Sage, it has been a very long time since he last saw Ho-oh appear on top of the Tin Tower...he's quite glad he has lived long enough to see it again. Morty congratulates Janice for passing the test from Ho-oh. Now it's time to return to Petra and fix the mess that Andre and his group have created. The Elder Sage asks Morty and Eusine to go with Janice, the more help she can get, the better.
  2935. End of Chapter 33 Janice in Johto.
  2938. ============================
  2940. A couple of hours later, Oscar's boat arrives in Kerrington Village. Even though he won't know what exactly is going on, Janice thanks him for helping them. The two friends from Ecruteak are not too happy about the wet weather. They were in completely dry conditions only a couple of hours ago. But what bothers them the most is the behaviour of the people they see. Not concerned at all.
  2942. They get back to the Silent Tower, where Janice finds her friends and the Elites, now free from the illusion. If it wasn't for the current situation, this would've been a cool moment for the friends, seeing the famous faces she has brought with her. Cole is glad to see her safe and sound...before he or anyone else asks, Janice takes out the Poke Ball containing Ho-oh and gives them an assuring nod. It's time to fight back.
  2944. The Elites suggest going back to Ace Team HQ to find Andre, after being told by the friends that while they were still under the illusion, the Elites had been on a mission to take Cole with them back to HQ to speak with Andre. Everyone, except Cole, agrees that they'll go to Bluefont City together. Cole will stay in Triston City to look after the Silent Tower, as it is where the means to break out of the illusion is. Enough for Janice and her friends so they can go on to break the whole region out of the illusion.
  2946. When the squad gets to Bluefont, they find the streets busy as if it's been just another day. Maybe it's positive for them because they are able to reach HQ without anyone questioning them or bothering them. Inside the building though, it's a different story. Ace Team Trainers and Trainers under the Light of Lugia...
  2948. ** ...Channelers, Hex Maniacs, Psychics etc...
  2950. ...attack them. The Elites and the duo from Ecruteak stay on the ground floor to deal with them while Janice and her friends move up to the other floors. Eventually, Janice is the one left to reach the office at the top, where she battled a controlled Konami and met that robed intruder. Inside the office, she doesn't find Andre...but she finds that robed intruder again, who didn't expect to have Janice as a visitor. This member of the Light of Lugia group identifies herself as Nora. Now that she's under the illusion, it seems there's no reason to hide anything or skulk around in the shadows of secrecy. Janice decides to play along and pretend that she's also under the illusion, in order to get information from Nora. This confuses her, why would Janice want to know where Andre is? EVERYONE across Petra knows where Andre is - he is EVERYWHERE!
  2952. ** Artwork for the female High Sages - Fantina sprite from B/W.
  2953. ** Encounter theme for the High Sages is the PokeManiac Encounter theme from R/S/E. Battle theme is the Deoxys Battle theme from FR/LG.
  2955. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  2956. ==================
  2958. High Sage Nora [Level 70]
  2959. (Hypno, Grumpig, Chimecho, Medicham)
  2961. After the battle, Janice restrains her and has to draw out the information from Nora with a little help from Gardevoir and Alakazam's Psychic powers. Under Hypnosis, Nora reveals that Andre was indeed here with his parents. Andre is going to continue getting stronger by battling Trainers who will seek him out to challenge for his Petra League Championship title. To find challengers, he has sent out the High Sages such as herself to act as the new Gym Leaders/recruiters-- that's all Nora has. Her mind shuts down and she faints. But that's enough information. New Gym Leaders? Minus Nora here, that should leave 7 High Sages (Janice isn't aware that there are only 7). If they've been sent out to cities with Gyms, then...!! She has to contact Cole to relay the information. His PokeNav rings without being answered for several seconds. Janice is about to hang up and dial again when finally the line on the other end opens and someone who isn't Cole speaks - Lana, Andre's mother. She tells Janice that Cole and his followers have been captured. The Silent Tower is occupied by members of the Light of Lugia now. She charges Janice to find him if she can. The call ends.
  2963. Janice bolts out of HQ with everyone, telling them what has happened. She now has to go back to Triston to save Cole. The Elites will stay here and protect HQ, in case more controlled Ace Trainers and Light of Lugia Trainers show up. As for Gina, Rose, Ryan, Kelvin and the team from Ecruteak, they will have to split up and take down the remaining High Sages. That has to cut down the supply of challengers for Andre and maybe for now, keep him on ice. Janice and Pidgeot leave for Triston. The friends help Morty and Eusine by updating their PokeNavs so they have the map of Petra. Gina will go to Percival City, Rose to Graham City, Ryan to Holder City, Kelvin to Fran City, then Morty will go to Merah Island and Eusine handles Carson City. The two are told where the Gyms for Merah Island and Carson City are located. Afterwards, they all split up.
  2965. ** In the game version, this time players will get to play as Morty and Eusine too. Same deal, at the selection menu pick a character and go battle a High Sage. No Gym Trainers around them.
  2967. ** Artwork for the male High Sages - Palace Maven Spenser sprite from Emerald.
  2969. The High Sages, unlike the Elites, are not affected by the illusion. Quite the surprise for them when they are confronted by Trainers who aren't in the illusion too. Andre has to be informed right away.
  2971. PERCIVAL GYM (Rooftop)
  2972. ----------------------
  2974. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level same as Janice]
  2975. (Swampert, Miltank, Sunflora, Linoone, Castform)
  2977. vs
  2979. High Sage Ban [Level 71] (Artwork wise, R/S/E male Expert sprite)
  2980. (Espeon, Fearow, Xatu, Mr. Mime)
  2982. GRAHAM GYM (Ferris Park)
  2983. ------------------------
  2985. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level same as Janice]
  2986. (Charizard, Breloom, Politoed, Crobat, Mamoswine)
  2988. vs
  2990. High Sage Vivian [Level 71]
  2991. (Lunatone, Solrock, Victreebel, Vileplume)
  2993. HOLDER GYM (Lexa Island)
  2994. -----------------------
  2996. Pokemon Trainer Ryan [Level same as Janice]
  2997. (Grovyle, Shiftry, Ursaring, Kabutops, Primeape)
  2999. vs
  3001. High Sage Vern [Level 72]
  3002. (Slowking, Wobbuffet, Claydol, Golduck)
  3004. FRAN GYM (Fran City Stadium)
  3005. ---------------------------
  3007. Pokemon Trainer Kelvin [Level same as Janice]
  3008. (Feraligatr, Exeggutor, Snorlax, Delibird, Machamp)
  3010. vs
  3012. High Sage Shiro [Level 72]
  3013. (Medicham, Gardevoir, Alakazam, Poliwrath)
  3015. For the Ecruteak team, they're here in a new region and this should be a good time to explore it..but that will have to wait.
  3017. MERAH GYM (Mt. Moto summit)
  3018. ---------------------------
  3020. Leader Morty [Level same as Janice]
  3021. (Gengar, Mismagius, Dusknoir, Banette)
  3023. vs
  3025. High Sage Levi [Level 73]
  3026. (Alakazam, Wobbuffet, Rapidash, Magcargo)
  3028. CARSON GYM (Steel Hearts Casino)
  3029. --------------------------------
  3031. Mystical Man Eusine [Level same as Janice]
  3032. (Hypno, Gengar, Electrode, Milotic)
  3034. vs
  3036. High Sage Lauren [Level 73]
  3037. (Metagross, Mawile, Gallade, Claydol)
  3039. With the High Sages all defeated and apprehended, the scene shifts to Janice arriving back in Triston.
  3041. The search for Cole is made harder by the presence of Light of Lugia Trainers around Triston when she returns. She goes to the Silent Tower and clears it of Light of Lugia Trainers, thus freeing the Gym Trainers and together they take care of the ones around town. The Gym Trainers tell Janice that Cole was taken to the Library.
  3043. There they find some Tristan residents, making use of the Library like normal. But present among them are more Light of Lugia Trainers. Janice and the Gym Trainers split up to deal with the them. One of them drops the key to Lana's office, which they took from a Library staff member (who wouldn't have noticed since they're under the illusion).
  3045. ** Janice obtains Librarian Office Key!
  3047. She makes it to the office. Nothing out of the ordinary when Janice looks around, but why would one of the Trainers have the key to this place? It's when she interacts with one of the shelves behind the office desk that she discovers why - one of the books is a switch that makes the shelve slide to one side and expose a doorway leading to another room. In this other room are more shelves full of books, documents, sealed records and what looks like very old scrolls that are also sealed. This is the Library's Restricted Area. There's no problem with having an area for older materials that might not be open to the public...but Janice doesn't understand why this room has to be hidden away like this. She walks around, looking from shelf to shelf. Under different circumstances, she would be interested in spending plenty of time browsing through the books here. At the far end of the room is a curious looking tile in the floor. Curious because it is the only tile that's glowing and emitting a very low humming sound. Janice waves a hand over the tile, nothing happens. She places the hand on the tile and suddenly disappears from the room.
  3049. She reappears in a cave tunnel, her hand still on the tile. The tunnel is one way, stretching on ahead to a lit area where the sounds of people's voices are coming from. Janice follows the tunnel to that area and enters. She has to tell herself that this is real when she looks around, because it is the exact same place that she was in during those odd dreams. Same lights and the same exact silver wing symbol at the centre of the room. The three people she finds here stop and turn around to see her: Lana, Mason and Cole who is to the side, tied up. Cole is relieved to see that Janice got here. She gets to him and frees him. He isn't hurt. Andre's parents are not as happy, especially Lana. Janice explains that she didn't come here alone, those Trainers left in the Library have probably been defeated by now. She realises that she didn't dream of this place, she's been here before somehow. Why was she brought here? Mason tells her that it was to serve as a warning. Didn't matter where she was, she could be found, brought here and made to think it all happened in a dream. That was just a sample of what the group they belong to could do. In the end, Janice couldn't stop Andre from becoming the Champion and performing the summoning. The weather may unstable for now but as Andre settles into his role, Mason is certain that the weather will return to normal. Janice asks him why they would want this for their own son. Why? Lana says it is because as his parents, they believe in him. They believe he can make things better for everyone, bridge the divide between people and Pokemon. It starts with the Petra region, but over time he will expand his influence to the other regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, even as far as the Alola Islands and the newly discovered Galar region. But seeing that Janice, Cole and their friends have chosen to not be a part of the wonderful reality that Andre is building...Mason and Lana will have to keep them out of it.
  3051. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  3052. ==================
  3054. Veteran Couple Mason and Lana [Level 72]
  3055. (Jynx, Slowking, Lunatone, Gardevoir, Wobbuffet, Gallade)
  3057. Cole and Janice defeat Andre's parents and return to the Library with them, restrained. The friends and the Ecruteak team meet up with them at the Silent Tower. The High Sages have been defeated. What's left is to find the Champion. One place - Indigo Island, that is where Champions take on all challengers. This time Janice will go alone. She checks her Bag, checks her Pokemon team, says goodbye to her friends and heads out.
  3059. As she and Pidgeot approach Indigo Island, they see that there are no rainclouds above it. Nighttime skies are open above the island, but out at sea and beyond, the rain still falls. Janice wonders if Andre's growing power is starting to affect the weather now.
  3061. On the island, there is a festive mood. Similar to the one present when it is Petra League tournament time. There are people around, exploring the island like normal. The difference now is that there are other Trainers out and about too, all aiming to challenge Andre for the title.
  3063. ** I'm thinking that maybe in the game version, there's a mini mission of defeating a specific number of Trainers found around the Island e.g. 5. When you've defeated those Trainers, Janice will say that she's ready to face Andre. The idea is she got through those Trainers to "get to the front of the line". Or maybe there will be Trainers in the waiting area and you have to defeat all of them to "unlock" the battle against Andre. Janice won't step out into the stadium until those Trainers are defeated. She will also remind players that she must have Ho-oh in her Party before going out.
  3065. With all the challengers out of the way, Janice steps on the field. The stadium is packed with spectators, ready for the rematch. Andre is waiting on the other side of the field, really glad to see a worthy challenger show up. Janice can see that he is a very different person now from the man she battled last time. It's only been days since then but he looks like he has been away for much longer. He exudes a power that wasn't there before. A power that keeps growing.
  3067. He welcomes Janice back to Indigo Island, unaware that she isn't caught up in the illusion like everyone else. But his mood completely sours when she takes out something small from her Bag and pins it to the front of her shirt, imitating him. He wears the Silver Wing and now she wears the Rainbow Wing. As if reading each other's minds, they both let out the legends. Lugia and Ho-oh meet in the air and soar above the Indigo Stadium, seen by all the spectators and everyone around the island. She tells him that his High Sages have been dealt's just him and her now. The Champion is furious now. While the legends battle it out above, Andre and Janice's battle begins below. For the Petra League Championship and for the fate of the Petra region.
  3069. ** Battle theme for this one? How about Lorekeeper Zinnia's Battle theme from OR/AS?
  3072. =======================
  3074. Champion Andre [Level 79]
  3075. (Xatu, Chimecho, Girafarig, Solrock, Claydol, Lugia)
  3077. Janice will not be overwhelmed like last time, she is prepared for Andre here and they have themselves a proper fight. The clash of the flying legends stablises the weather across the region. The rains gradually cease and the night sky is opened as the rainclouds vanish. Andre won't be denied, not after preparing for this for so long. Everything is fine and will continue to be fine because he will keep it that way. What the people were made to see in the previous battle was Andre's Xatu defeat Janice's Pidgeot to end the match...this time, with the breakdown of illusion everywhere, the people see Pidgeot defeat Xatu to end this match. Andre is defeated and Janice is declared the winner. The new Petra League Champion. The battle between Lugia and Ho-oh ends as well when Lugia is free from Andre's control. The legends disappear.
  3079. ** Ho-oh has left the Party!
  3081. Janice steps up to Andre, who stands there like he's in a trance, and unpins the Silver Wing from the front pocket of his jacket.
  3083. ** Janice obtains the Silver Wing!
  3085. For Andre, the dream is over.
  3087. End of Chapter 34 Saving Petra.
  3089. End of the Light of Lugia Arc.
  3091. ** In the game version I think this would then be followed by the whole "Hall of Fame registration" sequence + game save + credits. Game restarts and the post-game chapter kicks off.
  3094. ==========================
  3096. A week later.
  3098. Janice is busy now that she's the Champion. Rather than spend her time going to Indigo Island to face challengers, she has decided to travel around the region to find challengers. The Petra League HQ has no problem with that...but they couldn't allow her to take on any and all challengers. Only Trainers who have all Gym Badges can challenge the Champion.
  3100. Between the night of big battle against Andre and now, a couple of key things happened. With the end of the illusion, the group known as the Light of Lugia disappeared as well. All the Trainers who were part of it have no memories of that and returned to normal society. Andre and his parents were given a little taste of their own medicine. With help from Alakazam and Gardevoir, Janice and Cole rebuilt some of the key memories that the trio had. No more following in the footsteps of the old sages and trying to summon Lugia. No more grooming their son into becoming a summoner, or grooming anyone else for that matter. From now on, Lana and Mason's main purpose is to do good by Andre and also contribute to society as best as they can through the work they do at the Library and the Triston branch of the Pokemon Research Society. As for Andre, his focus will remain on Ace Team and continuing its work of helping out Trainers around the region. Janice and Cole think that's better than banishing the family from the region.
  3102. Janice returns to Ecruteak to deliver the 2 Wings. The Elder Sage and the other Sages are elated, the 2 Wings will be kept together here at the Tin Tower. Rather than simply accept them, the Elder Sage has a neat idea. He asks Janice to take the Wings up to the special altar on the roof and place them there.
  3104. ** This is where Eusine and Morty can be battled in game version. Eusine is on the 10th Floor and Morty is on the roof.
  3106. ** Encounter theme for Morty here is the Johto Gym theme.
  3108. ** Battle themes: Johto Gym Leader theme for Morty and Suicune battle theme for Eusine.
  3110. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  3111. ==================
  3113. Leader Morty [Level 77] - "The Mystic Seer of the Future."
  3114. (Gengar, Mismagius, Dusknoir, Banette)
  3116. >>TRAINER BATTLE<<
  3117. ==================
  3119. Mystical Man Eusine [Level 77]
  3120. (Hypno, Gengar, Electrode, Milotic)
  3122. After Janice places the Wings on the altar, Ho-oh & Lugia appear before her to thank her.
  3124. Back in the Petra region, present time, there are some special challengers that have caught the attention of the new Champion. She gears up and heads out to meet them.
  3126. ** Battle theme for the matches against her friends - Friends Battle theme from X/Y.
  3129. --------------------------
  3131. Master Foley and his Dojo Trainers have gathered on the top floor to witness one of their own face the Champion. Hazel hasn't stopped training since losing in the Petra League tournament and wanted to be ready when the chance came for her to become a challenger. Janice is proud of her friend and gladly accepts the challenge.
  3134. =====================
  3136. Rising Star Hazel [Level 78]
  3137. (Farfetch'd, Wobbuffet, Quagsire, Mightyena, Hariyama)
  3140. -----------------------------
  3142. When Janice arrives at the entrance of the Academy, she finds Shane.
  3144. ** R/S/E Rich Boy Encounter theme for Shane-kun here.
  3145. Now that he has graduated, he's at the point where he can figure out what do next in life. One idea is to travel with Yvonne to the Kalos region for an extended holiday. But before he leaves, he wanted to face Janice one on one and maybe show off to his girlfriend when he becomes the new Champion.
  3148. =====================
  3150. Rich Boy Shane [Level 78]
  3151. (Exploud, Scizor, Raichu[Alola Form], Sableye, Octillery)
  3154. ----------------------
  3156. ** Artwork wise now, Lady sprite from D/P/PL for Yvonne.
  3158. Mother, daughter and Samuel are up here to welcome Janice. Mrs. Yureon is happy to know that Yvonne became friends with Janice and Portia Burnside. She has a new aura around her now, no longer the arrogant heiress that most people knew. Ever since the tournament, Yvonne has only gotten stronger as a Trainer and now stands as a worth challenger. Janice asks about the holiday plan that Shane brought up earlier, Yvonne confirms that the two of them are going to travel soon. A chance to refresh and have fun. But before then, she has a championship to win.
  3161. =====================
  3163. Rich Girl Yvonne [Level 78]
  3164. (Golem, Gallade, Persian[Alola Form], Gorebyss, Stantler)
  3167. ------------------
  3169. The butler welcomes Janice back to the house, it had been a while. He ushers her to the garden behind the house, where she finds the Burnside Family - Mr. Burnside, Mrs. Burnside and Portia. The younger Burnside had a good talk with her parents after graduation, so she could let them know that she wasn't aiming to run the Academy someday. Instead, Portia is going to travel the world with her Pokemon and see what's out there. Her parents were actually surprised to hear that she had her own path laid out which she was going to follow. They accepted her decision and only asked that Portia stays in touch with them...maybe come home every now and again. She didn't win the Petra League tournament but that only pushed her to train harder in preparation for that big trip...and also for a chance to challenge Janice for the title. She hasn't forgotten how Janice teamed up with her against Yvonne and Shane, in a battle that helped to move Portia up in the senior rankings and stand alongside her former rival. As a way of saying thank you, Portia wanted show Janice and her parents how much she has grown as a Trainer. Friend vs friend, Challenger vs Champion.
  3171. ** Artwork wise now, Lady sprite from B/W.
  3174. =====================
  3176. Rich Girl Portia [Level 78]
  3177. (Granbull, Delcatty, Altaria, Ampharos, Wailord)
  3180. ------------------------
  3182. Feels like ages ago when the girls met here and took on Harris for the Green Badge. So much has happened since then, they were only beginners. Gina wants to see if her friend Janice hasn't slowed down in her training since becoming Champion...maybe it's time for a new Champion to be crowned, right here right now?
  3185. =====================
  3187. Pokemon Trainer Gina [Level 78]
  3188. (Swampert, Miltank, Sunflora, Linoone, Castform)
  3191. -------------------
  3193. Janice walks out to the battle rings, met by excited fans who have filled the stadium to see the Champion defending her title against another good friend of hers. Rose admits that she wanted the two of them to battle in an empty stadium...but word travels fast and, well, here they are. The mini tournaments to find an opponent for Vince are broadcast all over the region, so of course this match is going to be viewed across Petra too. Speaking of Vince...guess who the special guest referee for this battle is? It had been a while since he last saw Janice and Rose, now he gets to officiate a championship match between them. As the referee, he's ready. Rose is ready. The Champ is ready.
  3196. =====================
  3198. Pokemon Trainer Rose [Level 78]
  3199. (Charizard, Breloom, Politoed, Crobat, Mamoswine)
  3201. (SAFARI ZONE - AREA D)
  3202. ----------------------
  3204. Silvia is totally fine with Ryan taking on Janice above the mouth of the volcano, but Ryan would rather stay on solid ground...he doesn't have to worry about possibly falling off the ring and into the lava below. So he meets Janice in the Safari Zone. Silvia is here too, couldn't miss a championship battle between her new friends. Ryan has had quite the adventure, he never imagined that he would team up with his friends to save an entire region. Definitely made up for his time in the Petra League tournament. This time he has a chance to become Champion, that would be a nice way to conclude his adventure for now.
  3207. =====================
  3209. Pokemon Trainer Ryan [Level 78]
  3210. (Grovyle, Shiftry, Ursaring, Kabutops, Primeape)
  3213. -------------------------------------
  3215. Madame Zelda didn't expect to be having special guests in her casino, one of them being the new Champion and the other one is a challenger. Both of whom defeated her for the Grey Badge back to back one crazy night in the past. She is beyond impressed. Janice tells Kelvin that she isn't one who bothers about having rivals, but if she did...he certainly gets closer and closer to being a rival to her as time goes on. He takes that as a compliment. He does his best to stay ahead, without rubbing it in anyone's face or being obnoxious about it. That is what motivates Janice and Gina and Rose and Ryan to do better and keep up with him. So she asks him one curious question, that puts a smile on Madame Zelda's face - is this going to be their first and only battle for the championship, or the beginning of a red hot rivalry between them?
  3218. =====================
  3220. Pokemon Trainer Kelvin [Level 78]
  3221. (Feraligatr, Exeggutor, Snorlax, Delibird, Machamp)
  3223. A few days later, Janice gets a call from a Petra League official. There's another special challenger who is waiting for her at the Indigo Stadium. They are described as the "SSS Rank Former Champion". Janice's ears perk up. A former Champion? THE former Champion??
  3226. ----------------
  3228. This time, she walks into an empty stadium...well, unless you count the man standing on the battle field. He's looking around at the unoccupied seats, remembering the days when they would be filled by people cheering him and calling his name before he even stepped out to face the latest challenger. It reminded him of the crowds back home - he turns around and has a good hearty laugh when Janice can't contain her disbelief. The man who looks like an older version of his son Vince, but with a presence and a personality turned up to 11. Surprise! He apologises for not being THE former Champion, but he hopes Janice won't mind facing A former Champion. He did warn her about being prepared to be challenged by someone from Fran City...and here he is. It has been many years since he was a challenger...but he hasn't lost that Champion-level swagger. Not one bit.
  3230. ** Battle theme here? If there's a cool GBA version of the Johto Champion theme out there, this one. Otherwise, FR/LG Champion theme.
  3233. =====================
  3235. Champion Vince Senior [Level 81]
  3236. (Hitmonlee, Hariyama, Medicham, Machamp, Snorlax, Slaking)
  3238. After the match, the Petra League official who contacted Janice about this challenge arrives at the stadium as she and Vince Sr. are walking off the field. The official apologises for the "mix up", Vince Sr. is not the former Champion (SSS Rank or otherwise, ha) but the actual former champion has now issued their challenge and they are waiting for Janice "at a certain lovely park". Vince Sr. has another good laugh as he sees the look on Janice's face when it dawns on her where that park is and who the next challenger is. Vince Sr. reminds her that the man was close to going on for 3 years as Champion until Andre defeated him. He wishes her good luck.
  3240. (FERRIS PARK)
  3241. -------------
  3243. It is late in the afternoon when Janice arrives back in Graham City. She walks into Ferris Park, which has had quite the transformation since the last time she was here. There are more amazing looking hedge Pokemon dotting the place and some of the people spending the day at the park are checking them out. Those that notice Janice making her way to the big fountain middle of the park stop to look, recognising who she is and guessing correctly as to why she is here. The man who has issued a challenge finishes his work on the latest hedge Pokemon masterpiece - a majestic looking Tropius. Harris is happy to have completed it just in time. It's good to see Janice again. She never would've imagined that the first Gym Leader, who was the first hurdle that she and Gina had to get over to really begin their journeys as Trainers, was the Champion at the time too. Harris admits that being a Gym Leader (the first one on top of that), being the resident landscaper and also the region's Champion did quite a number on him...he's no spring chicken. But he wouldn't trade away the time he had as Champion for anything. It was pleasant and it gave him the chance to see how much all those Trainers who started with his Gym had grown. He tells Janice that Gina stopped by to say hello when she was in the area a few days ago, and to show him how well she has taken care of Sunflora. Harris is proud of both girls, they've gone on to become solid Trainers...and Janice is now the Champion. He may not be a young man anymore, full of vigour and excitement but getting the opportunity to face her again, with a little help from his long time Pokemon friends has certainly fired him up.
  3245. ** Battle theme for this one? Champion Adler's theme from B/W.
  3248. =====================
  3250. Champion Harris [Level 83]
  3251. (Venusaur, Tropius, Exeggutor[AF], Muk[AF], Marowak[AF], Cradily)
  3253. When she returns home in the early evening, big sister Janet was told to pass on a message to Janice - come to the special field on Route 7. That is the special field where the two of them had their Gym battle ages ago. It's the field where Janet trains with her Pokemon. Who's there this time?
  3256. -------------------------
  3258. Janice gets there to find Dad Michael, the twins Jerome and Jennifer....and the person who has issued the next challenge, Mom Judy. Janet arrives right after, she needed time to gather some people - Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin. Couldn't miss this one for the world. Judy remembers when she became Champion, having defeated a certain someone (Michael coughs), and just like Janice now she went out to find her challengers rather than wait for them to come to her. She's really proud of Janice, for not only going out on her own journey of becoming a Pokemon Trainer but being here to show everyone the results of that journey. Another challenger stands in her way, someone who has been Champion before and is prepared to become Champion once more. With her friends and family around her, Janice knows that she is ready. She accepts the challenge from the former Champion.
  3260. ** Battle theme for this one? Champion Diantha's theme from X/Y.
  3263. =====================
  3265. Champion Judith [Level 85]
  3266. (Noctowl, Roserade, Seaking, Typhlosion, Aerodactyl, Sandslash[AF])
  3268. The End of Pokemon: The Journey of Janice.
  3271. =======================================
  3273. This is just an extra section where I can talk about what inspired this story, the characters, locations and so on. Maybe even answer some questions which I think people may ask.
  3276. -----------------
  3278. The idea for the story came about some time after playing quite a number of rom hack games and noticing how a lot of them pretty much follow the same plot, what I call the "Child of Destiny" plot - involves the MC/Main Character being linked to whatever legendary Pokemon will be the main focus in the game and they have to save the world before a generic bad guy organisation ruins it. The organisation tends to be a Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua Lite or 2.0 and during the course of the game players are always too late to stop them from doing bad stuff e.g. stealing an ancient artifact. Even after battling the villains and beating them each time, it doesn't matter. They still get away and you're left to wonder what was the point of those battles. Other games would have multiple rivals, which sounds great, except that the rivals are basically 2.0 versions of characters like Blue/Gary and Silver. Following the same playbook of obnoxious, scumbag rivals who pop up from nowhere just to bother players for a meaningless battle again and again. I really got tired of all this. Knowing that I am not in any position to create a whole rom hack, I settled for trying to create a story which I hoped would make for a fun rom hack. A game that is story driven, with cool and interesting characters, has adventure and drama while still having elements from the Pokemon universe that have made the games so good. Not because I claim to be a great writer haha but because I wanted to try offering something unique and maybe tell a decent tale.
  3281. ----------
  3283. I'd say the idea of going out on an adventure with your friends and your Pokemon is the main inspiration behind the characters of JoJ. I also wanted to give a nod to the concept from X/Y of having friends also on their own journeys as Trainers and you meet up with them along the way. But having played enough of X/Y (um...I had to pause it so I could work on this story haha) I realised that the friends in the game become less interesting as the story went on, because they would just stick to whatever character role they got. One friend (I'm blanking on his name) is obsessed with dancing. Another friend (Trevor?) is all about completing his PokeDex. Serena is clearing campaigning to be our character's rival and then Shauna is the one I think showed a little bit more of a personality outside of her role as the friend who wants everyone to get along and be happy together. I have more hope for Shauna having a good ending to her character story arc than the other 3 haha I gave up on them. So it was important that if I was going to have this concept of friends being out there in the world just like Janice, her friends have to be decent characters and people won't get bored of them as the story goes on. Safe to say, I think I did an okay job after looking at what went on in the story.
  3285. GINA - she is that close friend whom you can chat with about anything and everything. Best friend, best bud you can always count on. Out to have fun and enjoy herself but when it is time to get serious, she gets serious. Probably the closest to being a "May level" friendly rival for Janice...but without showing up from nowhere just to battle again and again haha.
  3287. ROSE - in my head, she's the girl wearing glasses who is very observant and is usually a voice of reason (so in my head I have the image of Shauntal from B/W but not her character and personality). She's not shy about showing her "fangirl" side e.g. wanting to get autographs from Brawly and Vince, or telling Yvonne that she digs the gadgets from Yureon Corp. while they were in a tournament match. She might not be the girl you can talk to about anything and everything, but you know she is someone who will listen when you need to talk to someone.
  3289. RYAN - top of my head, class clown xD! But a class clown who is also fun, cool, charismatic and people like having him around. I was looking forward to the Merah Island arc because of the interactions between him and Janice, then the added element of Silvia. He didn't chase after the girl but got her to be interested in him because of his tenacity when he challenged Silvia. He's not shy or goofy around girls, it would've been too easy to make him that kind of character since he's the happy-go-lucky member of Janice's crew. But I wanted him to have his time for comedy and then focus when he needs to.
  3291. KELVIN - closest to being Janice's rival, no doubt. The temptation was there to make him just another Blue/Gary, Silver type character but instead I went for the "cool guy" type who works has hard as a rival. The moment where he walks out of the elevator, with the 8th and final Gym Badge, while Janice had just defeated the final Suit IN ORDER TO THEN REACH Madame Zelda, I liked that. You move one step forward, but Kelvin is two or three steps ahead of that and he doesn't become obnoxious about it. He makes you aim to get better without needing to tell you again and again how much better he is than you. Because if he had been a Blue/Gary/Silver type character from the beginning, who would've cared when it was revealed that he was going to be facing Andre in the Petra League tournament and chances were he was going to lose? Or when he kept trying and failing to defeat Madame Zelda while Janice had the 4 Suits to deal with? So I did my best to avoid making him a Blue/Gary/Silver 2.0, even though his Encounter theme is Silver's theme haha. I had to give him a cool theme, come on :)
  3293. JANICE'S FAMILY - I liked the image of being home surrounded by your siblings and parents, so Janice was a big sister to the twins Jerome and Jennifer...while also being a little sister to the eldest daughter Janet. So she has people behind her who look up to Janice and she has someone that she looks up to and admires. The fact that the children are all named with a "J" should hint at who named them haha, even the only son Jerome. That's Mama Judy for you...or did Dad Michael name the children, to please his wife..? Hmm. Anyway, big family that would be there when Janice returned home from her journey or when she was halfway through. The idea of Judy and Michael being former Champions comes from the world of anime and manga, where you have characters whose parents are cool and larger than life. The main characters of the "Big 3" titles Naruto, One Piece, Bleach - Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo all have amazing parents. As a result, you tend to get a story where the character strives to surpass their parents in an effort to prove themselves in the eyes of the parents. In Janice's story, she doesn't have that life goal/mission and I think she turned out better for it because she was able to go on her own path and it ended up leading her to a match against Judy, who was a challenger to Janice the Champion. Too many stories of characters wanting to surpass their parents or it'll be a case of the parent has gone off on some journey/quest/mission etc and the character follows after them e.g. the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter. I didn't want either scenario for Janice.
  3295. ACE TEAM
  3296. --------
  3298. Goes back to the rom hack games I played, which featured Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua Lite/2.0 type organisations who would want to chase after some legendary Pokemon or (surprise, surprise) take people's Pokemon or take over the world. When you keep getting this again and again, who could blame you for becoming critical? So I had to figure out what would I have as an alternative. Initially, Ace Team was going to be a group of Ace Trainers who only wanted the best of the best to be part of them. You could call them elitists. They'd go around battling other Trainers, defeating them and taking their Pokemon, because those Trainers couldn't cut it as Trainers (they lost, so why should they have Pokemon?) and Janice would encounter them on her journey until finally meeting the person on top, Andre, and his underbosses the Ace Team Elites. But then during the story I got more interested in presenting Ace Team as a popular group of young people that is known all over the region for the good work that they do...because there was going to be a true villain down the road, which turned out to be the man who built Ace Team and not Ace Team as a whole. The Ace Trainers that Janice would face were Trainers who were taking advantage of their memberships, using their Ace Team Trainer positions to cause trouble. There'd be the Ace Team that the public knows and loves...then the Ace Team Janice deals with on her journey, building up to Janice meeting Andre and finding out the truth...but at that point, Andre's preparations have been completed and he goes on to become the new summoner. Some might say it was because I couldn't come up with a bad guy organisation. To them I'd say it was because I was worried I'd just end up with yet another Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma Lite 2.0. So I went with making Andre the "Child of Destiny" and that role being what turns him into the villain, when usually the "Child of Destiny" is the one whom people expect will save the world from a villain or more. Ace Team on its own isn't bad and I think that makes for a better organisation, because you get to try something new with it. Believe me, the temptation was there early on to just have Ace Team as one big villain group (early Konami is a good example of the direction Ace Team could've gone in).
  3301. -----------
  3303. It's only occuring to me now that other than Janet, Silvia and Cole, all the other Gym Leaders do other jobs besides their Gym Leader work :) it wasn't planned, so I'm genuinely surprised.
  3305. HARRIS - When I reached the city in Pokemon X/Y where you challenge the Grass-type Gym and I saw the Gym Leader, I couldn't believe it! I didn't copy, no, by the time I got to that city I was way past the Graham City arc. The idea of Harris not only being a Grass-type Gym Leader but the city landscaper too had been there from before I started playing X/Y. I forget that Gym Leader's name, but it just made me laugh when I saw him. I'll add this as well - Harris was going to be revealed as the current Champion later on, that was my plan early on until the story took me in other directions haha. Him working on a hedge shaped to resemble a Venusaur was meant to be a very tiny clue. If Mega Evolution was going to be in the game version he would have a Mega Venusaur in his Championship team. I just thought it would be cool to see him be the first Gym Leader that Trainers have to take on and then come full circle when he meets them again as the Champion, where he can evaluate the results of their training and find out what they learned throughout their journeys. During the Challenger mini arc of the post-game, Janice would find him in Ferris Park...arriving just in time to see him finish work on another hedge. Of course Janice would be shocked to find out that he was the Champion before Andre, but it is what Vince Senior told her and Rose that extends the shock - the current Champion at the time, Harris, was closing in on 3 years with the title.
  3307. CAROLINE - To go with the Hollywood/L.A. theme of Holder City, I had the idea of having a Gym Leader who was also a celebrity. She's an actress, usually busy with either being on a major TV show (or shows hahaha hello, Netflix?) or working on another movie...but having time to come back home to be a Gym Leader, to the point where her own house has become the Gym. On a private island. Boom. She wasn't going to be an airhead or a snob.
  3309. VINCE - Which real life person inspired his name? Take a good guess. Correct, Vincent Kennedy McMahon! Who is that? He is the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment (though they would rather you just call it WWE and not remind them that they are primarily a professional wrestling promotion *face palm*). Because the Fran City arc was centred around the unique Gym challenge tournaments and the theme of entertaining fights between Pokemon that specialise in fighting i.e. Fighting-type, the Gym Leader had to have a good reference and who better than the king of "sports entertainment" himself? I pictured Vince walking into a big arena full of excited spectators chanting his name as he shows up to battle the next challenger. Like a hometown hero or ancient Roman gladiator.
  3311. JANET - a.k.a Janet onee-sama! The idea of her being a Gym Leader, of the 4th Gym, located in the hometown of the main character came up when I decided to make Percival City the hometown and not start in a small town like any well behaved Pokemon game :) Janice would leave home to become a Trainer, grow, gain experience, build her Pokemon team and then return home to face Janet. It was meant to be an emotional arc, to the point where Janice breaks down in tears while on her way back home because she knew that her next Gym battle would be against Janet and unfortunately one of them was going to lose. The big sister that she always looks up to, who now stood as the wall between what Janice went through in West Petra and the second half of her journey across the region. It wouldn't have been as deep if let's say Janet was Gym Leader #1 or #2 or #3.
  3313. SILVIA - Gen 3 Elite 4 member Phoebe was the image I had in mind when I thought of Silvia's look, and yes because her Gym is on an island so why not? Kept it simple haha. Character wise, she is the young Gym Leader who is eager to prove herself and take up the burden of keeping up tradition. Determined, overly positive, great dancer too, obviously :) would I call her a romantic as well? Not right away, but over time and with someone who can bring that side of her out, yes.
  3315. COLE - Speaking of tradition, there's also Cole. A descendant just like Silvia of people who were involved with legendary Pokemon. But Cole goes further by having the responsibility of looking after an important piece of the past and the history behind it, while at such a young age. Then on top of that you find out he's also the Gym Leader. You can assume that Cole became a Gym Leader at a young age, it would go hand in hand with the task of looking after the Silent Tower (requires someone who is a strong Trainer, and the strongest Trainer around is the Gym Leader). I pictured him as a calm young man, chilled and measured.
  3317. SAMUEL - Safe to say that if he was anything else, he would be a Salaryman haha that is the Japanese version of a corporate slave. Suit and tie jobber, working for a giant company and constantly harrassed by his superiors or other workmates. Constantly stressed. The initial idea for Samuel was pretty much that. He was going to be working at Yureon Corp. while also trying to settle into his new role as Gym Leader (the previous one having recently retired and had been preparing him to be their successor). Mrs. Yureon was not going to take too kindly to him being in and out because he'd be busy in his office one moment and then the next moment he has a challenger waiting. It was going to be a story of him proving to her that he was capable of doing both jobs and making Mrs. Yureon realise that at the end of the day, Samuel is good at both jobs...just let him be. But I like the story I ended up with, because that Samuel wasn't pushed around and he had 3 jobs instead! xD
  3319. MADAME ZELDA - She was inspired by the One Piece character Big Mom as mentioned before. Force of a woman who showed up in Carson City one day and basically took over. Defeated Franky for the title of Gym Leader. Rebuilt the Gym as the Steel Hearts Casino and Carson City hasn't looked back since. There was a plan to make Madame Zelda a retired gangster, who used to run with Giovanni, Maxie and Archie back in the day. While those 3 went on to form their respective organisations, she would settle in Carson City and establish the casino. To her, there's no point in trying to steal other people's Pokemon or expanding the landmass or the sea - making money trumps all of those plans. She would reveal this to Janice after their Gym battle. A nice reference to Teams Rocket, Magma and Aqua which have all long since disbanded by the time of this story...yet Zelda is still rolling.
  3322. ------------
  3324. The name Petra sounded cool to me, different enough to be the name of a region that can offer new places to travel through. West Petra is mainly inspired by America. The open road of Route 3, with fields stretching on either side for miles. The small town of Debbie Town found along that open road. Holder City being a nod to Los Angeles and Hollywood. Fran City, a home for people who love their sports and entertainment. Lake Avril, a great place to spend a summer. East Petra I would say is inspired by history, stories, myths and legends. The story of Merah Island, of Suna/Hana Island...the story of Triston City and the summoning of Lugia, the story of Burnside Academy, the story of Gambler Franky and Madame Zelda, etc. West Petra served as a nice introduction, Janice travelling on land from town to town...then in the east, being out at sea for the first half, going from island to island then reaching the mainland again. I wanted each place to have its own identity, even if inspired by other places and not feel like you're basically in a place from the official games but with a different name.
  3326. GRAHAM CITY - I thought of a city of green parks, trees lining the streets and flowers everywhere, with the big forest looming to the north and farmlands to the south.
  3328. FRAN CITY - a big city that is big on sports and entertainment. I was looking forward to the arc here because of the image of Janice arriving into town in the evening and can hear the sounds of the crowds from the big stadium, that's lit up. I wanted it to be a city had some mystery to it, the Trainers Janice met along Route 5 and in Vera Town were preparing to go there but haven't heard from other Trainers coming back from Fran City. Why was that? It couldn't be a place Janice can just make her way to straight from Vera Town...there had to be a struggle to reach it, an element of danger...and then when you finally reach Fran City, you find out exactly why those Trainers haven't heard from anyone else - the Gym challenger tournaments.
  3330. LAKE AVRIL - as mentioned above, a nice place to spend a summer. Initially meant to be a camp, with a secret involving the lake. The "monster" that some of the campers claim to have seen would still turn out to be the Red Gyarados and after the appearance of Collectors Dana and Derek, Irene tasks Janice with moving the Red Gyarados to Evelyn Island. Was looking forward to the arc covering this place because of the nice nod to the Lake of Rage in Johto.
  3332. PERCIVAL CITY - a city facing the south seas, with a beach to the west and a beach to the east. Nice place to start and is the halfway point between West and East Petra.
  3334. KERRINGTON Village - a village looking to the sea stretching east. It was a place that came to mind as I was going through the 4th Gym arc.
  3336. EVELYN ISLAND - the idea was of a place inhabited by Pokemon and one lone guy who is experienced enough to live in such an environment, so the character of former Safari Zone Warden Mr. Maxwell was born alongside the concept of the island. With unpredicable weather.
  3338. MERAH ISLAND - the name is taken from "Meramera" the Japanese onomatopoeia for something flaring up or bursting into flames (thank you One Piece Wiki haha). Obviously a place inspired by Cinnabar Island, but I was imagining a tropical island that is a big holiday destination. Has a famous volcano, has the Safari Zone and the annual festival done to thank Moltres for saving the island from potential destruction.
  3340. SUNA/HANA ISLAND - Suna and Hana are the Japanese words for Sand and Flower respectively. I mentioned it as a note in the story but I'm not really a fan of weather conditions in battles like Hail and Sandstorms...but at the same time I needed a place where Pokemon commonly found in deserts are available, so the Suna/Hana Island arc was formed during the Merah Island arc. Originally, there were going to be inhabitants on it and they would be holding onto Gloria's stuff and her Pokemon while she basically became the island doctor for the islanders' Pokemon. Janice and Gloria would get the story about the island's mysterious power from the chief of the people here, who are descendants of the islanders who sealed away Tyranitar. Janice and Gloria would go on to deal with Tyranitar and be allowed to leave the island after saving it. Then in the Petra League Tournament arc, Gloria goes back to find that the island's flowers have grown back and it is Hana Island again. She would still be there to battle Janice during the period of friendly practice battles. But because I was racing against time, I had to do away with the inhabitants angle and settled for the information tablets found around the island. I think they added to the tragedy of the island, give some gravity to the story that unfolds as Janice and Gloria find one tablet after the other until reaching the opening of the Weathered Cave.
  3342. TRISTON CITY - I pictured a modern city that still had shades, no pun intended, of the past around it. New buildings and old ones. One of those old buildings being a tower, because what's a Pokemon game without a tower, eh? This is the arc where things would start to get serious in the story and lay the groundwork for the Light of Lugia arc. I'm pretty confident that I could've told a story that didn't involve a legendary Pokemon (other than as part of Merah Island's history), but the idea of Lugia and those ancient sages attempting to summon it in the past popped up during the 4th Gym arc when Andre was seeing Janet and we find out about where he's from as well as what his parents do. By the time Janice arrives in Triston, I had also prepared Cole's story and the history of the Silent Tower. Everything just sounded amazing so I went with it. Paid off in the Light of Lugia arc because Triston would be a key meeting place for the characters.
  3344. BURNSIDE ACADEMY - if you guessed Japanese high school anime and manga, congratulations haha. I think with all the different anime and manga out there that are set in high school, whether in a real world setting or a fantasy one, how is that not a genre on its own? Maybe it's a sub-genre. There's always a place for the elite and gifted children of powerful noble families and royals, sometimes with a main character who isn't an elite but somehow ends up there. You can list down all the anime/manga you might know of which have that premise...I'll wait :) I liked the image of Portia and her security detail showing up at Eva's house, almost random, and the girl sees Eva...then sees Janice...then looks at Eva again, then back to Janice as Portia figures out where she's seen her before. Initially Portia was going to be the typical "rich girl attending a prestigious academy and being proud of it" character, but since this was the beginning of the Bluefont City arc I needed a link to the reference I'd made to it back in the Holder City arc when Caroline tells Janice about the Key Flute - Bluefont is home to the HQ of Yureon Corp.. If there was going to be an elite academy for rich children, then perhaps the heir/heiress to the Yureon Family fortunes could be a student there...which led to the creation of Yvonne Yureon, Portia's opposite and the character who would fit the "rich girl attending a prestigious academy and being proud of it" profile. I can confirm that Portia was not going to be the Yureon daughter, she was going to be the Burnside daughter...another major family. Since it was inspired by high school anime/manga, there had to be juniors who look up to seniors haha yes, NOTICE ME, SENPAI!! The image of Portia's limo arriving at the school and a group of juniors is there waiting to greet her...then they go mental when Janice steps out of the car after Portia :D priceless. Yvonne was ideal as a rival to Portia because she was more concerned about keeping up appearances (being at school on time, setting good examples for the juniors etc) and she was ahead of Portia in the rankings. But her arrogance got her into trouble and with Janice's help, Portia would step up to be an equal to Yvonne and go on to surpass her. It was a fun little intro to the Bluefont City arc. Why the name Burnside? I'm from Zimbabwe, specifically the second biggest city here Bulawayo (pronounced Buu La Wah Yo without the local accent). There's a suburb called Burnside just outside of town, known for having amazing looking houses. Plus...I'm willing to bet there was some lord in British history named Burnside haha which would fit because Zim is a former British colony and a lot of these places, schools, roads etc are named after some colonial period guy or another.
  3346. BLUEFONT CITY - the description said it all, The Modern Metropolis. Tall office buildings and skyscrapers around you as you walk through the busy streets. Electronic billboards everywhere. Tokyo? New York City? Somewhere in between is Bluefont. After the Triston City episode, this was a chance to refresh and put back some juice into things. The legends and history set aside so we see what else is going on. If the Petra region had a capital city, it would be here. All the major company headquarters being found here, the TV station, the biggest medical facility, the power plant, the homes of the rich families and so on...but no physical Gym? Probably because the Gym Leader wouldn't be there all day haha, given that he has 2 other important jobs to do. Having the Ace Team HQ here as well also served to lay groundwork for the Light of Lugia arc, no other place would've fit as to where HQ was going to be found.
  3348. CARSON CITY - inspired by Las Vegas and Las Venturas? (pouring one out for GTA San Andreas). The final stop for Petra Gym Badge collectors everywhere. One Piece was another source of inspiration for this arc was a little From the studio phonecall that Janice receives from Madame Zelda (was a nod to the phone exchange between Luffy and Big Mom on Fishman Island) to the idea of having a major casino being run almost like a gangster operation, with a boss on top and below them are their best captains/followers that the main character has to taken down in order to reach the boss...that was my nod to one of the greatest anime/manga of all time (don't argue with me haha, go read/watch it, catch up and we'll talk). Gambler Franky (his name being from one of the Straw Hats, "Cyborg" Franky) was meant to be an old man type character who "has been here long enough to have seen it all". A fountain of knowledge and experience. I would've kept him as just the guy who hands out Coin Cases to Trainers, but the idea of him being the former Gym Leader intrigued me enough to come up with his background story and this linked him to the Steel Hearts Casino and Madame Zelda. Speaking of references, one character I was looking forward to revealing in this arc was Sayo, the last active member of the original Kimono Girls. Made sense to have her still performing here since Carson is a hub for entertainment. I think it also served as a little hint about Janice going to Johto 2 arcs later, where she would meet the current generation of the Kimono Girls at the old Dance Theatre in Ecruteak City. I liked the idea of Sayo having inherited her sisters' signature Eevee evolutions...well, not all of them since we'd already seen Vaporeon as part of Caroline's team and Janice would evolve her Eevee into an Umbreon. So I went with Sylveon and Glaceon. Training with Janice every morning before she went on to face one of the 4 Suits, I liked that too. By the way, I NEED to address this, to anyone who saw the Carson City Places of Interest list and thought of ANYTHING ELSE when they found the name Persian Palace...get out hahaha you and I WILL have a chat about THAT later.
  3350. INDIGO ISLAND - a nod to the Indigo Plateau. There's an image of a young Percival City resident looking out at the south sea and asking an older resident what's out there...and they are told that if they look hard enough, they'll see Indigo Island, home of the Petra League HQ and where the tournaments are held. Yes, no Elite 4 system but tournaments. Unless your rom game is an older game (from before the concept of not facing the Elite 4 in a set order popped up in later generations of the official games), if you insist on having an Elite 4 then be creative with them. Allowing players to battle them in any order is a fine idea...but if you can offer a sweet alternative to the Elite 4, excellent. If you can offer a sweet alternative to that system AND Victory Road too? Respect :D I can handle both in the official games (even though the 8th generation of Pokemon games is on the horizon in the form of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield...and I wonder if they'll have something new to offer as far as Victory Road, the Elite 4 and the Galar region League are concerned), but in the rom world I'm at a point where I hope for new ideas from creators, or at least using established concepts in different ways that make them interesting. I tried to do that here with the idea of Trainers who had won all the Gym Badges getting a ticket from Madame Zelda to board a ship that would take them to Indigo Island. That ship is appropriately named the S.S. Victory Road, because of the "survival game" type event that happens on it to determine the 20 Trainers who will compete in the League tournament. Winner of the tournament faces the current Champion for the title. Another idea would've been to have the Champion also competing in the tournament as the 20th participant, so 19 qualifiers from the ship. You have the drama of seeing how far the Champion will go in the tournament...would they retain their title? Or be eliminated at some point and thus guaranteeing that a new Champion will be crowned in the end? I wanted to maintain the identity of the current Champion as a secret, even though by the end of the story it turns out that I did the "standard official Pokemon game thing" of featuring the current Champion during the players' travels haha although he didn't tell Janice right there and then that he was the Champion. I imagined Indigo Island as being a place packed with visitors when it is time for the tournaments. They can check up on the history of the Petra League at HQ, see pictures of past Champions, watch previous tournaments and Championship matches etc.
  3352. JOHTO/ECRUTEAK CITY - I'm big on having good references to other Pokemon games, whether it's done in the official games or in roms. There's plenty of source material to work with, just be creative. I wasn't aiming for Janice to explore an entire region, otherwise this story wasn't going to be done in time, especially Johto because what region is right next door to Johto? Kanto. Can't have Johto without Kanto and vice versa if you're working beyond Gen 1. So for the Lugia arc I settled with just Ecruteak City because it would be more than enough. I was really looking forward to going back there and showing the little updates I had in mind for Ecruteak in the time period of this story (it is set in Gen 7, so naturally a lot has changed since Gen 2 and I wanted to reflect that). Showing the current Kimono Girls at the Dance Theatre...the little nod to the director who awarded players with the Surf HM...the little nod to the 3 Legendary Beasts in the basement of the Burned Tower...Sasha the current Ecruteak Gym Leader and then having Eusine living in Ecruteak now. I hope people will like that if there was a game version.
  3355. -----------------------------
  3357. I wanted to do something different with HMs, outside of not having them in the story at all. Some of them are great battle moves - Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, Dive, Fly and Cut on a good day, so it would've been a waste to not make use of them. Question was how? When you've played the official games and enough roms over time, your tolerance for lack of creativity when it comes to the HMs becomes really low, unless the roms are old. I came up with the Key Flute and Notes concept as a way of allowing players to choose whether or not to teach their Pokemon an HM move and still be able to use the move outside of battles, without needing the right Gym Badge first. Instead, you get the right HM for the task(s) you're about to take on e.g. Master Foley handing out the Rock Smash (REALLY tempted to make a My Hero Academia reference...!!!) Note after you defeat all his Dojo Trainers and then him because there are rocks dotting Route 6 ahead. Or Janice getting to Lexa Island by boat and then leaving for the mainland by surfing back to Holder City after defeating Caroline. For example, let's say you've just gotten the Fly Note but you don't have any Flying-type Pokemon in your party or in the PC Boxes. When you use the Key Flute, a drop down menu box appears to list down the Notes that you will have at the moment (the Notes will appear as Key Items in your Bag) Fly'll be shown the "Fly world map" so you can choose the destination...then pick a Pokemon from your party and that Pokemon "uses Fly". Crazy? Yes :) but if it's possible in the game version, all good.
  3360. -------------------
  3362. This one is inspired by the very handy "Access PC anywhere" code. Yes, not all cheat codes are terrible...shocking :) obviously, don't use them in games where you'll be playing with other people online or offline, that spoils the game for them. On your own though, no problem. I saw a Let's Play for Let's Go Pika/Eevee and I thought it was really great that you could access your PC Boxes while out in the world (I don't play Pokemon Go, but I think you're able to do the same thing there?). No need to rush to the nearest machine when you need to switch Pokemon (maybe to train the ones you've caught recently) or move around Items. When you use the Storage Disc, the menu box that pops up when you boot up a PC appears and you carry on from there as you would on a PC. Again, crazy...but if possible, fantastic.
  3365. ------------------------
  3367. The idea behind this is of a big organisation, with branches across the region, that studies various Pokemon based on where each branch would be located. Players can visit each branch and learn about what the staff there has uncovered and maybe they reward players with useful items after players win a Gym Badge. I only noticed AFTER completing the story that Bluefont City and Carson City don't have PRS branches (^^!) sorry...but let's just say that the Bluefont branch studies Electric-type and Poison-type Pokemon, given that these are the common types that tend to wander into the Petra Power Plant every now and again. The Carson branch would be a sister branch to the one in Percival City (which is the main branch)...where all the members from the other branches gather to compile, analyse, evaluate and store their work. Safe to assume that the Carson City branch team do unwind at the various places of entertainment found around town :D why not? Pokemon research is hard work!
  3370. --------------
  3372. Outside of the story-related idea I had for Mega Evolution in the game version, there would've been no purpose for it really. The idea was of Andre revealing that he had a Mega Stone and a Mega Pendant containing a Key Stone during the first battle against Janice. He'd have either an Alakazam or a Medicham, they would be the first Pokemon out in the battle...Mega Evolution happens and they take down Janice's Pokemon one by one, before knocking out both Pidgeot and Janice with a massive psychic attack (maybe also powered up by his other Psychic-type Pokemon). The big illusion would be created by this Mega Evolved Pokemon too, starting on Indigo Island and then spreading out to envelope the rest of Petra...strengthened when he summons and catches Lugia. Janice would later receive a Mega Ring, Key Stone and Mega Stone from Cole, who informs her that his ancestors used Mega Evolution to power up their Pokemon and face the sages and their Psychic-type Pokemon, because the sages had accesories that kept Key Stones and they had Mega Stones too. Cole and Janice will notice how Pidgeot has started to resonate with the Mega Stone when Janice wears the Mega Ring...Cole confirms that Pidgeot is capable of Mega Evolution, signaling that both Janice and Pidgeot will be able to face Andre on an even playing field now. They would leave for Indigo Island and go on to battle Andre. After Andre is defeated, either both pairs of Key Stones and Mega Stones would lose the power they had left and break down...or Janice would retrieve the pair Andre has and return to Triston with both pairs to give Cole. I didn't have a plan to make Mega Evolution a feature in the game, so to anyone who is a diehard Mega Evolution fan, I'm sorry :/ If it was going to be in the game, how would be used? Players would receive a Mega accessory with the Key Stone already in it and then receive a "universal" Mega Stone, which they would give to any Mega Evolution-capable Pokemon in their team. When it is battle time, the Mega Evolution symbol will be visible and players hit Select or whatever button is assigned to trigger Mega Evolution and the process happens. That's just what I imagine it would be like in the game, similar to rom games that do have Mega Evolution as a feature.
  3375. ----------------------------------
  3377. It's because those are the Pokemon I have the fondest of memories for. Starting with seeing the Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon in the anime (later on learning more about the Gen 2 Pokemon when I got to play Silver and Crystal versions) and then getting to spend time with the Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby and Emerald versions. They are from a time when there were still enough Pokemon that I could remember (are you having trouble remembering the Gen 1 Pokemon? Learn to rap ;) ). Once the other generations came along it just became a mess haha I still mix up those Pokemon. Now Gen 8 is coming...I'll admit, the Pokemon I've seen so far (the Starters, the few that were shown in the second Direct video and the mascot legendary Pokemon) do have a Gen 3 look to them, as in I'll remember which generation they are from if I were to see images of them...unlike Gen 4 to 7 where I have to double check. Could be because the Gen 8 Pokemon so far have easy-to-remember designs like the early generations. Seeing that there are Gen 1 to 3 Pokemon with changes (type changes, ability changes), pre-evolutions and evolutions introduced in later generations, I made sure to include those. Alola Forms too, I only remembered them when I was nearly done with the story! You see?? Otherwise they were probably not going to be there. So in the wild, you'll counter both the normal forms and the Alola Form e.g. Rattata, hence why I added "+[AF]" in the Pokemon Found lists to indicate other places you find one or the other e.g. one place has Alola Sandshrew, while in another area you'll find Sandshrew regular. I'd forgotten how cool the Alola Forms were haha good lord. Here are the Pokemon that normally evolve by other means (trading, meeting certain conditions, time of day, hold items etc) other than by leveling up...I want to indicate how they would evolve in the game version of JoJ (what I have in mind anyway haha):
  3379. Cleffa (Fairy) evolves into Clefairy at Level
  3381. 10.
  3382. Igglybuff (Fairy) evolves into Jigglypuff at Level 10.
  3383. Golbat (Poison/Flying) evolves into Crobat at Level 32.
  3384. Poliwhirl (Water) evolves into Politoed via Dawn Stone.
  3385. Kadabra (Psychic) evolves into Alakazam via Dawn Stone.
  3386. Machoke (Fighting) evolves into Machamp at Level 40.
  3387. Eevee (Normal) evolves into
  3388. Espeon (Psychic) via Dawn Stone
  3389. Umbreon (Dark) via Moon Stone
  3390. Sylveon (Fairy) via Sun Stone
  3391. Leafeon (Grass) via Leaf Stone
  3392. Glaceon (Ice) at Level 35
  3393. Graveler (Rock/Ground) evolves into Golem at Level 35.
  3394. Slowpoke (Water/Psychic) evolves into Slowking via Dawn Stone.
  3395. Magneton (Electric/Steel) evolves into Magnezone at Level 45.
  3396. Haunter (Ghost/Poison) evolves into Gengar at Level 35.
  3397. Onix (Rock/Ground) evolves into Steelix (Steel/Ground) via Dawn Stone.
  3398. Lickilicky (Normal) evolves into Lickitung via Moon Stone.
  3399. Rhydon (Ground/Rock) evolves into Rhyperior via Dawn Stone.
  3400. Happiny (Normal) evolves into Chansey at Level 10.
  3401. Chansey (Normal) evolves into Blissey via Sun Stone.
  3402. Tangela (Grass) evolves into Tangrowth via Leaf Stone.
  3403. Seadra (Water) evolves into Kingdra (Water/Dragon) via Dawn Stone.
  3404. Mime Jr. (Psychic/Fairy) evolves into Mr. Mime via Moon Stone.
  3405. Scyther (Bug/Flying) evolves into Scizor (Bug/Steel) via Dawn Stone.
  3406. Magmar (Fire) evolves into Magmortar via Fire Stone.
  3407. Porygon (Normal) evolves into Porygon2 at Level 25.
  3408. Porygon2 (Normal) evolves into Porygon-Z via Dawn Stone.
  3409. Munchlax (Normal) evolves into Snorlax at Level 30.
  3410. Pichu (Electric) evolves into Pikachu at Level 15.
  3411. Togepi (Fairy) evolves into Togetic at Level 20.
  3412. Togetic (Fairy/Flying) evolves into Togekiss via Dawn Stone.
  3413. Azurill (Normal/Fairy) evolves into Marill via Moon Stone.
  3414. Aipom (Normal) evolves into Ambipom at Level 25.
  3415. Yanma (Bug/Flying) evolves into Yanmega via Sun Stone.
  3416. Murkrow (Dark/Flying) evolves into Honchkrow via Moon Stone.
  3417. Misdreavus (Ghost) evolves into Mismagius via Moon Stone.
  3418. Gligar (Ground/Flying) evolves into Gliscor at Level 35.
  3419. Sneasel (Dark/Ice) evolves into Weavile at Level 28.
  3420. Piloswine (Ice/Ground) evolves into Mamoswine via Dawn Stone.
  3421. Mantyke (Water/Flying) evolves into Mantine via Water Stone.
  3422. Ralts (Psychic/Fairy) male evolves into Gallade at Level 30 or via Dawn Stone if not possible.
  3423. Nosepass (Rock) evolves into Probopass (Rock/Steel) at Level 40.
  3424. Budew (Grass/Poison) evolves into Roselia at Level 15.
  3425. Roselia (Grass/Poison) evolves into Roserade via Grass Stone.
  3426. Feebas (Water) evolves into Milotic via Water Stone.
  3427. Dusclops (Ghost) evolves into Dusknoir via Moon Stone.
  3428. Snorunt (Ice) female evolves into Froslass (Ice/Ghost) via Dawn Stone.
  3429. Clamperl (Water) evolves into
  3430. Huntail via Water Stone or
  3431. Gorebyss via Dawn Stone
  3432. Chingling (Psychic) evolves into Chimecho via Dawn Stone.
  3434. I think that's all of them?
  3437. -------------
  3439. One thing you can count on in the Pokemon games is good tunes :) be it the theme of a town, city, route, cave, place, character encounter and battle etc there are so many. I'm a music guy and I had specific themes in mind for the places and characters in the story because I thought they fit right in. I hope people dig the selection, because I think I spent more time listening to the Pokemon OSTs than any other OSTs while working on the story (not complaining though!).
  3442. --------------------------------------------------
  3444. I started out with only the idea for Journey of Janice, but you know ideas - when they want to appear in your head, they'll do it :) some ideas for a prequel, a sequel and a completely new story caught my attention why I was working on the story. They are just ideas for now, even though...if I had the time, skills, equipment and maybe money (?) I'd jump straight into developing them right away haha. So here they are:
  3447. ---------------------------------------------
  3449. It is set 4 years after Journey of Janice...because by then, the twins Jerome and Jennifer are old enough to travel as Pokemon Trainers after graduating from high school. Ambitious idea, because players would get to play as either one since they'll travel together. Switching between them anytime out in the overworld but being able to build their individual teams. Would they have separate Bags and PC Boxes or share the interior menus of the Bag and PC? Good question. What about when it comes to battles, are all their battles going to be Double Battles? No. Some will be, including key story battles, and others will be single battles (either regardless of which character you'll be playing as at the time or the story determines which character you should play as). There would definitely be new Gym Leaders at some places. New friends, new rivals (?), seeing what has changed around Petra in 4 years. Ace Team still a thing? Another good question haha. That's what I have in my head so far, it was an idea that appeared...I was fascinated for a while then I put it aside because I hadn't come up with anything else other than it would be set 4 years later and the playable characters are the twins.
  3452. --------------------------------------
  3454. Mama has to have a story, right? Being the "final boss" of Janice's story, surely this woman had quite the journey, yes? It is set 30 years before Janice's adventure. Let's do the maths: Janice is 16 years old during her story, the twins are 12, Janet is 20...while Judy 46 and Michael 47. 30 years is about right :) *hides the scientific calculator* Judy hails from Bluefont City and attends Burnside Academy. Her family isn't super rich but they are well off enough to afford sending her there and she makes the most of her time. Eventually she graduates and her story begins. Because she's from Bluefont, home of the 7th Gym Badge, I thought it would be a nice nod to Janice's story if Judy is connected to the Gym Leader at the time...I haven't figured out if they are related or not. It'll be interesting to see which characters Judy could meet who are still around in Janice's story. What was there 30 years ago which has either changed or is no longer present 30 years later? How do Judy and Michael meet? Even though it's been established in Janice's story that Judy and Michael eventually became Champions (Judy defeated Michael to become Champion...spoiler?), the path leading to them becoming Champions is still worth seeing roll out. One character I already have in mind to be in Judy's story is Patricia Burnside - mother of Portia :) friend of Judy's? Or foe? Good question, keep them coming! That's all for now.
  3457. -------------------------------------------------------
  3459. I know, I know...there's already a Pokemon Quest official game. But I don't care, damnit :D because this one can be described as a "Dragon Quest kind of story set in a Pokemon world". Anyone who has played the Dragon Quest games knows how incredible the stories are. The characters, the adventure, with lively worlds etc so I wanted to try coming up with a story of that level. It would be set in a new region, whose name I don't have right now, which is under a monarchy. At the start of the story, pretty much everyone in the region is glued to their TV screens for a very special live broadcast from the island where the royal capital is located. From the palace, the King announces that he is going to step down soon (shock, shock everywhere!!). Not because of ill health or people protesting, no, but because he wants to (he's the King, he can step down if he damn well want to!) and so he has a quest, a challenge for all the Trainers out there in the region - if you believe that you can be a better king than he has been, prove it. Travel the region, take on all other Trainers, help everyone who needs it, save those who need to be saved, protect those who need to be protected...and most importantly, enjoy your adventure. If you can do all that and make it to the royal capital and defeat him in battle, you most certainly deserve to be the next King or Queen. Let the King's Challenge begin. The broadcast ends. People across the region erupt with all kinds of reactions in response to this news. Some are happy, some are excited, some are saddened, angry, confused, intrigued, puzzled and so on. Those are the people who watched this broadcast...then there 2 people who did not even know about the broadcast. Why? Well, they were out in the field studying Pokemon. One of those people is a woman named Professor Spruce, who loves being out doors to find Pokemon and observe them, learning what she can about them. The other person is the main character of the story, I'll call him Fenn. Why? Good question #100. Fenn isn't the usual Pokemon main character who has always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, but from the time he was little he has been fascinated by Pokemon - these magical creatures around him that have incredible powers and abilities. Just traveling around with his friend Prof. Spruce to see Pokemon has been an adventure for him, he's never taken time to imagine what it would be like to have his own Pokemon to train and travel with. But with the big announcement that has been made by the King, Fenn will find himself put into circumstances that make him want to become a Trainer...even if it means leaving his hometown, his family and his friends. So far that's what I've got, everything else is jumbled up in my head haha images of Fenn walking along a country road with his Starter partner by his side...saving villages from wild Pokemon attacks like you would save villages from wild monster attacks in many, many other fantasy RPGs...a group of people known as the King's Knights arriving in Fenn's hometown to spread the word about the King stepping down and to give any aspiring Trainers the tools they will need (Bag, PokeDex, items, Key Items) and there's a confrontation between the leader of this group and Fenn...priestesses or princesses in magical towers (because what's a Pokemon game, even one that is DQ-inspired, without a tower??)...a religious group that live their lives all in the service of a certain God Pokemon and how they will react to the King's announcement...members of the Royal Court, out of panic, conspiring to force the awakening of a certain legendary Pokemon in order to have someone of their own choosing made the next ruler of the kingdom - a certain legendary Pokemon that was last awake about 1000 years ago...and so on. That's what happens when an idea grips you :D it pulls you in all kinds of directions, throwing one image after another and they all pile up until you can sit down and put them in order. I clearly haven't done that (^^!) but that's Pokemon Quest: The King's Challenge for now.
  3461. So ends this little Notepad document. It's been quite the adventure working on Journey of Janice, I started in April this year and now it is Monday 29 July 2019. I'm going to take a nice break and catch up on a lot of things that I put on pause or left piling up while I was busy with this story. My aim was to see it come to life as a game for people to play, a story-driven game that has something to offer that many other roms might not have. So now what's left is to put it out there and let people decide - is it a story they would be interested to play a game version of? That's one more good question! Take care :)
  3463. Allen Chingonzoh (Email:
  3465. Monday 29 July 2019
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