Rabbit Insignia

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  1. NSFW picture:
  4. Rabbit Insignia
  6. Even Reime-chan who lost her ability to sense pleasure and pain as a result of her assassin training has experienced the “pleasure” induced by this insignia, and now her body has become totally sensitive and eager♪ The “trial insignia” transforms into other insignia by manipulating mana and stabilizes as the one among them that felt the best. We look forward to seeing what sort of insignia will be engraved now that Reime-chan's been completely turned lewd♥
  8. It is one of the powerful insignia that exert huge influence on not only the body, but the mind too, and it uses a rabbit pattern. “Rabbits” are said to be constantly in heat, and this is also true of rabbit monsters like “wererabbit(encyclopedia I – p.30)” and “march hare”. The power of this insignia is always active unlike other insignia which are invoked depending on certain conditions such as when receiving pleasure or when desired or gazed upon, and a body engraved with it will be made to flush hotly and seek men and pleasure just like a rabbit in heat.
  10. When engraved on a human woman, at first she'll just get a fever and get spaced out, but as she gets used to the insignia, she'll even get used to condition of her body which constantly burns with desire for men, thus acquiring the mentality needed to truckle to the heat dwelling in her body and the urge to breed. While repeatedly obeying it, eventually she'll come to feel favorably towards the man who mates with her and provides pleasure, and thereby lose resistance towards taking a fawning attitude towards the man.
  12. A body or sensory organ engraved with the insignia will adapt to oneself being constantly in heat by becoming extremely sensitive to the presence of needed men. When the chest is engraved with the insignia, the heart will start racing like a young girl in love or a virgin before the moment of being made love to by her beloved upon detecting the presence of a man. The pleasant sensation of anticipation and restlessness is transmitted to the entirety of the mind and body, making her long for intercourse with a man even more ardently. Of course, the power of an insignia engraved on the womb is the greatest of all. The throbbing will be torturous when she's without a penis inside her and she won't be able to calm down unless she's having sex. A female rabbit in heat's thoughts and behaviors will be entirely dictated by her womb, and she'll acquire the mentality of prioritizing mating above all else. It gets to the point where she'll do anything to be liked, loved, and ravished by the man she's pursuing, and if her womb is satisfied by a man, her obedience to her husband who satisfies her womb becomes absolute. Submitting to the pleasure provided by her husband, she'll even start fawning on his penis, and if his erect penis is thrust before her eyes, she won't be able to defy it.
  14. Also, sensory organs engraved with the insignia will be sensitive to “outbursts of lust” from the man who is her own mate. As if symbolic of the name “rabbit”, an insignia engraved on the face causes a remarkable boost in hearing, and even a man's smallest heart beat and the slightest change in his tone of voice will be accurately heard instead of being missed, enabling her to sense his state of arousal and any increase in desire. Also, due to the change in mentality, she'll come to derive joy from interacting and conversing with men, so the words coming from her mouth will naturally take on a sweet tone that flatters the man. She won't be able to hide the fawning smile on her face either. Her cheeks will come to always be reddened, and on her face she'll wear an intoxicated, enchanting expression.
  16. The spell formula from which this insignia was born was originally created after the ascension of the current mamono lord and shortly after monsters assumed their present forms. Having observed how humans ran various businesses, monsters began running stores and businesses targeted at human men under the leadership of the inma. It started out as something that monsters working at a game parlor where employees dressed as rabbits would engrave on themselves as a “charm” so they could serve the customers more pleasurably. At first, the only effect of the “rabbit charm” that had spread among monsters was to put them in a good mood when dealing with men, but after that, knowledge of its power also transferred to some humans.
  18. A certain evil wizard with a superior talent for sorcery began researching a new spell based on the “charm”. The wizard's objective was to boost the power that made them “want to interact with men” and “get in a good mood from dealing with men” to the maximum limit so that he could control any beautiful human woman or monster who he cast the spell on as he saw fit and make them his, but that aspiration ended in failure. He boosted the power of the “charm”, modified it into an “insignia”, and everything went well until he engraved it on the human women he captured. They all ended up turning into monsters and leaving the wizard at once to visit the men they had their hearts set on, yet still, there was a certain young girl among them who didn't run away after becoming a monster because she had fallen in love with the wizard while she was kidnapped. It is said that she seduced him, and ultimately that one girl was the only one who ended up being joined with the wizard. After the insignia was reintroduced to monsters, it was adjusted more to their liking, resulting in the current version of the “rabbit insignia”.
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